A Brother & Sister Ch. 01-06


But by the afternoon, she found herself flat on her back on her bed, the skirt she was wearing pulled up around her waist, her panties discarded and her sleek silver vibrator buried in her bald pussy. She slid it in and out of her wet hole, moaning. Images of massive cocks passed through her mind as she pleasured herself. She kept building her pleasure, allowing the vibrating toy to graze against her clit before sliding it deep inside her, working it around, wondering what it would be like to have a cock even bigger than her husband's stretching her wide, pummelling against her bald pussy lips.

Olivia lost track of time in her fantasies and finally allowed herself a release, the vibrator stimulating her clit until she plunged over the edge into ecstasy, her pussy quivering.

As she cleaned up and pulled her panties back on, she found herself with an even deeper desire to try and find a way to see her son's cock. She wandered into his bedroom and was looking around, wondering if she could hide somewhere but decided that she'd probably have to be in there for hours and wouldn't get away with it. Then she spotted it. On top of her son's computer was a webcam that Dave had given him for his birthday the year before.

All the family had them; it was a legacy of Dave's job, working as a computer salesman. He was always bringing new fangled toys home. Hell, there was a computer in Steve's room; one in Julie's room, one in the study and Dave even had a laptop with a cam attached. He'd hooked up a wireless network in the house so that he could work anywhere that he wanted with the laptop.

Julie didn't know computers inside out, but she knew enough to get around. She turned Steve's computer on, the inkling of an idea forming in her mind. Sure enough, when it was booted up, she noticed that he had a couple of messenger programs and that he'd obviously used his webcam to chat with his girlfriend and his mates at night.

She opened up one of the programs and read his profile, careful to remember the sign on name. She was surprised to find that it all appeared innocent. Sure he had a stash of porn pics saved but she couldn't find any evidence of his having been involved in any 'cyber sex' or the like. "God, if I was the one with a cock like that, I'd be showing it off all over the internet," she thought to herself. After all, she had shown more than one guy her bald pussy over the webcam for a bit of fun.

She was careful to leave the room as close to how she found it as possible and to shut down the computer before leaving her son's room, her mind astir with possibilities and her pussy wet with anticipation.

Julie kept thinking back to her conversation with her mother about whether her father's cock was a big one or not. Her mother had certainly been unwilling to divulge any information, which left her with the option of finding out for herself. Well, what had worked once was bound to work again and so Julie simply waited until she could be sure that her father was in the shower one day and walked in under the pretence of requiring some makeup that she'd deliberately left in there.

As expected, her father reacted with shock and Julie was happy to discover that his sudden movement sent water cascading over the shower screen, clearing the glass of its steam and giving her a quick glance at his cock. She noted happily that it was indeed large, though she couldn't be sure from the quick glance that she managed as to how it compared to Steve's. She left the bathroom half satisfied with her efforts.

It was about a week later that Dave was working late, Julie was at a friend's place and Steve had told his Mum that he was going to go surf the net for a while before bed.

Olivia called out that that was fine; she was going to go to be early. She raced off to her room and fired up the laptop, logging in to the net and turning on the messenger program that she'd downloaded earlier in the week. She sought out her son's screen name and sure enough, he had turned on his messenger.

>hornylady> Hi there, hunky one, I was just checking through some random profiles and I came across your gorgeous picture and had to say hi," Julie sent to him.

>Soccer_Steve> Um, thanks.

In his room, Steve was surprised by the message that had popped up on his screen. He'd hadn't really come across someone messaging him out of the blue before. He'd sent messages to a couple of girls, but nothing had ever happened ... conversation seemed to peter out after a couple of quick exchanges.

>hornylady> Oh anytime. Are u busy? >Soccer_Steve> Not really. >hornylady> Do u like to have fun? >Soccer_Steve> Um, yeah, depends what u had in mind I guess. >hornylady> I think my screen name says it all really >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, well I wondered about that >hornylady> Well, don't u ever get horny? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah >hornylady> and do u do anything about it? >Soccer_Steve> Of course >hornylady> Well that's good to know. Would u like to help me satisfy my urges? >Soccer_Steve> Um, I don't know anything about u. What do u look like. >hornylady> Hmm, let me see, I have brown hair down to my shoulders, green eyes, slim waist, nicely sized breasts, long legs and a nice, bald pussy. Does that sound like u might want to have fun with me?

That got Steve's attention. At the mention of a bald pussy, his interest was instantly peaked. It made him think back to his mother's pussy.

>Soccer_Steve> Ur pussy is really bald? >hornylady> Oh yes, I love to keep myself bald. Are u going to help me get my nice bald pussy all happy and wet? >Soccer_Steve>I could do, but what do I have to do to help? >hornylady>Do you have a webcam? U could let me see your dick, show me if it's a big one or not >Soccer_Steve> How do I know that ur not some dirty old man just pretending to be a woman to see my cock? Do u have a webcam to show me ur nice bald pussy? And how old are u? Do u have sound? (Steve was suddenly suspicious about how forward this woman was being) >hornylady> I have a cam, but no sound, so I can show u my pussy and that should ease ur worries about me being a dirty old perve. And as to my age ... its not polite to ask a lady her age ... if u don't like what u see, u can always ignore me after. >Soccer_Steve> Sounds fair to me. I don't have sound either. Turn on ur cam and I'll get mine going.

Steve turned on his webcam, his cock growing in his pants with the anticipation of seeing a complete stranger's bald pussy. He saw an image come up on his screen from the woman's cam as she joined him in cam to cam chat. He could see that she was sitting in a denim skirt, her waist bare above it.

>hornylady> Do u like what you see? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, I do, but I'd like to see ur face and tits too. >hornylady> We'll have to see about that, for now, this will have to do. Ur pants seem to be under a bit of pressure there, care to remove them? >Soccer_Steve> Um, ok.

Steve stood up and peeled off his jeans, leaving his boxers on as he sat back down on his chair, his semi erect cock tenting his boxers. He noticed the woman at the other end wiggling her butt and pulling her skirt up, exposing the crotch of her panties. He felt his cock twitch a bit.

>hornylady> Well u have an impressive tent there, Steve >Soccer_Steve> Oh its not completely erect yet >hornylady> Really? Or are u just boasting? >Soccer_Steve> Not boasting, show me ur pussy and I'll prove it to you.

The woman at the other end stood up and Steve got a view of her legs. From what he could see they looked quite nice. Not brilliant, but not shabby either. When she sat down he could see that she was still wearing a black satin thong.

>hornylady> like my thong? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yes, I love panties, they get me horny. But u said I could see ur pussy.

Steve was really turned on to see the woman's thong and wrapped hand around his cock and started stroking it through his boxers until it was full length.

>hornylady> All in good time. I can c already that u weren't boasting. From what I can c u must be huge!

Olivia was stroking her pussy through the satin now. She was soaked. She couldn't believe that she was talking her son into showing her his cock. And from what she could see it was truly enormous.

>Soccer_Steve> Is ur thong nice and wet? >hornylady> Oh yes, I want to see ur cock properly and then I'll be super-wet >Soccer_Steve> I wish I could have ur thong, then I could use it to masturbate. Olivia was a bit shocked at this, but was committed to seeing the monster cock now. >hornylady> Please show me ... Wow, this woman seemed desperate to see him, but she was also holding out on him Steve decided. He was determined not to reveal himself first. >Soccer_Steve> I think u should show me first. After all, uv seen my face and iv only seen ur thong! Prove that ur wet. Show me a wet finger.

Olivia decided that she was going to have to offer _something_ in order for her to see this and so she slipped her left hand inside the waist band of her panties and slid a finger into her sopping pussy until it was nice and wet. Then she held her hand in front of the camera and pushed her thumb and finger together. When she pulled them apart again, there was a string of juice hanging between them.

>hornylady>think ud like to taste that? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yes, id love to lick it from ur pussy ... of course id like to see it first. >hornylady> lol ok ok, check this out big boy

Olivia conceded that she would have to show her son her pussy. At least doing it over the net like this was anonymous and she could pretend that it was just another of the strangers that she had flashed over the last year or so.

She pulled aside the thong and leant back, showing that she was indeed bald, her lips glistening with the moisture that her pussy had released.

>Soccer_Steve>oh wow, that's cool ... take the thong off? >hornylady> shoe me urs first.

Steve quickly whipped out his massive cock so that hornylady could see it.

>hornylady> that is gorgeous, put your hand flat against ur belly so I can see it all and zoom in on it?

Steve did as he was requested and received a quick string of appreciative messages concerning the size and beauty of his cock.

Olivia wondered just how experienced her son was with his cock and realised that this would be the ideal way for her to find out things he would never tell his mother.

>hornylady> wow the girls must love getting fucked with that >Soccer_Steve> well I don't know yet. >hornylady> ur a virgin? >Soccer_Steve> yeah :o( >hornylady> lol nothing to be sad about im sure it wont be long for u

Olivia was both amazed and pleased that her son hadn't had intercourse yet, but did find it hard to encourage him too!

>Soccer_Steve> I did get a blowjob though :o) >hornylady> well that must have been fun for u ... and her! >Soccer_Steve> I loved it! >hornylady> lol im sure u did >Soccer_Steve> yeah and the best thing is that I think shes gonna keep doing it. >hornylady> I would if I was her >Soccer_Steve> take ur thong off now?

Olivia decided that she should at the very least keep her promise and given how horny she was, she didn't really care that she was about to get her pussy completely nude in front of her son, she was just looking at him as the most enormous cock she'd ever seen. It was easier now that his face was out of the screen shot.

She sat down on the chair and spread her legs and watched the string of messages flow on the screen as Steve told her how beautiful her pussy was and how much he'd like to lick it and get his cock in it.

>hornylady> will you cum for me? >Soccer_Steve> um, if I can see u put ur fingers in ur pussy? >hornylady>sure >Soccer_Steve> cool ... I wont' be typing for awhile then >hornylady> u just work that cock for me sweetie and I'll do the same with my pussy for u. >Soccer_Steve> k

Steve started to wank his cock. As he did so, pumping his shaft up and down with his fist, he watched the bald pussy on his screen. Hornylady was working her fingers all over her pussy, touching herself, running them up and down the lips, pushing into her hole and finally settling on her clit where they worked in a circle. Steve felt precum oozing slowly from the tip of his cock and moved his hand up to smear it over the head to lubricate it. He twisted is fist all around the wet head of his cock and noticed hornylady slip two fingers inside her hole and thrust them in and out.

He was getting close to cumming and quickly typed with one hand ...

>Soccer_Steve> gonna cum

>hornylady> do it in ur hand for me

came the reply as one hand disappeared briefly from pleasuring her pussy.

Steve worked his cock with his right hand, aiming at his left as he reached his climax, his cock pulsing and spurting into his open palm, some of it missing off of the end and shooting onto the floor.

>hornylady> wow, that was amazing steve, thanks for sharing that with me! >Soccer_Steve> my pleaure thanks for sharing ur pussy! Can we do it again sometime? >hornylady> um, we'll see ... keep an eye out for me online. If im here, message me. >Soccer_Steve> k, Ive gotta clean up. >hornylady>k, night

Olivia turned off the computer and went to bed and fingered herself properly until she came. Steve cleaned up the mess on himself and the floor and clambered into bed.

"Wow, why haven't I managed to do that before on the Internet?" he thought, a world of opportunity suddenly opening up in his mind.

He drifted off to sleep with images of bald pussies in his mind ... hornylady's and his mother's, not realising that they were one and the same.

Olivia slept fitfully, guilty about what she'd just done, excited by it, not sure what to do.

The next day, Olivia found it hard to face her son over breakfast. She was torn between guilt and desire. She couldn't meet his gaze and wasn't brave enough to ask why he seemed to be in such a happy mood that morning. He probably wouldn't answer and besides, she'd probably blush. She kept flicking glances at his crotch, remembering just how wonderful his engorged cock had been, then feeling guilty about it.

She did note that Steve and Julie were getting along really well, which was nice. She went out for the day and managed to push it all to the back of her mind for a while.

Julie knocked on Steve's door that afternoon when there wasn't anyone at home and entered his bedroom when he told her to come in. He was sitting at his computer and Julie asked him what he was up to.

"Just surfing the net and stuff," he replied.

"Find anything interesting?" she asked as she moved closer to him, noting that he had a boner. As she got closer to the computer, she noticed a message window open.

"Just some porn," he laughed, blushing.

"Who's hornylady?" she asked him as he quickly closed it, which then revealed a lesbian porn site that he had open. He closed that too.

"Just some woman that messaged me last night."

"Oh, just some woman? With a name like hornylady? What'd she do, ask to see your dick?"

"Actually, that's exactly what she did."

"Really, did you show her?" Julie asked. Steve laughed nervously as he admitted that he had.

"Was she impressed by your enormous monster cock?" Julie asked, kneeling down beside his chair and stroking him through his pants.

"Yeah and she wanted to see me cum."


"So I masturbated for her," Steve told his sister as she undid his pants and released his hard cock. She took it in her mouth and sucked it for him.

"And was that as good as me doing this?" she asked him as she swirled her tongue around the head of his penis.

"Not even close," he grunted.

"So why did you do it?"

"Because it was naughty and fun ... and because she showed me her shaved pussy," Steve told her.

"Really? She had a shaved pussy? Like down to a bit of hair or totally bald?"

"Completely bald," he answered as Julie swallowed as much of his cock as she could before sucking slowly back up the length of it, all the time gently massaging his shaft with her hand.

"So you like her pussy better than mine I guess. I suppose you won't want to lick my hairy pussy now," she teased him.

"Oh no, I definitely want to get to do that again," he assured her.

"Good, because it needs a good licking," she said, standing up and sliding her shorts off along with her panties. She sat down on his bed and spread her legs before him.

"Come on brother mine, lick my pussy for me," She said to him, spreading her lips and rubbing her clit. Steve didn't waste any time and got down on his hands and knees before his sister and set to work licking his tongue all over her juicy slit, his tongue travelling all over her lips, dipping into her hole.

"Lick my clit, make me cum," Julie urged her brother after a couple of minutes of loving attention from her brother. Steve did as he was bid, centring his tongue on her clit and pushing and rubbing with it until she shook and convulsed and squealed as her orgasm crashed through her system.

"Oh God I love that," Julie said to him. "Thanks, now I want to feel your cum on my titties again. As he stood up, Julie clambered from the bed to get on her knees before him and start sucking on his cock, only stopping long enough to remover her shirt and bra.

"Man you are such a slut Julie, I never would have picked you to be like this, not that I mind of course," he laughed.

"Huh, you can talk," she said between mouthfuls. As she sucked on his cock, she picked up her panties and started rubbing the crotch of them into her pussy. Then she handed them to her brother.

"Here, take your slutty little sister's panties and lick the slimy crotch, I want to see you lick my slime from my panties while I suck your dick!" Steve took the panties from his sister and brought them to his face, sniffing them to enjoy the aroma of her sex that was entangled within the fabric.

He turned them inside out and ran his tongue through her slime as he gazed down at her mouth wrapped firmly about the head of his cock, bobbing up and down slowly as she watched his tongue.

The lusty look in her eyes and the taste of her pussy was too much and Steve told Julie that he was going to cum. She pulled him out of her mouth and wanked him, aiming his cock at her chest. He sprayed his load all over her breasts and Julie reached down to rub it into her skin, pulling on the nipples with her cummy fingers.

"Mmm thanks Steve, I think I'll go get cleaned up before Mum gets home now. I hope that that was better than what horny lady does for you over the net," she laughed as she left the room. Steve thought to himself that of course it was, but he still loved seeing that completely hairless pussy with a couple of fingers buried in it.

Over the next week, he kept an eye out for hornylady when he was on the net, but she hadn't appeared. Then, one night, alone at home with just his mother again, he saw her appear on his friends list.

>Soccer_Steve> Hey! >hornylady> Well hello there big boy! Lol >Soccer_Steve>I was starting to think that I wouldn't see u again. >hornylady> Well, I can't always get on here and I've been kinda busy >Soccer_Steve> Fair enough. >hornylady>So, u liked it last time? >Soccer_Steve> Oh yeah. I just wish I had ur thong after ud taken it off. >hornylady> U really like panties? >Soccer_Steve> Yeah, I like to masturbate with them. >hornylady>?? do you wear them? >Soccer_Steve> No no lol I just use them to rub up and down on my cock. >hornylady> Oh >Soccer_Steve> Does that disgust u? >hornylady> No, I was surprised, not disgusted. >Soccer_Steve> Good >hornylady> So are u gonna show me the monster? >Soccer_Steve> Sure, if ur gonna show me the sweet lady > hornylady> of course I will hunky one >Soccer_Steve> lol

Steve pulled his pants off to reveal his semi-erect cock and the lady on the other end stripped down to just her panties, which were a blue satin in a more traditional cut than the thong she'd worn last time. She started to rub the crotch with her hand and Steve found his cock getting hard in response.

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