tagMatureA Busy Day Ch. 02

A Busy Day Ch. 02


She called out to him when she closed the door behind her and he came up from the basement slowly. After setting her purse down, she hugged him. "See? I did have a good day after all." He saw her radiance and smiled. "Go deal with your stuff in the car while I go change into something more relaxing." He nodded.

Glancing across some outfits in her closet, she undid her blouse and slipped it off. She stopped and stared down at her wrist for a moment while unbuttoning it and saw a stain on it. She examined it closely then lost focus while she thought of what it could have been. She flashed back to her day and with wide eyes and a gaping jaw, she realized precisely what the stain was.

"Oh my god!" she nearly yelled. She heard him re-enter the house and with the blouse in her hand ran over to him. He stopped to admire her in only her bra but the look she was giving him did not make the pleasant moment last.

"Look at this!" She held the cuff of her blouse up to him. He glanced down at it, curious. "This is you!" She stammered. He too stood slack jawed at the notion. "I've been running around the office all afternoon with this 'Stain' on my shirt." He eyed her, thinking of her embarrassment. "Do you know how embarrassed I would have been if anyone noticed it?" He nodded and didn't shy away his grin. She slapped his shoulder lightly, cursing at him. "Now I've got to wash this and you better hope it comes out." She ended and turned towards the washing machine.

"Judging by the look of the stain," he spoke out to her, "it looks like it came out well." His grin wide and he put away his project materials.

Later, he had started to make their supper and she came in to help. "So much for my good mood now," she mumbled. "You did a nice job of ruining that."

He looked over at her. "I didn't ruin anything. The night's still young and I'm quite sure I can bring you around once more." She thought about it for a while as they enjoyed their meal. She told him again that she did enjoy the riskiness of their interlude during her lunch. "When I noticed the woman passing by, I shooed her away quickly after she grinned so you wouldn't notice." He teased her.

"What??" she choked out. "We were seen too?" She slammed her fist on the table.

No amount of effort could hide his grin and he laughed lightly. "No, I'm kidding." The idea of her being some kind of exhibitionist was not one she took lightly and despite her enjoying the moment, would not want to make public scenes like that again.

He cleaned off the table afterwards and she quickly snatched the half empty bottle of wine and brought it into the living room where there, she would wait for him to do the dishes alone. A fitting punishment for his teasing her so cruelly. "Well, if you need me, I'll be in the basement." He told her, making his way to the stairs.

"Huh?" She was surprised at his comment and looked back over the couch to him. "You said you'd bring me around." She shot him a pleading look. "You promised."

He stopped and stared down the steps, thinking back, he never promised. "I said I could but you don't seem to be in the mood now."

"I need your help with that." She smiled but he didn't see it. When he turned however, she saw her angelic expression, her head resting on the back of the couch and she made a 'come here' gesture with a finger.

He sat on the arm of the couch well out of her reach and she sat up, legs crossed and giddy. Likely because of the wine, he thought and he grinned at her behaviour. She offered both her hands to him and he took them, slipping down to seat himself closer to her and he kissed each of hers. She nestled up to him and they held each other for a few moments, taking in each other's affection.

"I might not look like I'm in the mood, at least to see," she whispered to him. "But I can say I'm still a little excited at what we did earlier." She slipped a hand up inside his t-shirt and lightly teased at his chest.

The act was swift and he spun to face her, gripping both her arms and she let him lay her down across the couch. She let out a sudden gasp as he did so and he topped her. He kissed her softly; tasting the wine on her upper lip then kissed the lower one. "You and your wine." He whispered and her smile was wide.

"My wine." She told him and her hand reached out for her glass on the little coffee table but was too far to reach it.

His eyes followed her arm and laughed when she could not grab it. "No more for you." She let out a groan and he kissed her again, more passionately. She no longer cared about the wine and held him close to her.

Holding himself up with arms at her sides, he gave her a slow glance down her body and noticed her shirt held no buttons. All the better he thought; a quick motion and it would be over her head and out of his way. Leaning back and lowering his head, he rested it at her navel and began nudging at the shirt with his nose while he kissed her stomach, working his way upwards until the fabric could no longer rise, being held down under her back.

"Some things take two to tango, you know." He muttered and she laughed. He reached out to her and she sat up, held by his hands and when she was high enough, he watched as she slipped the shirt off. She fell back to the couch and rested on her elbows.

Though he liked what he saw, her cute little bra and the curve of her breasts, he would have to struggle to remove them as well.

He reached up for them and she said, "No, no, no." He looked at her blankly. "You didn't need hands to remove the shirt; you won't need them for this." She taunted him. He shrugged and grinned.

Looking over at the bra carefully, he found a means to remove them though it would not be completely. He resumed his leaning posture and took the strap clip in his mouth. She watched him; curious as to how he would go about it and with a gasp, the strap slipped out of his mouth and over her shoulder. He grinned at her surprised and repeated the act with her other.

"That's cheating," she whispered. "But it's still attached." and she tapped on the side of the cups of her bra.

She felt his tongue on her body, just below the bra and inhaled a little moan as he managed to slip it under it and pick it up in his mouth. Using his teeth, he tugged down on it and while she was still resting on her arms, it slid down off her breasts with a little effort.

When he was pleased at where it stopped he grinned at her again. "Who said it had to come off."

He found her nipples aching for attention and circled one with his tongue. He looked up at her in surprise as she fell back to the couch and the nipple was out of his reach for a moment.

"What's with the teasing?" He whispered. "I thought you wanted me to do this?" Her eyes were closed and she nodded.

"I just want as much as I can get." She told him. "You know I'm selfish like that." He submitted to her whims and again took up her erect nipple.

She threw her hands over his shoulders as he worked his way down her body, kissing and exhaling warmth across it and when he reached the rim of her jeans, he didn't hesitate to undo them with his hand.

"Not good enough to do that with your mouth?" She asked him as he watched her.

Again he shrugged. "I probably could but I'm in a hurry." He tugged on her jeans and hinted at her that she could at least help him in slipping them off of her. Reluctantly, she did so.

"Hey, wait a minute." She blurted out as he was about to lower his head between her legs. He waited. "You weren't naked in the car this morning, why do I have to be now?"

He blinked at the bizarre question and could not answer. He tried to mouth some words and she waited for his response. "Cause you have more to enjoy?" he finally said, "cause it's easier for you if you are?" and he slipped a hand to cup her pussy.

She inhaled a little moan and knew he was right. "Okay okay." She whispered and let him give her the pleasure she wanted all afternoon.

For a brief moment, she noticed she was no longer hearing the washing machine. "Oh, it's done; I've got to go toss it in the dryer so it doesn't get wrinkled." She gasped and scrambled out of his touch and sat up on the couch.

"You what?" He mumbled, "Are you kidding?" She shook her head and stood but he was quick enough to reach out for her arm. "Leave it!"

"But." She could only word and he pulled her back to the couch.

Considering she was facing him, her knees hit the cushion and she fell forward, catching herself on the back of the couch and bent in a very pleasing posture. He slipped a hand to caress her ass and for a moment, she forgot about her blouse.

She moaned lightly at his touch and he whispered to her, "Kneel up here." She did so, climbing on the couch and resting herself on its back.

He admired her posture and stood, came around behind her and knelt on the carpet behind her. He caressed her legs delicately, making sure she would enjoy his touch and rubbed at her calves.

"Weird way to give me a massage." She whispered as she looked down at him.

This was not at all his intention and when his hands rose up along both her thighs, she knew he was meaning to reach for her pussy once more. She waited for it and moaned pleasantly when he cupped it again. He was sliding his hand back and forth, letting his finger rub at her clit and back to her pussy lips and she found herself rocking in his hand.

He let go of her and though she groaned in disapproval, she watched him stand and disrobe. He wasted no time and was again kneeling behind her. He parted her legs a little more and leaned over to her once more. He cupped her ass with both hands and squeezed it lightly, her moan was just as light and she smiled at the return of his affection. He watched her sway a bit and accepted her inviting gesture with a sudden lashing of his tongue across her pussy. She arched her back at once.

He found the position delightful and brought a hand down under her to caress her clit while he continued slipping his tongue around her pussy lips. Again she began rocking at his touch and while pressing harder on her clit, inserted his tongue inside her. Their moans were not quiet and he lavished in her sweet taste. She brought a hand down to her breast and toyed with her nipple as he toyed with her then she lowered it to take his hand, making it circle her clit faster.

Seeing that she was enjoying his pleasing her, he leaned back and brought his other hand down and with a quick lick of his tongue on one finger, he slipped it inside her. She whispered a little "Yes." and he began working her inside and out. Her dampness was growing and he slid a second finger into her pussy. She knew with this that he was about to make her scream and she waited.

He grinned and the two fingers escaped her. Curious, she watched him again and what she felt next was both weird and delightful. Using a dampened finger, he slid it upwards and found the little area of flesh of her ass and circled it lightly. She gasped more at the sensation than at the idea of what he was doing and she hesitantly accepted the teasing. He saw her reaction and once more brought them to tease her pussy, sliding them in and out of her, taunting her moans and making her crave her climax.

"Did you like that?" He whispered to her as he worked her clit and pussy. She moaned an agreeing comment and pressed his hand harder against her clit. She wanted her orgasm now more than ever.

Taking the sign, he curled his fingers and they touched the sensitive spot inside her, once, twice and in circling it, felt the waves of her ecstasy and her orgasm was wonderful. She leaned back into him and he waited for her shivers to pass, holding her as he was and kissed both cheeks of her ass. Her breathing was shallow and again she moaned a "Yes."

"Told you I could bring you around." He grinned at her. She let out a satisfied moan and nestled back into the backside of the couch, waiting to see what else he would do to her.

Letting his fingers slide out of her pussy slowly, she groaned but the slap on her ass made her groan a gasp. "Hey!"

He stood once more and she saw that his excitement was very apparent and she watched him rub her fluid on his erect cock. She knew he wanted her and again she swayed her hips lightly, teasingly, inviting him to enjoy her completely. Hands on her ass once more and he approached her, his cock aching to touch her warm pussy and when he was close enough to it, she reached under her and took it in her hand, pulling it and him closer, guiding it to her.

Her dampness welcomed it and they moaned at the act. He slowly slid completely into her and wrapped his arms around her waist as he leaned over her back. Cupping one breast in his hand, he rubbed it tenderly, letting the erect nipple pass across his fingers and he kissed her back softly. She leaned into him once more and he began working her. He had ached to make love to her since he awoke and now, she would enjoy him.

When he had his fill of her breasts, he held her hips and worked himself more fiercely. She steadied herself on the back of the couch and swayed with his rocking back and forth. She had not seen what he had done with his free hand suddenly but again, she felt a damp finger around her ass and she moaned loudly. He continued doing this until she could no longer hold herself back and her orgasm arrived with an intensity to match their lovemaking. She rested against his cock and he waited for her to have her satisfaction. Feeling her tense herself against his cock, he knew she wanted him to continue. He did so and after a few hard strokes, he too felt his climax arrive.

He pulled out of her and she groaned. He would not fill her tonight and he finished himself off with his seed landing on her ass. The warmth of it slipping down across the flesh he had teased earlier and down across her pussy lips. She moaned at the feeling and collapsed in the cushions of the back of the couch. He leaned over her once more, his cock against her warm pussy and an arm around her. She felt his breathing slow as he held her and she hinted she wanted to shift positions.

He let her up and she spun around, resting on her side of the couch and she gasped. "Oh my god!" she proclaimed. "What's with you and your stains?" Her eyes fell to the couch where, when she felt his seed fall over her pussy, it had leaked down onto the couch as well.

He shrugged. "Who cares, it was great and worth it so too bad." He told her and took up his shirt. He swiped at it and dried off the stain.

"Great." She exhaled. "Now I'll have to wash that shirt too." He fell back on his legs and stared at her with a pleased smile.

"Looks like your busy day isn't over yet."

She glared at him but when the sensations of their passion passed thru her once more, she sighed and invited him to come and cuddle with her. She lost all thought of the stain when he reached over for her wine and offered it to her. He knew she needed it and when she finished it, he once more, tasted the wine on her lips in a passionate kiss.


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