tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Butler for Sexy Elves Ch. 02

A Butler for Sexy Elves Ch. 02


This is the second part of a three part series about a guy who ends up working as a short-term butler for three elf girls. Read the first part first!

~~~~ ~~~~

At eight in the morning, Chris accidentally rolled off the guest bed and landed on the floor in much the same manner as he did the day before. But this time, he was alone, and all there was for him to do was reach up and turn off the alarm clock. He lay there for a moment, recalling yesterday's scenario in great detail.

Sadly, he couldn't stay there all morning. After brushing his teeth, he wandered downstairs to grab something to eat. That was one of the best benefits of being a butler for three elves; getting to loot their fridge for the term of his stay. Lily walked in the room just as his toast was ready.

"Good morning," Chris said.

"Hey there. By the way, the place is looking a lot nicer; keep up the good work."

"Thanks," he said, praying she wouldn't find out about the events of yesterday.

"Oh, by the way..."

He nervously turned to face her while spreading some jam from an unlabeled glass jar on his toast. "Yes?"

"Catherine really likes having you around for some reason. I guess it's the fact that she doesn't have to do any of the work herself, but I ran into her as she was coming out of the shower this morning, and she pointed out what a nice job you did in the hallway."

"This morning? I didn't know she was awake."

"Oh, Catherine always gets up at six in the morning. But, her staying awake though, is another matter. She's probably gone back to bed by now, no doubt... I envy them a little. They don't have to work weekends."

"Okay then. I'll eat my breakfast and then get to work on the laundry."

"Sounds good. Thanks."

Lily went upstairs, and Chris sat on the couch to eat his toast. He wasn't sure what kind of berry the jam was made of, but it tasted better than the familiar store-bought jam that was next to it in the fridge.

After Lily left for work, Chris examined the laundry. It was all gathered in a pile in the laundry room, a little space with a washer, dryer, and ironing board, with plastic detergent, dryer sheets, and bleach bottles scattered around. Their clothes consisted of about two dozen identical sets of gowns and slippers, as well as a pile of bras and panties. The only differentiating factor between the clothing was in the form of little tags inside of each one, marked with the names of their owners. He shoveled them into the washer, not in the mood to roll around in dirty underwear this morning. Maybe some other day. He turned on the washer, and it began to churn and let out a series of rhythmic thumps. "That was easy," he thought. "Now to clean up the living room."

By the time he got there, Rose was sleeping heavily on the couch he occupied only a few minutes ago, and the TV was softly playing a low budget romance film. Rose's legs were spread out, and one arm was hanging off the bed. Seeing her again immediately brought back memories of the night before, but he had a job to do. "She looks so calm and relaxed," Chris thought. "I'll try not to wake her." He quietly picked up the rug in front of the couch, and went into the hallway. After it was shaken to his satisfaction, he swept up the massive pile of chip crumbs and emptied it into the nearest trash can. Since the floor still needed to be cleaned, he rolled up the rug and leaned it against the frame of the door, to be put back later. On his way to pick up an unacceptably large pile of candy wrappers behind a chair, he stopped next to Rose. She had neglected to wear panties, and so the narrow slit between her legs was barely visible when he looked in just the right way. His heartbeat quickened as he stared into the dimly lit gap, looking to get a better view.

Chris shook his head and grabbed the wrappers, vowing not to get distracted again. But when Rose moved a little in her sleep and her legs settled, and her low hanging gown flipped up and exposed her smooth groin to the sunlight filtering in through the large window directly facing her, the temptation got harder to resist every second as he tried not to look. It would be indecent, even if they had been together already. "But she didn't mind last time," he argued back to himself. This went on while he was dusting off the television set until he finally muttered, "Thirty seconds. No more. She might wake up eventually." Her legs were spread just enough to see her wet insides as he leaned on the armrest of the couch, her sleeping body only a few feet from him. Chris mindlessly gazed into her center, wishing he could touch her wet lips once more as his erection throbbed in his underwear. He stared without a single thought in his focused, aroused mind for well over a minute, before suddenly getting his sense of time back and turning away to work.

Eventually, after promising to find whatever malevolent entity could have possibly left this many crumbs everywhere, everything was clean but the couch, which was still occupied by Rose. He would have to wait to clean between the cracks of the cushions. But before he left to work elsewhere, he found himself drawn towards Rose's pussy once more. He figured there was no harm in one last look. Standing beside the armrest, he leaned in close to the hypnotic space between her legs, eventually taking his feet off the floor and supporting his weight on the armrest to gaze closer. His head mindlessly inched closer and closer, until his face was almost an inch away from her hot center. "Just a second," he thought, trying not to breathe on her sensitive groin.

Then Chris heard her giggle. Immediately, Rose wrapped her legs around him, boxing his head in with her thighs and calves and forcing him to collapse onto her. He looked up at Rose, and saw her smile happily. "Caught you," she said playfully while folding her arms behind her back and tightening her grip on him with her deceptively strong legs. Chris struggled partly on instinct and partly in a fit of embarrassment, but at the angle he was held at, there was nothing he could do to escape her grip as the lips of her sweet pussy pressed against his mouth. "My, my, looks like I caught a horny boy. You thought you were being sneaky, were you? I was awake the whole time. I knew a little pervert like you wanted some more of me, so I set myself up to see if you would take the bait. I can't believe how easily you fell for it." Rose laughed. "Now as punishment, I'm afraid you'll have to serve me with that mouth of yours. Start fucking me with it if you want out anytime soon." Chris did as he was asked, thrusting her tongue in and out of her in an effort to please.

"No no no," she commented, "you have to make motions with it and swirl it around. Your tongue is not your dick. Stop treating it like one. Oh, wait, everyone on the internet says you should spell the alphabet with your tongue. Try that." Rolling his eyes, he did. "Oh, there we go," she said. "Hits all the right places in there." He obediently licked the depths of her sweet, wet pussy. Rose sighed. "Who am I kidding? This is barely even a punishment for you." Chris nodded to the best of his ability. "Oh, wait, keep doing that last one!" she hurriedly directed. Chris rolled his eyes again and complied, repeating the last few movements he made in her. "Fuck yeah," she moaned. "Keep doing that."

As he licked and kissed and sucked, Chris gradually felt his mouth grow tired as he explored her depths over and over, but was flushed with horny obedience and kept up his motions regardless. Soon, Rose's pussy tightened more around his tongue, and she constantly held back moans, turning Chris on even more than he was already, and showing she was soon about to come. With a stifled gasp, Rose's tightness contracted and pulsed around his tongue, flush with electric pulses of pleasure. After moments of this, she gradually relaxed the grip of her legs, and let Chris pull his head back. He took in a deep breath, planted his feet back on the ground again, and stood up.

Rose smiled. "And it's safe to assume you want to fuck me again, with your dick this time?"

"Yep," Chris said.

"Too bad. You'll have to get back to work. But don't worry, I'll be using you again later this evening. That way we have the night to ourselves. Just imagine the two of us. A beautiful redhaired elf and one horny human, fucking for hours on end. Doesn't that sound lovely? Come into my room at eight." In the distance, the washing machine dinged. "Hey, looks like that's done." She smiled at him, then got up and went upstairs, leaving Chris to his own devices.

After Chris spent several minutes brushing crumbs out of the couch, then several more washing his mouth out, he moved the laundry into the dryer as he heard a set of footsteps behind him. He turned, and saw Catherine shambling into the kitchen and out of his view. He heard the rustling of a bag of chips as he turned the dryer on and it let out a hum, then a churning noise.

He walked out into the living room to see that Catherine had already covered the entire couch in a thin layer of crumbs. "No, I just cleaned... Wait! You're the one who left all these crumbs every—"

"—Eh, we fucked yesterday, you're not allowed to complain for another week. It's, like, um, elf code, yeah," she stumbled out.

"How did you manage this mess? You were only in here for twelve sec—"

"—Elf code!" She turned the volume up on the TV to drown him out and ate a few chips, eating in the messiest manner he had ever seen. With this, Chris realized he had fucked an absolute slob yesterday afternoon. "Oh, and, uh, come to my room at eight. I got a fun little surprise to show you; no peeking!"

"Eight?" Alarm bells rang in his head and he instantly forgot about the mess. Rose and Catherine would probably both be pissed to find that Chris had been banging their roommate. He had to somehow change the time. "Uh, how about seven?"

"Sure, seven's fine. I guess I can't really wait the extra hour either. We'll just have to be a little quieter so nobody hears us. See you then!" She turned her focus to the TV again, and Chris gave out a quiet sigh of relief while he waved goodbye to attend to more chores.

The base of the tree was surrounded by a ring-shaped clearing covered in short grass and weeds. A white picket fence divided the ring into an inner and outer portion, and beyond that, the thick forest gently chirped with unseen birds and insects. The clearing, which was the tree's lawn, mostly maintained itself, as only short grasses would grow so close to the massive tree. However, Chris stood puzzled by the fence, wondering how to remove the flecks of brown mold he was tasked to remove. A power washer would do the trick, but might damage the wood, and would certainly strip away the paint at the pressures needed. Scraping the mold off was viable since it only affected a small portion of the fence, but again, the paint would need to be fixed.

When Chris finally found a bucket of white paint in a closet, he took the latter option. It took an hour to complete, but by the end, that part of the fence was both free of mold and it fit in seamlessly with the other portions. The cool weather kept him from getting too tired and sweaty, but he decided to go inside for lunch.

While his baked potato was cooking in the oven, he sat in the living room to watch the news. The couch was covered with crumbs once more. Chris, in a wave of dissapointment, realized he would have to do it all again. Luckily, none had fallen in the cracks yet, so all it took was a quick use of the hand vacuum. Chris lamented that the couch would likely be filled with crumbs again the next day, or possibly even in a matter of hours.

Around four, Catherine approached Chris again as he was leaving the bathroom. "Hey, uh, Chris?" she said.


"Sorry, but a neighbor friend of mine has some stuff going on, and I need to go over to her place. I won't be getting back until ten when you'll probably be asleep, and you have a lot of work to do tomorrow and everything... Can we delay our thing for tomorrow night instead? That way we have a chance to be together again in peace and quiet before you have to go."

Chris let out a sigh, half in disappointment, and half in relief. Since she was gone, there would be no chance of her walking in on him and Rose. He didn't favor either one over the over, but some certainty was welcome. "That works. I'm sorry that came up."

"Oh, don't be. I'm patient."

"And a messy eater too," he reminded her.

Catherine gestured towards the general direction of the living room. "I ate an entire bowl of chips and there's not a single crumb on that couch. If you look over there, you'll see that couch is completely clean. In fact, I'm cleaner than you, actually. I saw a few toast crumbs on the counter."

"But I—"

Catherine quickly walked away while he was talking. "—Elf code!" she interrupted. "I need to go; see you tomorrow." She went to the stairs, out of his line of sight. Chris wondered for a moment how she was going to easily get around in the forest, but then reasoned that since Catherine was probably too lazy to hike long distances in her slippers, she must have had some other way of getting around. He looked for a window facing out front, which he found in the other hallway. From there, he saw Catherine walk to a large tree at the edge of the words, say something, and then a doorway shaped hole appeared in the tree. She walked in, and vanished as the hole closed behind her.

"What strange people," he muttered. He almost said the same thing again later that evening, as Lily walked by him with an open crate of freshly picked glowing mushrooms in her hands while he was dusting a landscape painting outside her room.

"Oh, hey there," Lily said, stopping next to him. "Just gonna put these for sale on the internet." In a poorly done accent which resembled that found in a western film, she said, "I reckon this here is worth a few hundred buckaroos, eh?" Chris shrugged in confusion. "Not funny?"

"Maybe if you had tumbleweeds in there, it would be," he snarked.

"Good idea. I'll try it again when I'm gathering those. If you need me, I'll be selling my stash of exotic herbs online for the next few hours, then I'll probably just collapse into my bed."

"Sounds like an interesting line of work."

"Not always. Sales can be grueling. My computer's not that big, so I have to put the mushrooms in the disc drive one at a time in order to upload them to the internet." Chris stared in confusion. Lily laughed. "You know, up until a few years ago when they invented magic computers, such a thing as cramming mushrooms into the ports of a computer was lunacy. But now we can put portals in the disc drive and send stuff through the internet. Magic makes things weird." Chris couldn't argue with that. "Anyway, sorry for rambling a bit, see you later." She ducked into her doorway with the mushrooms and closed the door behind her.

As the clock grew closer to eight, Chris became increasingly nervous, and a little aroused. He hoped the night would go smoothly. The previous encounters he had were spur of the moment things, done while everyone else was either away or asleep. This one was methodically planned out by his possibly sadistic redhaired lover. But Lily could still be awake; if she were to barge in again, there was no guarantee that Chris wouldn't be caught.

When the time came, Chris stood outside Rose's door, and knocked. "Come in," she replied. He opened the door, and instantly smelled a strong, floral scent, originating from a few candles on her dresser. Rose was laying on her bed facing him, with red satin sheets covering her body. He didn't know how much of her was nude under it, and was eager to find out. "Ah. Good to see you again. There's so many things I want to do to you tonight, and I'm going to love every minute of it. Well, you too probably. Take off your clothes, and I'll tell you about the surprise."

Chris began to quickly unbutton his suit. As he stripped, Rose continued speaking. "So, I believe I mentioned a succubus yesterday, the one that sold me that amazing breath spray which kept you coming over and over. Guess what? I snuck out last night and bought some more stuff from her so that I could really amp this up." Chris was now shirtless, and taking off his pants. Rose shifted under the covers, and he could now see the white straps of her bra. "She's a friend of mine, so I got all this stuff on the cheap, but it's some really powerful magic, don't get me wrong. And boy, will I enjoy using it on you."

Now that Chris was nude, Rose threw the bedsheet away, exposing her curves of her underwear clad body and hardening his erection. She stood up, and fixed the sheets while talking. "Before I'll let you in me again, I need to ask you something. Will you let me do anything I want to you tonight?"

"Yes," he said.

"You sure? I want to make it clear. Get on the bed and we can talk more." Chris laid down in the center of the bed, his cock hanging in the air. Rose stood by the foot of the bed.


"I'll need a bit more than that."

"Do whatever you want to me."

"Ugh, something sexier and more explicit."

"Fuck me please."

She rolled her eyes. "You're way off the mark. If you want fucked, you need to think harder about what I want you to be."

Chris paused for a second, then pleaded feverishly. "Please, please, Rose, use me as your fuck puppet. I'm your horny, perverted plaything to be used as you please. I can't stand it any longer. I need to please you and serve you and let you fuck me in every way you want. I'm your toy, use my cock and my mouth and every other part of my body you desire until you're satisfied, mistress."

"Ooh! I didn't think you had it in you. You seemed so mature and professional earlier, but I guess this is the real you right here." She paused. "Oh, and if you say so. Now let me put this ring on your finger," she said while fishing a translucent, red tinted crystal ring out of her bra. Rose climbed onto the bed, and Chris spread his legs to accommodate her. He reached out his hand, and while she was sliding the smooth, gleaming ring onto his finger, he noticed that she was wearing a similar ring, but purple. Immediately, Chris began to feel a change take place in his body. He wasn't sure what yet, even as she got off the bed again and went into the cabinets. She fished out the magic breath spray, but instead of spraying it in her mouth, she unscrewed the top. "Open wide," she asked, holding the bottle up to his lips. Chris did as he was told, with an unusually fast response time. She poured an eighth of the bottle's contents into his mouth, and he swallowed it, feeling the minty taste in his mouth and throat. "There. Even with just this much, you'll be coming all through tomorrow morning if I want. And by the way, how do you feel?"

"Horny, obedient, and wanting to be fucked?"

"Sounds about right." She climbed back onto the bed and on top of him. Her hands were planted in the bed right next to his head, and her hips hovered above his eager cock. She rubbed her purple ring, and it let out a faint hum for a moment, then began glowing. "I'm going to love this," she grinned while smiling devilishly in her shadow. Although nobody was near the light switch, the lights turned off. Chris held still in the darkness, feeling her warm body hovering above him. Purple glows appeared at the corners of the bed, faintly illuminating the room. From those points of light, ethereal ropes made of purple beams of light swung out and ensnared Chris' ankles and wrists, then pulled and secured them to the corners of the bed. The light from the ropes was more than enough to illuminate Rose's entire body in a sensual purple glow.

"You know, this telekinesis and solid energy creation ring would be so useful in day to day life if you couldn't use it only for sexual purposes. I don't even know why it's restricted to just this. But, this is fine too. Bondage is hot. And speaking of which, that other ring should be almost done attuning to you. How do you feel?"

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