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A Brother's Choice


The usual disclaimers apply: it's a fantasy, don't do stupid things like read this if incest isn't a spice you like in your stories.

Check the story tags and you'll only get your knickers in a bunch if that's how you like 'em ;)


It was getting a little late, my sister was clearly getting more than a little tipsy. With me keeping her glass at least half full (can you tell I'm an optimist? ;) and telling her "nah, you don't seem that drunk to me" it wasn't surprising she kept getting more drunk still. She's not the most experienced drinker to say much, so I had let her think that she just feels more drunk than she is and it seems she believes me, her own beloved brother who's promised to keep an eye on her and keep her safe and from doing something she shouldn't.

Usually I discretely refilled her glass from my own glass or bottle - which made it easier for me to stay more or less sober while still looking like I was drinking at her pace. I felt a little giddy about how well it seemed to work, and I used that giddiness to appear a little drunken giggly. I had plans for the night, and the more drunk my sister the easier, actually I was planning on getting her passed out by bed time. I made sure to keep her up and about, so that she'd also be more physically tired and not only have the booze to make her sleepy when it's time for a good night in her bed.

By the time the last of guests had left and I'd more or less sent our parents to bed saying me and my sister would take care of things, my sister was clearly getting ready to be tucked in after I told her to finish her glass, which as you might have guessed, still was half full and her being very giddy and giggly.

She was so drunk that I doubted that she would be awake much longer even if she stopped drinking now. So, I told her that maybe it was time she should get some sleep. But, she's thinking she's not as drunk as she is (remember I had kept telling her she seemed sober still most of the night) and he's a remarkable woman, strong and with a good fighting spirit I love, so hardly surprising she said she wouldn't leave me alone to fix up the place. I was honestly a little surprised how well she held up, given the amount of alcohol I've gotten into her, for some odd reason I felt a little proud that my sister was a little tougher than I thought.

So she stayed up a little longer but asked if I could get her some water, which I did, only that it wasn't "100 % proof water". She said thanks and didn't seem to notice that her water had a little vodka in it. Thankfully there wasn't much fixing up needed, our guests hadn't made a mess. So I didn't rush the cleaning up, going about it in a relaxed pace to wind down which was working well for my sister. She was starting to yawn and look sleepy, I told her she looked a bit sleepy and added that it was probably mostly since it was so late.

When she was looking like she was almost about to fall asleep I took her by the hand and said "bed time sleepy head". She just giggled and said yeah I can walk by on my own, clearly not realizing just how drunk and close to passing out she is. As we get to her bedroom door I open it and turn to hear and give her a big hug saying "good night sis", she clings on and slurs more than says "you too, thanks for keeping an eye, an eye on..." and slowly drifts off to sleep in my arms. I stay still a little while, savoring the moment of feeling my sister clinging to me with her wonderful boobs firmly pressed onto my chest.

- Sis, wake up you're not in bed yet

But no response, so I decide to get a little bolder and whisper it again in to her ear while letting one of my hands wander down to her hips (while holding her up and close with the other) and trace the edge of her panties from her hipbone through her skirt to the middle of her back and then up her back along her spine, only to stop at the hooks of her bra. Still no response, and when I kiss her gently on her neck and say how sexy she is and don't get any reaction from her I'm sure she's out cold. Finally, it is the time to get her in bed and for ever change our lives together.

Maybe it's the excitement, but it feels easier than I thought to lift her up and carry her to bed. I close the door, and though it's very unlikely any of our parents would come down from upstairs at this time of the night it feels prudent to lock her door too.

Looking back from the door I saw my beautiful sister lying fully clothed on her back in her bed looking like an angel. It was such a special sight, and I knew that before this night was over she would be in her pj's with wearing her, in my opinion, cutest panties underneath. Since I often helped with the house hold chores (we all did, nothing special about that really) which included laundering so I had seen all of her panties and when ever I saw that pair I sniffed them (like her other pairs, that smell so wonderfully of her sex) and imagined how cute they must look on her. And tonight I will get to see that and confirm it. Not sure why I like them so much, they're an ordinary pair of cotton panties with a every day color pattern. I think it is just because of that, they look most comfy, and I really like the thought about my sister wearing comfy panties and bras that feels nice on her most intimate parts with another layer of comfort caressing and embracing her wonderful body - she's my sister after all, so only the best for her if I have any say. I had taken hold those panties in anticipation of this night, to make sure they wouldn't be dirty in the hamper or me having to spend half the night looking for them.

I put her duvet aside, and put her pj's on a chair. As gently as I could I worked her out of her dress, she had a cute sky blue bra with an under-wire and a pair of subtle gray panties. With her sleeping face she looks at peace and so cute, I just had to lean over and give her a peck on her mouth before lifting up her upper body, resting it on my shoulder while unhooking her bra and letting her boobs free. Gently laying her back down I admire her breasts for a while, and suck a little on her nipples before continuing south to gently pull her gray panties off. Her boobs are so wonderful, my sister sure is a woman who's boobies alone to die for. I hope she also sees and realizes how wonderful they are whenever she looks at herself in the mirror and feel proud about them and doesn't take them for granted.

It took a little more self-control than I thought that I had, to stop and take the time to put her dress, bra and panties in her hamper where they belong after pulling her panties of - leaving the exposed flower of love between my sister's legs. I've never seen her worn clothes scattered in her room, her clothes are either on her, in her drawers, in her hamper, or being laundered never thrown on her floor. I think that she's such a good orderly girl, not as sloppy as I - so the least I can do is to put her clothes where they should be. I'm in her room and it's her clothes so better not make a mess, and I still remember how she scolded me when I first started doing the laundry. Being a boy I had just stuffed her clothes in her drawer, which she made very clear was not how to do it and gave me clear instructions of what clothes goes where and how to fold them. Good thing was that it always gave me a reason to take ample time to poke around and look in her drawers and order her clothes to my liking (which worked surprisingly well, if I put her tops in a certain order most of the time it would be the order she wore them). I don't know why, but I liked to try to match her various items of clothing by simply arranging their in of her drawers - it's like a kind of puzzle game with the win being my sister wearing clothes I like seeing her in.

With her clothes finally in the hamper I can finally get back between my sister's legs, which I part so that I can lie down and get a very good look at her most intimate parts and be close enough to smell her pussy's natural cologne. I'm so happy to see that she hasn't shaved, though it looks like she has groomed her bush a little - it's her pussy and it's her choice whether to shave or not, but if I have any say pussies should not be robbed of their bush. Especially not when they have a wonderful fire bush, like my sister and it looks amazing - tilting my head and looking through her bush her tit's looks like wonderful mountains with a ginger warm haze in front of them with her nipples proudly at the summit. God she is beautiful, and she smells so wonderful - I though her worn panties smelled good, but clearly they don't come near to capturing all of her wonderful pussy scent. I think I could have spend the rest of the night there with my sweet sister, just being awestruck between her legs and going to sleep with her Venus mound as my pillow.

But, it's time for me to undress and get just as naked and I've had my sister be. I resist the urge to just let my clothes lie on the floor and neatly place them next to her pj's on the chair - it simply feels right to do that, I considered hanging them on her clothe hanger on her door... but it felt her chair was sufficiently neat to honor the order in her room. I felt a strange calm and sense of that everything is as it should be, which is a bit strange considering that for all intents and purposes I'm preparing to rape my own sister - but to me it didn't feel that way, yes I was going to have sex with her without her consent but I'm not just sticking my dick in her with the intent only for myself to get my rocks off. I'm doing it as gently as I can and I really do love her, and I don't want to hurt her - I want to make love to her and I will not abandon her after doing it, and I'm very much planning for the consequences. I know I'm rationalizing it to myself, without needing to - this just feels so right to me, and I have no feelings of worry.

So, I once again get between her legs and gently start licking her, taking my time making sure she becomes wet and that her pussy is ready for her brother's dick. Her pussy juice tastes so wonderful, so naturally taking the time is a pleasure. I hope she masturbates and licks her fingers so she knows how awesome her body is at making this wonderful sex-nectar. I think her body just had an orgasm because it felt like her pussy muscles moved in tell tale patterns and her breathing changed a little. I let her breathing calm a little before climbing on top of her with my rock hard dick begging to be kissed by her pussy lips and be embraced in the most intimate kind of hug my sister could offer it.

My sister looks so relaxed, and incredibly beautiful if I hadn't known what her pussy just did you wouldn't have known she just had an orgasm and still has a pussy that shows all the signs of being ready for sex. But I knew, and the tip of my cock's head sure felt the heat glow of her pussy and how wet the entrance to her pussy is. Slowly and gently I push my dick in to my own sister, feeling that this is for real and that this is the single most amazing feeling I've ever felt. It might see like a cliche but, it felt like her pussy was meant for my cock - I'm all the way inside her and her pussy feels like a glove around my dick, but a million times better. I'm surprised that I haven't blown my load on the way in to my sister I'm so excited and so happy that this woman that feels, smells, and tastes so wonderful under me is my very own sister. I stay deep in side her, looking at her face and say

- sis, if you only knew just how much I love you... you are the woman of my dreams, perfection and now I'm going to kiss you and make love to you, fill your fertile ovulating pussy with my incestuous seed with the hope and intent that your egg will become fertilized and make us parents and that you will choose keep our baby when you notice you're late.

And with that I kissed her and started gently but most determined started moving in and out. Her boobs moves to the rhythm of my incestuous tune, with my dick conducting our sexes' wet sex song. My sister's amazing breasts' dance is hypnotic, and her relaxed sleeping beauty face is an interesting contrast to. I know it can't watch her boobies dance forever because I'm so close to cumming in my sister's fertile pussy that feels so mind blowing good around my dick. And when I cum inside my sister, I have done all that I can, handing off the task of impregnating my sister to countless of my sperms that will soon shoot deep in to her and begin their race to her one single egg, and become the one single part of me to get the deepest in to my sister and cross the finish line made of her egg's cell membrane and become one with it and become a part of my sisters body. Starting a new life, one that literally is me and my sister combined, intertwined at the DNA level at the core and sharing the mitrochondrial DNA of our mother like we do.

I give her a quick peck on her lips again, then whisper into her ear:

- sis... my love... it's time... your egg is getting visitors...

And I feel my dick pumping hard inside my sister as I bury it as deep as I can, every centimeter, every millimeter must be a very long way to swim for my sperms so every bit counts and I want to maximize the chances. I keep moving in and out of her, I haven't feel her pussy orgasm yet and start to worry that she might not orgasm now and just as I think I will collapse and die from the pleasure, at last I feel her pussy awakening again and can feel how it milks a little more of my seed from my dick. I'm silencing grunts of pleasure in her pillow wanting to scream it out for the world to hear but knowing this is our most private moment and I want it to be only the two of us. As I'm regaining control and starting to relax, I'm actually shedding a tear of joy, this is all I was hoping for tonight and I whisper in her eat again

- oh, sister, I'm so happy you orgasmed with me, letting your pussy milk your brother's cock. I love you so much, my sister, if only you were awake to know I've just sent my seed of life in to you and that if you miss your next period it's because you're with your brother's child now. I'm sorry that I won't be telling you until I'm certain I succeeded in making a mother out of you, my love of my life and sister.

I'm kissing my sister again, I feel how my dick softens in my sisters pussy but I don't pull out. I want to go to sleep like this, but I don't dare - I have to get her pj's and panties on and as much as I feel everything will be fine I wonder how she will take the uncertainty until I tell her she's late because of me... (assuming we're lucky). There is however, time to remain here in bed with her a little longer and enjoy this special time. Her breathing is slow and with every inhale her boobs rise proudly, her nipples poke out. I gently caress her boobies, they are so amazing and I know they will be even more so when showing sign of pregnancy and producing milk for our baby. Naturally that though makes me suck on them and think about how lucky our baby will be. The minutes comes and goes, and I feel so lucky to be here in my sister bed spending the time knowing I may have impregnated her.


I look at the princess alarm clock on her bed side table, that I gave her so many years ago, it only reads 2.12 and the first thing that comes to mind is how cute it is that she still uses it - but then again, it fits. My sister is a wonderful princess, a wonderful princess with my sperms inside her maidenhood. I wonder how far they've gotten on their way to her egg. I remember reading somewhere that it can take a little as 30 minutes or take up to days, so by now this wonderful princess in my arms may very well have our baby to keep her company when I have to get back to my room in a couple of hours.

- My beautiful princess, I hope our baby is already growing inside you this very now. If not, I'm ready to send more life giving seed in to you honey.

I came a few more times in my sisters heavenly pussy (naturally I made sure it was we and ready each time, not to hurt her), doing my very best to get her to also climax with me - not only to help my cum deeper, but also because I want my sister to orgasm (even if she might not consciously feel it, her wonderful body does and deserve it). By 4.34 I reluctantly let my dick leave my sisters pussy for the last time this night after shooting another load of life in to her, wondering if this would be the last and only time I get the chance to impregnate my very own sister with my incestuous seed.

But for now, all I could to is remember how wonderful this unforgettable night has been and hope my seed and her egg has succeeded to ignite the miracle of love in my sisters pussy which glows with the fire of her bush. Gently I put those panties on I've wanted to see her for so long, making sure to tuck in her pubes - and she looks so amazingly cute, and her panties gently bulge out where her bush is and looks a little like a pillow (for our baby). The gusset of the her panties is darkening a little, from some of your mixed love juices leaking out - it makes me smile a I can't resist kissing my sister on her belly.

Getting her PJ's on and fitting right was a little tricky, but well worth the effort - pretty as a picture I see my sister in her PJ's in her bed, knowing her panties are still perfectly in place on her perfect body, and the dark patch on her panties quite big by now soaking up our mixed love juices. Hopefully with our baby busy growing by copying my and my sisters mixed DNA, dividing and growing strong. The crotch of her PJ's doesn't seem to have a wet spot like her panties, at least not yet.

Her hair is a bit of disarray, so I gently comb it with my hands. I love how her red hair frames her face, she truly is an irresistible woman. Naturally I can't resist kissing her again and telling her how beautiful she is, not that she can hear me. With her hair done it's time to cover her up and let her body keep on doing it's female maternal magic.

I also kiss her belly and whisper "good night baby dear, dad loves you", and pull the covers over my sister, and give her one last kiss good night on her wonderful lips and whisper

- Good night dear sister. I hope you'll sleep long enough for the worst of your hang-over to clear. I'll bring you breakfast in bed my love.

I unlock my sisters door, and just before turn off the light I look at my hopefully pregnant sister again - God, I love her. For some reason she looks even more beautiful when I think about the incestuous magic happening inside my sister's womb right now. Seeing her as my sister, and mother of our child makes me smile and I walk with light steps to my own bed feeling all is well and good. I hope I can keep from smiling like silly when I see her again for breakfast.


I wake up in my bed, for a second I wonder if it was all just a dream. What if it was only in my dreams... Then I'm smiling like crazy, thinking that my sister is lying in her bed quite possibly with our baby safely growing in the protection of her womb. It's almost 11 already, better take a quick shower before anyone else notice that I'm smelling of sex (with my sister), it's the lingering smell of sex that made me smile and feel confident it wasn't just a dream. Then I have a promise to keep - breakfast for my sister, our baby will need energy to grow and will get it from my sister so I better get my sister energy.


I knock on my sister's door, I hear some kind of murmur so I open the door to find my sister rubbing the sleep from her eyes lying on her back. She looks a bit hung over, and tired, but other than that as beautiful as when I left her in her PJ's with my seed of life and hopefully a baby in her.

- Morning sis, how are we feeling to day? (if only she knew what I meant by "we").

- Ugh... I'm never going to drink again...

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