A Boy Who Came In from the Cold Ch. 02


"Thank Christ!" Rayne groaned between clenched teeth.

As soon as they were free, the two young men were pulling on their clothes and hurrying out onto the landing. Ant heard their clattering footsteps receding down the stairs and realised that the thump of music had ceased beneath them. He fastened his fly and followed more sedately with barely a glance at the two fellows still dressing in the unlit room behind him. Had he known that young musicians in Camden were so easy to fuck, he thought that he might well have attended more gigs.


When he reached the bar area once more, Rayne and his friend were already on stage. The young female singer was saying something to Rayne, whose jacket and shirt were still undone, to incredibly sexy effect. As he adjusted the play of his guitar strap, she bent her head and licked his chest, which was greeted with cheers and wolf-whistles from the crowd. Ant guessed that he had spilt cum all over his belly and bared torso and was hopefully still throbbing with sexual pleasure. As the girl strutted back towards the front of the small stage and the shaven headed drummer began to pound his instruments, Rayne Wilde tossed his dark, blond-tipped hair and snarled with coke and sex-fuelled arrogance at the whistling audience.

Ant watched him, mesmerised, as the lights went down and his long, white fingers caressed the strings of the bass guitar, sliding seductively up and down the long neck of the Fender like it was a lover's huge, pulsing cock in his hand. He found himself enjoying the rapid, staccato rhythm of the song. There were elements of reggae and hints of punk in the music and even the singer's yelping vocal style had a bold and sexy swagger. She strutted up and down the stage on her high heels, stopping every so often with her hands on her hips and her legs spread so that the tiny leather mini skirt rode up her slim, powerful thighs, showing off a minuscule strip of black lace thong to the front row of the crowd.

She and Rayne shared the vocals on two songs, one of which was a fast, violent cover version of the Stranglers' 'Hangin' Around'. Ant was pleasantly surprised to discover that his mate had a good voice. He sang in a sexy, husky, teasing style, darting challenging stares at the raucous mob in front of the stage, who threw condoms and blotters at him in retaliation. Mid track he picked one of the little tabs of acid up and put it on his tongue, whisking it seductively into his mouth. The singer, Jeli, was wiggling her hips and arse at him, shimmying low so that the loose neckline of her top slipped down and exposed the cups of her black mesh bra. Her nipples poked through the holes in the netting and Ant imagined his lover sucking on those perky little titties as he banged her. The idea of it got him rock hard. She looked about nineteen and very, very sexy.

At one point, she got down on her knees and pretended to suck his dick, which the audience went wild for. Rayne made a great show of hiding her face behind the body of his bass guitar but resting his left hand on the back of her head and rocking his hips back and forth theatrically. Ant's hand slipped into his trouser pocket and he rubbed his cock discreetly.

"We are Adolescent Sex!" she yelled at the crowd before the final number. "You get us very horny. We hope we get you horny too!"

Ant found himself bellowing agreement along with a number of young men and a few girls in the audience as well. The band ripped into a song that Jeli said was called "Wild Women". In as far as Ant could tell, it was about anal sex; it had a pounding refrain that sounded like "...shakin' like a crack whore, comin' in the back door...". His cock was starting to leak in his pocket by the time they left the stage and the lights came back up. He felt numb and deafened, and his boner was demanding attention so he slipped back up the stairs to the little room where he and Rayne had argued.


There were a number of people already there; members of the three bands and their friends. He slipped into the room unobtrusively but quickly deduced that Rayne and Jeli were missing from the assembly. Still feeling pumped up and randy, he went back down the passage to the little storeroom where he and Rayne had fucked before the gig. Slipping into the familiar darkness, he shut the door and unzipped his pants for a quick wank but as his hand began to slide pleasurably up and down his hot, throbbing cock, he heard a giggle and then a familiar, breathless panting sound.

As his eyes adjusted to the dark he made out two pale shapes on the floor beneath the window. Jeli lay on her back with her legs raised and her knees over Rayne's shoulders. She was topless, her baggy sweater and bra discarded, the PVC mini skirt a dark stripe across her hips. His pants were around his knees and he was holding her slim thighs, pumping himself in and out of her cunt with fast, urgent strokes. He had not even bothered to pull down her knickers; the crotch of her tiny thong was pushed aside to admit his erect cock.

Ant watched breathlessly, pumping his meat in one hot hand as his young friend slammed into her over and over. Jeli was humping her pussy against him running her hands over her small, firm, naked breasts and down between her legs as he fucked her. Rayne's eyes were closed and his teeth were clenched, lips drawn back from them in an animal snarl of satisfaction. They must have run up here to fuck as soon as they got off stage, Ant thought, jerking himself eagerly as he imagined them tumbling through the doorway and falling to the floor; Jeli struggling to unfasten his pants as he ripped off her top and bra and sucked greedily on her stiff, sexy nipples, tugging the damp lace free of her hot wet cunt whilst her hand reached for his hard young tool and steered it towards that dripping hole.

Her tiny, pert breasts heaved and she uttered a little keening noise as he undulated like a serpent between her legs. Ant watched her fingertip flicker back and forth over her clit as he fucked her and kept pounding until her whining became a long, low, insistent growl. Jeli's slim, sexy body was shuddering fiercely, rising up off the floor, bucking and thrashing as she began to cum hard. When the spasms died down and her cries dulled to a steady moan of need, he slowly pulled out and bent over her, lifting her pussy to his face. Ant came closer, dropping to his knees beside the couple and Jeli's huge, bright eyes flickered to meet his, all pupil. She did not seem dismayed to discover that they had been watched.

Rayne paid him no heed at all. His face was buried in her juicy muff and Ant could hear him licking and sucking greedily on her wet, well-fucked hole. His fingers slithered into her cunt and anus, frigging her quickly and skilfully until her moans grew more desperate. She wrapped her thighs around his neck and rubbed her pussy in his face encouraging him to keep eating her. Her spike heels scored his naked back but he did not seem to mind. This close, Ant could see that her sex was waxed completely bare.

She reached out a hand and stroked his cock and Ant sighed with pleasure. His groping fingers moved to her perky little tits and big, dark nipples. Eagerly he fondled and squeezed them as she played with his penis, then turned her head and drew him into her mouth. He ran his fingers through her close cropped black hair as her full, rouged lips teased his cock. Ant felt her tongue slither up and down the underside of his erection, soft and wet and utterly seductive. With the other hand he carried on caressing her tits, pinching and twisting her nipples until she moaned more loudly and her body shuddered a second time, submitting to a fresh bloom of sexual ecstasy.

Now Rayne looked up at him, only mildly irritated. As he lowered Jeli's twitching body to the floor again, she turned so that she could nuzzle Ant's crotch and swallow more of his lovely big cock. The younger man spread her legs and lifted her onto her hands and knees, rubbing his face between her buttocks. His tongue began to work up and down her slit and her arse crack and Jeli nodded her head approvingly, swallowing all nine inches of Ant's erect prick into her mouth and throat. Ant bucked slowly against her, fucking her pretty face steadily at first, then more enthusiastically as Rayne's tongue wormed into her arsehole, his fingers tangled in the lace of her thong, stretching it over one smooth creamy buttock. She made an affirmative sounding noise and nodded harder. Ant tooled her mouth correspondingly faster, watching Rayne rise to his knees behind her.

The young man's cock was hard and leaking a constant flow of cum. He took it in one hand and rubbed it slowly between Jeli's legs, dipping his bell end teasingly into her slit and pulling it out again. She groaned with frustration, reaching back for his tool and he pushed her hands away with a sly smile. Ant caught her hands and held them, smiling too as Rayne tormented her with his cock. He looked so lithe and sexy, nudging his beautiful prick an inch or so into her, then stopping and pulling out until she was frantic to be screwed.

Ant moved her hands to his hips and held them there, kneeling up so that she was forced to kneel up too, bucking his sex in and out of her mouth. Rayne winked at him and parted her smooth, pale cheeks, nudging his cock head against her spittle-lubed anus. He felt the girl resist and try to pull away but kept her on her knees between them, watching eagerly as the young guitarist eased his hard sex into her arsehole and began to thrust slowly. His eyes closed again as he got his prick further and further into her and began to fuck harder.

Ant bucked more eagerly between her lips. He could feel how desperate she was to get a hand between her legs and play with her clit but he restrained her until he could watch whilst she masturbated. Thinking of her playing with herself whilst she was sodomised sent a tingle of pleasure from his loins and his thrusting prick jumped on her tongue, pumping a flood of hot spunk into her mouth. To his satisfaction she swallowed his cum down like a seasoned pro and kept on sucking until he could be sure that he was not about to lose his hard-on.

Now he pulled his prick from her mouth and she panted with pleasure, but moaned; "You bastards!"

"You know you love it, you dirty slut," Ant told her excitedly. He was rubbing his cock between her gorgeous tiny tits. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, stroking the head of his prick over her nipples and coating them in pre-cum, then kissing and licking it. He sighed with satisfaction. "Rayne, does her new boyfriend never fuck her? She's hornier than a bitch on heat. Though..." he added with a grin as she knelt up and straddled his thighs; "...you make a good pair in that respect. Neither of you can get enough cock, can you?"

"What do you mean by that?" Jeli huffed as Ant eased his big prick between her legs and nudged it into the willing wetness of her pussy. Rayne had stilled his thrusting and leaned against her naked back, stroking her arse, with his cock berthed deep in her rectum whilst Ant entered his randy ex-girlfriend and began to stoke her cunt rhythmically. He bent his head to lick and suck her tits as he pulsed inside her, loving the way her warm, wet hole clung to him and milked his boner.

"What I said," he told her, grinning broadly. "I bet he hasn't told you how I spent most of yesterday up his tight arse, has he? Little Rayne just loves to get ram-raided. He was moaning and begging for it like a real slut. And again tonight, just before you went on stage, guess who had a nice big bone fucking away in his sexy flute?"

Jeli shook her head, trying to look over her shoulder at Rayne, who had the decency to appear somewhat embarrassed. "You said last week that you didn't do men any more!"

"Not often," he mumbled, pushing himself deeper into her.

Ant could feel his prick moving slowly in and out, separated from Ant's erect sex by the thinnest wall of muscle. He began to thrust again, aroused by the proximity of his lover's manhood, so close to his own. Rayne pulsed more urgently in response and Jeli moaned again, resting her hands on Ant's shoulders and riding up and down on them both eagerly. Within minutes they were all fucking hard. Ant had his tongue in Jeli's mouth to keep her from screaming with pleasure as he and Rayne satisfied her simultaneously. His hands were cupped around her breasts and Rayne was tickling her clit as they both pounded her. She shrieked like a train coming in as she reached climax again.

Once she had recovered, she pulled on her clothes and hurried off in search of her boyfriend, Jake leaving Rayne (who had reached orgasm) exhausted and Ant (who had not) somewhat bemused by the incident. Rayne was stark naked by this time and he sprawled on top of Ant in the darkened store-room, kissing him lazily until Ant's warm hands spread his legs and urged him astride the older man's still-erect penis. He did not resist and Ant eased into him slowly on the floor, Rayne straddling him and sliding up and down on his cock as Ant humped up into him. As he began to recover his energy, he pulled Rayne down into his arms and rolled the boy onto his back, fucking him harder and faster as the sound of Pantylicker rattled the floorboards beneath them. Each stab of his cock drove a little huff of sound from Rayne's soft, full, sexy lips.

"Does that feel good?"

Rayne nodded and made a small, affirmative noise. He looked worn out and thoroughly delicious. Ant loved the tightness of his sexy young hole and the thought that just half an hour ago most of the youngsters downstairs in the pub had watched this hot, tasty little number up on stage and wanted to fuck or be fucked by him, no doubt. And here he was, with his twitching, leaking rod buried in Rayne's hole, ramming the arse off a sexy, naked boy fifteen years his junior, to a hardcore punk soundtrack. He pulsed eagerly between Rayne's legs, so turned on by the hot, dirty, satisfying feel of his lover's tight anus that he quickly emptied his aching balls into it. Under him, Rayne Wilde writhed and groaned on the linoleum-covered floor, turning his head from side to side as little whimpers of pleasure and arousal escaped his soft, sensuous mouth. Ant licked his throat and sucked his nipples, turned on by his moans of ecstasy. Rayne's hands fluttered like feathers down his sweaty back and over his buttocks, pulling the older man against him.

Ant kept his cock in the boy and pulsed slowly, reaching full, throbbing stiffness again in no time. He felt Rayne's slender legs hook up around his midriff and he began to drive himself in and out of the younger man's sexy, vulnerable hole. His lover was slippery with spilt cum, relaxed and horny enough to submit to fast, hard violation. Ant huffed and grunted hungrily, jacking his pulsing sex in and out of that snug, satisfying orifice between Rayne's creamy white cheeks. His hot hands gripped the lad's bum and he crouched over his dirty young mate, pulling the boy fiercely onto his dick with every thrust, burying himself deeper, deeper... Rayne threw his head back and cried out with uncontrolled need, sliding a hand between his raised, wide-spread thighs and rubbing his own erection rapidly.

"OhOhOhGod! Fuck me! Fuck me!" he keened through clenched teeth. "So good! So hard! So fuckin'.... Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!"

His slender body jerked upward and he began to quiver violently, sending spasms of pleasure through his lover's big, hard cock and heavy balls. Ant rammed himself home, deep and hard one final time as Rayne's cum splashed his bare belly. He was conscious of the door opening to his right but he clung to Rayne, keeping his aching cock buried inside the younger man until the last searing drop of his seed had been pumped into his lover's twitching arsehole.

He collapsed onto his delicious slut with a long groan of satisfaction, still breathing hard into his ear. When the boy began to push against him urgently he initially presumed that Rayne was already up for more sex. Unable to believe his luck he hauled himself to his knees and was thus a little surprised when the youngster wriggled away from him, struggling to get to his feet, his wide-eyed gaze fixed on the doorway.

The light flickered on as he struggled with his clothing. When he had stopped blinking, Ant followed his lover's stare. Leaning against the doorframe watching them with an expression of cruel amusement on his craggy face, was a tall, lean stranger with long, untidy black hair and a roll up in the corner of his mouth. He wore a shabby, charcoal grey suit jacket and pants over a dirty-looking red shirt and loose cream and crimson striped tie. He took a pull on the cigarette now, still watching Rayne contemplatively and shook his head.

"Well, well... what 'ave we got 'ere?" he exhaled in a plume of smoke. "One little randy, runaway tart still putting out for older blokes. Reckons he can put one over on Rabid John, eh? Not as smart as you fink, are you Raymonde?"

With a start, Ant realised that he was looking at his lover's notorious pimp.


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