tagInterracial LoveA Bun in the Oven Pt. 03

A Bun in the Oven Pt. 03


About a month after the downtown gang-bang (see, A Bun in the Oven Pt.1 and 2), I received an excited call from Bing. She had missed her period a week back. I knew she had planned to do a pregnancy test.

"I pregnant. I pregnant," she squealed.

"That's wonderful Bing. Congratulations," I replied, with some relief.

We met the next day at a tea shop. Bing was glowing with pride and joy. I had not seen her so happy in all the time we had known each other. If ever a woman had wanted a baby, this was that woman.

"John very happy too. His first baby, he say."

John was Bing's elderly husband who had been kept blissfully in the dark about his wife's extramarital attempts at pregnancy.

"I'm glad Bing. I was worried about how he would feel," I replied.

"He very happy. Be very sweet to me," she said, her face looking idyllic.

John would have been less sweet if he had known how long I had been fucking his wife. He would have been positively sour about the goings-on in Room 412 a month earlier.

"Steve. Everything I owe to you. You help me always and say me to get pregnant. You try so hard for me."

"You know I promised you that I would help Bing. I am so happy for you," I replied.

We sat sipping our teas for a moment.

"Do you think we still see each other? Okay with me," she said, reaching across to hold my hand.

I had not known how things would play out. I expected Bing to get on with her life with John and that my part would fade. It seemed now that she might be offering something more. Was it merely friendship, or were we to remain lovers?

"Do you want to keep seeing me Bing?"

"I think you every day. Want to be with you Steve," she said, a coy smile forming.

"What about John?"

"He my husband. But he not really care for me. I understand him now."

The penny had finally dropped for Bing. John's main interest in seeking an Asian wife thirty-odd years younger than himself had largely been selfish. He wanted a young body to fuck and someone to come home to after a day out with his mates. It seemed he had made no attempt to understand her culture or her needs. And he never lifted a finger around the house.

"He is an older man," I said, "It is his style."

"Yes. But I marry him. Bad luck for me."

I reasoned with Bing a while longer. Sure, John was an old-fashioned guy and the marriage was not a genuinely loving one. But he provided a roof over her head, food and spending money. Now she would have the baby she always wanted. There was an upside.

"I know. This is my bed, your saying. I stay with John but..." her voice trailed off.

I guessed what she was thinking. Was I going to stay in her life?

"Bing," I said softly, taking her hand, "If you want me to stay close to you, I will."

I chose my words carefully so as to not make a presumption about an ongoing sexual relationship.

"We are the same as before?" she replied.

"Yes, I hope so. If you want."

"I want."

So it was that I found myself remaining Bing's secret boyfriend and lover. Once or twice a week I would visit her flat. We had good sex and she was very affectionate, one might say, almost in love. But I had become a little bored. It wasn't Bing, who was attentive and gave me anything I wanted in bed.

I realised reluctantly that the events of seven weeks past, the gang-bang at the hotel, had ruined me. I had been so excited watching Bing being fucked by five men that sex now seemed too normal, too pedestrian. Yet I couldn't play the same trick again. Bing was pregnant now and my excuses for sexual adventurism could hardly be repeated. Strangely enough though, it was Bing who gave me the idea for another potential escapade.

She called me one afternoon sounding worried. While attending a medical the day before, she had picked up a lot of information at the clinic concerning having a healthy pregnancy. But it was all in English and she was struggling with the material.

"I don't understand. This story says many problem for pregnant women," she said.

The following day I met her at her flat. John had recently departed for his daily lawn bowls. She showed me a stack of brochures and flyers, some of which seemed to be thinly disguised advertising for pregnancy products.

"Let me have a look Bing," I said, flicking through the material. I was fairly certain she had misunderstood what she was reading. There were sections on miscarriage and the kinds of problems a baby might encounter in utero. It was during this time that a concept began to form in my head, as yet only an idea.

I took Bing's documents with me when I left, promising to review them and get back to her. As usual, she was gratitude itself.

"You so kind to me," she said, her arms around my neck.

"Anything for you sweetheart," I replied, "and anything for the baby."

That night I began to flesh out a plan, one so ludicrous that the odds of its being successful might be astronomical. As before, I wrote up a bunch of documents, spread sheets and diagrams. I made them seem very professional and serious. Of course, they would speak directly to Bing's concerns, offering a solution to an as yet unarticulated problem. It was an outlandish, even fiendish solution. It was a solution that appealed greatly to my wayward sexual appetite.

I allowed a few days to pass and was beaten to the punch when Bing called me.

"You no call Steve. I worry you?" came the concerned voice.

"There is no problem honey. I just needed time to check your things," I replied.

"Is okay?"

"There is something. But I want to talk to you in person," I added, sounding a little concerned.

"Come now please," she said, "I worry."

I left it at that. The less said the better at this stage. I wanted to leave Bing dangling a little and I wanted to come off as sincere and plausible. But this was likely to be a tough sell. I rehearsed a number of scenarios and objections in my mind. What had worked before Bing's falling pregnant would not carry the same weight now. Then, she was desperate. Now, well, not so much.

Arriving at Bing's apartment, I was surprised to find it uncharacteristically messy. She was clearing up but it had the appearance of having just been the site of a party.

"I sorry. Big mess," she said apologetically.

I noticed that Charlie, the latex torso with the permanent erection, was sprawled on the sofa.

"John very horny today. Too much drug I think," she explained, "He want more sex before I too fat with baby."

John really was a charmer. Piling on his poor pregnant wife, gulping down the Viagra like his life depended on it. Bing had only a dressing gown on and she hastened to tidy the living room.

"I sorry Steve. Not shower yet," she said.

I sat down with her and explained in patient detail what I had found in my "research." Here was my line. Bing was pregnant, and being an older mother at the wrong end of thirty, ran some risk of pregnancy complication. There were various conditions that could turn a happy pregnancy into a hell. As I ran through the various risks, I saw Bing's face darken. I showed her diagrams and "clinical" statements and outcomes. By the time I had finished my presentation, she was clearly shaken.

"Oh Steve. How I do? I want to help my baby," she almost whimpered.

As usual, I had a solution at hand.

"It's okay Bing. There are natural ways of protecting the baby," I said earnestly.

She looked at me expectantly. I held her hand.

"Sex," I said, "You just need to have sex."

She looked puzzled, so I went on.

"The baby is in the uterus," I said, showing her a line diagram.

"Intercourse in the vagina and ass help to massage the uterus. This helps to protect the baby."

Bing's face brightened. I showed her another colourful page with sketch diagrams to visually support my position.

"I love sex with you. So no problem," she replied playfully.

I told her there was a catch. Research showed that the very best internal massage came from double penetration. Bing and I had been doing this very thing with the assistance of the inert Charlie and I had anticipated her response already.

"Is okay! Charlie and you together!" she crowed.

I explained again that Charlie would not do the job. For a start his cock was way too large for any meaningful massage to take place, since the two "members" could not create a smooth action together. Charlie was also latex, cold and lacked a heartbeat.

She sat silently. She was frowning.

"Oh Steve. So many problem. What can I do?" she asked.

"Well, I can help, of course. But we need one more man."

I let my words sink in and waited for her response. She looked me directly in the eyes.

"I don't want five man again fuck me."

"No of course not. Just one man. Only one man."

It seemed like an eternity passed. I studied the documents in front of me in my own serious manner and Bing sat in silence. I knew that my opinion held considerable sway over her, for hadn't I been there for her? Hadn't I helped her with her pregnancy? I took her hand again.

"Bing. This is only for a short time. This is for you. This is for the baby," I intoned with deadly earnest.

She sighed a long sigh and said.

"Steve. I trust you. You so good to me. Please do for me," she said wearily.

I kissed her and began to pull at the cord of her dressing gown. The front slid open to reveal her pert brown tits. I noticed that her torso and groin was sticky with little white globules here and there.

"No shower yet," she repeated, "John come two time. Big mess on me."

I left it at that.

Later that day, I emailed one of the men who had been in on the gang-bang. He had continued to write to me after the event, asking if there was going to be a follow-up. Today, I could give him some good news. His persistence had paid off.

Tony was one of the five men who had been at the Downtown Hotel two months earlier for the orgy with Bing. I remembered him especially because he was an initiator. Where the others hung back, he would lead, suggesting new positions. He missed no opportunity to be in the action - he was invariably always one those engaged with Bing in some way. Unlike the others, his prick was constantly hard.

Tony was about 40, medium height, swarthy-skinned with a large belly. He had a compact yet stout cock, with a large mushroom head. He kept his groin shaved. He also had a dirty mouth on him which I particularly liked. We met up so I could brief him and gauge his reaction.

"She believed that shit?" he cried incredulously.

"Yep," I said, "But remember, she trusts me. And I am a very good salesman."

"Clearly. But who would fall for that?"

"She's fallen for it and you have to as well. You need to keep up the pretence. I told her that I would find a good man who wanted to help."

"Well, I'm your man Steve. I'll play any game you like for a fuck," he replied lasciviously.

Rather than hire another hotel, I convinced Bing that we should use her flat. I told her all about Tony, that is, I sold her a line about what a great guy he was, and that he would respect her privacy. She knew that he had been one of the five from the Downtown Hotel, which did not seem to bother her. I had organised it and that was good enough for her.

A week later I lead Tony to Bing's apartment. She smiled nervously when she opened the door but did not seem to recognise him.

"Very nice to meet you again Bing," Tony said, stooping slightly to kiss her hand.

"I told you he was a gentleman," I whispered to Bing as I kissed her on the cheek.

"Have room ready for us," Bing replied.

I had suggested that Bing set up the spare room in a similar way she did for when we were together. She had done so, with porn playing on a small TV monitor and the lights dimmed. Charlie sat flopped with his rigid dick in the corner. There were a collection of sex toys available in a plastic box, should they be needed.

Tony's eyes lit up at the brothel-like atmosphere in the room and I imagined that he already had an erection in his pants. I caressed Bing's tight buns and said.

"Time to fuck now baby."

She was well used to my own dirty-talk and no doubt thought this was how all Western men spoke during sex. Of course, she didn't understand many of the words used, so it was difficult to tell.

While Tony began stripping down, I unzipped my pants and pushed her down to my waiting dick. She popped my gear out of its undies and began kissing my balls. I stiffened quickly and she began to suck me.

"Oh baby," I moaned.

Tony had removed his pants and as I had thought, was sporting a major hard-on.

"Is your cock ready bro?" I said.

"Fuck yeah. I'm horny."

"You come this end and I'll strip her down."

Tony was only too happy to oblige. While I unhitched her skirt and tugged down her knickers, he presented his fat knob to her.

"Eat that cock slut," he said.

"Get that man's dick in your mouth baby," I urged her while slipping her knickers off.

I began rubbing my erection along her bum crack while pushing on the back of head.

"You getting enough of that cock honey?" I hissed as Tony's shaft was gobbled up.

This was an awkward position to be in for our purposes, so we moved Bing to the bed. Tony removed her top and kissed her nipples aggressively. For the first time I noticed the small but perceptible bump on her stomach where a baby was growing. Tony sat her upright against the bed-head and stood on the bed. I helped adjust the height for I guessed he wanted to face-fuck her. The whole bed shook as worked his fat member in and out of her mouth. Now and then she had to stop for air and to swallow.

"Oh fuck. Take it all the way bitch!"

Í was behind the bed, masturbating with the excitement of it. I was very aroused from seeing Bing handled so.

"Get that big head right to the back of your throat honey," I whispered through the slats of the bedhead.

Tony's face was turning a shade of red with the exertion and I was worried he might blow. We had yet to fulfil our part of the bargain, the so-called double penetration massage.

"Tony, don't blow too soon. We have work to do elsewhere," I said.

"No worries mate. I can come two or three times in one session," he puffed.

I figured that he must be dosed up on something that could keep him hard for hours.

Suddenly, he grabbed the back of Bing's neck and pushed her face deep into his groin, while uttering a deep groan of pleasure. I imagined the semen running down her throat.

"Oh fuck you bitch, that was good," he howled triumphantly.

He gave her face a slap and said, "There's more coming baby. Don't you worry."

After he had stepped off the bed, Bing turned to me with a look of confusion.

"He come soon," she said, "Why?"

I explained quietly that Tony was a strong man who could come many times.

"Yes, very strong, I think," she replied, "Very big come my mouth just now."

While Tony was taking a pee, I took the opportunity to climb under Bing, guiding my cock into her tight pussy. It occurred to me that we could do anything we wanted with her and she would comply. I was excited at the DP that was going to follow and quickly built up a rhythm, Bing's lithe body moving in uniform strokes up and down.

"When Tony gets back he can use your backdoor," I said a little breathlessly, "That way we can give you a good massage."

She leaned down to kiss me, the semen strong on her breath.

"That was a big load!" I remarked.

"That's bloody true," came a voice from behind.

"Come and join the party again bro," I said, surprised at Tony's already hardened cock.

"Show me that butt-cunt now," he roared, kneeling on the bed behind her.

"He mean my backdoor?" murmured Bing.

"Yes honey. He's coming in now. We'll fuck you together babe," I said.

Tony began working his overwide load into Bing's prim little hole, grunting as he went.

"This is a tight pooper," he noted as he slapped Bing's cheeks.

It took a few minutes but gradually Tony and I got into a kind of rhythm, sometimes slowing, sometimes speeding up. I wanted a happy medium for Bing's sake. Now and then Tony's dick would pop out and he would curse at Bing and pull her back by the hair.

"I'm out you bitch," he would rant, "You're lucky to have two dicks inside you. Show some respect."

I was beginning to think that Tony might have a pathology. Nevertheless, he was a fantastic fuck-partner in this situation and knew how to work a hole.

After ten minutes or so, I could sense that Bing had probably had enough. Anal sex was difficult for her and Tony's extra girth must have hurt sometimes. I signalled to Tony that we should aim at coming soon. After all, I had planned for at least half a dozen more of these encounters for Bing.

"Okay bud," he grunted, reddening again, "But I think we should try for the same hole."

Before I could figure out his meaning he had popped out of Bing's ass and was grunting for entry at her already-filled pussy.

"Do you think you can?" I asked hesitantly.

"'Sure. Plenty of room I think. She's wet as hell too."

I began to shift under Bing to create a potential space for Tony without knowing quite how it might happen. Bing looked at me confused.

"Impossible I think. Two cock." she muttered.

I withdrew my rod and reached over for a tube of lubricant, hoping that would help the situation. I didn't want to dampen Tony's obvious enthusiasm. I also knew the position was possible having watched quite a lot of porn.

Bing was dripping with lube when I sat her on top of Tony's quivering cock with her back facing him. Slowly, though with some difficulty, I worked my dick into the limited space left, stretching the vaginal lips as I did. Finally I was nestled alongside Tony's fat schlong. It was an odd feeling, to say the least. But visually, splendid.

Poor Bing grimaced with the pressure of two dicks. The same dicks were now slowly finding a way of moving side by side. It was a slow, but high friction experience, awkward yet incredibly sexy.

"How's it for you bro?" I said.

"Fuckin awesome," he heaved, "I've got my second load building."

Tony was no slouch when it came to ejaculation. His face went a kind of crimson and he almost howled in pleasure as he came. I could feel the warm liquid slosh around in Bing's pussy.

Tony left the scene to shower and I was left alone with my secret girlfriend. It took only a few more strokes to come and then I rolled off her brown skin and we lay in each other's arms.

"Good massage?" I said cheekily.

"Hope so," she said, "This very hard for me Steve."

"I know honey. But the baby comes first. Yes?"

"Baby number one," she replied, smiling for the first time in a while.

"Why sex have to be so rough? Western man very rough," she added.

I left that question hanging in the air. Tony had emerged from the bathroom.

"That was one top fuck, buddy," he said confidently.

"Yep. One of many to come, I hope."

Later on I took Bing out for afternoon tea. She seemed refreshed and recovered from the rigours of our earlier threesome.

"You choose Tony next time?" she said shortly after we had found a table in the café.

"Is it a problem for you?" I asked, suspecting that she had formed a dislike for his particular brand of sex.

"Oh, no problem. Same man is good. No surprises for me," she said.

She leant over so as not to be overheard.

"He give good feel inside me," she whispered.

I felt knocked over by a feather. Truly.

The waiter came over to take our order. I wondered just where this all was leading.

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