tagNonHumanA Brief Stop in Purgatory Pt. 02

A Brief Stop in Purgatory Pt. 02


Note to readers: This is a straight continuation of part 1, not a sequel, so it plunges you right in. Also, for those who did read part 1 in its first few days of posting, this will look familiar at the top, because I accidentally posted the whole story (with the second half unpolished and incomplete) and it took a few days to fix that—this is the finished second half. I hope you enjoy it!

IV. Sloth

Tatiana was riding him again, languorously: her hips sliding smoothly back and forth, back and forth. He'd come a couple more times, and never felt far from another mind-blowing orgasm with her sweet, slick pussy caressing his cock. He'd fuck her out of his system soon, he thought drunkenly, head thrown back on the sofa cushion behind him.

Yeah. Just one more cum. She presented a thick nipple, which he gratefully accepted into his mouth as she pressed her impossibly soft, bouncy tit into his face. It was all for the needy, anyway—selflessness was his essential nature. His hands sank luxuriously into her firm, amazing ass-flesh as she fucked him.

Back toward the entrance, there was a blaring of trumpets, then something of a ruckus, and Luci, who'd been whispering sweet encouragements into his ear, excused herself. A few snatches of heated argument were audible over the music. "...have a right to talk to him! ... not welcome here! ... clear violation of the spirit of our agreement! ... finders keepers!" He was only dimly aware of any of it.

When Luci returned, she held a piece of paper and looked a little red in the face, though her voice was smooth and solicitous. "Silas, I need you to listen to me for a second. No need to stop enjoying Tatiana, just lend an ear." He whined as Tatiana sat up a bit, removing her otherworldly breast from his mouth and going still on his cock. But then her pussy began an achingly long, silky contraction, bringing out a contented moan.

He looked glassily at Luci-so fuckable in her teddy and heels. "It seems your guardian angel is outside," she said.

"My anggel?," he said, in bleary wonder, before another contraction decisively shifted the locus of his wonderment from spirit to flesh.

"Not a very good one, apparently," Luci said under her breath. "Hnnh?" Silas said, trying to focus. "I said he's not much good to a man of your stature. You don't need some busybody looking over your shoulder."

"Mmnph," he said, noncommittally. Tatiana's contractions were driving him crazy: squeeze, release; squeeze, release. The eight or ten seconds of stillness between them felt eternal; a kind of torture, punctuated by ripples of tantalizing pleasure. He needed more.

"Anyway, he's forbidden from entering this place, but he's making a stink and, well, I may have exploited certain... gray areas, just a little, in how I'm allowed to interact with you before telling you what's what. So I told him I'd pass on a message. Ready? Are you comfy, honey?"

Squeeze. "Ohhh, yeah."

"Good. A man like you, with all your cares and good deeds, deserves a little comfort. I don't know why this butt-in is trying to interfere with your good time. I mean, after all you've done, don't you deserve to just get drunk and screw for a while?"

Yeah, get drunk and screw. He liked the way that sounded. Oh, God, Tatiana's pussy felt exquisite.

"So, here's the note: 'Brother Silas, thou art in grave danger. Thou mustn't trust this creature before thee, however sweet her words and promises. For she is the devil's progeny.'" She huffed out a breath and put a hand on her hip, fetchingly. "Oh, blah blah blah—I swear, angels are so melodramatic! Also: am I not my own person? Like my dad defines me?"

She refocused on the drunken, in flagrante, monk. "I'm sorry, baby. That's enough about me. Our philosophy here at Luci's is: 'it's all about you.' How's Tatiana's pussy treating you?" At that moment, in fact, Tatiana's pussy was in the midst of another mind-bending squeeze; he wasn't really following very well.

"Anyway, it just goes on like this for a while; I'm going to skip ahead. Let's see, 'I implore thee: do not turn from the Lord's path when thy foot is upon the very step that leads to His eternal kingdom.'" She brought the note down briefly, piqued. "Seriously, who the fuck talks like this?"

She resumed: "'Exit this foul place and repair with me to the haven of the angels where we will sing the praises of the Creator and await thy glorious ascension to heaven."

She dropped her hand to her side again, shaking her head. "Well, there you have it, message delivered: he wants to make you trudge half way across purgatory to go pray and stuff." She paused and looked at him, her annoyance giving way to a half-smile as she watched Tatiana lean in to lick a bead of perspiration from his face, her lower body still as a statue. "So... what should I tell him?"

I should prolly go. The thought almost made it past his lips, but it turned into a wordless moan as Tatiana's pussy squeezed again, milking him. Her fingernails circled his nipples lightly.

"I'd tell him to mind his own beeswax," Luci said. "Can't he understand how much good you're doing right here? Besides, you need to relax. An important man like you, with so many demands on his time: You've earned it. Why stir yourself when you're so comfortable?"

"I dunno, maybe I should... oohhhhhh... maybe I should..."

"Besides, this fuck's bought and paid for. Why not just sit back and let her finish it out? Go ahead: let her service you. You deserve to be serviced." Squeeze.

Oh, yeah, he thought, his head lolling back against the sofa cushion. Oh, fuck. Prayers could wait: he needed some more 'me' time. "Tell 'im I'll come later," he said. Tatiana corkscrewed around him approvingly, abandoning her tease. "Tell him—oh shit, oh fuck, don't stop—tell 'im I'm osherwize engaged." Behind him, some numbers scrolled in reverse.

V. Envy, Wrath

Tatiana sat perched beside him, black eyes watching him inscrutably. After two more shattering orgasms, he'd found the voice, barely, to tell her enough. Luci stood behind the couch, massaging his temples in slow, tiny circles, her breasts a pleasant pillow for the back of his head. He was feeling thinned out, somehow, and the beginnings of a headache were starting to thrum through his skull, cutting weakly through still-thick dizziness. He'd go ... soon, he thought, as Luci kept rubbing. He needed coffee.

A tall, exquisite chocolate-brown woman appeared before him, carrying a mirrored tray. "Need a little pick-me up?," she asked. She looked like a fantasy version of an old-time cigarette girl, all legs and tits in a red bustier and scandalously short frilly skirt. His dick, which had finally begun to soften, pulsed and lengthened a little. Tatiana cooed, reaching over and lightly tickling his balls with her nails. He tried to ignore her.

"Coffee, please. Black coffee."

"Oh shoot, I'm sorry honey. Our coffee machine's on the fritz. But as it happens, I've got something much better right here." Her eyes flicked downward. He followed them, leering unapologetically at the rich, inviting swell of her breasts, before eventually realizing she must have meant the little white lines sitting on the mirror below them. "Mmmmn, so hot," Luci whispered into his ear. Tatiana ran a finger slowly up and down his hardening shaft.

"I juss want coffee."

"Yeah baby, but we don't have any of that, do we? And this'll straighten you right out. Guaranteed to get rid of that enervated feeling. Here, let me show you all my goodies."

She stepped up to edge of the couch, balancing on a six-inch heel and sinking her other knee onto the couch between his thighs, which had opened under Tatiana's ministrations. The action brought her torso down and forward, so that the tray was a few inches below his chin. Her tits had popped out of the bustier as she'd bent. They sat invitingly before him, perfect dusky globes suspended just above the tray. "See, on the left we've got some Special K, and on the right some speedball. But they're probably not what you're looking for. It's the pure Columbian, right there in the middle, that I'd recommend: it'll really pep you up." Her knee had settled up against his cock. "You'll be like the Energizer Bunny.

"Plus it's happy hour, so with every line, you get a free bump off my nipple. And you're extra lucky, because as you can see, my bumps are very generous."

"Sooo generous," Luci whispered, fingers still circling his temples.

So generous, he thought. Just a little bend forward and he could bury his face in them. Yet something held him back. He managed to unfasten his gaze from the lush breasts before him to look around at the other souls on other couches. Their expressions were manic, their muscles clenched in ecstasy, yet he also thought he could see a deeper sadness in them. He felt it inside himself too—a strange hollowness, an absence he couldn't quite define.

"I know what you're feeling, baby," the server said, knee still pressed reassuringly against his manhood. "I see it a lot in here. All this boozing and fucking's made you weak, hasn't it? It's really... taken something out of you?" He nodded, eyes torn between her deep brown eyes and heavy brown tits. "Well this will make you feel strong again."

Dimly, some thoughts that didn't involve his dick, skeptical thoughts, struggled to reassemble themselves, as the server began to rock her leg imperceptibly against his cock. "But iss the Lord who giveth strength," he said—he'd always liked the way that line sounded from the church lectern. He raised his finger into the air, but then, not knowing where else to go with his point, brought his arm weakly back down to his side.

"Sure, babe. But he's not here right now. So... why not take a little short-cut?" She brought her arms inward, pressing her tits together so they framed the white lines on the tray. "Just a little helper to get you back on your feet, so to speak." She bent further, tits swinging closer.

Maybe just a sniff, he thought. His cock pulsed approvingly. To help him cut through the fog. He took a short, silver straw from the tray, hesitated, and then snorted a line. The drug instantly banished his headache, replacing it with a low, pleasurable electric buzzing. "That's right honey, and now the other nostril—just to balance it out." That made sense, he thought, switching the straw and inhaling again. His face felt numb. "Good, baby. But don't forget your happy hour special." She waved her tits gently; he saw the little mounds of coke on each, elongated nipple.

He felt a heavier rush beginning, and his heart began to race, as he leaned in and took another snort off her left tit, then her right. "Ooh, there you go. But there's still a little left. Why don't you just lick it off for me?" Yeah, just to finish it off, he thought as he started to lick and suck, feeling numbness on his tongue where a little powder remained. The rush was still intensifying. He rolled his tongue around her sweet thick nipple, reveling in the sensation as his hand cupped and squeezed the underside of her breast.

"Mmmm, that's it, baby. Suck on my titties. Feels so nice. Ooh yeah, honey, you're getting me so horny. You want to give me a ride before you go? A good long, hard one? You know what they say: once you go black, you'll never go back."

"It's true," Luci said. "Monique is amazing. Why not just sample her? You'll never get another chance, you know."

Monique disengaged herself from his suckling and stood before him, somehow naked now, in all her hourglass glory. She spun slowly on her stiletto heels and began jiggling her ass as the coke really started to hit him hard. She bent forward at the waist, putting her palms on a low table and exposing her slick, engorged pussy. Bounce, bounce, bounce went her ass around it.

"Go ahead," Luci said. "Do a little more good for the other souls before you go." Yeah, he thought, as a wave of euphoric purpose washed over him. He'd do a little more good. Really do her good. So fucking good. He stood, stepped forward, and plunged unceremoniously into her, grabbing a fistful of ass with each hand as he began to fuck her hard from behind. She took it easily, encouraging him. He spun her around and fucked her standing up with her legs around his waist, her tits bouncing wildly as she mewled and moaned. Then on the couch, her heels digging hard against his back. She molded her body to his, her pelvis snapping against his in perfect counterpoint to his every stroke, eyes staring intensely into his own. Every thrust into the depth of her tight, pliant pussy brought overwhelming pleasure.

They fucked over and over and over again, sweating hard and slamming into one another from every conceivable angle. She egged him on incessantly, urging him to fuck her harder, faster, stronger. He never wanted it to end; he wanted to fuck her forever. "Deeper... harder... more," she moaned.

Nonetheless, the saying didn't prove true: He did go back, eventually. Or at least onwards. He'd long since recognized that his dick didn't seem to obey the laws of nature in this place—he could cum and cum and still, with just a little skillful encouragement, be as hard and needy as ever. Still, after three or four orgasms, he'd begun to tire. The sensation of hollowness had returned, only stronger, a sort of itch inside him; something wasn't right. He pried his gaze from Monique's glistening body, looking around to try to get his bearings.

But that was when Mika and Suki, the Asian schoolgirls, arrived. Their lush tan bodies made a mockery of the tiny uniforms they wore. They were irresistible. He got lost between perfect, upturned tits; flipped up indecently short tartan skirts to reveal tramp stamps on one side and glorious, tasty pussies on the other. Slipping and sliding between the two of them—so taut, so ripe—was a revelation. When he plunged into Suki's impossibly tight snatch, Mika's pinky slipping into his ass on every thrust, it felt like a place he'd always been meant to be. They poured filth into his ears as he pounded them, suckled them. Monique made neat little lines of coke, like landing strips, pointing down Suki's flat tummy to her soaking snatch, and he snorted them eagerly on the way to the Promised Land.

Time passed, how much he couldn't say, but his cock never softened and his orgasms only seemed to grow stronger and longer—whiteouts that exploded through his body and brain.

As he recovered from one, he found five or six girls all around him, kissing him wetly, sucking at his nipples, moaning and cooing as they played with his cock and balls. Tongues fluttered, fingers lightly stroked up and down his body. He didn't know how he could still be so hard, so on edge as they teased him. He wanted them to get on with it; he needed to fuck again. The itch inside him had grown worse. But the mind-blowing pleasure of sex with these sweet, sweet creatures covered it up.

The coke helped too, he thought, taking the straw proffered by Monique to do another line. Coke was awesome. As he came up from his snort, eyes watering, he saw Luci again, standing a few feet in front of the couch, watching him. God she looked sexy. Even compared to all the others, she was achingly, deliriously hot. Why hadn't he fucked her yet?

"How's it going, Silas?," she said, smiling coyly.

"S'great," he grunted, pupils dilated, heart pounding. His cock pulsed with excitement and need. Fingernails tickled his balls, traced his shaft. It was too much. "I wanna fuck you. Come 'ere and fuck me."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Silas," she said, the coyness in her voice matching that in her smile. "I hope I didn't give you the wrong idea. I'll admit I'm a little turned on by all the action, but I don't mix with the clientele." She crinkled her nose and gave her head a little shake.

"Besides, my man just arrived." She pointed to a corner of the club, where a buff, red-skinned guy was standing, impeccably coiffed and stylishly dressed in a tailored shirt, expensive-looking jeans, and fashionable black-leather boots. "You understand, baby, don't you? I mean, look at him. He's going to fuck me senseless, fuck me every which way, stretch me out and fill me to the brim. I won't be much good for a long time after that."

The girls around him tittered. Nails continued to run up and down his shaft, maddeningly light. His cockhead strained, purple and angry, and he felt something begin to boil up inside him. "You... you fucking whore!," he said, nose and eyes reddened from all the coke he'd done. A little chorus of moans broke out among the girls around him; they roughly flicked and pinched his nipples with their nails and teeth, inflicting pain more than pleasure. He roughly pushed one away, eyes still on Luci, who'd cocked her head and raised an eyebrow, smile maddeningly undiminished.

"Like, 'oh, I'm gonna go fuck the guy with expensive clothes and big muscles,'" he said, his own head tilted in pantomime, arm raised in accusation against her. "Well whaddabout me, huh?! Whaddabout what I need? Fuck his perfect teeth and fancy shirt. Whaddabout my... my... moral purity?!" His nose was running a little; he wiped it with his wrist. "My inner light shines like the sun, you fucking tease!"

Luci's eyes closed and her head fell back a little as shiver ran through her. "Oh, yes, Silas, that's it—let it all out." Her eyes opened again, finding his. "You've come so far, baby. Just a little bit farther to go now."

She walked toward him, hips swaying elegantly. Standing before him, she slowly swept her fingertips over her breasts, down her stomach, between her legs. She unsnapped the bottom of her teddy. The other girls moved aside as she straddled him, stroking his cheek with her hand before kissing him wetly.

The club's music, those other girls, everything else but her fell away. Her breasts caressed his chest; her hair fell sweetly onto his cheek. The rage drained from him, everything but the sensation of her drained from him. Wherever a part of her touched a part of him, he felt it more, somehow, than anything he'd felt before. The moment felt eternal, profound, searing.

"I... I don't understand," he said, when she finally broke the kiss. He wanted another. Badly.

"Sometimes a girl just wants to feel wanted," she said. "Look how wet you've got me." Her words dripped sex, but her eyes were more enigmatic. "You're really ready, finally ready to fuck me, aren't you baby?" She began to rock gently against him, warm and slick.

He didn't know what she was talking about—didn't care either, not with the way she made him feel. "Oh, yeah," he said. "Oh, yeah. I need you. I need you." He lifted his hips, straining up, but she moved with him, keeping him from entering her.

"There's just one little problem."

VI. Greed

He groaned and strained, hips flexing as he tried to enter her, neck arching as he simultaneously tried to meet her lips. She slid against him maddeningly, but denied him either goal. "Please," he said. "Please."

"Oh, Silas, I'm so ready for you. Believe me—I've been waiting to fuck you for a very long time." She held his chin lightly, face close. "But, well, I'm afraid your credit's gotten a bit low." She dipped in for a little kiss, tongue-tip swirling and fluttering against his briefly before she pulled back.

"Uunnnghh. Low?" She nuzzled his cheek and licked lightly at his ear. Her pussy lips continued to massage him. "Ohhhhh, fuck. Maybe I could... you know... dip under the heavenly minimum a little. Build it back up again later."

"Mmmn, Silas, I like the way you're thinking. But I'm afraid it's worse than that. You're just about at zero; another fuck would bankrupt you, as it were. So it's not a matter of staying here, in purgatory. It's a matter of going... down there, for good."

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