tagIllustratedA Woman's Journal (Month 08-09)

A Woman's Journal (Month 08-09)


If you are reading this series for the first time, please start with A BusinessWoman's Journal April/May as it is the first segment of this story.

November 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I had a chance to sneak on the Internet today. To say that I am addicted would be an understatement.

I am spending more and more time at work on various forums and discussion groups.

I started posting photos of myself along with portions of my diary that relate to the photos.

Mr. Mayhew as well as Linda's clients from the other night had provided me with the photos that they had taken of me.

I love to read the comments that I receive from everyone.

It seems that my sexual explorations have some added benefits.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Back on the Internet today where I posted some more photos and shared my second Mr. Mayhew story. It probably would be better to not write stories about my work on the Internet, but I love the attention that I get from others.

I find some of their comments quite stimulating.

I love the feel of my stockings when I squeeze my thighs together and how my strategically placed child's rubber ball rubs in just the right place, giving me mini orgasms while I am sitting at my desk.

I simply sit on it and rock until I spasm. Love it.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I scheduled a meeting with Mr. Valequez for Thursday so I could go over another quarterly statement with him.

He has been quite busy lately as he is opening some more stores.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I drove to Mr. Valequez's office to meet with him.

He introduced me to Ms. Cantwell, his CFO, and led us into the conference room.

She was another well-dressed and striking female employee of Mr. Valequez's.

We sat at his conference table where I could spread the documents out on the table so everyone could view them better.

I was sandwiched between Mr. Valequez and his finance officer as I pulled the report out of my brief case.

I sat on the edge of my chair in order to better see the report as I explained the figures to them.

Part way through our discussion, I felt a hand placed on my stocking covered knee. I cringed thinking how bold Mr. Valequez was to try and fondle me with another person sitting next to us.

As the hand worked its way up, my dress was being pulled up with it until I knew that I needed to take a subtle look towards my lap to see how much of me was showing.

Since Linda had replaced Ms. Spencer, our dress code had been loosened a bit allowing us to wear dresses as long as we still looked professional. However my particular dress was loose enough to allow for some very explicit exploration of my lower anatomy.

As I glanced downward to see the top of my stockings and suspender snaps fully exposed, I saw Ms. Cantwell's eyes follow mine.

Her eyes widened in what I could only interpret as surprise, although I did notice a hint of pleasure included in her look. Sensing my own discomposure of my situation, she pointed out a particular line item on the report and asked me a question about it.

Thankfully this brought my attention back to the business at hand, although Mr. Valequez used this opportunity to slide his hand right up between my legs squeezing me delicately on my inner thigh.

Without any intention on my part I felt my legs part slightly allowing him to press the side of his hand against my nylon-covered kitty. Uncontrollably I found myself pressing my lower body forward in my chair to meet his diligence with one of my own.

By the look on Ms. Cantwell's face, I am sure that she was quite aware of what was transpiring with Mr. Valequez's hand placement and my libido.

I felt an extreme sense of shame as I now purposely positioned my lower body to receive the full attention of his exploring fingers.

It had been so long since I had a man's hand stimulating any of my erogenous zones, I found myself encouraging his manual artistry of my female protuberance.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his face form a very subtle smile of amusement as he pressed his hand harder against my now swelling and parting lower lips.

Just at this moment the phone in the conference room rang and in one smooth movement, Mr. Valequez pulled the hem of my dress down to its original position and with the other hand picked up the phone.

He quickly excused himself to take the phone call in his office.

Ms. Cantwell turned to me stating quite matter of factly, "It seems that your little climax has been postponed. Shall we finish the report?"

I flushed crimson red.

I went over the remainder of the report answering every question that she posed. After we were done, she actually complimented me on my knowledge and ability to explain all of its facets.

"So you are more than a one trick pony, I see," she surmised with a sly little grin.

"I guess that I am," I replied shaking her hand and making my way out of the conference room and ultimately back to S&M.

Once I got home, I was astonished with how horny I was along with how willing I am to seek relief.

I am definitely not the same woman that I was just 6 months ago.

Monday, November 22 thru Sunday, November 28, 2010

I took the week off to spend time with my family for the Thanksgiving holiday. My husband was home as well.

We had a chance to be a complete family for the week, which was very enjoyable. I like the tradition of Thanksgiving that encourages family and reflection on all of the good things in one's life.

Although I really missed the intensity of my job and relationships, it was very good to have a break and recharge.

Quite a few times I was tempted to share the changes that I have experienced with my husband, but then he would say something that made me feel that he was not ready nor would he understand.

So mum is still the word for me.

One thing that was very difficult was not being able to masturbate for the entire week.

We had sex a couple of times, but it just wasn't comparable to the excitement that I am experiencing with my job.

Well, back to it on Monday.

Monday, November 29, 2010

I am back at work and didn't realize how much I missed it as my entire body started vibrating the second I walked into the office.

Linda came over and told me how much she missed me last week and I gave her a big hug.

She grabbed my bottom through my skirt while laughing and said, "I just wanted to check if you were dressed properly."

A strange little tingle went through me when we pressed our bodies together and she squeezed my bottom.

Maybe I shouldn't be gone this long again.

December 2010

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I received another package from Mr. Valequez with a note that read:

To my favorite banker.

Your presence is requested at our annual Christmas celebration.

Your costume is enclosed. A limo will pick you up at your office at 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 17.

Be prepared to have fun.


I opened the tissue paper wrapping the costume and lifted it from the package. It was a green elf outfit with an extremely short skirt, a pointed little hat with a sprig of mistletoe hanging from its brim, and high heeled pointed elf shoes.

I took it into Linda's office to show her and her comment was simply, "I can't wait until Friday."

I responded, "I can't wear this in our office. I will just have to change when I get to Mr. Valequez's."

Linda replied, "Come on, E. Loosen up. You know everyone here would love to see you in your elf costume, and after all it is almost Christmas."

I agreed, but said, "But what in the world do you wear underneath something this short?"

Linda assured me that she would take care of it with a Cheshire cat kind of grin.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ms. Court asked me to lunch to provide me the details of the December 28th charity event.

She asked me to be at her club, "Knots" no later than 8:00 p.m.

I asked her what I should wear and she told me to wear something that I would wear to the office, as it would make me standout. Whatever that meant?

I have to admit that I am getting quite excited about this event as Ms. Court has keep it cloaked in so much mystery that I still don't know exactly what I will be doing.

After lunch she gave me a big hug pressing her pelvis up against mine and kissing me full on the lips. I could feel the heat emanating from her lower body.

I was so taken back that I couldn't reply when she said, "Merry Christmas! See you on the 28th."

The pressure of her body against mine was almost electric and it surprised me with how long I could feel the sensations once I returned to the office.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Today is Mr. Valequez's Xmas party and Linda came over to my desk with a little present to complete my elf costume.

It was in one of those fancy little bags that panties usually are placed in at exclusive lingerie stores.

I opened the bag and pulled out a very teeny pair of Christmas red string bikini panties with Merry Xmas embroidered in silver sequins across the bottom along with a matching red balconette bra. The kind that lifts your breasts as if on a platter and allows your nipples to poke above the fabric.

"Oh my God" I said to Linda, "I am glad that I shaved this morning as these are barely going to cover me. And the bra is going to show everything!"

Linda smiled and replied, "I know. Aren't they fabulous?"

I have to admit that my body was on high alert for the remainder of the day as I kept imagining myself in front of a large group of people in an extremely short skirt and the tiniest fire red panties that I have ever seen.

As it approached 3:30 I went into the ladies room to change having promised Linda that her office would be my first stop following my transformation into Sexpot Elf.

I don't know how Mr. Valequez does it, but the costume fit me like a glove.

The top was a very fitted white blouse, which clearly displayed my bright red bra and dark nipples through the material. It had a tight fitted green vest that did what most bras are meant to do i.e. lift and separate.

I don't think that I had ever felt sexier on top than I did in the vest and bra combination. It almost looked like I was endowed.

Now the skirt was something else altogether as it barely covered my nylon red clad bottom or front for that matter.

It was shorter than any micro mini that I had ever worn and clearly was designed to show off the wearer's undergarments, which in my case barely covered my "bare assets".

The panties had a teeny little triangle of fabric in front that explained why nothing was embroidered there, as it would barely fit the letter "E", whereas the back of the panties liked to creep up my bottom allowing half of my cheeks to be on full display making the sequins read Merry Xmas as if it were one word.

I had bought a pair of green fish net stockings to wear, as bare legs do not exactly work in a wintry climate.

I checked myself out in the full length mirror hung on one of the walls in the ladies room and felt my body come alive. My nipples immediately assumed the full erect position and my lower lips began to swell.

It had been quite a while since I had relieved myself of any sexual tension and I knew that I was going to have to be very careful while playing little Ms. Sexy Elf.

I quickly traversed the open area of the office to the loud exclaims, hoots, and hollers of my co-workers, who made me promise to give them a full show and escaped into Linda's office.

She looked up from her desk in amazement exclaiming, "My God, E. You look simply delicious!"

I told her how excited I felt wearing the costume and she again explained something about my latent desires to show off and be noticed.

I am not sure if I fully understood her advanced psychology commentary, but there was no denying how my body felt.

Linda lifted my skirt to admire her gift to me saying, "Wow! Those fit better than I imagined." She then gave me a little pinch on one of my exposed checks and told me to let my co-workers see their naughty elf.

What a change this was from the Ms. Spencer days, as I would have been severely reprimanded for wearing anything like this before.

I went back out and again walked through the office allowing everyone to have their good look and expressions.

Much to my surprise most everyone complimented me and told me they wished that they looked as good or had the nerve to wear something like this.

It does help to work in a primarily female-staffed office.

Even Ms. Spencer gave me an approving look. She has become a different person since her reassignment.

As I was starting to put my coat on to go out to the limousine, Mr. Von Elder called me into his office.

He asked me to close the door as I entered holding my coat in one arm

He just stared at me and after a while motioned with his hand for me to slowly pirouette in front of him.

My breath caught in my throat when I saw the look of raw desire in his eyes.

He smiled in a very wicked way that caused my legs to feel weak as my nipples again popped to attention and said, "E, I know how inappropriate this is, but you are possibly the sexiest woman that I know. Maybe I should ask you to wear your elf outfit for our party as well."

I heard myself respond, "Okay," as my body vibrated in a most arousing way.

After regaining my composure, I told him that I had to be going and he wished me a good time never taking his eyes off me as I left his office.

As I opened his door I couldn't help myself as I turned my head towards him and said, "Oh, by the way," and I lifted my elf skirt up in back to show him the "Merry Xmas" embroidered across my bottom.

I hurriedly put my coat on and ran out to the waiting limousine.

I was so pleased to see the same limo driver that had driven me to Mr. Valequez's summer party. This time he introduced himself as Dan Amunsen.

Dan has driven for Mr. Valequez for the last 12 years and noted that I was different than the usual women that he escorted back and forth.

I asked him what he meant, and he replied, "You display an intelligence along with the ability to go with the flow that I haven't seen before. I have dealt with so many hissy fits and dramas that I couldn't count them on both hands."

He then added, "So what does he have you wearing this time?"

In response to his question I opened my coat and showed him my abbreviated elf costume.

Dan replied, "Well, you better cover up for now as you are going to be in the warehouse for the party, which isn't exactly warm. I will be sure to crank the heat in the car for your return trip."

With that Dan drove on to Mr. Valequez's offices.

The limo deposited me at the front door, where the receptionist took my coat and hurried me to the large refrigerated warehouse connected to the front offices.

When I entered I found Mr. Valequez dressed in a Santa suit sitting in a large ornate chair with a high back with all of his warehouse employees gathered in front of him.

As he saw me, he exclaimed, "Ah, there is Santa's helper now."

The reaction of the primarily male staff was quite intoxicating and somewhat embarrassing as they redefined the phrase hooting and hollering.

I felt like I was standing in front of a large group of men with a form fitted and very revealing outfit, which, of course, I was.

Mr. Valequez motioned for me to join him by sitting on his lap.

As I bent over slightly to sit down he got a good look at my Merry Xmas sequins and exposed lower cheeks, which I imagined were turning blue due to the not so warm temperature of the warehouse. Thank goodness I had thought to wear the fishnets.

As I sat on his lap I immediately noticed that Santa had a prominent branch jutting out from his main trunk and I was sitting right on top of it.

If Santa and his elf had been wearing birthday suits instead of their costumes, Santa's elf would have been impaled on Santa's Ho Ho Ho stick.

I think that the sexually charged atmosphere of which I was the main attraction caused some switch inside of me to click on as I purposely positioned myself so Santa's holiday excitement was being straddled by my almost bare cheeks.

As Mr. Valequez explained to his employees that his helper would be handing out Christmas envelopes to each one of them, I subtly wiggled and slid up and down on his joy stick.

After less than a minute of my pelvic gestures, Mr. Valequez was having a difficult time speaking in continuous sentences without little gasps and intakes of air.

I decided that I better take the handful of envelopes from him and start handing them out.

I then read the name on the top of the first envelope waiting for the named individual to identify themselves. Once identified, I approached the employee handing them the envelope and then kissed them on the cheek wishing them Feliz Navidad.

The men particularly enjoyed it when the employee was shorter than myself as it required me to bent over to apply my kiss giving everyone a wonderful view of my Christmas panties.

As I went through the names envelope by envelope I couldn't imagine having more fun.

I was treated by everyone with respect while at the same time ogled and admired for my lack of clothing.

I allowed the men to take photos with me although often I found their hand placed on my red bottom as opposed to around my waist.

I then posed for a number of pin-up photos on the forklifts spread throughout the area.

One very talented man used the forklift to catch my elf skirt and pull it northward allowing everyone another chance to see my Merry Xmas sequins.

I have to admit that I loved every second of it.

I have always wanted to know what it was like to be a true pin-up model and I was not disappointed with the experience.

Afterwards Mr. Valequez and I went to his office and he told me that if it hadn't been for my company, he wouldn't have been able to pass out the bonuses this year.

He was extremely grateful and surprisingly left me alone, almost to my disappointment.

I told him that S&M had a gift for him and turned to retrieve it from my shoulder bag.

It seems that the act of bending over with my Merry Xmas sequins facing directly at Mr. Valequez reignited the heat that I had felt earlier while sitting on Santa's lap.

Mr. Valequez pushed me over the chair that my shoulder bag was on and began to hump my sequins in what might have been construed as a means to rub them off.

He is quite well endowed by what I could feel pressing between my nylon covered cheeks.

I relished the feel of the warmth emanating from his throbbing erection. As he ground himself in an ever quickening motion, I found my elfin panties to be getting wet as the sensations of his hard shaft rubbing across my barely covered buttocks brought an unexpected excitement to my lower torso.

I almost came myself when I felt his entire body stiffen pressing himself firmly against my bottom allowing the sensations to build to his inevitable orgasm.

I loved the feel of his spasms against my bottom as he emptied his lust with each convulsion.

Well, I certainly wasn't cold anymore.

Mr. Valequez sat back down red faced and out of breath.

He then proceeded to explain to me that when he had gotten married he had promised his wife never to enter another woman as long as they were together, but he could not help himself with such a "provocativo feminina" as myself and thus always wore a condom whenever he knew that I was coming to see him.

I guess that means that he was cumming to see me as well.

I know that I should feel used and ashamed for my role in his sexual satisfaction, however I found it exhilarating to turn someone on much so that they couldn't control themselves.

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