A Brother's Memories Part 2


When Bill closed the door I grabbed a condom and dropped to my knees pulled his panties down and rolled the condom down on his still hard cock. I knew what I wanted and hoped Bill was up for it. I stood up and turned my back to him and started to get undressed. Bill came up behind me, reached around and undid my belt and pants and let them fall. I stepped out of them and he helped me slip out of my shirt and top then knelt, undid my garters, and slid my panties down my legs. He stood behind me and stroked my cock. I could feel his cock resting in the crack of my ass. I reached behind and pushed his dick down my crack until he was aimed at my throbbing hole. He responded with a few easy jabs. I was dry and it wouldn't slip in. I spit on my hand and smeared it on his cock and my waiting hole. I bent over to give him a better angle and spread my ass for him. He guided his cock to the spot and with one slow easy push he was in.

My cock leapt to full erection in a second. He slowly drew his cock back an inch then back in. Out a little then in again. It was feeling really good. His dick was small enough that there was no pain just pleasure. He told me what a tight ass I had and proceeded to fuck it harder and faster. I started pounding my ass back at him with every thrust. I could feel his thrusts clear to the tip of my dick. As Bill fucked my ass it felt like his cock was pushing mine out further and harder. He was stroking my cock in time with every thrust. Suddenly I felt the head of his cock swell and the tip of the condom begin to swell as he began to shoot his cum up me. I could feel every shot as it pulsed up his cock. I wished we didn't have to wear a condom. I wanted to feel his hot spunk deep in my ass.

After he stopped coming in me he slowly slid his cock from my ass. It slid out with a pop and as he started to take the condom off, I asked him to wait and I quickly got dressed in the teddy I had bought. I grabbed another condom and had him put it on my very hard dick. I then took the condom from his cock and poured the copious contents all over my condom-encased cock. I helped him put his clothes in order and adjusted my teddy so my cock was sticking straight up my belly. I could feel Bills cum soaking my new outfit and thought, 'well, he got another one dirty.'

When we returned to the front room Monica and Sammi were in a hot 69. All we could hear was the lapping of tongues and the slapping of wet pussy against faces. Bill went over and sat on the couch as the ladies turned their attention to my outfit. I walked over between Sis and Sammi and let them get a close look at the fresh cum that was staining my teddy. With trembling hands Sis reached over and pulled the teddy aside and let my rock hard cock spring free. I think she knew who’s cum was all over me because she reached her hand to feel my asshole. It was still open and her finger slipped right in. That made my cock twitch and jump. I ground my ass against her hand as she began to finger fuck my ass. Bill and Sammi moved closer and began to lick the spunk from my cock. Bill leaned close and let my cock slip into his mouth. As Monica finger-fucked my ass and I fucked Bills face Sammi got on her knees and started sucking Bills cock. I was really enjoying my self but I didn't think I could come in the rubber so I slipped from Bill's mouth and took my sister's hand from my ass and had her lie back on the floor.

Monica stripped the condom from my cock and I positioned myself between her legs and sank my cock to the hilt in her wet and waiting pussy. She let out a grunt and began humping her hips against me. Bill and Sammi took to the floor beside us and started fucking as well. Sammi's head was about even with my cock and she was watching it as I fucked Monica as hard as I could. You could hear the wet squishing sounds as I pistoned in and out of her. When I got going too fast and was almost ready to cum Sammi reached over and pinched my dick, like sis had done last night, and that slowed me down until the urge was gone. It really worked and after a few seconds I was able to continue.

I don't know how long we went on but I think that I stayed hard and fucked longer than I had ever been able to in my life. Monica started humping faster and grinding harder against my cock and I knew she was going to come for me. I gently removed Sammi's hand and really started pounding my sister's wonderful pussy. She rewarded my efforts with a loud grunt and a great big spasm as she came all over my cock. A second later, I was filling her pussy with great big hot gobs of spunk. I kept thrusting even though my dick was tender and so sensitive. I just kept fucking and coming. I shot so much I could feel it leaking out past my cock and running off my balls and I still kept going.

Slowly, I gave out and as Monica and I lay there and held each other tenderly, as my dick slipped from her. Bill and Sammi had stopped their fucking and were just watching us. His dick was still buried in her but they were not moving. The both said "Wow, what a sight" and then Bill tensed and started shooting his cum deep in his wife's pussy. With the first blast Sammi went off as well. They weren't moving at all. Bill would shudder and send another load in her cunt and Sammi would groan and have another orgasm. It was an amazing sight to watch. We all collapsed together side by side and tenderly caressed whatever body part that was in reach. It was a wonderful way to end a wonderful night.

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