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A Brother In Law With Benefits


A special thanks to Brad who now attends the University of Minnesota for making this amazing evening come to life.

My story I guess starts when I met my husband and his brother Brad. At the age of 12 Brad was 13 years our junior. During the two years my husband and I dated I got to know brad quite well. He was a cute kid, a bit shy and almost from the beginning started to show signs of a teen boy crush on me. It was so obvious in those early years that even his mom would tease be that I had stolen the hearts of both her sons.

At the age of 14 Brad was in our wedding party and we continued to become close friends and now family, My husband and I moved close to the city so we did not see brad as often but still had him over for the occasional weekend or camping trip. As the years went on Brad was growing up and his little crush on me either disappeared or maybe he just got better at hiding it. He was still sweet to me and on a few occasions I caught him stealing a glance. But then again at that age boys are a ball of hormones and will look at anybody.

My husband and I were now three years into our marriage and we lived in a small apartment as we saved to buy a house and have a few kids. Brad had gotten accepted to a great school at the last minute in the city but couldn’t get housing as he was put on a waiting list. As soon as my husband heard he of course offered our small couch as a place to stay during the week at least. Brad had stayed over many times but felt bad, as this was a big imposition in his mind. My husband of course dismissed his concerns saying, that’s what family is for and wouldn’t take no for a answer, he also mentioned that Brad could be a help since I was alone a few nights during the month while he traveled. After some back and forth it was agreed that Brad would stay with us and look for a place on weekends or hopefully get a call on housing from the school waiting list.

School started at the end of August so Brad moved in a couple of days before to get settled. It was fun having him around to chat with those first few weeks as he and I got on great and enjoyed each others company. The apartment was cramp and the bathroom/shower was a major problem in the morning but we were dealing with it as best we could. The mornings were so bad that when my husband scheduled his first business trip since Brad had moved in, the on going joke was that now we could take 7 minute showers in stead of 5.

The close quarters came with some loss of privacy, my husband and I could no longer spontaneously have sex after work or in the morning because it would be obvious so like parents with children we were limited to after 10 or 11 when we called it a night and went to bed. We also got used to not wearing a lot of clothing in front of each other in the morning especially. It was not uncommon for all three of us to exit the bathroom in a towel and in a few cases be seen in our underwear. I am not particularly shy about my body so I didn’t have a problem with this however because of Brads age and his obvious interest in the female body (mine included) I made sure that he never saw me in anything less then a respectable bra and panty and even then only briefly. Not that having a 17-year-old handsome guy take a glance at my 30y/o body was such a distasteful experience but I also felt bad for him and didn’t want to drive him crazy

On the third week of Brad being with us my husband went out of town for two nights. Brad was great while he was away, helping get dinner on since he arrived early which gave me a chance to relax and get cleaned up. We were like an old couple as we had dinner and watched a little TV and then went off to bed.

The second night was pretty much the same as I got home to a semi prepared dinner and got cleaned up. After dinner I was in my pj’s on my bed doing my toes and Brad came in as he had the night before. There wasn’t anything on TV so we laid on the bed and played a few board games and stayed up till almost 12am At that point I was dead tired and the next day was a work day so I said that’s it I am going to bed.

I then offered the bed to Brad, he was too big for our small couch and I just thought he could get a better night sleep. I didn’t think anything bad about it, I had a nice queen bed so we wouldn’t be on top of each other and I would keep my pj’s on. He looked very awkward about it but after I offered a second time he said sure. Like two good friends we got under the covers I gave him his usual good night peck and went to sleep.

I slept like a log until morning when I woke up a few minutes before my alarm clock to find that I had shifted over to my husbands side of the bed and was now facing Brad cuddled up in his chest with our legs somewhat intertwined. I am not exactly sure how much we were intertwined because I was so startled by this that I quickly rolled over waking him up. I wasn’t sure if he realized so I didn’t say anything and in reality it wasn’t all that big a deal, so we cuddled while sleeping, not exactly a major sin.

My husband came home that day and things continued pretty much as before. Brad and I continued to become closer friends as I helped him hunt for an apartment and just general conversations. I learned about all his dreams and also problems. Brad was a bit shy and lacked a little confidence in himself. He was always worried about failing in school and had a difficult time making new friends especially girls. Although he never said it I was pretty sure that this poor kid was still a virgin in college.

A few more weeks had passed and Brad had now been with us for 6 weeks but seemed like he was getting close to a dorm as he was next on the waiting list. I was happy for him and we were so cramped in our apartment and my husband and I looked forward to our privacy again. However I also knew I would miss him in many ways. He had become a great friend, person to talk to and our late night board game wars had become addicting as we were constantly playing and wagering who went first in the shower, who cooked etc.

At the time I wouldn’t admit it but I would also miss his youthful attention. I had gotten used to and fond of his little glances. Not that I was aroused by them but I found them sexy and reassuring that I was still attractive. He would never stare or touch me in any way or be rude but I would occasionally catch a glance as I exited the bathroom in a towel, or when I got home from work in a skirt and especially on a rare occasion when had caught a glimpse of me in my underwear

My husband’s next trip was upon us as he was leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Saturday morning.

I had a slow day on Thursday and got home a bit early. Brad greeted me at the door with a big smile. After a hello hug he said he had brought two steaks and that he wanted to make them on the grille on the terrace. I thought that was a great idea. I noticed his little glance at my black mid thigh skirt with a cami top and jacket, black heels of course. It was an Indian summer day so I went out to the terrace and sat on a lounger with a bottle of water relaxing and chatting. As I sat on the lounger of course my little ball of testasarone peeked up my dress hoping to see some panty I guess. I just laughed to myself and as usual pretend to have a blonde moment and not notice. He cooked the steaks and we eat them on the terrace, I even opened a bottle of wine to go with the steaks. As we ate we chatted about what to do, whether we should have a major monopoly match or watch a movie. We decided on the spur of the moment that it was early and we should go to the movies, I said sure it’s a date. I cleaned up after dinner and he threw some nice clothes on.

Before we left I gave him money and car keys playfully saying that he should pay, drive as I accepted to be treated like a lady on a date, this way I could train him for his college girl friends. He laughed but seemed to like the idea of at least appearing to be my date as opposed to a kid brother being taken to the movies.

We walked outside and he promptly opened my door and even held my hand as I got in of course his hormones got the best of him as I sat his eyes left mine and went south. I thanked him and he closed the door and walked around. For some reason I decided that it was time to teasingly cure him of his little habit. As he sat behind the wheel I said that I had his first dating lesson of the evening, he stopped and listened wondering what I was going to say. You never checkout a dates legs when you help her in the car, its kind of rude because she is trusting you not too, so if you do look you need to get better at it I said. He turned red and was somewhat speechless, as he must have thought I was pissed. Besides I said, you have known me for years and been living in my house for 6 weeks so you have seen plenty of my legs, see they haven’t changed, as I said this I slowly pulled my skirt up fairly high without showing panty, then pulled it down. I laughed shook my head and said lesson over let’s drive.

For the rest of the evening out he was a perfect gentleman as he opened doors, stood on lines, carried the food, held my hand on his arm as we walked etc. We watched the movie and I even found myself resting my head on his shoulders, as the theatre was a bit chilly. He even smelled good as he wore cologne I had bought him for Christmas.

He again walked with me to the car and helped me in, this time of course never looking; as he got in I kidded him saying that was better or at least you got better at it. He blushed and surprised me by saying that he got better at it that of course got him a playful smack on the arm. I took the opportunity to kind of say I was sorry for teasing him about my legs, I assured him I wasn’t mad just kidding as I understood he was just a curious 18 year old. He smiled somewhat embarrassed and didn’t say anything else

We arrived home and I wanted to get comfortable and so did he, we agreed that we would play a few games before bed. I got cleaned up, put on a pajama pant with a braless cami and some socks. Brad met me in the bedroom in a pair of gym shorts and tee shirt. I flipped thru some TV channels as we talked about what game to play, it was to late for monopoly so we thought and then Brad came out with Truth or dare. I was quite familiar with that game and wasn’t sure about playing it, but after some discussion I figured I would play for a while. I made sure the rules included that we had 3 passes and no dares out side the house. I didn’t think he would have the nerve to give me a bad dare but just in case I had enough passes to last me to bedtime. I told him to get me a little wine from the kitchen, as I might need it for some of the questions.

I selected truth or my first turn and waited for him to ask. I expected him to ask me some personal stuff and some curious sexual stuff but was surprised at how quickly he started. His first question was how many guys did I date before his brother. I reminded him that I was 25 when I met his brother and then said that I dated about 20 guys but some might have been just one date.

He selected truth and I figured whets fair is fair so I asked how many girls he had dated, he said he had gone to the movies once with a girl in high school. I felt a little bad as I hadn’t realized he was that shy.

I sipped my wine and chose truth again; his next question was even more personal as he wanted to know at what age I lost my virginity. I couldn’t say I was a virgin for the wedding after admitting to having an active dating calendar so I went with the truth, 17. He was surprised when I said it. I asked what he thought I would say and he said 20.

It was his turn and I think he was scared that I would ask the same question so he picked dare, I tried to think of something that a college guy would consider funny and I came up with him mooning the sliding doors by terrace, knowing that being on second floor no one would actually see him. But he wasn’t budging as he got pretty shy and took a pass. To bad I said the neighbors would have enjoyed your butt. He responded that he doubted it but I reassured him that I know they would have and gave it a slap as he walked by me.

I kept sipping wine as I decided whether to go truth or dare. I had passes but I also wanted to win as the loser tonight would have to do all the cooking and cleaning tomorrow. So I went with dare, Brad thought for a while and then came up with a pretty good one. I had to do twenty-five jumping jacks next to the bed. My first thought was that’s pretty lame no problem however as I stood I realized I had on braless pajama cami and by breasts would bounce like crazy. I gave him a look as if to let him know that I knew and proceeded to do them. When I got to 15 I had to quickly stop as I thought my left breast was going to pop out, he laughed and I finished the last 10 without incident.

For his turn he again selected a dare, I couldn’t think of anything and then I figured I would make good use of it so I dared him to give me a 5-minute foot massage. He said okay and I told him to bring some hand lotion from the bathroom. I sat up on a pillow and he pulled of my socks and then brought my feet up on his thighs as he rested them there. He proceeded to give me the foot rub. I was kind of surprised as he had a nice touch gentle yet firm. It felt wonderful and I told him so as his hands massaged every inch of my feet. Before I knew it my time was up. Brad put my socks back on and went and washed the lotion off his hands.

A few more sips of wine and it was my turn, I wasn’t sure again whether to go truth or dare, so I finally went with truth. I braced myself for a personal question and I got it, the question was is your husband good in bed. This was an odd question at first but then I guess I realized that coming from the younger brother who all his life has heard how great his brother was at everything he probably was hoping that there was a chink in the armor. Although my husband wasn’t the best I ever had in bed he was very good but I felt bad saying that so I figured what harm could there be in a little white lie. I told brad that I loved his brother very much but that sexually he was okay then I really made his day whispering that he could be a little bigger. As I expected he lit up like a light.

It was Brad’s turn and he picked a dare, having enjoyed the foot rub I knew another innocent part of my body he could work on, 5-minute scalp massage I said. Just like at the beauty parlor I said. So Brad came up behind me and took his big hands and for 5 minutes gave me a heavenly massage on my scalp

It was my turn again and I as always was undecided. It took a few more sips of wine to decide. I said dare and waited for brad to come up with something clever. He came up with a bit of a shocker, a ten second kiss he said, no more wine for you I answered which of course brought a sad puppy dog look to his face. I can’t give you a real kiss Brad, it wouldn’t be right. He answered that he knew it was just that he never had one and got carried away, I will think of something else he said. After about a minute I said okay I will do it but only because its your first. The smile of course was ear to ear. How do you want it I said? Puzzled he said on the lips. No I mean you want me to lean over as we are now, or standing up so we can hold each other or laying down its your first kiss you want it to be special. He thought and said lying down on the bed. I took him and we lay facing each other on our sides. I put his arm around me and mine around him. I then took a deep breath and said ready, he shook his head nervously. I figured I would give the kid a good one so I started slow, just wet little kisses on his lips, then I sucked his bottom lip a little bit then I placed my mouth fully on his and opened my mouth for his tongue. Our tongues danced as we held each other tight Although we weren’t grinding each other we were close enough that our bodies touched and I could feel his bulge against me. We continued to kiss past the 10 seconds. I occasionally broke the kiss to give him soft wet kisses and then went back to tongues. Finally at about 30 seconds I broke the kiss and said okay 10 is over. All he could say was wow

I sat up and took a sip thinking how weird this night had gotten. After the kiss I said that it was getting late and we would just play a few more turns and then go to bed. He then selected truth so I asked what three celebs that he would love to have sex with and he named them putting Angelina Jolie at number one.

It was my turn then, I go for a dare and he turns the massage table on me saying I should give him a 5-minute full body massage. I of course said you cant do a full body in 5 minutes and I am to tired to anyway so pick an area like I had with my feet and later scalp. He selected his back. I love giving and getting massage so this one wasn’t bad at all I told him to take off his shirt and I then straddles his butt as he laid on his stomach. I slipped fingers in the back of his waistband and pulled his shorts down a bit in order to do the small of his back. I start at his neck, shoulders, then back, sides and lower back. I did it somewhat fast since I only had 5 minutes by worked his muscles well with the lotion. I remember thinking while I did, what a nice body he had. I finished the 5 minutes and jumped off his back, giving his butt a slap on the way up.

It was his turn and it would be possibly be the last, he picked a dare and I thought about it and then I figured that I would also take a back massage. I handed him the lotion and said back please laughing. I made him turn around and when he did I took off my cami and used it to cover my breasts as I laid on them and my stomach. Brad turned back and straddles me to massage my back. I wanted to make sure he got the small of my back (best part) so I told him to pull by waist band down a bit so that he could do my lower back as I had done to him. Nervously and very gently brought my pants down ever so slightly but enough to actually catch a look at the top of my panty. He then starts with the lotion and quickly shows a very nice touch as he had with my feet. He slowly worked my back, sides and shoulders ending each time on my lower back. He would go from firm to a softer touch as he spent a good 10 minutes on my back. I was in heaven and totally lost in the moment.

So whether it was the massage or the wine I don’t know but when he finished I asked him to do more, saying my legs. He said okay and shifted location, he tried pulling up my pajama pants but could not and the without even giving it a thought I said, take them off just make sure you don’t pull panties down with them. He must have been floored cause I couldn’t believe I said it, but before I said anything he softly grabbed the band and slowly removed them all the way off my legs leaving me in panties and a folded shirt covering my breasts. I then made light of the situation by joking that it was a night of first for brad, first real kiss and first woman in her panties. Brad laughed and agreed thanking me.

So after the excitement of seeing me in my panties Brad proceeds to massage my legs like a pro. As he does my legs and calves and thighs I cant help but think for a minute how dam sexy this is being almost naked on my bed with my 18 y/o brother in law. Brad does all the way up my thighs but keeps a respectable distance from my private area. After about 10 minutes he finishes my back legs. And he says rather causally turn over sis.

Enjoying the massage way to much to stop I hold my shirt close to breasts and flip over thinking he has seem the back so no harm in seeing the front As I finish my turn Brad looks at me disappointed. I say whets the matter, as I couldn’t imagine what he was miffed at. He laughs saying that I moved way to quick for him to catch a glimpse and being such a night of first he had hoped, I laughed, you little bastard maybe you should call your brother and tell him you are massaging his wife in his bed in her panties and was wondering if I could put on a little girls gone wild breast show for you. He stopped laughing for a moment as he realized how bad this looked and didn’t know if I was kidding. I notice he looks rather worried so I throw caution to the wind and point my finger at him saying, our secret right, with that I pull the shirt that covered my breasts off and announce another first. I then tell him he can enjoy the view while he massages my legs and by the way at this point a compliment would be nice. He of course responds with great enthusiasm saying that they are amazing.

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