A Busy Week Ch. 01


Reluctantly, I lifted myself from Mark's cock, and put a condom on him. It was a little difficult to get it over his head; once I had it on I mounted him again. I was wet and open now and I took him all the way inside me quickly, feeling his shaft entering me sent waves of pleasure running up my spine. Once he was deep inside me, I rocked back and forth on him, rubbing my g spot on his shaft, sending shivers through my entire body, ending in my extremities.

I felt Sam's dick against my face, and I took him into my mouth as I rode Mark. I could feel Mark's hands on my breasts, squeezing my nipples, kneading my boobs, and Sam's hand on my head. I didn't want to take Sam too deep, I wanted to feel him inside me as well, once I had ridden Mark into delirium. I continued to suck Sam, enough to keep him ready, but resisting the pressure of his hand on my head so he wouldn't finish in my mouth again.

I was almost in a fever, riding one man, running my hands over his hard chest and stomach, feeling the cords of his muscles as he strained to thrust deeper into me. All the while sucking another man's delicious cock, running my hands over his legs, feeling the power in his thighs; his struggle to keep himself upright as I ministered to his dick with my mouth.

As my fever increased I began to lose track of where I was, to lose my sense of self, all I had was my sensations, the pleasure emanating from my pussy, running the length of every nerve in my body. The sensation as I slowly gave in to the pressure at the back of my head, as I felt a penis enter my mouth deeper and deeper. Two cocks being thrust into me, again and again, over and over. I lost all sense of time; I was in a constant state of orgasm.

At some point I felt the thrusts of the cock in my pussy become more frenzied, and two strong hands on my hips lifting me up and down in time to the thrusts, driving me further into a state of bliss. I could hear moaning, and feel the dick in me shuddering as the man I was riding reached orgasm, with all of his muscles tensing and flexing.

Shortly after, hands lifted me from the limp cock I was riding and laid me on my back. I felt empty so I opened my legs; I wanted more inside me. I didn't have long to wait, it must have been Sam who lay on top of me, and guided his dick into me. I trembled as he entered me, pushing all of the way into me in one fast thrust. It was exactly what I needed, long hard thrusts, as he withdrew almost entirely from me, and then hammered his shaft all the way back into me.

I knew he couldn't maintain his furious pace for long, and it was almost a relief. With each thrust I let out an involuntary howl as I came again and again. I could feel his orgasm building, as he tried to thrust into me ever deeper, holding himself in me as deep as he could now. I could feel all of his muscles contract; I could feel his cock spasm as it shot his load into me. Once he was spent he collapsed on top of me. I couldn't move; I was a mass of jelly. My pussy was still twitching with pleasure, still sending shockwaves through my entire body.

Eventually he rolled off me, and lay beside me. I had one man lying on either side of me, keeping me warm, holding me. As I drifted off to sleep, I heard someone say, "Oh, my God."

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