tagNovels and NovellasA Brief Fling With A Gay Beauty

A Brief Fling With A Gay Beauty


After Adam served four years in the Navy he bought a fishing boat and ran charters out of Key West. It was a decent living but when faced with the opportunity to buy a Bed and Breakfast, Adam jumped on it. The B&B was located in the gay section of Key West but it was a gold mine. Because it was very private, it was always fully occupied and provided a steady source of income. The fishing business had been good but it was still unpredictable compared to the reliability of the B&B. Adam had no problem serving the gay community even though he was not gay. That's not to say that he didn't let a few cute European guys suck his cock when he was in the Navy and his ship was in port.

Adam was 28 years old when he purchased the B&B. He was still in great shape and at 6'2" and 190 pounds he was a hunk. He had light brown hair; hazel eyes and washboard abs. Adam jogged, swam and worked out regularly. His six years running fishing charters had also added to his fitness as well as his time in the sack with the ladies. He was still single and planned to remain that way until he was ready to settle down. Adam was a hard worker and a handyman so he could handle almost anything that needed repairs.

The B&B had a private courtyard with a small intimate swimming pool and Jacuzzi. It was basically an old Victorian style house with five bedrooms. Adam lived at the B&B and rented out the other four bedrooms. Each bedroom had two double beds and could sleep up to four people. Adam adjusted very quickly to having gay guys around all the time and also employed gays to serve the guests. Each day there was breakfast and a happy hour. Weather permitting the happy hour was at the swimming pool area and most of the guests were nude.

Adam was dating a couple of local girls who were both adventuresome in the bedroom. Nadine and Courtney were both very hot and they let Adam put his 7+" cock anywhere he wanted as long as he took could care of their pussies. Adam favorite sex position was doggy style as he loved the female derriere. If the girl also was into anal that was a bonus because he loved to watch his cock slide in an out of a shapely ass. Both Nadine and Courtney had great looking asses and they both liked anal sex. Nadine was a cute brunette with a 34-23- 34 figure whereas Courtney was a hot looking blonde with long hair and a 36-25-36 fully tanned body.


The B&B was in need of redecorating, new furniture and fresh paint and Adam took on the work by himself. Adam would start early in the morning while his guests were just beginning to wake up and were eating breakfast. Adam's two employees, Brandy and Kyle attended to the guests needs. They served breakfast, provided the housekeeping and ran the happy hour. They were excellent employees and Adam was pleased with their work ethic. Adam also got a kick out of how well Brandy and Kyle mingled with the guests even to the point of having sex with them.

It wasn't unusual for Adam to look out his window into the pool area and watch his guests involved in various sex acts. Many of the guests lounged naked by the pool and before long they started playing with each other which eventually led to having sex. Adam would watch his guests engage in oral sex, anal sex and group sex. Some days during happy our Brandy and Kyle would join the guests in an impromptu orgy. One particular day Adam had taken break from painting and he watched several of his guests frolic at poolside.

The three young men were all wearing very skimpy thong like swim suits. The tight suits showed off their prominent packages. The boys were all built similar and they all appeared to have flawless bodies. Kyle was serving them and he too was only wearing a thong. They were each in a lounge chair drinking and talking to each other. Then one guy with blonde hair called Kyle over and began to touch Kyle as they talked. Adam watched intently as the blonde ran his hands along Kyle's chest, abs and thighs. Then the blonde kissed Kyle and Kyle in return put his arm around the blonde's neck and pulled him in closer as they kissed.

The blonde was just as pretty as Kyle and it was some what exciting to see them kiss like a boy and girl. The blonde then broke the kiss and began to trail kisses down Kyle's body. Adam watched as the blonde kissed Kyle's neck, pecs, nipples and abs. Then the blonde took a hold of Kyle's thong and pulled it down freeing Kyle's cock which was now rigid. Kyle's cock sprung out as the swim suit cleared his crotch and Adam marveled at the good looking cock. Adam guessed that Kyle's cock was probably about seven inches long and about the same thickness as his own. Adam's cock was a little longer than Kyle's and about five inches around.

Adam smiled when he saw the blonde take Kyle's cock in his mouth. Kyle sat on the lounge, leaned back and closed his eyes as the guest's head bobbed up and down on his cock. Adam wondered if Kyle would cum in the blonde guy's mouth. Then Adam noticed the two dark haired guys. They had their swim suits off and they had moved into a 69 position on one of the other lounges. Adam watched them briefly as they sucked each other's cock and then he looked back at Kyle. The blonde stopped sucking Kyle and then removed Kyle's bathing suit. Adam was prepared for the blonde's next move as he had seen it all.

The blonde pushed Kyle's legs back toward Kyle's chest exposing Kyle's asshole. Then the blonde leaned in and began to rim Kyle's asshole. Kyle seemed to love it and he jerked on his cock as his new lover licked and probed his anus. Then the blonde guy took the suntan lotion and began to smear it all over Kyle's ass. Adam watched as the blonde fingered Kyle's ass hole apparently getting it ready for his cock. Adam was getting excited now and he hoped that the blonde would fuck Kyle. Then the blonde stood up and stripped off his swim suit. His cock bobbed in front of him and it seemed to be about the same size as Kyle's cock. The blonde then knelt on the lounge between Kyle's legs and slowly eased his cock into Kyle's asshole. He took his time feeding Kyle a little at a time until Kyle apparently loosened up. Then he began to fuck Kyle with long steady strokes.

Adam realized his own cock was stiff in his pants and he was tempted to take it out and jerk off but he thought better of it. He decided that he would save himself for Nadine who was coming over that evening. Adam watched intently as the blonde picked up the pace and gave Kyle's ass a good pounding. Adam had momentarily forgotten about the other two who were still in a 69 position sucking each other's cock. Adam watched Kyle who had his head back and his eyes closed as he stroked his own cock. Then it happened.

The blonde pulled out of Kyle's ass and aimed his cock at Kyle's body as streams of cum shot out. Adam watched as at least six streams of cum spurted out and landed on Kyle's body. The first shot hit Kyle in the face and neck and then his chest and abs were cum covered by the remaining shots. Kyle jerked his cock faster and then he too ejaculated onto his own body. Five or six jets spurted from his cock and covered his chest, abs and pubes co-mingling with his partner's cum. Adam's cock was throbbing by now but he still resisted the temptation to take it out of his pants.

Adam then turned his attention to the other two just in time to see them pull out of each other's mouth and spray the sides of their faces with their loads. Both guys spurted several streams and then they took the cocks back in their mouths and sucked them dry. They sucked on each other's cock for several minutes before they broke from their position and sat up. Then they kissed each other. Adam looked back at Kyle and his lover to see that they had embraced and they were kissing again. The blonde had moved between Kyle's legs and had lain down on Kyle's cum covered body.

After a few minutes the four of them got up and giggling like a bunch of school children they jumped in the swimming pool. Adam watched as the four guys swam and frolicked in the pool and he wondered if they were going to have more sex. The guys then began to kiss each other and hug each other in the pool. By the time they emerged from the water they were all hard again. Adam watched as they four naked guys sporting erections moved back to the lounges.

Kyle got on all fours on the lounge and for the first time Adam paid attention to Kyle's shapely ass. It was beautiful. It was perfect. Adam thought about the girls he had butt fucked and none of them had an ass anymore enticing than Kyle's. The two dark haired guys moved to Kyle, one in front and one behind. The one behind Kyle lubricated Kyle's ass and then shoved his cock into Kyle's bottom. The guy in front fed Kyle his cock and Kyle willingly took it in his mouth. Adam then saw the other blonde dip his head under Kyle and take Kyle's cock in his mouth.

Adam watched as the foursome fucked and sucked each other until it was time to cum. The guy in Kyle's ass pulled out and sprayed his load all over Kyle's back and buttocks. The guy in Kyle's mouth pulled out and sprayed his cum all over Kyle's back. The blonde removed his mouth from Kyle's cock and jerked on it until Kyle ejaculated on the towel under him. Then the blonde stood up and jerked off on Kyle's body. Once again they made a bee line for the swimming pool and they all jumped in. minutes later they were back in the lounges and Kyle put his thong back on. Kyle then got more drinks for the guests and just then more guests arrived at the pool. Kyle served everyone drinks as all the guests got acquainted. Adam decided that it was a good time to get back to work so he walked out of the bedroom and resumed his painting. Adam was sure that the boys had plenty left for more sex with their youthful recuperative powers. Adam could only imagine what they would be up to that night.


Nadine brought dinner over to the B&B that evening. She had stopped at a seafood carry out and picked up something for both of them. When she arrived, Adam's eyes went right to Nadine's ass and he admired the view. Nadine was 5'9" with a 36-25-36 and very long shapely legs. That evening she was wearing sandals with high heels which made her look taller and sexier.

Adam sat at his kitchen table as Nadine served the food and opened a bottle of white wine. She stood right along side of Adam and her bare leg brushed against his bare arm. Adam felt electricity in the room but he did not move his arm away. Nadine then brought the wine over and once again she brushed against Adam as she poured it. He felt his cock stiffen in his shorts and Nadine smiled when she saw the outline of his erection.

Nadine sat at the table with Adam and sipped her wine as they enjoyed the seafood. Then Nadine decided it was time for action. She stood up as if to get more wine but as she did she purposely spilled some into Adam's lap. Adam jumped up and when he did the outline of his stiff cock was even more obvious now that his shorts were wet.

"Oh my, I am so sorry," Nadine called out and then said, "Let me get that for you."

Nadine dropped to her knees and began wiping Adam's shorts with a paper towel. The action did nothing except excite Adam even more and cause his cock to remain stiff. Nadine moved the towel over Adam's crotch and even grabbed his cock in the towel through his shorts. Adam groaned and Nadine smiled to herself.

"I'll get another pair of shorts and put these in the wash," Adam offered.

"I can do that for you," Nadine said and with that she pulled Adam's shorts down to his knees.

Adam's stiff cock leaped out and bobbed in front of Nadine's face. "She took a hold of his cock in the towel and said with a giggle, "I'll dry this off first."

"You know I think blow drying it would be better." Then she took Adam's cock in her mouth.

Adam groaned aloud and stood still when he realized that Nadine was going to blow him. Nadine was a very adept cock sucker and she had Adam ready to blow his load in record time. Adam could feel the release building in his scrotum and then he warned Nadine that he was close. Nadine never removed her mouth but welcomed Adam's massive discharge into her mouth. She was prepared for the volume and force of his ejaculation as she had sucked many virile cocks in her life. Adam reached for her head and buried his fingers in her soft hair as he fired five to six streams of semen deep into Nadine's mouth. Nadine stayed glued to his cock and drank down every drop of semen. Then she milked his cock and drained it of every drop. Nadine liked to control men and she did so with sex. She nibbled on the head of Adam's cock sending chills through his body. Adam had to push her head away as he thought he would faint if she kept it up.

Nadine then stood up and took a hold of Adam's softening cock in her hand. Then she walked to his bedroom leading Adam by his cock. Adam just followed the beautiful commanding woman. At 30 years of age Nadine was not only a beautiful fit woman but she was sexual predator and a fierce lover in bed. They reached Adam's bedroom and Adam watched as Nadine dropped her clothes and got in the bed. She beckoned to Adam with open arms and he joined her in his bed.

"I hope you're in the mood to eat pussy because I am in need of a good cunt lapping," Nadine stated.

Adam didn't reply but just got between her legs and began licking her pussy. Nadine groaned with pleasure as Adam knew his way around a pussy with his mouth. Nadine loved having her pussy licked whether it was by a man or even a woman occasionally. Adam licked her clit and then flattened his tongue against and rubbed hard. Nadine squealed when he did that and she loved the feeling of his stiff tongue.

"Put your fingers in my pussy and find my g-spot," Nadine gasped.

She loved the combined orgasmic pleasure from her g-spot and clit being stimulated simultaneously. Adam fingered her pussy and quickly located her g-spot. Adam rubbed it vigorously and Nadine felt her orgasm building with the renewed action in her pussy.

"Oh my God, that's it. Rub me there, lick me harder. Oh god I'm cumming," she screamed.

Nadine's body lifted off the bed and she grabbed Adam's head with both hands. Nadine held tightly to Adam as she thrust her pussy at his mouth. Her love juices gushed into his mouth and he liked the taste of her. He always liked it when a woman came in his mouth. Nadine finally released Adam's head and she flopped back on the bed. Adam looked at the beautiful woman sprawled out in his bed and then he followed her eyes to his cock.

"Oh good you're hard again. Bring that cock up here and fuck me good," Nadine directed.

Adam crawled between Nadine's and shoved his cock in her pussy. Nadine immediately wrapped her legs around Adam's torso and began to fuck him in earnest. Adam loved fucking her and he started drilling Nadine hard and fast as the two of them went at it like animals in heat. Adam wanted to fuck her into submission at this point but he knew that Nadine was insatiable. Nadine made sure that her clit stayed in constant contact with Adam's cock as she worked toward another orgasm.

Nadine then screamed out loud again as another massive orgasm rocked her body. She held tightly to Adam and yelled at him to hold her. Adam wrapped his arms around the quivering body and pulled her snugly against him. Nadine bit lightly into Adam's shoulder but she didn't break the skin for which Adam was grateful. Then Nadine gasped and fell backward onto the bed. Adam was still in her and he drove toward his own release.

Nadine then whispered in a sultry tone "Don't cum in my pussy. I want you to cum in my ass."

Nadine then got on all fours and directed Adam to lube her ass. Adam always got turned on by putting the lube in her asshole. He enjoyed fingering her anus and caressing her curvy ass. Nadine rotated her ass in arousal as Adam inserted a second finger into her bung hole.

"Okay I'm ready for your cock Adam, fuck me in the ass," ordered Nadine.

Adam knelt behind her and eased his hard cock into her ass. He worked it in slowly and reveled in the methodical penetration of her luscious ass. Nadine's ass was a warm tight receptacle. Nadine used her anal muscles to perfection as she massaged Adam's cock in her anal sheath. Adam caressed both of Nadine's gorgeous ass cheeks as he fucked her ass deeply. They both sensed he was about to cum again and Adam picked up his pace as Nadine squeezed his cock with more intensity.

"Cum in my ass, I want your cum in my ass," Nadine cried out.

Her words sent Adam over the edge and he fired his second load of the evening into Nadine's hot ass. Nadine felt the warm sperm coat her rectal passage, a feeling that she never tired of. She squeezed her anal muscles and milked Adam's cock dry of every drop of cum. Adam continued to fuck her slowly until his cock softened and slipped from her ass. Adam just looked at her beautiful ass and watched as trickles of cum ran out of her ass across the lips of her pussy and down her inner thighs.

Their bodies flattened out on the too with Adam on top but then he rolled off of her and they cuddled together. Minutes later they showered together and threw on a couple of robes that Adam had in his closet. They sat in the living area and finished the bottle of wine. Adam told Nadine about his guests and what he had witnessed that day. She always liked hearing about the gay sex that went on at the B&B.

"I'll have to come over some day and watch with you," she chuckled.

"Sure, that'll be fun and you can take care of my hard-on for me," Adam laughed.

"Have you ever thought about fucking a gay guy? You like fucking me in the ass, what about fucking a guy in the ass? Do you think that it would be much different?" Nadine asked.

"I have to admit that I have seen some fine looking gay asses here and I have often wondered what it would be like. There are also plenty of guys that I have no interest in watching and the thought of sex has never crossed my mind," Adam admitted.

"What if the guy was really cute or could even be considered pretty? Would you be able to do it?" Nadine pressed.

"I'll tell you the truth. That blonde with Kyle today was very hot. His body was hairless and his skin did not have a blemish on it. He had a lean shapely body with a killer ass and he actually looked like a girl on all fours when those guys fucked him. He was as close to being pretty, as you say, of anyone that has been here," I could probably do him once I got past the fact that it was a guy.

"I'd like to see that," Nadine admitted.

"Well as long as I have you, why would I even think about fucking a guy," Adam told her but not mentioning Courtney who he was also fucking at the time.

"All this talk has made me hot make love to me again," she sighed.

"My pleasure my dear," Adam agreed and he took her by the hand back to his bedroom.


Adam took a break from painting just after happy hour started. That day Brandy was working happy hour while Kyle manned the front desk and took care of some admin duties. Adam once again took up his position by the bedroom window looking out at the swimming pool area. The action had already started with three guests and Brandy. The four of them were embracing and kissing but this time they were standing up. The blonde and Brandy kissed and ran their hands over each other's body caressing each other's ass and stroking each other's cock. The two dark hair guys were doing the same thing. Then Brandy took his cock and the blonde's cock in one hand and jerked on them together. Adam found that to be a very erotic gesture.

They hugged, kissed and caressed each other for several minutes and then they all moved to a lounge chair. The two dark hair guys moved into a 69 position with one on the bottom and one on top. They began sucking each other's cock as Brandy and the other blonde guy moved to either end of the lounge. Adam watched as Brandy and the blonde lubricated the assholes of the two dark hair guys. Then Brandy and the blonde guy began fucking the two guys sucking cocks. Adam watched the four of them fuck and suck until they came. Once again they all pulled out of assholes and mouths and ejaculated, this time on the bodies of the dark hair guys. Adam watched as enormous loads were sprayed on the lithe bodies. Then the four pretty boys jumped back in the pool where they swam and played grab ass for several minutes.

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