tagRomanceA Brief Vacation

A Brief Vacation


I wrote this in response to a request / challenge from a very good friend of mine. she liked it well enough. I hope you do too.

We have been passionately involved but a short time. We want to do something to cement our connection. The sex is great. Sometimes I can make you come with just a touch. You come over and over and you're so beautiful. I'm proud I can last hours for you. I'm only sorry our passionate nights sometimes leave us without a lot of sleep.

Passion makes us wonder. Do we really have anything beyond our wonderful physical connection? We want to know each other better. We want to try new things. Finally, a decision. Travel together on a shoestring budget might really prove us out.

We have a little money but not a lot. It does not matter. You are intelligent, sophisticated, brave, and willing to try new things. So I book us flights leaving the next week. We are going away for a week plus travel time. At the airport I show you our tickets and your eyes get big for a moment, but you just smile. The adventure is on.

About 30 hours later we arrive at Bangkok airport and just as soon as we get through customs a taxi agent takes us in hand and drags us over to the cab stand. He hands us over to one of the drivers and refuses to take a tip. The price turns out to be $2 less than what the guidebooks say. the driver drops us off at a little hotel by the railway station where I've made us reservations.

Next morning we are up early and get over to the station to catch the train south. We could take it all the way to Singapore if we wanted, but we are not going that far. We get off the train at the stop for Phuket and go catch the bus. The bus takes a couple-three hours but we are enjoying the magnificent scenery, the people watching, and each other's company. We strike up a conversation with a pretty young European woman who is traveling by herself.

Then Phuket itself and the ocean come into view. The young woman invites us to stay at her villa. We both look at each other and say, "Why not?" Once we get there, we find it's up om a hill with a perfect view of the ocean and all the magnificent islands, and the beach below. She shows us the walk down to a private section of beach. Inside there is a room for us with a big wonderful king bed. Her room is at the other end of the hall.

That night while we are fooling around, she comes to our room, takes you by the hand and without a word gives it a tug. We look at each other, but the spirit of adventure is on us. She leads you out the door and down the hall. When you get back to our room just before dawn You are hot and bothered and still need satisfaction from me.

That day she takes us around town and shows us the shops the tourists don't know about. She takes us to a little place for a wonderful lunch, and then she hires a boat to take us to one of the islands. The three of us are alone there. We are lying there with her between us when she rolls over on top of me and kisses me deeply. I look over at you. It looks like you are asleep, but I know you are not. You look over at us and give a little smile she and I both see. Two hours later I roll over on top of you and we are more ready for each other than ever.

Later we go back to the mainland and have dinner at one of the local hot spots. We go dancing afterwards and have a great time. That night all three of us are in the same bed, and we do not spend the entire night sleeping. :)

The next morning she tells us she has business in Singapore and will be gone a couple of days. So we take it easy. We sleep in, then go down to the beach and sleep some more in between dips in the ocean. We did not know it until now but we are SO jetlagged!

We spend only some of the night sleeping but next morning, we are well-rested. We decide to hit some of the local historic sites and museums. We're feeling really brave so after lunch we buy ourselves a durian. The stink is everything all the travel writers and Food Network commentators say it is, but the flavor is just delectable! That night we see a cabaret show. It's sexy and makes us hot, so once again we don't get all the sleep we could.

Next morning we sleep in. A text message arrives from our friend, She can't be home again until Friday, the day before we are supposed to leave. We go to a spa and get ourselves massaged. We go on a boat tour of the islands. We even try deep-sea fishing. The next day you get a wild idea and insist we go to the local airport. There you manage to find a plane for rent and so we do an air tour of the whole area with you at the controls. It's a float plane so we have lunch at a deserted island that we have to swim to from the plane. Of course we take full advantage of our privacy.Then we swim out and you fly us back to the airport.

That night we go out dancing and you find a guy and I find a girl and we go with them to their hotel. She goes with me and he goes with you and it's a blast for both of us. After we have them do each other so we can watch. Seeing them do it gets us hot so we do each other, too. By that time they are passed out, so we kiss them good bye and go back to the villa. As usual we don't get as much sleep as we should.

It doesn't matter. So the next day we're just lazy again and spend all our time in bed or at the beach. We sleep enough in the daytime that the fact we don't sleep as much as maybe we should at night does not even matter. When we wake up the next morning, we go out into the kitchen and there is our friend smiling at us.She gives each of us a deep kiss and says she missed us. After we eat, she takes us by the hand and leads us to a Buddhist temple. She shows us how to make the offering and tells us a little bit about her own beliefs. She kneels to pray and meditate, and we hold hands behind her. It's a very peaceful feeling. It does not seem like very long, but when she gets up and takes us to the door it's already nighttime. We go for a wonderful dinner and then go home and spend several hours talking. Afterward we all go to bed together for the last time. She makes sweet beautiful love to each of us in turn, and then leaves, closing the door behind her so we two can enjoy the rest of the night together.

Our final day, she drives us to the train station. She apologizes for not being able to take us all the way to the airport, but her husband is coming in that afternoon and so she cannot. Our train ride back to Bangkok is very relaxing, and the next day our cab ride back to the airport is the same way. When we've checked in, we look at each other and wonder, "Will we ever see her again?" Then we kiss and go to our gate.

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