tagLoving WivesA Bundle of Wild Cards - Epilogue

A Bundle of Wild Cards - Epilogue


A Bundle of Wild Cards – Epilogue.

My story has received a great number of comments. Some like the story, some don't. I find nothing wrong with that as it is impossible to please all. I have no problem receiving negative criticism as long as it is constructive. I have received several very long comments from one reader and I suppose he will call them constructive. He even wrote an epilogue for the story which I found out I would like to share with you. If you read his ending you will undoubtedly understand he did not like my story very much. To balance the story to my level of humanity I have written my own ending which follows his. I have not edited his piece, so the grammar, spelling and style is all his. If you comment on your preference I would be pleased.


By John Trevor

A month after Annie's accidental meeting, with her husband at the Hilton Hotel Coffee Shop, David Lawson disappeared, after leaving the hospital that he and Annie had worked at for decades. A black van with heavily tinted windows was seen, by several hospital workers parked next to Lawson's car in the Hospital lot. David Lawson was not seen for almost a week and then was found dead in an alley, in a city 250 miles away

The medical examiner who examined David Lawson's body stated that he had not died where he had been dumped, but had likely undergone terrible torture for days in another location, This, since there was solid physical evidence that his genitals and other parts of his body had been connected to electrodes - where electricity at different voltages and amps were pumped through his body, as is known to have happened to victims / prisoners in Central and South American locations.

David Lawson was kept alive to undergo the endless torture, until such a point was reached where they terminated him.

He did not die of the torture, but had his cock severed at its base, and had it shoved down his windpipe to choke him to death, while his nostrils were clamped shut. The scenario left no doubt of the motive, which was obviously fucking with another mans wife or betrothed and receiving the consequences. Annie's husband had a solid alibi, for the period in which David Lawson met his terrible end, as he had taken a cruise on a cruise ship for that week, saying nothing to his 30 year whore wife, but simply packing and leaving while she was out of the house. There were many he met on the cruise, to prove where he was over the time David Lawson was missing.

When Annie heard of Lawson's death, on coming to work at the hospital, she was frightened to death, as she knew, beyond a shadow of doubt, that her husband was behind this payback, to her lover David Lawson, for cuckolding him with his wife, for decades. Annie now feared for her own life.

Annie's husband returned home, after his cruise, with a very attractive woman of around fifty on his arm. He walked into his house as his slut wife Annie stood to face the obviously happy pair. Before Annie could get a word in, to show her anger, her husband looked at her with disdain and said, this is my new friend, Katy, you whore wife, and she is now a permanent part of this household, you will move to the spare bedroom immediately, since I never want to touch you again, you lying cheating slut.

Annie looked at her husband, who until he discovered her 30 year adultery with David Lawson, had erroneously loved her dearly. She now knew exactly where she stood, as her one time adulterous marriage crumbled before her eyes. She fled to the master bedroom and lay for hours on her fowled marriage bed crying piteously.

Annie's husband received a special fetex package in the mail at his office a few days after he returned from his cruise with Katy. He took the afternoon off, so that he would not be disturbed.

Entering his office when he reached home he closed and locked the door to his office and taking the DVD out of his briefcase inserted it in his personal computer. There was a stickum on the DVD envelope that told him where to find the scene he wished to view. In this scene, there was an incredibly frightened David Lawson, who had obviously been under torture for some time. And yelled out while sitting in a chair naked with straps on his arms, Oh God, please forgive me for fucking your wife Annie!! I know that you are behind this, since they told me it was complements of you. As I watched the screen they held him, screaming, and severed his cock, as they put a special device in his mouth to hold it open. Then they shoved his severed cock down the cuckolding scumbags throat, using a plastic sticklike device to shove it into his throat blocking all air flow as they used a clamp on his nostrils. I watched this viscious, arrogant, cuckolding, pile of fecal matter die, choking to death on his cock, and felt nothing but elation.

Life went on after David Lawson was killed in a very visible way, and the story of what he did reached the public trough. Annie continued working for the hospital she and David Lawson were employees of, though that employment did not last long after I filed a major law suit against this Medical Corporation, that owned the hospital, for allowing the long affair which had destroyed my marriage to the slut Annie. This had violated the non-fraternization clause in their employee contracts. I had gathered much evidence of their affair, including records of all of the Hilton Hotel room receipts they had used in their adultery, plus depositions, under oath, from several witnesses at the hospital that had wittnessed their kissing and fondling in the hospital while on duty. Annie was immediately fired for cause and I was awarded 5 million in an out of court settlement by Annie's former company.

The story of her 30 years of lying and cheating adultery, reached our three children, as I divorced her. Instantly, my adulterous whore wife, suddenly found herself to be a pariah that none of her three children wanted, in any way, in their lives from that point onward.

The terrible consequences, of what she had done to myself and her family, came home to roost, a year after Lawson was murdered, with a vengeance. Annie found herself with a terrible Cancer of her breasts, that had already spread to her lymph nodes and other parts of her body and made the last year of her life one of total agony. After her children shunned her she never saw two of her children or her grandchildren again. Only Shawna, our oldest daughter, came to visit her two times as this worthless bitch's life ended.

Consequences are a Bitch!

The End of John Trevor's Epilogue.


By hansbwl

Coming home after the film, the atmosphere was a bit strained. It remained strained for the next two three weeks. Neither of us talked about what had happened and we walked around each other like on burning coal. But about three weeks later when I came home after a long walk, Annie was bubbling with joy. She kissed me and gave me a hug and told me she loved me. From then on our life was not only back to normal, but better than it had been for many years. We simply enjoyed life.

10 years later Annie started to feel poorly. After a lot of tests by her doctor and a visit to the hospital, terminal cancer was diagnosed. It was one of those angry types and it had invaded her whole body, there was nothing to do. She chose to stay the last few weeks at home, to be with me and the rest of her family. She was given morphine for her pain, so except for the fact she was dying, she had good days. One day, when I sat by her bed holding her hand she asked:

"George, can you forgive me? Can you forgive me for messing up our marriage? You know you are my only true love don't you?

"Yes, I did forgive you 10 years ago. I couldn't forget, it hurt, but yes I forgave you Annie." I replied and continued; "I did that three weeks after, you know when. You kissed me and said you loved me and you were from that day my very loving wife. What happened to make that change?"

She looked at me with loving eyes and said: "Your suit needed dry cleaning and going through the pockets I found a used ticket from the movie theater, dated January 10th for the 18.30 show. Then I knew you had not run away in anger into another woman's arms. It made me happy, I understood your pain, and I made up my mind to be the best wife possible. Don't tell me if you used any of the wild cards or not. I don't want to know. In a way I hope you did and enjoyed it. I always loved you George and you have been so good to me."

I kissed her lightly on her lips and whispered: "I love you too, and the last ten years has also been great, thank you."

Two days later she passed away peacefully and then I was really alone with the loss and memories.

The End.

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by Anonymous

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by ju8streading02/25/18

the first part of this was a bit extreme.
the biggest problem with the 2nd part, how could he trust her enough to keep her?

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by penneydog5502/22/18

What is wrong

With happy ever after? Sure she screwed up and was a Slut but hey what else is new Now my friends here is a kicker :- Ashley Madison. Com own our Media so My God The Percentage of cheating Spouses wentmore...

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by oxynam2501/11/18

just saw juanwildone's version in the comments

Kudos to him. He ended the story better than both of these endings. That was really good, probably check out his stories now.

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by oxynam2501/11/18

Shouldn't have done an epilogue

I mean you should've, but you couldn't do it and not blaming you. From what others say it's hard to do, but your ending did absolutely nothing. Find myself agreeing with what Harry said. It didn't accomplishmore...

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by Cookie799112/03/17

I liked your epilogue best.

I couldn't even finish the first one.

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