tagLoving WivesA Burglary

A Burglary

byEnglish Bob©

No matter how confident you may be, no matter how strong your personality, nothing can quite prepare you for seeing your own house burgled. The sight of your possessions strewn about and your property ransacked is bad enough, but then to realise that a perfect stranger has had unlimited access to personal and private items and that some of the stolen property is virtually irreplaceable, is just the icing on the cake! I fully understand that a crime such as this cannot, quite rightly, rank very highly in these days of murder and rape, but nevertheless, I can tell you from personal experience, it can be very traumatising. My story, however, is not all gloom and despondency. Our burglary gave my wife and I a chance to indulge in one of our greatest fantasies.

Sally and I had just returned from a night out with a group of friends. We had attended the opening of a local art gallery and had gone on to a club afterwards. The taxi dropped us off outside our home on the outskirts of the city, and I fiddled (rather drunkenly, I'm afraid) with my keys in the front door. In my semi-intoxicated state, I could almost sense something was amiss even before we got inside. As I flicked on the light switch in the lounge, the hackles on the back of my neck stood up. I heard Sally give a little scream as we both surveyed the state of the room. Chairs and tables had been knocked over, paintings were missing from the wall. All our cupboards had been emptied with the contents scattered over the floor.

"What the fu-" I managed to gasp out. "What happened?"

"Oh, Gerry," sobbed Sally. "We've been burgled!"

All of a sudden a sort of survival instinct took over in my mind. I had to make sure that there was nobody still left in the house.

"Stay here!" I shouted, as I began to race through the ground floor of the house.

I tore from room to room like a lunatic. It suddenly dawned on me that if there was someone still here, I was completely unprotected. I grabbed the first heavy object that came to hand; an old brass candlestick, and feeling a little braver with the comforting metal in my hand, quickly searched the rest of the house.

"Well, whoever was here has gone now." I said as I returned to the lounge a little out of breath.

Sally was still standing in her cocktail dress in the same position that I had left her a few minutes ago. She looked blank and was just staring into space.

"The rest of the house has been turned upside down too." I said. "Better call the police."

"Sally?...Sally, wake up honey!"

My wife suddenly snapped out of her reverie. "Y..Yes...the police.....I'll call them now."

Twenty minutes later, Sally seemed fully recovered and we were both giving statements to a pair of detectives sitting in our lounge. Det. Paul Davis and Det. Julie Rand seemed young but fully in control, it was obvious that this was an everyday occurrence for them. They took our details in a professional and caring way and seemed to work extremely well together. "I'm afraid that this is not the first break-in of this kind in the neighbourhood," said Paul, as he sat opposite my wife. "We are currently investigating several similar crimes in the area. Do you have a list yet? An idea of what has been taken?"

"Not yet," I replied. "It'll take me a good half hour to come up with that information."

"Okay," Said the detective. "Maybe in a moment you could start on the list while we take your wife's statement."

At that moment Sally, who was sitting on the sofa next to the female detective Julie, crossed her legs. She was still wearing the cocktail dress that she had worn earlier, and as her long legs moved, the split in the side of the satin material opened to reveal a large proportion of her leg and upper thigh. She could obviously feel the cool air on her stocking covered leg, and, apologising, pulled the dress back into position. Both Paul and Julie smiled, and I was certain that Julie moved just a little closer towards my wife, almost touching her on the sofa. For a few more minutes, both detectives asked Sally more questions, priming her for her statement. I was sitting in a chair just off to the right, and was fascinated to see that Paul could hardly keep his eyes off my wife's legs. Sally seemed to be enjoying the attention as well, because she kept crossing and uncrossing those long, sexy legs, adjusting her dress with a giggle every time it fell open.

We had played this game many time before, but I was extremely surprised that Sally seemed in the mood to play now. She seemed to have forgotten all about the state of our house and was now blatantly flirting with both officers. I knew that if I wanted this situation to develop further, then the ball was in my court, so to speak. I caught Sally's eye and smiled. She returned my attention with a wicked grin, It was obvious that she wanted to continue.

"Okay guys," I said, looking at Paul with a grin, "if you want to..er, work with Sally for a while, I'll go make up that list. I think I'll take a shower as well, if you can do without me for a while?"

My smile was not lost on Sally. "Fine, hon. I'm sure I can give these officers...whatever they need!"

I skipped upstairs quickly and went from room to room making notes on what had been stolen or damaged. I tried to concentrate on my task, but it was difficult not to think of what was going on downstairs. It seemed that the robbers had not spent much time up here. There was only minor damage and only a few items that seemed to be missing. I finished the list in about ten minutes. I could hear the sound of laughter coming from the lounge and knew that Sally's flirting was continuing. I had no intention of using the shower, but turned it on and left the bathroom door ajar so that the officers would think that I was occupied in there. I removed my shoes so as to remain as silent as possible, and padded back towards our master bedroom. Once inside, I flicked on the CCTV monitor that I had installed for our security (ha!), and turned the switch to the lounge camera.

The picture was good. I could clearly make out Sally sitting on the sofa, now flanked on each side by Julie and Paul. Her flirting had obviously taken on a new dimension now, because Paul had his arm around her neck and was kissing her deeply, his tongue flicking over her ruby painted lips sensuously. Julie was also busy, her hands roaming over my wife's exposed thigh through the split in the dress. Sally, being the complete slut that she is, had let her legs fall open and was moaning into Paul's mouth as they tongued each others tonsils. I could see her shift her bottom slightly, trying to urge Julie's hand closer towards the top of her thighs.

Things were moving a little quicker now. Paul's hand had crept around to Sally's front and was sliding inside the low cut neckline of her dress. I could see the shape of his hand inside the material as it squeezed and pinched her braless breasts. By this time, Julie had bunched up the skirt of Sally's dress and exposed her red satin bikini panties. As Julie slid off the sofa and crawled between my wife's spread legs, I released my throbbing cock from the confines of my underwear and, applying some cool hand lotion from the bottle by the bed, began to slowly masturbate as I watched.

Sally was now in a state of semi nakedness. Paul had released her large breasts from the top of her dress and was playing with her hard, pointed nipples as they continued to french kiss. Her panties were now on the floor between her legs as Julie's head buried itself in the dark curly hair of her pussy. Sally moaned again deeply as she felt Julie's tongue plant hot, wet kisses on her labia and engorged clitoris. I watched her twist and writhe as she climaxed, her juice trickling down over her stocking tops as Julie continued to lash her tongue up and down my wife's slit.

I saw Paul look at his watch, as if checking the time that he thought I had been in the bathroom. He was sporting a large bulge in the front of his trousers which looked ready to burst out at any moment. He whispered something to Sally and she quickly unzipped him. My own cock gave a twitch as I looked at the monitor. Paul was big. Really big, at least ten inches long and as thick as Sally's wrist. I smiled to myself, I knew she was going to enjoy this!

Sally lowered her head over his throbbing member as Julie stood and began to watch. As my wife sucked Paul deeply into her mouth, the female detective began to squeeze her own breasts through her thin top as she looked on. Paul had obviously decided that a blow-job was not what he wanted, because he quickly flipped my wife over onto her hands and knees and positioned himself behind her in the classic "doggy position". His cock was huge and hard as he prepared to enter Sally from behind. I could clearly see her saliva glistening along the solid shaft. Sally gasped out loud as he penetrated her wet vagina, sinking in to the hilt immediately. Julie was busy stripping off her panties and bunching her skirt up. No longer content to just watch, she moved to Sally's head and, propping one leg up on the arm of the sofa, spread a beautiful and clean shaven pussy with her fingers and pulled Sally's head towards the damp folds of her labia. Sally accepted her task eagerly, and began to lick up and down the officers wet vagina while moving her butt up and down to meet the thrusts of Paul behind her.

Ironically, I was the first to cum. I had not realised that I had been stroking so fast or that I had reached that level of excitement, but, almost without warning, my balls tightened and I shot a huge stream of cum over the bedroom carpet. I continued to gently massage my wilting member as I watched the action on the monitor. Julie was the next one to orgasm, grabbing my wife's head roughly and holding it tightly against her quivering pussy as the sensations swept over her lithe body. Hearing his partner cry out in orgasm was too much for Paul. With a grunt he fucked his monster penis deep into Sally's juicy pussy. I could see his eyes screw tight shut as he reached under her and grabbed a tit in each hand, mauling her and pinching the nipples between his fingers. Suddenly, his head flew back. He cried out and pulled his throbbing member from Sally's dripping pussy, releasing his hot cum over her butt and lower back. Spurt after spurt erupted from the tip, as his climax seemed to last for ever.

I looked at my watch. The whole thing had lasted about forty minutes and it was probably about time I put in an appearance downstairs. I gave them a few minutes to get themselves together before I zipped up my flaccid penis and began to make my way down the stairs. I whistled some inane tune loudly as I walked, to let them know I was coming.

As I entered the lounge, I threw a quick smile at Sally. They were all sitting in exactly the same positions as they had been when I had left. If it were not for the unmistakable aroma of sex in the air and an electric atmosphere, you might have thought nothing had happened.

"Er...Right..Mr. Green," Said Paul, trying to sound professional, "I think we are just about ready to take your statement now."

"Oh, please call me Gerry," I said in response with a very wide smile. "I think we all know each other well enough for that by now, don't you?"

- The End -

* * * * *

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