A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 01


Rayne ran out of words. The 'even' came out as a sob. He had been talking on autopilot and was struggling to breathe. When Ant reached around him to hold him this time he did not fight it. To the older man's dismay, he burst into tears and reached for Ant in return, sobbing hysterically in his arms. Tenderly, Ant stroked his hair again, then his shuddering body, touching him sympathetically. He rubbed Rayne's shoulders and his back in gentle circles until the young man stopped crying. Even then, Rayne did not let go of him.

"Are you okay?" Ant asked at last, murmuring the words into his tangled hair.

"I feel... fucked up... dirty," Rayne sniffed huskily. "I like sex, but he's made me feel cheap, like I can't function without him. Like... anyone that wants to can fuck me if they pay enough or even if they don't want to pay."

"I don't get it," Ant whispered, frowning. "If they don't pay they don't get, right?"

"Some blokes..." Rayne sat up a little now, sniffing and shaking his head, looking ashamed of his outburst. "Some blokes know that you're on the game and they reckon that means you're up for it all the time," he explained miserably. "Johnno isn't following me everywhere. So you tell them 'no' and they're like; 'Aw, c'mon, you're getting your pants off every night. It's just a quicky... me and my mate, we'll be done before you know it.' And you still tell them 'no' so they drag you into the bogs or out back and slam you up against the wall or on the floor. One of them holds you and keeps you quiet while the other gets your pants down and fucks you, then they swap places and you go through it again. All the time you're crying and begging them not to..."

He hiccuped dejectedly and rubbed his nose on his sleeve, still crying though he tried his hardest not to. Ant touched his salt-wet face again carefully, stroking the damp, black and white hair out of his eyes.

"You are so beautiful," he murmured at last, looking intently at the boy. "I can't imagine anyone wanting to treat you badly. They must be out of their fucking minds."

Rayne blinked at him, bewildered and a little lost for words. Gently, Ant stroked the pad of his thumb across the younger man's quivering lower lip then took a deep breath and tilted his head, pressing his mouth gently to Rayne's and kissing him; softly at first, just a tentative touch of lip against lip, then – when the boy did not freak out again and start to scream at him – more intensely. He leaned into the kiss, folding his arms around Rayne and caressing the nape of his neck again, feeling the lad's full, cherubic lips move hungrily against his own mouth, parting to allow Ant's tongue between his perfect, white teeth. His own small, cold tongue slipped into Ant's mouth as the other man laid him down slowly on the rumpled bed, sucking on it passionately. Rayne's mouth tasted of salt tears, toothpaste, tobacco and a hint of latex (which only served to remind Ant of what he had been up to just a little while earlier in the bathroom!) He rubbed himself against the young man's lean body as they kissed, getting a lovely hard on which was quickly poking out of the waistband of his trousers.

Rayne frenched him enthusiastically; he was a deliciously good kisser, throwing himself into the endeavour with such enthusiasm that Ant guessed he was not 'made love to' very often. He had drawn up one knee and hooked his right leg over Ant's left one as they lay on the bed together, passionately exchanging saliva. Ant's left thigh was rubbing urgently between Rayne's legs and he was straddling the younger man's left hip, pressing his cock and balls against the protruding wing of bone whilst his tongue delved deeper and deeper into the boy's willing mouth. Eagerly, he slid his hands under the waist of Rayne's borrowed tee shirt and pushed it up, rising to his knees between his young mate's legs. Their lips parted wetly and Ant looked down at the satisfying nakedness of Rayne's flat belly and slender waist. His old sweatpants were riding low on the boy's skinny hips, exposing the hollows of his shaven crotch and the dark shadow of a few days' pubic stubble on the mound of his abdomen, at the base of his cock. The drawstring waistband of those soft, grey, cotton pants was held up solely by the prominent obstacle of Rayne's erect sex, tenting the loose material impressively, like a small, half opened umbrella covering his modesty.

When he lifted his lips from Rayne's mouth, his young companion had allowed his head to fall back into the caress of the duvet, closing his eyes for a moment, an expression of quiet bliss on his young face. Now, as Ant looked back up at him, the boy was propped on his elbows, gazing down contemplatively at his crotch. There was a little, damp spot beginning to seep through the crown of the tented material and after a moment, he stretched a languid hand down into his pants and closed it around his erect penis, freeing his sex from the constraint of the borrowed garment deftly. He squeezed and rubbed his gorgeous young cock for a few moments until he had seven and half rock hard inches lying just proud of his naked belly, leaking pre-cum onto his soft skin, then looked up at Ant with a too-wise smile.

"Is that better?"

"You could keep stroking it for me," Ant told him huskily.

"Mmmmm..." Rayne lay back on the bed with a little sigh and fisted his cock faster and harder whilst the older man watched. Kneeling up briefly, Ant stripped off his shirt and unfastened his pants, pushing down his trousers and underpants so that his hard cock and heavy bollocks were fully exposed. He rubbed and squeezed himself enjoyably as Rayne lay wanking hard on the bed under him. After a few minutes of this, the younger lad was panting appreciatively and opened his eyes to look up at his lover again. "Are you sure you wouldn't like me to stroke your cock instead?" he exhaled softly. His left hand was already covered in pre-cum. Unselfconsciously he put it to his lips and licked the spunk off. Ant's balls contracted sharply and a large glob of semen oozed from the head of his long, hard dick onto Rayne's crotch.

Firmly now, he stripped Rayne out of the soft, black tee shirt and took the boy's left hand, closing it wordlessly around his thick, nine inch cock. He did not need to give the beautiful kid instructions. As he bent over Rayne again, kissing him hard on the mouth for a moment, then on his exposed neck and throat, the youngster began to stroke and pump his rod, just as he liked to do it to himself; steadily at first, running his fingers up and down the meaty shaft then circling with the pad of his thumb on the other man's sensitive urethra. He eased Ant's foreskin up over the helm of his throbbing glans and used it to tease and stimulate his lover's erect sex until another, more copious wad of semen trickled out into the palm of his hand. Rayne slowly rubbed the hot spunk up and down Ant's shaft, then he began to pump a little faster and more urgently.

Ant kissed and licked his neck and throat and stroked his warm hands up and down Rayne's naked back, still lingering at the nape of his neck, even as his lips moved lower and he circled one hard, dark, tiny nipple with the tip of his tongue.

"Yessss..." Rayne hissed softly, wriggling against his powerful thigh, his long fingers tightening for just a moment around Ant's cock.

Ant smiled to himself and proceeded to tease his lover's sensitive little tits more roughly. For several minutes he nibbled and sucked, licked, bit and blew on Rayne's erect nipples whilst still caressing and stroking the back of his neck, right up into the softness of his fine black hair. In the meantime, the gorgeous, sexy boy wriggled and moaned and cried out under him. He managed to writhe free of Ant's sweatpants, in spite of the older man's thigh still being positioned between his legs. Having done this he reached down with his right hand and began to jerk himself off furiously, whilst still rubbing Ant's cock with the other hand.

"Ohh, you like that, don't you?" Ant murmured, putting a stop to the lad's wanton self-gratification by taking hold of his slender wrists and pulling them firmly up to head height. Rayne whimpered and swore and protested but Ant refused to let him get himself off. "Not yet!" he cautioned sternly. "Not until I say you can cum."

"You bastard!" Rayne panted, but he stopped struggling and lay sprawled beneath Ant, looking up at him with those too-knowing eyes.

"It will be worth the wait, gorgeous. I promise!" Ant got to his feet for a moment and dropped his pants, kicking them off negligently. His long, hard knob was on fire where the boy had been fondling and wanking him. He was going to have to sort that out first so that he could concentrate on bringing Rayne to a hot, sweaty, fabulous climax. Lying back down on the bed beside the boy, he stroked his right hand through Rayne Wilde's silky, blond-tipped ebony hair and took hold of his aching cock in the left, touching the throbbing, spunk-wet head to the boy's soft, pouting lips. They parted at once. He felt Rayne's hot, quick breath pour over his stimulated glans and glossed the young man's seductive lips with his pre-cum. That sweet little tongue ventured out, stroking and caressing the helm of his eager sex, teasing his slit, wriggling tormentingly under the bulging purple head and licking the sensitive ridges of flesh where the hood of the foreskin joined the big bell-end. Ant felt light headed and ready to squirt, and he did not even have his cock in the boy's mouth yet. "Suck me off," he gasped, almost inaudibly. "Take all of it in your mouth."

Rayne closed his eyes. His willing mouth wrapped around the first four inches and his stroked his teasing lips up and down Ant's pulsing shaft, licking the underbelly of his big cock as he worked it orally. One hand slid between his legs and began to massage the older man's balls firmly. Rayne was not shy and he certainly seemed to know what felt good. Now, Ant lay back on the bed and the younger man pushed himself up, leaning over his lover and nodding lower and lower. Ant watched him swallow five, then six inches.

"Yeah!" he panted eagerly. "Suck it good!"

He moaned appreciatively as he felt the tighter confines of Rayne's throat accommodate his fat cock head. The boy only gagged very slightly; little hiccup of resistance. Ant put a hand on the back of his neck, stroking him and keeping his head down. Some lovers fought this instinctively but Rayne did not panic. His hot tongue swept up and down the shaft in his mouth and his jaws parted wider, swallowing two more inches. The lad's soft, dark hair was ticking his groin now. Rayne moved astride Ant's leg and he began to rub his shaven balls rapidly against the older man's shin like a randy little dog, humping his leg.

"That's making you hot, is it?" he groaned, moving his hips in a lazy circle so that his meat was pulled back and forth in Rayne's mouth. "Aaahhh... yeah! I'm gonna fuck your dirty mouth good and hard, baby!" Ant rested both hands on his head and thrust his crotch upward into the youngster's pretty face. He felt Rayne's nose press into his hairy groin and as his spunk-wet lips touched base he made a little moaning noise deep in his throat, a sound deliciously stifled by nine and half throbbing inches of hot prick. The sound vibrated deliciously up and down Ant's thrusting cock.

Letting go of the boy's hair, he rolled onto his side and Rayne came up for air, briefly, gasping around the spit and spunk slicked head of his mate's penis.

"Do you like that, baby?" Ant wanted to know.

"Yeah," his beautiful bed-mate huffed, opening his eyes and looking up in amazement at him. "That's big, Ant! I thought you were gonna choke me."

He gently but firmly rolled the boy onto his back and knelt over him, stroking his hair and running his hot, dribbling prick over the boy's full, wet lips slowly. Rayne kept licking him clean, apparently unfazed by this and Ant was torn between the desire to ejaculate in his mouth or all over his pretty face.

"Are you ready to eat some cum?" he asked with a grin.

"Yeah," Rayne panted, opening his mouth wider as Ant knelt up over him, dipping his long prick in and out between those greedily sucking lips. "I'm starving!"

Ant uttered a filthy laugh and began to pump the youngster's mouth deeper and faster. He was so close now and so horny that he was sure the boy was going to get about a pint of hot salty cum for breakfast. And the randy way Ant was feeling this morning, he would probably get another three or four pints pumped into his tender young arsehole before lunchtime.

"Gonna fuck your dirty mouth so hard!" he promised, stabbing away in Rayne's face and down his tight throat. The boy's hands, which had been stroking his bum and thighs now gripped his upper legs fiercely as Ant began to fuck in earnest. He leaned forward, with one hand braced flat on the bed covers, holding him tightly by the hair at the back of his neck with the other hand as he pounded Rayne's mouth. His hand forced the lad's face into his hot crotch again as he bucked violently, his bollocks bumping against the boy's chin. Furiously he pounded the full length of his twitching fuck-rod in and out, no more than an inch either way, loving the feel of a good three or four inches of cock-head fucking the kid's throat. Rayne groaned constantly, trying to throw his head back and forth, his lips working hard and his rough tongue snaking incessantly up and down the underside of Ant's pistoning shaft. That was so good that his bollocks gave up their mighty load then and there.

"Jesus fuckin' Christ!" Ant sang out ecstatically as he buried his prick to the hilt for a long, twitching, pulsing moment, consumed by the fantastic, searing orgasm that just kept cumming and cumming.

Rayne began to make choking noises and slapped at his legs and arse frantically until he knelt up a little way, letting go of the boy's sweat-soaked hair and pulling his cock halfway out of his lover's mouth so that he could suck and swallow properly. He had a constant trickle of cum running out of either corner of his sexy mouth and he was panting hard into Ant's sweaty crotch but he kept sucking and licking like the little star he was. His hand closed around the base of Ant's knob and he pumped it steadily until his lover's big balls yielded up a last good spurt of cream.

"Oh yeah... open your mouth good and wide," Ant gasped as he squirted a closing glob of hot, salty, vanilla-coloured spunk. Rayne's lips curved upward in a slight, open-mouthed smile and he licked his lips, his tongue swimming in a slick of cum. "You are such a delicious slut," Ant said appreciatively.

"And you're a dirty, big-cocked bastard," Rayne flashed back at him, trying to catch a trickle of spunk that escaped from his mouth with the tip of his tongue. "I thought you were goin' to strangle me with it!"

He climbed off the boy's shoulders and lay down full length on top of him. Rayne's naked body was sweat-drenched and his belly was also sticky with spunk – he must have reached orgasm when he began to thrash about on the bed just before his cum-banquet. His young dick was still rock hard and Ant curled his fingers around it and began to pump it rhythmically as he french kissed the youngster, enjoying the viscous meaty flavour of his ejaculate in Rayne's mouth. They kissed long and hard until Rayne had swallowed most of his cum and Ant had licked the rest off his face and neck. He kept wanking his young lover for a little while, then sat up and stroked his belly fondly.

"Do you want your reward for sucking me off so well?" he asked with a grin.

"What's my reward?" Rayne asked with a mercenary smile. He had a very sexy way of smiling, as though he was constantly trying to figure out how to go about it.

"Roll over on your tummy and I'll show you," Ant instructed, slipping a hand between his thighs and massaging Rayne's nuts steadily.

Lovely green eyes met his somewhat disbelievingly. For a moment or two Rayne just made contented little noises in the back of his throat and rubbed his crotch against Ant's fondling hand, then when the older man made no effort to stroke his penis again, he sighed and rolled over, presenting his firm, bare buttocks. Ant stroked his bottom appreciatively, loving the shape of it, the lean, hard lines of his slim legs and the high, round globes of his sexy cheeks. He spread Rayne's legs deliberately, then knelt over him. The boy was shaved, but he had a little buzz of stubble between his legs. Ant got to his feet and went to the bathroom.

"Don't move!" he instructed.

"What? Where are you going?" Rayne looked over one shoulder anxiously. He was spread-eagled and furiously horny and now Ant needed a slash?

Moments later the older fellow returned from the bathroom with a can of shaving foam and a wet razor. He knelt on the bed and squirted foam between Rayne's bare buttocks.

"What are you doing?" the naked boy asked incredulously.

"Your crack needs shaving," Ant said, rubbing the lather in slow circles all over his buttocks and scrotum and the underside of his ball-sac. "I want you totally smooth down there. You'll be more sensitive to what I'm going to do to you."

Rayne bit on his lips as Ant began to shave his arse crack slowly and carefully. He fought the urge to wriggle when the razor blade gently skimmed his exposed scrotum and perineum, though it felt incredibly kinky and pleasing. He had never let another man shave him before. Johnno liked to watch while he shaved himself and always felt him up afterwards to make sure he was perfectly smooth. After he had been exfoliated behind, Ant told him to lie on his back and proceeded to shave his crotch and bollocks. He took his time, squeezing the ball-sac so that it was stretched tight over Rayne's nice big nuts, then running the razor blade gently over them until Rayne was almost crying with frustration. His cock was dribbling a constant flow of pre-cum by the time he was completely smooth.

Ant fetched a towel and dried him off, then told him to lie on his belly again in a spread-legged position. Rayne did so at once, wriggling his silky soft crotch against the duvet eagerly.

Now Ant bent over him, touching his mouth to the back of Rayne's neck and kissing him wetly there, taking his time. His lips moved to the boy's ear and he rubbed his semi-hard sex against Rayne's bum slowly, aroused by the shaving session and how silky his lover felt down there.

"Fold your arms under your head and keep your legs open wide," he whispered, then put his tongue into Rayne's ear, licking and kissing him there until the boy squirmed delightedly.

When Rayne was positioned as he had requested, Ant returned his mouth to the nape of the youngster's neck and spent a good ten minutes slowly kissing and licking his soft skin and nuzzling the silken black hair at the base of his skull. After a while, he felt Rayne begin to rub his crotch in slow circles against the duvet cover. Since he was kneeling astride Rayne's slim hips, with his own penis tucked down between the boy's parted arse cheeks, the motion served to stimulate his cock to full, splendid hardness again.

Ant kissed his way slowly down Rayne's naked back, taking his time; using his lips and tongue on each of the young man's prominent vertebrae. He lingered between Rayne's shoulder blades, kissing and blowing on his skin, then eased his hands under the boy and began to circle and tease his erect nipples with his first two fingers and thumb.

"Ohhhh..." Rayne exhaled a small, satisfied sound and his crotch bucked a little harder. Ant smiled and rubbed his erection between the boy's thighs as he pinched and pulled on the sensitive little buds and licked his way further down Rayne's sexy back.

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