tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Break in the Weather

A Break in the Weather


{This is a violent non-consent story. If this sort of thing offends you stop reading now and choose another story. I do not ever condone actual rape, but it is one of my sweet Belle's fantasies, and this story is for her}


You were obviously not expecting the good weather to break, I muse as you scurry for the cover of a shop awning. I watch as you squeeze the water from your hair, but the expensive perm is already ruined, your long dark hair sticking to your satin shirt where it touches. That shirt is now hugging your subtle curves, its pale blue shade interrupted by a darker layer underneath as the matching knee length skirt clings to your thighs.

I keep very still in the shadow of the alley as you look around you, but you are only seeking a taxi to flag down. You should know it's the wrong time of day for them -- those that work regular hours are already commuting home and the night revellers will not really start arriving for another hour or so.

What has kept you back in this part of town at such an odd hour, I wonder. I have often seen you running errands for that real estate firm during the afternoon as I go about my dark business, but I have never seen you here after it has grown dark.

While you glance away, I look along the alley to ensure there is no-one using it -- difficult to do with the closing gloom of evening and the tall buildings on both sides, but at least this sudden shower is letting up. The alley runs quite some distance to the theatre district, a place more likely to have a taxi parked with the driver snoozing waiting for the evening to start.

I turn to see you may have come to a similar conclusion as you are now walking in my direction. The shadows make for excellent cover as your eyes are still adjusting from the bright lights of the shops display window, so I merely need to keep still to be quite invisible to you.

So often I have watched you go about your dreary way as I make my deals in this alley or the next. You have never seen me as far as I know, seemingly immune to the knowledge that a criminal element runs quietly alongside your nice, quiet, boring world. Is that why you frequently seem so glum -- has your world has become too straight, too predictable, too boring for you. Take some comfort then that this is all going to change tonight, a cold comfort given my growing intentions. You are stepping into my world now as you brave this alley in search of a means home.

I breathe in the scent of your perfume as you pass within a metre of me and I realise how hungry for you I have become. These months of you passing by, teasing me with your very presence. I grew to lust after you, seeing you every night in my dreams -- the sort of dream where I would awake hard and hungry.

Now you are here by chance, stumbling through my domain where I have every advantage over you. It is time to make one of those dreams a reality.

Matching my soft foot fall with the timing of your hard heels clatter, it is a simple matter to keep close behind you. I decide to wait for you to either turn around or reach the half way point before I make my move.

A light breeze has pushed the clouds away and the alley takes on the stark light and shadow of a moon that is almost full. I am getting so hungry now following you that I fail to notice a puddle until my foot splashes in it -- or perhaps I subconsciously wanted you to notice something so you would turn and we could begin this dance.

I balance on the balls of my feet, ready to spring those last couple of metres, wanting you to have a good look at my silhouette, letting the terror build -- but not wanting you to get much time for a scream. I don't expect anyone to be close enough to hear anything now, but someone might and I don't feel like sharing you this evening.

Perhaps it is the adrenalin pulsing through me at the moment, but you seem to turn incredibly slowly, your head down like you have a good idea what you are going to see, but wanting to delay that moment of confirmation so you can keep denying to yourself what might be about to happen. Your body freezes at the moment I believe my heavy boots come into view. Eyes wide, lips slightly parted, breathing much too rapidly, your head slowly tilts upwards.

In return, I only allow my gaze to flicker over your body as I know I cannot be too distracted by you yet. But who could resist with the shirt sticking to the upper slopes of those firm breasts. The plain bra fails to hide the nipples that show dark through the shirt. Your wet skirt clings and shows the curve of your thighs and I lick my lips as I consider that which lay beneath.

Then there is that long intake of breath that I have been waiting for and nearly missed while distracted by your thighs. I dart forward to clamp my hand over your mouth before the breath can escape as a scream. Your lips are probably bruised from the force I've hit them with and you stumble back a little. I keep pace with you as I await your expected reaction. Barely keeping your footing, both hands reach to my forearm to pull my hand away.

It is not that this is a game with rules, but more a dance of action and reaction. A dance where I lead and you must follow. You could have twisted out of my grip and managed at least one full scream before I was upon you, but no -- you felt you had to deal with my hand first. As your arms move up, my other hand is now free to swing hard into your stomach, winding you. Now I have both hands free as you gasp for breath and I take advantage of this pulling you down a side alley. I chose a section of wall well bathed in moonlight and hold you against it by your throat, lifting you to your toes to keep you off balance.

Your breath is returning to you, but I can take my time now as you seem to be capable of no more than a whimper. The key now is to keep you afraid and it seems I will have little problem on that score as I feel you trembling beneath my hand.

My left hand brushes a wet lock of hair from your cheek as I view your tear-stained beauty. I'm tempted to take a kiss, but at this time it is better to just lean forward, brushing my lips against your cheek, hot breath in your ear.

"I'm going to fuck you until you are no longer able to beg for mercy" I whisper hoarsely as my left hand moves to your right breast, squeezing it hard through the shirt and bra. You turn your head from my voice but are too scared to move any further. I slowly start unbuttoning your shirt and you dumbly watch my hands. I move slower, drinking in the sight of you by moonlight.

The bra is the sort that clasps at the front, so I unclasp it and slide my hands under, gently pushing the halves to the side, slowly uncovering your sweet, firm breasts. The nipples feel hard against my palm, but I need to see them before I play. Moving my hands up, I slide the straps and the shirt off your shoulders pushing them almost to your elbows before suddenly turning you around and knotting the material to keep your arms trapped behind you.

I lean forward and lick your neck, delighting in the way you tremble. My hands curving around you to cup your breasts, so soft they feel, so tender. My fingertips find the nipples and squeeze hard. You wince, but barely make a sound.

Turning you around again, pushing your shoulders against the wall, I lower my head to suckle the hard red nipples. Left hand sliding up your body to rest at your throat, my right sliding down over your wet skirt, both holding you to the wall.

Your breast is just small enough I can suck it entirely into my mouth, and then I let it slide out, grazing the sides with my teeth until just the nipple is trapped. I hold it there, flicking it with my tongue, feeling it grow hard despite your discomfort.

Perhaps it is your shame at your body's betrayal of your excitement, or perhaps the feeling of my right hand sliding up your bare thigh that causes you to lose enough of your fear to start struggling and screaming again.

I push a little harder with my left hand, reducing your screams to something not audible over the remaining light rainfall pattering on the tin roofs about us. But not silencing them. The sounds fuel my lust as does your ineffectual fists beating at my arm. Your legs flail, unable to manage a good kick before I have leant against your right leg pinning it.

So hard now to control my desire, so close to coming over the edge. I wanted to do many things to you, but it seems you have proven too desirable.

My right hand thrusts under your skirt and roughly grasps the waistband of your panties. I realise my control is slipping as I tear the panties from you rather than attempt to slide them off.

I roughly slide a finger in. Feeling your slick juices building, understanding that it is from fear more than interest. Smelling the fear rising from you only fuels my hunger further. I slip my finger out of you to unbutton my fly, extracting my hard cock. I lean my upper body against yours pressing you into the wall, trapping your skirt high between us as my right hand fumbles my cock between your pussy lips, sliding it up and down for lubrication.

Perhaps you thought it was only my finger again, but then I see your eyes widen and your struggles start afresh. I thrust in, my hunger driving me forward -- your fear and tightness slowing me but only making me want more.

Halfway in, your ineffectual screams turn to sobbing with an acceptance of this inevitability.

A final thrust from me, a choked sound from you and I am in. I am buried to the hilt inside you, your soft thighs against my roughness, your short pubic hair tickling my stomach and the wet tightness of your pussy squeezing my cock.

I slip out a little as I hook my right hand behind your knee and lift it to your chest. With the angle, I can move a little more and immediately slam back into you. Out and in -- a little further out each time, and faster in.

You feel so tight and look so helpless -- I know I cannot last long. Every stoke into your tight wet pussy making a delightful cry escape your sweet lips, and both bringing me to the edge of spilling myself inside you. I must hold back. My plans do not include my seed inside you, not today. But damn, you look so good -- my fantasies come to life.

The rain starts up again and I know how I want this to end.

I reach into my pocket for one of the tablets I keep there as I slam into you, getting closer with every thrust. Surreptitiously I raise that hand to your head, my left hand turning your head to face me. You have no voice left, but you try to scream anyway.

Between thumb and forefinger I crush the tablet and suddenly thrust the powder into your open mouth. You choke a little as the powder dissolves almost instantly and the first effects start soon after. You slowly slide down the wall, your eyes a mask of fear and confusion. I withdraw my cock from you to allow you to slip further down and I stroke it quickly as I near the brink. It is the look in your eyes that does it and my sap spills from the end of my cock in great spurts. The first shot landing across your cheek and lips and the remainder splashing onto your sweet firm breasts.

Caution makes me glance along the alleyway, but we are still alone. Glancing back, your eyes have already started to glaze over. You will be unconscious in a minute and will probably remain so for an hour. When you awake, your memory of the day will be fuzzy, and the last hour will be a complete blank. The rain should take care of any other evidence as I note it is already starting to wash away the ropes of cum spilt over you. I watch until it is gone and then stagger away.

Twenty minutes later I'm at my van having met no-one along the way. But it is there that I start to worry about the evidence I may have left behind.

I quickly drive back and you are there where I left you, still out of it. I get out and lift you into the back of the van and search around for anything dropped. The panties are the only thing that had been missed and I quickly stuff then into a pocket. Back in the driver's seat, I start the engine and head for what passes as home these days. Looking over my shoulder I glance at your half naked body and consider some of my other fantasies.

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