tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Boy and His Genie Ch. 10

A Boy and His Genie Ch. 10


Philip Banks woke up slowly, to a headache, and a sound of his children laughing playfully. He opened his eyes, and saw his two young children, Jane and Michael, who were watching lights flying around the room. He looked around more, and saw a beautiful, naked girl, who seems to be directing the colourful lights with her hands.

"What...what's going on?" Philip asked.

"Daddy, daddy, this girl is magic!" Jane said to her father excitedly.

"What are you talking about Jane?" He asked her. "And who are you, girl!? What are you doing in my house!?"

"Why, you summoned me, Master," the girl replied. She picked up her lamp, and smiled. "Don't you remember?"

Philip remembered the lamp. He'd found it on the way back home from working at the factory, and had taken it home, figuring he could probably sell it for some extra cash. When he'd gotten home to examine it, he'd noticed it was rather dirty, so he'd decided to give it a clean. When he'd done that, however, he'd felt it grow warm in his hands, at which point light-blue smoke had begun to pour out of it. Philip had dropped the lamp out of fear at that point, and backed away from it. But he'd then tripped up over something on the floor, and banged his head on a table, knocking him unconscious.

"Where did you come from?" Philip asked. The girl merely indicated to the lamp. "You came from the lamp?"

"Why yes Master," she replied. "Did you not see the smoke? That was me."

"You caused the smoke?" The girl shook her head.

"No Master, I was the smoke. It's so much easier to fit through the spout of the lamp in that form."

"Why do you keep calling me that?"

"Master, Master? Why, because you are my Master, Master."


The girl just grinned at this point. She got on all fours, and started crawling over to him.

"Tell me Master, what do you desire?" She asked seductively.

"D...Desire?" Philip asked, a little taken back by this girl's approach.

"Anything you desire will be yours." She was now right up in his face, inches from a kiss, which she resisted.

"What are you?"

"Daddy, Alexis is magic!" Michael said to his father. "Did you see the wonderful magic she did?"

"Alexis?" Philip asked, confused.

"That's her name," Jane explained. "She told us while you were sleeping."

"Kids, I think your father needs another demonstration," Alexis said, standing up. She snapped her fingers, and Jane and Michael began to float into the air.

"Daddy, we're flying!" Jane cried out with glee.

"You, Alexis, put them down at once!" Philip shouted.

"Very well, Master, as you wish," Alexis said. She snapped her fingers, and the two children floated back down to the ground. Philip got up, and pulled them away from Alexis.

"Stay away from them!" He shouted at her. "Stay away from us!"

"Aww, you're scared, aren't you Master?" Alex said playfully.

"Stay away from us, demon!"

"Master, I am not a demon."

"We go to church every Sunday! I know what you are! You wish to seduce me with empty promises, and take our souls for Satan!"

Alexis sighed. Another one like this. And he seemed so normal.

"Master, I am not a demon," she said. "I am a genie. I am here to grant your every wish."

"Then I wish for you to be gone!" Philip shouted.

"Very well Master, your wish is my command. If you wish to summon me again, you need only to rub my lamp." Alexis returned to a cloud of smoke, which was sucked into the lamp on the floor.


The two teens and their genies went back to Matt's house, to work out their plan of action.

"What are we going to do!?" Matt shouted, sitting on the sofa. "We have to save them!"

"Yes, I'm aware of that," Sophie said. "But we need to be cautious. Lumiosa and Alexis can't undo what Alex has done. He'd have to un-wish it himself."

"Well we can't do that!" Matt shouted. "Or do you want us to give up our genies!?"

"Of course I don't, but it's the only solution I can think of."

"Oh, and then what? Without Lumiosa and Alexis to protect us, we'll be sitting ducks for Alex. Who knows what he'd do to us!"

"Well what do you suggest we do then?"

"I don't know..."

The two genies sat in silence, watching the two humans as they argued. Alexis and Lumiosa's minds were racing, trying to think up a solution to their situation. Alexis was cursing herself for allowing this to happen. She'd advised Sophie to put her parents, but not bothered with her friends. And she should have gotten Matt to do something with his family and friends too.

She looked over at Lumiosa, who she could tell was greatly pained by not being able to help her Master. Alexis liked to think she wasn't like her, but at the same time, she too was hurt that Sophie and Matt were in this situation. She wished she knew what to do. But right now, she too couldn't think of any option besides surrendering themselves to Alex, which didn't bode well for anyone.

"Sophie, Matt, I'm not sure how to say this, but I think..." Alexis began. "I think it might be a better idea for you to not surrender us."

"How the fuck do you expect that to help!?" Matt shouted.

"Because it's like you said," Alexis explained. "If you surrender us, you'll be sitting ducks to Alex's power. He'll be unlikely to free your friends and family, and he'll probably torture both of you."

"So what, we just let them die!?" Sophie shouted.

"Master...Miss Sophie..." Lumiosa said timidly. "I'm sorry, but...I agree with Alexis..."

"Lumiosa, not you too..." Matt said.

"I'm sorry Master, but I do not wish to see you harmed!" Lumiosa cried out. "Alex Brookman would hurt you."

"So it's hopeless then?" Matt said. "There's nothing we can do?"

"The rules of genies are very clear," Alexis said. "You can't interfere with someone else's wishes. There's no hope."

"Well...maybe we could get the society to help us?" Matt suggested.

"How do we know they're not in on it?" Sophie said.

"It wouldn't help," Alexis said. "We could have a thousand genies on our side, and we still wouldn't be able to undo Alex's wishes. Those are the rules."

Sophie and Matt hugged, both of them trying to hold back their tears at what was happening. Alexis laid back on the floor and shut her eyes, in order to desperately try to think of a solution, but none came to her. She opened her eyes, and they were drawn to a scrap of paper, that was lying under the sofa. It was just out of her reach, so she willed it to come towards her. She looked at it, and her eyes widened.

"Uh, Matt...Where did you get this?" She asked. Matt looked at her.

"Oh, that's just the note that came with Lumiosa's lamp," Matt said. "I can't read it."

"I can, it's ancient Greek," Alexis said. "And it's definitely worth a read."

"What does it say?" Sophie asked.

"Matthew Evans and Sophie Swift are exempt from the unbreakable rules of the genies," Alexis replied.

"Exempt?" Matt said. "What does that mean?"

"It would appear to mean that the two of you can break the rules of the genies," Alexis said.

"But that is impossible," Lumiosa said. "The rules of the genies are unbreakable. No-one is exempt from them."

"Well it could just be a prank on behalf of whoever sent you Lumiosa, Matt," Alexis said. "You're sure you don't know who sent her?"

"Positive," Matt replied.

"Well whoever it is, they clearly wanted you to give you a message," Sophie said.

"Or play a prank," Alexis said. "I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no way for you two to be exempt from the rules of the genies. The rules are absolute. Every genie in the world knows that."

"Well maybe whoever sent Lumiosa to Matt was exempt for some reason?" Sophie suggested. "Maybe it was...the maker."

"There's no such person," Alexis said.

"And how do you know?" Sophie asked.

"Because why would someone create the universe, put a load of genies on a random planet, and proceed to do precisely nothing else for the rest of eternity?" Alexis replied.

"I don't know, maybe we're his playthings?" Matt suggested. "Gods need entertainment."

"Matt, if there's one thing I've learned in my millennia of existence, it's that there's no such thing as God. Just people using their genies to pretend to be gods, and threaten people into worshipping them. I used to be good friends with the guy who parted the Red Sea. Nothing particularly god-like about him, although he certainly knew how to put a smile on a girl's face."

Well maybe we could try it at least," Matt said. "I mean, what would actually happen if we broke the rules?"

"Nothing," Alexis replied. "The spell simply won't work."

"So there's no problem with trying?" Matt asked.

"Well, aside from the fact it won't work, no, there's no problem," Alexis said. It was clear she was against it.

"Alexis, don't you realise if this is true, we can save our friends?" Sophie said. "Don't you want that?"

"Of course I do, but I really don't want you to get your hopes up," Alexis replied.

"Master, I will try to do this, if that is what you wish," Lumiosa said.

"Then let's do it," Matt said, and Sophie nodded.

"Alright, so what do you want to try first?" Matt asked Sophie.

"How about this..." Sophie said. "Alexis, I wish for the TV to change to a live feed of Sarah." Alexis snapped her fingers, it was done. On the screen, they saw Sarah, laid in bed in all her nude glory, having her skin fondled by her equally-nude genie, Iago.

"Good boy Iago, as skilled as ever," Sarah smiled.

"I am happy to have pleased you, Mistress," said Iago, not stopping his sensual stroking. "Would you like me to do it again?"

"No no, just keep on doing this for now," Sarah smiled. "I'm nice and relaxed. But I wish for you to pull the duvet over me."

"Yes Mistress." Iago snapped his fingers, and the duvet floated onto her, while he continued fondling her young, yet old body.

"Oh my God, it worked!" Matt exclaimed.

"Oh course it worked, there's no law against spying on people," Alexis said, still not believing the note.

"Alright then, Little Miss Skeptical, I wish for Iago to kiss Sarah," Sophie said.

"Your wish would be my command, if it was going to work, but let's try anyway," Alexis said. She snapped her fingers, expecting nothing to happen.

The 4 of them all looked at the screen, eager to see what would happen. Imagine their surprise then, when they saw Iago lean in to Sarah, and give her a big kiss on the lips.

"What on Earth are you doing!?" Sarah exclaimed. "I didn't order you to do that!"

"I'm...I'm sorry, Mistress," Iago said, bowing his head. "I don't know what came over me."

"Remember your place, slave," Sarah said sternly. "If I didn't enjoy your touch so much, I'd punish you for that."

Back in Matt's living room, everyone was amazed.

"That is...impossible..." Lumiosa said.

"That cannot have happened!" Alexis shouted. "How did this happen!?"

"Well clearly the note was telling the truth," said Sophie, rather smugly. "Matt, try something."

"Uh, okay," Matt nodded. "Lumiosa, I wish...I wish for Sarah to give Iago a blowjob."

"Your wish is my command, Master," Lumiosa smiled, and snapped her fingers, causing Sarah to immediately grab Iago's cock, and shove her mouth over it.

"Oh Mistress..." Iago moaned.

"Yay!" Lumiosa said gleefully. "Does this please you, Master?"

"Oh you bet it does," Matt replied. "This means we can save our friends!"

"I suppose it does, but I'm still suspicious," Alexis said.


In his mansion, Alex Brookman was sat on a comfy armchair in the dungeon, which, like the rest of his home, was lavishly decorated. He was naked, and being ridden reverse cowgirl by Miss Showers. He squeezed her ass, as he looked on at his victims, who were nude, and chained up on the walls, constantly orgasming. They'd all lost the energy to moan, resorting to simply breathing heavily.

"You know, I'm starting to think those two aren't coming," Alex said as his genie rode him. "Keep these people alive for a little bit longer. I do so want Matt and Sophie to turn up."

"Yes Master," said Miss Showers. "I'm sure they will come. They seemed like the sort of people who for some reason care about normals."

"Yes, they are rather strange in that regard. Near-infinite power, yet they allow themselves to be concerned for those not lucky enough to possess the gift of a genie. I shall enjoy making them suffer." Alex looked over at his victims, particularly at Becky. "I think I might keep her, though. Would you like that, dear? To serve me and my descendants for all eternity? You and Miss Showers could become good friends." Becky just stared at him, her eyes a mixture of hatred and pleasure. "Well, I don't suppose you have a choice in the matter, now do you?"

Alex let out an evil laugh, which Miss Showers joined in on. As they laughed, the lights in the dungeon began to flicker, and they heard the sound of thunder. There was a particularly bright flash, and when it cleared, Matt and Sophie were stood there, looking angry, with Lumiosa and Alexis stood behind them.

"Why hello there," Alex said to them. "Miss Showers, seems we're going to have to cut this short. I wish to cum now."

"Your wish is my command, Master," Miss Showers said, and Alex cried out in pleasure, grabbing his genie's ass.

"Alexis, I wish for Alex's orgasm to end now," Sophie commanded. Alexis merely nodded, and snapped her fingers. Alex felt his orgasm end, and he looked at them in surprise.

"What...How!?" He shouted. He pushed Apriya off of him, and glared down at her. "Did you do this!? Did you grant that stupid girl's wish!?"

"I did not, Master..." Apriya replied, bowing her head. "I would never go against you..."

"What's the matter, Alex?" Matt asked. "Confused? Afraid?"

"Alexis, restrain him," Sophie ordered.

"With pleasure," Alexis grinned. She snapped her fingers, and chained up Alex on the wall.

"Lumiosa, free the others," Matt ordered. Lumiosa snapped her fingers, ending everyone's orgasms, and unchaining everyone but Alex.

"This is impossible..." Apriya said.

"We'll get to you later," Sophie said to her. "I wish for her to return to her lamp." Alexis stuck her hand out, and Apriya was instantly sucked back into her lamp.

"So then, what to do with you?" Sophie said threateningly. "Kill you now, or torture you for a bit?"

"You don't have it in you," Alex said.

"Oh don't we?" Matt said.

"Matt...what's going on?" His mother asked him, as she got up.

"It's fine mom, I'm just getting revenge on this guy," Matt replied.

"Matt, you can't kill him!" Sam protested.

"And why not?"

"Because it's not right!" Sam replied. "You're not that sort of person! You wouldn't kill anyone!"

"My Master will do what he wants!" Lumiosa shouted at him.

"Lumiosa...don't..." Matt said. "Sophie, what do you think?"

"I think...maybe he's right," Sophie replied. "Who are we to take his life?"

"Matt...Sophie..." Megan said. "I don't know what's going on, but I know you two aren't murderers."

"If anyone's interested, I agree with them!" Alex said.

"No-one asked you!" Sophie shouted. The two of them turned to face Alexis. "So? What do you think?"

"I want that man to suffer," Alexis replied. "But I've also lived long enough to know that two wrongs don't make a right. That the way to combat evil is not to become evil in return."

A decision was made.

"Lumiosa, I'd like to make a wish," Matt said to his genie, who nodded. "I wish for Alex to be stripped of his genie. He will become a normal human again."

"I wish for all his bodily modifications to be undone," Sophie said. "All the changes Apriya did to him, undo them. Every single one."

"As you wish," the two genies said in unison. They thrust their hands towards Alex, and fired a beam of energy at him. Alex screamed in pain, as he felt his body change. His penis shrank, and pubic hair grew around it. His hair grew grey. His skin lost its tan, and began to grow wrinkles. Within seconds, his body had become what it should have been; the 63-year-old form that Apriya's magic had been suppressing.

"For the rest of your life, you can live with the knowledge of everything you've done," Sophie said. "But your reign of terror is over. Let him go, Alexis."

Alexis undid the chains, and then went to pick up Apriya's lamp.

"What shall we do with her?" She asked. "She may have only been following orders, but I don't believe she's entirely innocent. She wanted what she did."

"We'll decide on that later, come on Matt," Sophie replied. She took Matt's hand, and they walked towards the exit.

"Hey, what about us!?" Sally shouted.

"Lumiosa, I wish for them to be dressed."

They were all magically dressed, as Matt and Sophie walked up the stairs into Alex's mansion. They looked around, and saw his many slaves.

"What do we do with them?" Matt asked.

"Most of them have been around for years," Alexis replied. "Even if we free them, most of them have no-where to go back to. Their families died decades ago. Hell, they've probably not even thought something of their own free will in a long time."

"What about the others?" Matt asked. "The young ones? The ones who've still got families?" Alexis closed her eyes for a moment, finding the information with her powers.

"The people working in Alex's office building all have lives outside of work, with only a few loyalty spells on them," She told them. "But all the girls in this mansion are just mindless slaves. Alex even mind-controlled other people to make sure everyone would forget them. He was thorough."

"Can you undo it?" Matt asked.

"I can try," Alexis replied. "But what about all the girls with no homes? What about them?"

"Maybe...we should just get rid of them," Sophie replied. "Let them die finally."

"But we just decided we weren't going to commit murder!" Matt protested, but Sophie shook her head.

"This isn't murder, it's euthanasia," she said. "Assisted suicide, for those who have been trapped for so long."

"Master, I will help Alexis," Lumiosa said. "If that is what you wish."

"I suppose there's no other way..." Matt relented. "Fine. Do it."

The two genies nodded, and took each-other's hands. They closed their eyes to concentrate, and focused on performing the changes. It involved altering a lot of minds, and changing many small details about aspects of the world, in order to make it as though the girls had never been gone. Matt and Sophie looked around at the slave girls. Some vanished, as they were returned to their normal lives. But most of them simply dropped dead, as they were finally freed from the immortality that the Brookman family had wished upon them.

"I can't look..." Sophie said, cuddling close to Matt. Both of them shut their eyes, and waited for it to be over.

"It is done," Lumiosa said. The two humans opened their eyes, and saw dozens of dead girls around them, with their genies on their knees, panting.

"That was rather tiring..." Alexis panted. "Mind if we go in our lamps and rest for a bit?"

"Alright then," Sophie nodded, and the two genies returned to their lamps in clouds of smoke.

"Come on Sophie, let's go home," Matt said. The two of them picked up their lamps, and walked hand-in-hand to Matt's house.


Philip laid in bed that night, thinking about what had happened. Everything he desired. That's what the girl had said. He could get money. No more working in the factory. No more struggling to feed his kids. Maybe...she could bring his wife back.

No. No. This girl was trouble. She was a demon, or a succubus, or something evil. But she'd been playing with Jane and Michael. She'd not seemed evil then. Maybe it was all an act, in order to gain his trust. But he wanted to know. He had to know.

Philip got up, and opened the drawer where he'd put the lamp. He stared at it, as it sat there, looking inviting. He picked it up, and held it in his hands. It felt warm. Though it was apparently made of metal, it felt vaguely...alive. He'd let her out last time by rubbing it, so maybe that would work this time. She'd said he could summon her again by rubbing it, so that's what he would do. He slowly began to move his hands along the surface of the lamp. Light-blue smoke immediately began to pour out of it, which formed into Alexis, who laid casually on his bed.

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