A Brace Of Pheasant

byadam applebiter©

"Thank you, Uncle." Polly leant across Cassy's body to kiss him fondly on the cheek.

"Yes, Uncle. It's the best Christmas present you've ever given us." Cassy smiled, her eyes sparkled with satisfaction and smugness despite the tenderness she felt down there.

"I thought you were my present." Patrick managed.

"It was both. We gave you our virginities. You gave us our womanhood." Polly crawled carefully over the two supine bodies to lie close on Uncle Patrick's other side, perilously close to the edge of the mattress too. She snuggled against his shoulder and closed her eyes. "Can we sleep here tonight, Uncle?"

"Only if one of you turns out the light."

Polly sighed but knew that Cassy was in no condition to stand up. Gingerly she climbed off the bed and padded barefoot and bare-assed, but still in her stockings and sussies, as far as the light switch. In the sudden darkness she found her way back to bed, lifting the covers this time. Cassy did have to stand, with Patrick's strong arm for support, so that the three of them could actually get into bed. Cool cotton sheets and warm blankets were just what the doctor ordered. The girls cuddled up to Patrick and slept despite his snoring – well that's what you get for sleeping on your back.

* * * * *

"And that, Dear Man, is the sordid tale of our lost virginity." Cassy concluded.

"Shocked?" Polly asked from close behind Mike's ear, her tone mischievous.

"Hell yeah! You two were still untried at eighteen? England must be full of fags and eunuchs."

"Not full. But we're fussy. Besides we wanted a lover who'd teach us something, not an innocent who knew even less than us."

"And, oh boy, did Uncle teach us some things." Polly whispered.

"In Fact, he spoiled it for all the boys back in college. We tried a few of them after that Xmas."

"But none measured up."

"So we stuck with each other."

"And probably saved our family's reputation because the few guys we did have turned out to be monumentally indiscrete."

"We're twins you see."

"I'd noticed." Mike said. "But you were meant to be explaining how the shop got its name."

"Oh that!" Polly chuckled to herself then continued. "On Christmas Morning, Patrick presented us with the painting..."

"One of his most treasured possessions." Cassy interjected.

"Because he said we were two very game birds."

"No!" Mike stifled a laugh. It was just too corny.

"Yes. He was a dear man and a wonderful lover but his sense of humour was somewhat basic." Cassy was smirking too.

"Speaking of bad jokes, do you girls know the difference between light and hard?"


"Do tell."

"I can sleep with this light on."

A pair of small hands rummaged under the duvet to check the punch line.

"Poor Boy!" Polly cooed. "Perhaps a nice cold shower would help you sleep."

Cassy just laughed and reached for the light switch. "Save it for tomorrow, Michael. Sweet dreams."

"Goodnight." Mike groaned in disappointment.

* * * * *

"Oh God!...Yes...YES...Do it!...Ooooh" Cassy gripped the pillow with white knuckled fists as Mike hammered home his cock, his rough hands dragging her hips back against each thrust. If this was his revenge for getting him so wound up last night, they should leave him high and dry all the time.

Polly, lying naked beside them, skin shiny with perspiration from Mike's first performance, stroked her clitoris with gentle fingers and watched Mike's face as he came. She didn't need to look to know what Cassy's expression was: She'd be biting her lower lip and dilating her nostrils like she always did.

"What's up, Mister?" Polly asked, when her sister and their lover had stopped panting. Mike was unusually quiet and his expression was pensive to say the least. The twins were curled together like a couple of puppies, gently touching each other in the tactile language of long-time lovers.

Mike lay on his back, his flaccid, slick cock resting across his thigh. "Triste est omne animal post coitum."

"I know that one!" Cassy sat up. "It's Aristotle. 'All animals are sad after sex.'"

"Galen, not Aristotle." Mike didn't turn his head to look at Cassy as he corrected her.

"You sure? Yes, of course you are. I keep forgetting how much light you hide under your bushel." She slid over to him, draping herself over his arm and pressing her breasts to his chest as she kissed him, receiving a less than enthusiastic response. "But it doesn't matter who said it. What matters is that you said it just now. What's up?"

"I'm gonna miss this job. It's been a great three days and I don't know how I'm gonna cope with going back to just being the handyman around here."

"Did I miss something?" Asked Polly over her sister's shoulder. "Did you get canned by Sis and I missed it?"

"Shush, Pol. Michael, it may take us months to get pregnant so 'this job' is hardly over. However, Polly wants to keep you as a pet-"

"Cassy! I never said 'as a pet'!"

"-And I agree with her. I figure you're probably easier to housetrain than a dog." Cassy was grinning at him. She punctuated the sentence with another kiss, which gave time for Mike to realize what they were suggesting.

"That'll get curtains twitching. I thought being discrete was part of the arrangement. Do you really think people won't notice?"

"They're gonna notice soon enough when we get big bellies." Polly pointed out. "Who d'you think they'll suspect? Our best friend? The bloke who all the Kelly's regulars know is hung like a porn star? Honey, you'd be the prime suspect even if you were innocent."

"So, since you'll get the blame anyway, you might as well..." Cassy pressed her cheek to his and hugged him tight. She smiled to herself when she felt his arms encircle her too.

"I don't suppose you kept a copy of that tape? We never got to see it." Polly asked him.

* * * * *

It was Saturday 2nd of July. The prospect of a long weekend had brought the Manhattanites up to the Hamptons, temporarily doubling the population. Kelly's Bar and Grill was heaving with walking wallets in check shirts and brand new Timberland boots.

"Jeez!" muttered Mike, "These guys must thing paved roads haven't reached here yet. Indoor plumbing must be such a disappointment to them."

"Will you please shut the fuck up." Hissed Pat. "Who d'you think pays this town's bills?"

"I know we need them but-"

"But nothing. Is that pump fixed yet?"

"Try it now." Mike extricated himself from under the bar, wrench in hand.

"Better. Not great, but better."

"I've told you before, Pat, you need a new pump."

"And what's that gonna cost me? Huh?"

"About the same as you've paid me to nursemaid this piece of shit for the last year and a half. Only you wouldn't have the pleasure of my company on a weekly basis."

"Pleasure?" Pat looked upwards. "No. Can't say that's the word I'd use."

"That's thirty bucks then. I'll go wash up. Give you time to say goodbye to those presidents."


"Thanks." Mike took the proffered bottle and pulled hard on its neck as he made for the washroom.

When he came out, Mike saw Jo-Jo, his girlfriend and Pat's barmaid, sat firmly on some guy's lap. It wasn't that some out-of-towner was getting fresh with his girl – that went with the territory. No, it was the fact that the hand on her ass hadn't been slapped away. Friends had warned him about Jo-Jo from the start but, hey, what guy listens to that sort of advice? Seeing red, Mike went over to the table, gripped Jo-Jo's upper arm and hauled her to her feet.

"Hey! What the..." Her protest petered out as she spun around and came face to face with her boyfriend.

"What the fuck d'you think you're doing?" Mike growled at her.

"Hey! Now wait a minute Buddy." The New Yorker stood to intercede. "The Lady was just being friendly."

"Sit down." Mike's free hand pushed the man's chest, plonking him firmly back down on his ass.

"Christ, Mikey. It was only a bit of fun." Jo-Jo got defensive.

"C'mon. We're going home. Pat'll just have to manage without you tonight."

"No Mikey!" She halted, pulling him up short and wincing at the vice-like grip on her arm. "I'm not going anywhere. I need the money and I'm just doing my job. Hear that Mikey? It's my job. Nothing more!" They had everyone's attention now. Domestics in bars always make for good viewing.

The problem was, Mike had heard the rumours and it was getting kinda hard to ignore them. What rumours? Oh, the ones about Jo-Jo's little flings.

"Go home, Mikey." Jo-Jo intruded upon his thoughts, her voice calm now, placating.

"So you can make out with that... that city boy? No way."

"Fuck you then!" Her voice was climbing both the harmonic and decibel scales. "It's my body and-"

"You come home right now or I'll...I'll..."

"You'll what?" Jo-Jo sounded petulant.

"I'll..." Mike's rage stalled. He let go of her arm, turned and walked towards the door.

"Thought so!" Jo-Jo sneered. She'd been getting bored of Mike anyway. She'd get Daddy to send a trooper round to the pond for her stuff in the morning. Being the sheriff's daughter had some perks.

Jo-Jo didn't have to wait until morning. Within an hour, Mike returned with three stuffed rubbish bags and a video tape. He practically threw the bags containing all her worldly goods at Jo-Jo and while she was blustering and demanding this, that and the other, he strode straight to the big screen TV and stuck the tape into the VCR. Then he called for everyone's attention.

"As those of you who were here earlier will know, Jo-Jo's decided to be single again and since she's also announced that sitting on customer's laps and letting them feel her up is a career move, I've brought along her CV." He pressed play.

A 54" image of Jo-Jo, stark naked, filled the screen. The only thing stopping the whole bar from seeing her pussy – and the whole bar was definitely watching, including a shell-shocked Jo-Jo – was her hand, rubbing frantically between her legs.

"Wider Baby." Mike's disembodied voice urged from speakers in every corner of the bar. On screen, Jo-Jo spread her legs further, causing her butt cheeks to part enough to show her sepia toned, puckered ass. Juices trickling from her sex made both holes glisten.

"Turn over." Mike's voice commanded. As she flipped onto her belly and pushed her ass up, getting her knees under her, her hand snaked up past her pussy and one long finger pressed into her sphincter sinking one knuckle then two knuckles deep. "That's it Baby." Mike came into frame, leaving the camcorder presumably on a tripod. He too was stripped and, as he turned momentarily, sporting a prodigious erection. Somewhere in the almost silent bar, someone whistled in appreciation.

On screen, Mike got behind Jo-Jo, temporarily blocking the view until he started pumping back and forth and everyone was treated to an eyeful of Jo-Jo's asshole stretched around a cock that, on a screen that big, looked two foot long. The cheers of the guys in the bar drowned out the ecstatic moans and demands for harder fucking that accompanied the action.

After a minute or so, Mike turned off the tape to a chorus of boos from the audience. "Gentlemen! Please! This tape is now up for auction. All proceeds going towards Jo-Jo's bus fare out of the state. Who'll start the bidding at five dollars?"

"Five bucks!"



"Twenty five."

"Any advance on twenty five bucks? Do I hear Thirty?" Mike, in spite of himself was enjoying this, especially the look of impotent fury from Jo-Jo before she fled to the ladies' room in tears. So fuckin' what? He thought.

The bidding got up to a hundred and twenty dollars, courtesy of the New Yorker Jo-Jo had been throwing her fanny at earlier.

"Sold, to the upstate gentleman, for one hundred and twenty dollars. Congratulations Sir." Mike ejected the tape and took it over to the guy's table. "You can pay the whore when she comes out of the wash room." Mike didn't look back as he left.

* * * * *

Cassy sat up. "That's pretty much how we heard it. Michael, Honey, if half the rumours about her are true, she deserved it."

Polly asked "Whose idea was sodomy? Yours or hers."

"Hers the first time. Mine on quite a few occasions after that." Mike actually blushed. Cassy thought that was cute.

"And, apart from sniffing our underwear, how many other fantasies have you had about us?" Cassy asked.

"Sis, don't change the subject."

"I'm not. Come on Mister. 'Fess up. Have you ever whacked off thinking about our bottoms?"

Mike's silence was as good as a confession.

"No way!" Polly hit him with a pillow. She remembered the ball of his thumb in the shop yesterday.

"You've already got two holes to stick that thing in. Don't even think about it." Cassy's pillow whacked down on his hard-on, doubling him up protectively.

"Ow! Easy, girls." He took unfair advantage of his superior strength to wrestle Cassy onto her back and force himself between her thighs. If she'd put up more than a token struggle, he was a Dutchman. Completely ignoring the repeated beating of Polly's pillow on his buttocks, Mike forced Cassy to kiss him, driving his tongue deep into her mouth.

"Since I've fulfilled this months quota, any last words before I have my wicked way?" Mike eased his hips forward, pressing the length of his cock along her smooth pussy.


"Go on." Mike lifted his hips, feeling the head of his erection nestle between her labia.

"That was it, Mister. Yes." Cassy lifted her knees up either side of his ribs.

"Giddyup!" Polly dropped her pillow and slapped his butt really hard, driving him forward and all the way into her supine sister.

"Ahh." Cassy sighed as he slipped into her.

Mike moved slowly inside her, his mouth roaming over her neck and throat as Cassy writhed and clawed at his back. After the ferocious fucking she'd had earlier, the slower, gentler pace was just what she wanted.

Polly lay beside them, spreading her own thighs wide. Mike lifted himself off Cassy and over to Polly, getting a helping hand to guide his cock into her sticky hole. Cassy gripped her sister's hand for moral support and kissed her passionately while Mike stoked the fires within and nuzzled at her neck.

A few minutes slow loving with Polly and Mike was ready to change back but the twins had other ideas. Polly urged him to roll off her then straddled him, letting Cassy do the honours and guide his cock to the right spot. As Polly sank onto his length with a beatific grin, feeling the hard round tip of his penis nudge at her cervix, filling her completely, Cassy swung herself around and pressed her own crotch over Mike's face.

His tongue immediately found its mark, burrowing into her pussy before wiggling it's way down to her clit and lapping around it teasingly. Cassy settled closer over his face, grinding her oh so sensitive newly denuded labia onto his four o'clock shadow with a guttural moan of ecstasy. As she moved forward, enjoying the almost painful caress of his stubble, Mike let his tongue trace from clit to perineum, briefly tickling her rosebud when it fell within range. That made Cassy gasp. While her mouth was open in shock, Polly leant forward, steadying her sister and hermetically sealing their lips together.

"Mmm...mmmm...mm...mm..." Cassy tried to mumble. "He... He just licked my bum!" She repeated as Polly pulled back.

Mike's hands weren't idle. He pulled Cassy's hips down, burying his tongue deep in her pussy once more. Cassy shut up and clung to Polly for support as the first tremors in her abdomen warned of her approaching climax.

Polly bobbed up and down on his cock, her tits jiggling insanely as her free hand strummed her clit like a Fender Stratocaster, her squeals of delight rising like a Hendrix high note as she clasped the hot hard spike that impaled her and washed it with her juices.

Cassy gyrated on Mike's face, oozing pussy juice and semen onto his probing tongue. When Polly rose off his gorgeous cock and slumped onto the bed breathing like a pervert in a phone booth, Cassy took her sister's place, feeling her vagina stretch to accommodate Mike's hard-on. With her back to him, she posted just as she'd been taught at riding school.

Mike, gritting his teeth to hold onto his wad until Cassy came, looked down his chest at her pert, round ass and yielded to the temptation to press his thumb to her dark ass hole. He rubbed it gently, feeling it pulse under his caress and that was it! His cock erupted inside her, spattering the last of his sperm all over her cervix. Cassy too climaxed, throbbing around his penis, milking him for every last trace and finally sagging onto his legs, exhausted.

Her ass looked oh so inviting – but not tonight, he thought. Not any time soon.

* * * * *

Polly woke up in Cassy's arms. It took her a moment to realize that they were alone. She kissed her sister lightly on the lips before asking. "So where's our new pet?"

"At Liberty's, according to the note on the dresser." She pulled her sister closer. Close enough to press their bellies together. "We have all day... alone."

"What's the time?"

Cassy glanced past her twin's shoulder to the alarm clock. "Eight thirty."

"We have an hour." Polly usually opened the shop by half after nine in the summer months.

Cassy moved her belly against Polly's. She was clearly feeling horny. "Time enough."

"Barely." Answered Polly, pulling Cassy's face close and ending the conversation.

Morning breath aside, it was a very pleasant way to start the day, nipples rubbing against each other's breast, warm abdomens pressed close, thighs parting and entwining, bare labia just nudging bare labia, hands roaming freely in intimate caressing.

Cassy pulled back first, moving to the bottom half of the bed and reversing herself. Polly, knowing what was coming, moved to meet her sister's crotch, pressing her own against it, their legs over and under like two wishbones.

"Make a wish." Cassy said, as always in this position, just as their pussies pressed together. The last time they'd done this was right after they'd shaved Cassy and the sensations had been...overpowering. The hypersensitivity may have gone but it still felt incredible.

The twins bucked their hips against each other, grinding their slippery labia together, striving to rub their clitoral hoods over each other's pussies. The slipperiness increased as their arousal oozed and mingled, trickling down between their buttocks.

Cassy giggled.

"Tell." Polly managed, between sighs as she worked her clit hard against her sister's pubic bone.

"After." Cassy gasped, feeling her orgasm building steadily. She reached down and rubbed at both their clits, taking them over the edge in unison. Two identical girls cried out in rapture as throbbing sexes squirted juice over each other and trembling thighs collapsed, spread on the bed.

"So? What was funny?" Polly panted as she lay there, still pussy to pussy with her twin. Moving slowly to squeeze the last vestiges of pleasure from the contact.

"My bottom's all sticky."

"And you were thinking about Michael's tongue. Hmm?"


"His wasn't the first tongue there. Not by a long straw." In fact, they frequently strayed south during oral sex. Had done for years.

"But it was the first time it felt like foreplay." Cassy remarked.

"He's going to get his own way, isn't he?"





By mutual consent, they got up on still shaky legs and made their way to the bathroom. Hot water, liquid soap and lovers' hands soon had everywhere clean and fresh and refreshed.

The shop opened five minutes late. Not bad, considering.

* * * * *

"So how long before you girls know whether or not I've knocked you up?" Mike had arrived late and was eating his dinner while the twins did the dishes. "A couple of weeks and we'll know for sure." One said.

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