tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Bus Ride (Redeaux Too)

A Bus Ride (Redeaux Too)


Adria entered the bus with several other people, making sure there were a few between her and Drew, her boyfriend. It was a maneuver they worked out earlier in the day, so no one on the bus could tell they were together. The secret was to climb onto the bus separately and sit far apart, so both of them could observe the people around them. It worked well today, she wedged herself between two large women and shuffled onto the bus with no noticeable connection to Drew, in fact she passed the driver without attracting a second glance.

She did draw plenty of stares as she moved sensuously down the long aisle to the back of the bus, weaving past people as they settled themselves into their seats. Though she had a pretty good idea why people stared, she wondered what it was that attracted them to him the most. Her long, dark hair, cascaded over her shoulders with a stylish flair and although it had been a couple of weeks since it was last styled, she kept it well controlled, so Adria figured her hair might attract some attention.

Her tight fitting blouse was very neat and well pressed, displaying her breasts wonderfully wherever she went. She always had the ability to do most any kind of moving or lounging around without really messing her clothes up so as she moved down the aisle toward the back of the bus, she let her blue striped blouse show off her well developed breasts.

Her shorts were very short and were filled out by a nice ass that curved down to her nicely tanned thighs. A tiny scar just above the bend of her knee added the slight hint of imperfection that simply seemed to improve her look. Her dark brown eyes were deep set, giving her a mysterious look that she knew attracted some men, and a few women to her.

She moved toward the back of the bus, while Drew followed a few paces behind her, she felt her breasts brush up against an attractive man as she slid past. Wanting to spice things up with Drew, bus rides became a fun means of sexual release for Adria. Just watching the men and sometimes the women react to her as she slid past them, lightly brushing against them, her perfume lightly wafting over them, turned her on. Occasionally, when she was lucky enough to "innocently" brush against someone she passed just noticing their smile and slightly flustered response as she politely whispered, "Excuse me," added to her enjoyment.

She drew stares and pleasant reactions as people were noticed her aroma and appearance, but she knew he must keep moving toward the seats in the back, so she pretended not to notice. This pleasant experience was simply foreplay for Adria and by the time she reached her seat at the very back of the bus, she was fully aroused.

She carefully slid into her seat and watched Drew sit nearby, close enough to block off any unwanted intruder, but far enough away so people would not think they were together. She noticed that most of seats around them were empty, giving both a nice view toward the front of the bus. Scanning the passengers, she picked a particular man sitting near the middle of the bus. She simply stared at him, drinking in every nuance of her appearance and manner, until Drew spotted who she watched. Once he picked up on who Adria was watching she reached to her shorts, pulled the crotch aside, freeing her pussy. Only a bit nervous of being caught there in the back of the bus, she loved the the feel of cool air coursing over her swollen lips.

Watching the man, she slid her fingers into herself to moisten them and then began to stroke her clit slowly; initally careful to disguise what she was doing. Adria got the woman's attention after several minutes of intense staring, at first it was a quick glance as the man's eyes locked on hers, but then glanced away, but her continued stare drew his gaze.

Now that she could see him watching her, repeatedly glancing at her and then away, she got a bit more demonstrative as her fingers toyed with her clit. She let her head and shoulders sway back and forth in unison with the rhythm her fingers made circling over her tiny bud. Her moans were real as she felt the walls of her cunt begin to ripple as the waves of pleasure shot through her.

Adria timed her manipulation, delaying her orgasm until she was sure the man knew exactly what she was doing. Once she sensed his discovery and intense interest in her sexual antics, she let herself come, shoving her fingers deep into herself and feeling her cunt pulse around her. Catching her breath, she looked over at drew, watching a glistening white liquid slowly run down the embossed metal seatback in front of him and drip onto the floor. The thought of him secretly masturbating too excited her.

Seeing the man, now fully aware of what just happened, begin to show some distinct interest in her, pointing her out to a friend, she quickly slipped her shorts back over her drenched pussy and began movin towards the door. Watching Drew carefully move his feet to the aisle, avoiding the puddle on the floor, she prepared for a quick departure. Hearing the bus's brakes squeak, she moved swiftly to the side doors, gave her observer one last sensuous smile and climbed off the bus moving quickly down the sidewalk, holding Drew's hand.

By that time, she was so worked up again they had to find a hotel room nearby. Teasing her, Drew slowly registered and led her to the room, savoring her agitated state and thinking about their bus ride.

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