tagBDSMA Break In

A Break In

byjosie girl©

She double-checked her door to make certain it was locked and then she padded to the bathroom. A bath, she thought. That's what I need... a bath. Not a shower. A bath will help me relax.

She filled the tub, tossed in some bath beads, turned the radio on in the living room, grabbed a magazine and decided to put the night and him out of her mind. She slipped out of the old football jersey (the last reminder of her him), slid her panties off and stepped into the tub. She let herself sink into the hot water. The heat seeped into her bones.

She settled back on her bath pillow (a wise investment at the Dollar Store) and flipped open the magazine. She had almost finished the article about 25 ways to save money on your spring wardrobe when the light when out. She blinked. And blinked again. Thinking that the power was out in the entire apartment if not an even larger area, she said, quietly, but aloud, "Damn it."

A voice, silky smooth and very masculine, responded, "Uh, uh, no ugly talk, Vonna." And then there was silence.

For a moment she was certain she had imagined it. But she looked toward the bathroom door and realized the lights were on in the living room and there was a large, dark form shadowing the bathroom door. She started to scream.

Before she got the breath to her throat, a warm, strong, large hand clamped over her mouth. She could barely breathe, not because it stifled her nose but out of cold, stark fear. In a flash, she felt a gag settle over her mouth as she realized that one very large hand was holding both her wrists still under the water. Her heart pounded painfully; she was being attacked in her own home.

The gag firmly in place, she felt her sleep mask lowered over her eyes. She was now blind. She couldn't scream. All she could do was feel the hand around her wrists. Her wrists were being held in a firm grip but not so tightly that it caused pain... until she tried to flail away. The grip tightened. "Uh, uh, don't fight me, Vonna," came a soft whisper. "You cannot win."

She then felt a rope of some kind going about her wrists. It was tied quickly and firmly; she couldn't wiggle at all. But she was too terrified to notice that. Instead, she felt a hand sliding up her arm, moving slowly across her chest and down to her left breast. It cupped her full breast, hefted its weight and squeezed. Fingers found her nipple and rubbed and played until she felt it tighten.

"You like this, Vonna," whispered the voice. "I can tell."

She thrashed around, sending a wall of water everywhere. She heard him laugh as he pushed her head under the water. She stayed submerged for only a moment but it was enough to terrify her. She quit fighting.

"That's a good girl," the voice was amused but almost sounded soothing.

She heard him as he reached for the soap. She felt him as he fumbled for the washcloth. And then she felt him pull her up out of the water and push her to her knees. He washed her mound slowly and then let the soapy washcloth run over her bare butt, into the crease between her rounded cheeks. He was washing her most intimate parts and she was too terrified to stop him.

He pushed her down so her hips were below the surface of the water again and, using his fingers, he rubbed her mound, slicked down her crack, rinsing her. He laughed quietly, "We don't want any soap left. It would irritate."

With one hand still on her ass, she felt him rub the bar of soap across her breasts. When they were lathered, he dropped the soap into the water and rubbed her breasts slowly, as if he had to memorize every centimeter of skin. He took his time around her nipples and the sensitive underside of her large bosom. He whispered again in her ear, "This feels good, Vonna. It feels as good to you as it does to me."

He raised her up and helped her out of the tub. She felt him rub her body with the towel she had lain near the tub. "There is no need to dry your pussy," he whispered. "It's gonna stay wet for a long time tonight."

Fear made her brave and she lunged away from him. But it was a useless attempt. He simply hauled her back against his hard chest and told her to behave. She already deserved punishment for her use of an ugly word; did she want to make it worse?

She stilled. Fear turned her skin cold and he felt the goose bumps covering her pale flesh. He ran his hands over her arms, across her heaving breasts, down her belly, brushing the hair on her mound. "Oh, this will never do," he whispered in her ear. He pushed her down on her knees and lowered her so that she was on the bath rug. Then he gently forced her shoulders back. Once she was reclined, he put his hand on her belly. "Don't move," he whispered. She didn't dare.

She had no idea what was happening, what would happen next. But she knew she could not fight him, not the way he had stacked the odds against her. She heard him rummaging around in the bathroom. Apparently, he was finding everything he was looking for close by. The pressure of his hand never left her naked belly. Finally, she felt him push her legs apart. She refused at first, her knees locked together. But he took both his hand and placed them on the insides of her knees; she could not stand up to the relentless strength he used against her. Her legs parted, only the fact that the light was off preventing him from seeing her exposed pussy gave her even a whit of comfort.

He must have guessed her thoughts. She heard a soft 'click and knew the overhead light had just been switched on. She felt the heat rising, a blush moving up her chest to cover her neck and face. He laughed quietly. "Don't be embarrassed. You're beautiful," he whispered. "And I'm going to make you even more beautiful."

She could not imagine what he meant and then she felt him touch her pussy. But there was something else there as well. Lather?. She tried to jerk her knees together but his thighs were now resting between her opened legs and she could not. He whispered words of comfort, "Don't fight this. It will be okay. Everything will be all right."

She felt him rub and swirl the rich lather all over her mound, past her pussy, lower still until he almost reached her back portal. Then he said quietly, "Don't move, Vonna. I don't want to cut you." Her body stilled. She forced her breathing to stop. What did he mean, cut her? And then she knew. He was shaving her! Again she felt a furious blush creep up her body. She jerked away and screamed into her gag. He laid his hand upon her naked belly and whispered almost comfortingly, "Hush, it's all right, girl. Don't move now. Everything will be fine."

Because she had no choice, Vonna stayed still. She felt the cold steel scraping against her tender skin. She felt tears slide down her cheeks, unchecked by the blindfold. She heard the sounds of him rinsing the razor in the tub. It seemed to take forever, but finally she felt a warm washcloth wiping away the excess lather.

And then she felt him smooth something against her freshly shaven skin. Cream or lotion warmed by his hand was soothingly rubbed into her skin. He took his time, moving slowly. His palm gentled her nerves as it drew against her skin. Then his fingers started to part her folds and rub the soothing lotion into her most private places. He rubbed slowly, maddeningly slowly. Her breath caught. He continued and his touch turned into a caress. He moved lightly, gently, closer and closer to her clit. She realized she was still holding her breath and slowly let it out. He whispered, "That's right, Vonna. Relax. Enjoy it."

Then he touched her clit. Briefly, quickly, running his finger over it. Then he came back to it and paid it much more attention. He moved the hood and rubbed it into its full engorged glory. She writhed beneath his hands. He used his other hand to introduce more lotion to her pussy. He pushed the creamy liquid into the crack of her ass, closer and closer to her asshole while setting her clit on fire with his constant fingering. Then he stopped. His hand slid away from her clit and she fought off the impulse to protest. But he saw her reaction and smiled to himself.

He moved his fingers to part her swollen lips and gently plunged one finger into her hot sheath. She bucked up against him. He pushed further in, gently, slowly, watching as she tried to take him deeper. And all the while, his other hand was moving around the tight rose bud of her asshole. He circled it gently and slowly, carefully introduced just the tip of his finger into her ass. She stilled.

He pushed another finger into her pussy and started moving both of them in and out. Slowly, oh so slowly. She became accustomed to the intrusion in her asshole and concentrated on the feelings he created in her pussy. She was getting hotter and hotter, filling with a need and a fire, moving against him, catching his rhythm. He slowly twisted his finger in her asshole and slid it in just a bit deeper. She stilled again but only for a moment. His finger fucking could not be ignored and swiftly brought her attention to her growing need.

Again he pushed his finger deeper into her asshole. Again he increased the rhythm in her pussy. Again she responded. He slowly started fucking her asshole with his finger as he worked her pussy with his other hand. She moaned behind the gag. She lurched forward, catching his wrist between her bound hands and held on as he finger fucked her. She tossed her head side to side, moving faster and faster against the pressure of the fingers in her ass and her pussy. She gasped, she bucked, she shattered. He watched her ride her orgasm to its completion, slowing his fingers so that she could come down from her passion.

He settled his hand on her belly again as she relaxed. He waited until she had completely caught her breath and then helped her to stand. He guided her into her bedroom; she knew the exact path. When her knees bumped against the bed, his hand was on her shoulder to steady her. "It's time for your punishment," his word were warm against her ear. Her heart contracted painfully in her chest.

What did he mean?

She felt him move around her, heard the bed give under his weight. He pulled her across his lap, her breasts pressing into the mattress on one side of his thighs, her lower legs resting on the other side. She felt him rub her bottom, caressing both cheeks firmly. "So beautiful," he whispered.

Then his palm came down hard against her left cheek, then the right. He moved over the surface of both globes, spanking firmly but not too harshly. She was determined to bear it in silence. And she did - for a while. But the sting began to build even though his slaps didn't get any harder. But they were relentless, moving across her ass over and over. She felt the sting, she felt the heat. She felt the pain.

And suddenly she felt something else. A heat that radiated from her hot globes to her pussy. She was appalled and disgusted with herself but she couldn't deny it. Neither could she ignore it. She started moving - up to meet each blow and then down to rub her pussy against his thigh. He smiled above her, noted what she was doing, let her do it. Then the spanks slowed. He began rubbing her red cheeks between swats. His palm roamed over her globes, his fingers dipped between her thighs.

He smiled when he realize just how wet her pussy was. He could see the smear of her juices down her thigh. Ahh, he thought, she is ready.

He continued the spanking, gentler but faster. She continued to move against him, harder and faster. He let her set the pace and watched as she reached for her orgasm. But it was just out of her reach. She moaned against her gag in frustration. He moved his fingers deeply into her pussy, gently rubbing his thumb across her swollen clit as he continued to spank her. He felt her spasm around his fingers, saw her back arch and buck against him. When she stilled this time, she realized he was rubbing her ass. So gently. So lovingly.

He pushed her off his lap, holding her so she wouldn't fall. He moved her so that the back of her knees touched the mattress. He lowered her gently and told he to move up on the bed. She obeyed.

As she was settling in, he moved between her thighs. She felt him there but was not prepared for the touch of his tongue on her pussy. She gasped and bucked... but not away. Toward. Toward him.

Toward what she knew would happen. Toward what she wanted. He knew then that he had her.

Please, if you take the time to read my story, take the time to let me know what you think. Your vote will help me be a better writer and I really appreciate it! Thank you.

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