tagErotic CouplingsA Broken Spell Ch. 02

A Broken Spell Ch. 02


Lisa and I got to really know each other over the next few months. We found that we were very compatible physically. We fit together like we were made for each other. The only time we were apart was during work. As soon as we finished work we ran home to be in each other's arms. Not only were we in each other's arms but I was deep inside Lisa every chance I got. She took me in her mouth and sucked me whenever we were together. I was hard from the time I got home from work until it was time for me to leave for work the next day. Even through the night Lisa kept me hard. She was beside me and gripped my cock until we both fell asleep. If I stirred in the night, I felt Lisa pump me until I regained my erection. Just as the alarm went off in the morning I felt Lisa's hot lips wrapped around the head of my penis. She sucked and worked me back to a rock hard erection. Lisa turned out to be absolutely crazy about sucking my cock. She told me that she had become addicted to the taste of me in her mouth. When I wasn't being sucked off, she let me suck on her luscious nipples. They became my habit each day. Being able to fondle those love juggs while I sucked on her nipples helped keep me in a state of constant arousal. Often we would end up in a sixty-nine position just enjoying each other's juices and orgasms. One of our favorite places to screw was in the shower as the water sprayed down on us. I took Lisa from behind and enjoyed fondling her huge slippery breasts and nipples as she knelt facing the taps. She adjusted the temperature to suit the mood, and control our passions. If either one of us was about to explode and she wanted to prolong the enjoyment, she blasted the cold water to slow the pace. Lisa often fingered her clitoris as I pushed into her from behind. This really made her sensitive and increased her pleasure along with the intensity of her orgasm.


Since I had tasted Brad's pre-cum that he constantly leaked, I knew I had to have him in my mouth whenever possible. I became a woman possessed. I could not get enough of having Brad in my mouth. I loved his slightly salty taste. I loved the texture. But above all I just loved sucking on that wonderfully big cock of his. When I took the head into my mouth and started to suck, everything seemed right. I became fixated on keeping him erect. I made sure too, that my nipples were always available for him to feel and suck and play with.


I made Lisa cum even harder than normal while I sucked her nipples, when I put two fingers inside her pussy as I licked her clit. As she started to orgasm, I sucked and licked her clit intensely and wiggled my fingers deep inside her. I then slid them in and out of her. This just about sent her into orbit. She shook and trembled and grabbed my hand and held my fingers more tightly inside her. I also grabbed a nipple with my free hand and proceeded to squeeze and pull on it, while I rolled it between my fingers. Everyone within a half mile seemed to know what we were doing because Lisa was so loud when she made it. Finally she had to scream into her favorite pillow that she put over her face. When we faced the neighbors after our lovemaking sessions Lisa always blushed. However, the ladies in our building now paid more attention to me as we went about our lives. They constantly went out of their way to talk to me. As they did, I caught them eyeing my crotch. They were constantly inviting me to their apartment for tea and a special dessert.

Unfortunately, one evening Lisa came home and told me that she had to go out of town to a conference because of her job for at least a week. The next morning I drove her to the airport and said I would meet her back there in one week. By the end of that day my sexual tension was almost unbearable. Each day for the next week I went to work fully engorged. The office staff must have wondered why I had chosen to wear such baggy pants . I leaked pre-cum all day and needed to change my shorts each day at noon. When I spoke with Lisa each evening, she told me how much her nipples ached, and how erect they were all day. She said she felt like she was running down her leg each day, because she wanted me so badly. By the end of that conference we both needed to cum so much that when I picked Lisa up at the airport our mutual orgasms were only a breath away as we drove home.

When we reached home we ran to the bedroom and ripped each other's clothes off. Our sexual tension had rocketed out of control. We needed release. As we climbed into bed my rock hard cock throbbed painfully with each heart beat. Lisa saw my swollen balls and asked if they were painful as well. I climbed on top of Lisa and began sucking an erect nipple as I aimed for her love tunnel. Just as I pushed the head of my cock into her sopping wet pussy I felt my orgasm start. I hadn't yet made it inside of Lisa and I came. Lisa felt my hot jets of cum as I surged into her and started her own intense orgasm. We both had hardly started and had finished already. As I watched the cum shoot out of my penis into Lisa I was startled to see that my erection had not faded. A fast cum like that used to spell the end of my pleasure for the evening. Now I was still as hard as when I first climbed onto Lisa. I drove myself deeper into her pussy and started to move slowly in rhythm to her movements. I knew I could make her cum again very quickly. Not only did she cum again, but I felt another orgasm had started deep within my balls. I stroked a few more times and proceeded to shoot another hot load. Lisa had just finished her own orgasm when mine struck, and she went into another triggered by my ejaculations.

I still couldn't believe what had happened. I had just had back to back orgasms on the same erection and had given Lisa three orgasms of her own. This amazed me. Lisa was still excited and I was still erect and ready to continue. I began to move inside her when she started on a fourth orgasm. I pumped through her entire orgasm and sucked her nipple as she rolled her eyes back in her head as she twitched and shook. I was on a roll and was not to be denied. I fucked her with long steady strokes until she started another cumming piggy backed onto the end of the previous one. I changed rhythm back to short choppy strokes and deliberately paused in the middle of the strokes to heighten her senses to the changed rhythm. Her eyes popped wide open when I stopped and glazed over as I started again. I pulled out of her completely and paused time after time which led to more earth shattering orgasms. They seemed to be coming in waves. I held my cock at the entrance to her vagina and twitched as she wriggled against me as my own orgasm started once again. I slammed into her with full force and buried my cock to the hilt. I drove my pubic hair into her vaginal lips as we both rocked together and enjoyed another of her orgasms. Her orgasms were outnumbering mine two to one. Somehow I managed to mentally keep track of each of her cummings. I had never performed like this before and Lisa was way beyond her usual number of orgasms for one night.

We had only fucked for about forty minutes and I was still engorged. I still had not lost my erection after each orgasm like I had many times before. The more I stroked Lisa's pussy the more she orgasmed. The more she orgasmed the more excited I stayed. Twenty minutes later Lisa had cum a total of ten times and I had managed five. Lisa urged me to keep going and didn't want me to stop. She was on such a roll. She wanted to see just how many times she could cum for me.

We changed positions and Lisa rode me. I watched her control the pace of her own orgasms. I laid there and enjoyed the view of her huge melons bouncing up and down before me. I reached up and grabbed her nipples and started to pull on them as I rolled them between my fingers. Lisa experienced five more orgasms in a very short time as I pinched her nipples. She hardly stoppped one orgasm before she rolled into the next. During that time I had several of my own but none that would keep pace with Lisa's. She seemed to be in her own orgiastic world. As long as I stayed hard she bounced on my pole. My cock felt like it was three feet long. I started to lose feeling in the shaft. My balls still felt full and the head of my penis was sensitive but tender.

We were so hot that the sweat just rolled off us. We had soaked the bed completely. I had pumped so much cum into Lisa's pussy that it was now running out of her and down onto my balls along with her own juices. There was a pool of juice in my navel. Once again it was time to change positions so I got Lisa to crawl onto her hands and knees and I entered her from behind. I grabbed her breasts and got them swinging as I played with her huge nipples. She had three more quick orgasms. I fingered her clit as I orgasmed and this drove her to make it twice. I straightened up and grabbed her ass and guided her rhythm with my hands. I kept a steady constant pace for about another thirty minutes. I felt my balls slapping her ass as I slammed into her over and over again.

We were both exhausted around 4AM, and had fucked for nearly five hours straight. This time my balls felt dried up and even the tip of my penis was sore. I had trouble as I pushed it back into Lisa's vagina because of the tenderness. Lisa no longer felt like a new glove. Her pussy lips were sore and extremely irritated from all the action. Her nipples were puffy and red and chafed from all my attention. Lisa flipped over onto her back and spread her lips wide for me to climb in one final time. I slowly and painfully eased my way back into her. I was still as hard as when we had started more than five hours ago.

Instead of shooting my hot load into Lisa the last few times I exploded, I felt like there was nothing left to pump. She had drained me dry. As we laid against each other for the last few minutes of ecstasy I asked her how many times she thought she had cum. She smiled weakly and wanted to know if I had kept count. Lisa figured she had outdone me by at least two to one. I told her that I wanted to experience this last orgasm by just laying and thinking about how much I loved her and how great it felt to be buried completely inside of her. I wanted to hold perfectly still until I felt my orgasm. We laid like that whispering love to each other, gazing into each other's eyes and kissing.

After what seemed like an eternity I felt another orgasm had started to grip me. I saw Lisa's gaze as she watched me orgasm. I wanted her to see me glazed as I drifted through this last one. I wanted her to see me orgasm for her and her alone. As I reached the final peak, Lisa gave a huge squeeze on my penis with her pussy muscles. She too celebrated with me in the last orgasm of the night. We both gazed into each other's eyes as we watched each other make it. She held me tight through our orgasms and milked me empty.

As we basked in the afterglo of all that sex, we figured that in the five hours we had made love, Lisa had at least 50 orgasms. I had managed about 25. I finally realized why I had shot blanks and was bone dry of cum. We drifted off to sleep with me still buried inside of Lisa. I was still hard. When we woke several hours later I was finally flaccid, but barely able to walk. We immediately drank gallons of water and juice because we were so dehydrated.

We took several days to get back to normal and made slow gentle love one night. We promised to never abuse ourselves like that again. However, Lisa is still cum crazy. I get sucked every morning as the alarm rings, and I don't get out of bed until Lisa has coated both me and her lips with a fresh load of pre-cum. That gets our day started.

I bought Lisa a set of Ben Wah balls and she wore them to work. She got so excited and stimulated all day long. Her co-workers tried to figure out why they heard clicking in the office every once and a while. By the time Lisa arrived home on the first day she wore the balls, she was dripping wet and was extremely horny. She was so primed that as I slid into her dripping pussy she exploded. When Lisa has arrived home in such a primed state, I love to sit naked in our favorite easy chair, with my legs crossed in front of me and my rock hard cock pointed at the ceiling. Lisa straddles my legs as she backs herself over my pole. Usually she impales herself in one swift smooth motion. As she rides my penis, she reaches down and cups and squeezes my balls. We always climax together and she applies more and more pressure to my balls as she pulls up on them. The feeling of the pulling and then squeezing my balls together makes my orgasm that much more intense and enjoyable. While she's busy with my balls I manage to get both hands around her waist and up to her massively huge breasts. As I cradle them in my hands I pull and tug her nipples to incredible lengths while I roll them between my fingers like always. Because of our needful romps, we've eaten more cold suppers than anyone can imagine.

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