tagIncest/TabooA Cabin with a View Ch. 03

A Cabin with a View Ch. 03


Miss Sarah appeared at my office the next afternoon around 4:00 PM. The secretary called me on the intercom to let me know she was present. Miss Sarah had been at my office several times previously and everyone knew that she was my former step-daughter. No one knew that she was now my lover.

"Hi, Ron," she said. Her voice sounded troubled.

"Hey, sweetie. Come on in here and we'll talk," I said to Miss Sarah. Turning to the receptionist, I instructed her to hold all of my calls.

Once the door was closed, Miss Sarah sat in a guest chair on the opposite side of my desk. "What's wrong, honey?"

"Ron, when Mom got home last night, she was such a bitch! But, don't worry, she doesn't know anything about me spendin' the weekend with you."

"Honey, I . . .," I began but she interrupted.

"All I kept thinkin' about was wantin' to be with you. That's what I want, Ron. Not just for a weekend every now and then and not just for a week on a cruise. I want you every day and every night!" Miss Sarah had obviously rehearsed what she was saying to me, not because it sounded 'fake,' but because she sounded so nervous.

"Miss Sarah," I began as I stood and walked around to her side of the desk so that I could sit next to her, "I am so happy to hear you say that. I haven't been able to think about anything but you since you left last night. I want you, too, honey, every day and every night. But, there is a big problem. . . . If your Mom finds out that you and me are together, she'll disown you. Baby, I love you and I lust for you and I want you all to myself but I can't be the cause of you losin' your momma!"

"Ron, Mom already lost me; she just doesn't know it yet. She's so controllin' and so self-centered; sometimes I feel like I'm the adult and she's the child. I'm just so sick of it, it makes me wanna scream! I'll go crazy if I hafta stay there."

"Okay, honey, I hear what you're sayin', and . . . if that's the way it's gonna be, then that's the way it's gonna be, but . . . you can't make that decision overnight!" As much as I wanted Miss Sarah for myself, I understood that it would involve her cutting all ties with her mother and I didn't want to be blamed for any of that.

"It's not overnight; I've been thinkin' about this for months, you know, about movin' out. Ever since, before the divorce, she just started gettin' worse and worse. I don't know how you put up with it as long as you did!"

"I did it mainly just to stay close to you, Miss Sarah," I said quietly as I looked into her eyes.

"If I can't live with you then I need to move out and find another place to live."

"Hold on. I didn't say that you couldn't live with me. I don't want you livin' with anybody else but me, but . . . we just can't rush into things."

"Well, Ron, there is some good news. Mom's goin' out of town again this weekend. She met somebody at that A.A. convention she went to last weekend and they invited her to go campin' with them up in the mountains. She's leavin' Friday mornin' and won't be back 'til Monday."

"So you'll be at my apartment Friday afternoon?"

"No, Friday mornin', if you can take the day off Friday. I promise it'll be worth it for ya."

"That's a deal," I replied. I was already counting the hours until Friday morning.

* * *

Miss Sarah called me Friday around 8:00 AM to tell me that she would be driving over to my apartment in a few minutes. My doorbell rang about thirty minutes later. I had been awake for about two hours, had a shower, shaved, dressed, gotten myself presentable.

When I opened the door, Miss Sarah looked like she was dressed to kill. She was wearing heels - probably about three inch heels -- with a white dress that came down to just about four or five inches above her knee. Her hair was done to perfection and her makeup accented her features beautifully. If she had been walking through the mall, the only men that wouldn't have turned to look at her would have been either homosexual or blind. I'm not homosexual or blind, but I was speechless, so instead of waiting for an invitation, she just walked in the apartment and I shut the door behind her.

"Holy cow, you're beautiful. But you're dressed so nice . . . so sexy . . . where are you going?" I asked.

"You're bed," she replied with confidence in her voice. "I know what I need, and I need you . . . in me."

My dick immediately began to rise and cause a tent in my pants. Miss Sarah looked down and saw the effect she was having on me. "It looks like you need the same thing I need," she said with a sly smile on her face. "I hope you don't think I'm bein' too forward, but I know what I need, and Cosmo says that guys are turned on by girls that tell 'em what they want . . . and I really want to turn you on. So, is it okay if I just tell you what I want you to do to my body?"

"Well, I wouldn't go takin' all my instructions from Cosmo, but . . . I like the idea of you tellin' me what you want. So . . . let's play a little game this morning. You tell me what to do and we'll do it." I smiled as I said this to Miss Sarah. "You say . . . and I'll do."

She paused for a moment, as if she wasn't sure that she could do this.

"Tell me what you want, honey. I wanna please you!" I didn't want to seem too eager but I certainly was eager to play this game.

"Oh, you please me, no doubt about it," she said. After another pause, she continued, "I want you to get down on your knees in front of me and reach up under my dress and pull down my panties."

I knelt on the floor. Fortunately, it was carpeted but I probably would have gotten down on my knees if it had been a bed of nails. I desperately longed to touch her body and to know that she was mine. At that moment, I would have done whatever was necessary to possess her.

Gazing directly into her eyes, I placed my hands on the outside of her knees. I began to slide my hands up her legs until I reached the bottom of her butt. She was wearing bikini panties and they felt very smooth, very silky. I reached behind her and lightly traced swirls across her panty-clad behind. I then brought my right hand around to the front of her panties and I felt her swollen mons. Her panties were wet.

"Honey, your panties feel damp. Is your pussy wet already?" I teasingly asked her.

"I've been wet since last night, just thinkin' about havin' you inside me again," she responded.

"I love the way you smell when your pussy is wet!" I boldly confessed. "I wanna smell your panties when I take 'em off."

I reached higher until I found the elastic waist of her panties. I began peeling them down her legs very slowly. I wanted to tease her with the anticipation of what was to come. We had all day and I wanted to take my time making love with her. After all, that is why a younger girl seeks an older man as a lover.

When her panties were down to just above her knees, I could see that they were white, silky, and lacy. My dick got harder just looking at her panties, thinking about their smell, thinking about how the fabric of her panties had been nestled against her pussy that morning. I was jealous of her panties.

I continued lowering the panties until they were around her ankles. She raised up her right foot and I pulled the panties down over her right foot, then repeated the process on the left side. With her panties in my hands, I looked up at her and then brought her wet underwear to my face. I found the gusset and exposed it so that I could inhale the aroma of her cunt. Again, my dick got harder.

Her pussy smelled of earth and sex and I felt a strong urge to simply rip her clothes off of her sweet young body and fuck her until she begged me to stop. I wanted to bury my hard dick in her pussy and shoot my cum deep in her hot box until she moaned like a bitch in heat. I wanted to turn her around, bend her over, and shove my hard meat into her teeny tight asshole. I wanted to fill her mouth with my cum and then have her lick me clean.

I wanted to hear her beg me to fuck her and I wanted to hear her gasp for air when she was overcome by waves of orgasmic pleasure. I wanted all of that with an urgency that demanded every fiber of my being and every ounce of my consciousness . . . but I didn't do any of that.

"What do you want now, my little girl?" I asked with a devilishly sly voice.

"Why, kind sir, all I need now is for you to fuck me with your fingers until I cum!" she responded in her most adult-like Southern belle voice.

"Why, madame, I am your humble and obedient servant and I do indeed intend to honor your wish!" I said in my best Beauregard imitation.

I put my right hand under her dress and reached up until I found her pussy. Her slit was wet and her aroma was beginning to fill the room. I began to move the tip of my index finger up her slit, passing on one side of her clit, and then down the other side. I began a slow, methodical, and unrelenting siege on the citadel of her female arousal.

Her breathing started to become a bit irregular. "That feels soooo good, honey!" she managed to say.

'Honey,' I thought to myself. 'I like havin' her call me 'honey.''

"Do you want my finger inside you?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah," was all she could say.

I turned my hand so that my palm was facing towards me. I slid my middle finger into her, past her pussy lips and inside her hot, wet void. My finger was engulfed in the slick moisture of her cunt. I wanted to lick her juices off of my finger but I left my probe where it was and began to stroke her G-spot. She immediately responded with a moan.

"Oh, yeah, that's so . . . damn . . . good!"

Knowing that she was getting closer to an orgasm, I decided to take more liberties with my ministrations to her body. As I continued stroking her G-spot, I lifted by left hand up the back of her right leg until I once again found her cute little behind.

"You have such a cute little ass," I said very quietly. "Every time I see it, I wanna feel it, and lick it, and then I wanna fuck it."

"Don't . . . stop," she pleaded.

"No, I'm not gonna stop," I replied as my left index finger traced along the bottom of her butt until it came to her forbidden valley. I reached down into the crack with the tip of my index finger until I felt her little sphincter.

"If you didn't love this, you'd be pullin' away . . . but you're not. You're such a dirty girl, you want me to play with your ass, don't you?"

"Uh huh," she managed to affirm.

I straightened my left index finger so that she could push against it, if she wanted, and allow me to penetrate her most private and forbidden orifice. Almost at once, she sensed what I had done, and why I had done it, and she began to take advantage of the opportunity.

"I'm a dirty girl 'cause I want my stepdaddy to fuck my pussy and my ass at the same time. I'm so horny, I just wanna cum on your hand, daddy!"

By this time, my index finger was in her ass up to the first knuckle. I kept my finger in her ass as I withdrew my other index finger from her pussy and return to stimulate her clit.

"Oh, gawd, oh, oh . . . I'm gonna cum," she said. The next thing I heard was something sub-vocal, something primordial, something hormonal, something driven by uncontrollable forces. She was having an orgasm and the orgasm was the only thing that she cared about at that moment.

As she was rocked by waves of contractions, she shifted her weight so that she went into more of a crouching position. This brought my left index finger deeper into her ass and, as I penetrated the depth of her teenaged derriere, she began to wildly utter "oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, . . .."

After about 15 or 20 seconds of total orgasmic absorption, Miss Sarah began to descend from the precipice of her la petite mort and return to the world of my apartment living room. She raised herself up to an erect position and my left index finger exited her most forbidden tunnel.

I stood and put my arms around her, embracing her with tenderness and love. "I love makin' you feel good, Miss Sarah," I said sweetly.

"Oh, Daddy, that was so much more than good. I thought I was gonna pass out when I came!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. You know, we've gotta lotta time this mornin' to do more of whatever you wanna do. . . . Oh, and, what's up with the 'daddy' thing?" I asked.

"Don't you like it when I call you 'Daddy?'" she asked.

"Oh, yeah, it makes it seem so naughty, like I'm bein' such a bad boy and you're bein' such a bad girl, but, if we're gonna be a couple and do things out in public and meet people together, you shouldn't be callin' me Daddy, 'cause people'll think I'm some sorta pedophile or somethin'."

"Well, you are a pedophile, kinda. I'm a sweet, innocent little girl and you took my virginity and you fucked my mouth and you fucked my ass and you made me cum so hard I thought I had peed on myself. You have taken my innocence and now I'm your willin' sex slave." She laughed and I knew she was just teasing me. "But, I do get it, and hearin' you talk about us bein' a couple sounds so good. How 'bout if I just call you 'Daddy' when we're in private?"

"That would be very nice . . . and very naughty, too. Now, what would like for me to do next," I inquired.

"Well, Daddy, I was hopin' that you might finish undressin' me and suck on my nipples for awhile," she answered.

"Why, I'd love to, honey. Why don't you step into my bedroom and we'll make ourselves more comfortable?" I suggested.

She walked into the bedroom and I followed her. Once she was in the bedroom, she began to turn around but I told her not to. Instead, I walked up behind her and placed my arms around her. I placed my mouth at her right ear and nibbled on her ear lobe before saying, "I want you in my life forever and I'll do whatever it takes to make that happen. You've got my dick as hard as steel but this isn't just lust, Miss Sarah. I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now . . . please tell me that that's what you want, too!" I hoped that she wanted me in the way that I wanted her.

She turned and faced me, then gently brought her lips to mine and kissed me softly. "You are all that I want and I can't imagine spendin' the rest of my life with anyone but you. If you want me, I'll be yours forever."

"You've got me," I assured her. I kissed her, not as a father or step-father, but as her lover, and I held her body tightly against me. As my tongue explored her mouth, my right hand slid down her dress until it cupped her beautiful ass. I gently squeezed and massaged her derriere as I whispered in her ear, "I want you, now!"

"You can have me," she replied, "but first you promised me, remember? You're supposed to finish undressin' me and suck on my little teenaged titties until I can't stand it anymore."

"Oh, yes, I remember . . . and I intend to give you what you want. Now, turn around," I directed her.

As soon as her back was towards me, I reached up to the top of her dress and began pulling the zipper down. Slowly, as the zipper fell, the sides of her dress fell away from her body, exposing her precious creamy smooth skin. I ran the tip of my index finger up her spine until I reached the base of her neck, then I used both hands to pull the dress off of her shoulders. She lowered her arms and with a magical shake of her body, the dress dropped to the floor.

"Why, Miss! You're not wearin' any panties!" I exclaimed in feigned surprise.

"Well, sir, I had panties on when I left home this morning, but some dirty old man pulled them down and took 'em and then he wouldn't give 'em back to me," she explained with a pretended expression of embarrassment. "And, the worst part is . . . he stuck his fingers in me and made me cum twice . . . and now . . . I know it sounds dirty, but I can't help it, sir . . . I jus' need a man to suck on my titty nipples and then fuck me with his dick."

"Well, I'm might sorry to hear about yer predicament, ma'am. Bein' that I am such a gentleman, I think I oughta help you out with that problem. Here, I'll just loosen up this brassiere and see what I can do about that nipple problem."

"Why, I'd be ever so grateful!" she said.

As soon as her bra hit the floor, I had my arms wrapped around her body and a hand on each nipple. "First, I'm gonna play with your nipples just like this and then I'm gonna suck on 'em 'til you tell me to stop. Then, I'm gonna fill you with my man meat and fuck you 'til you're full o' my cum." I was rolling her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and they felt like little pebbles.

"You are 100% absolutely naked and I'm not. What a dirty little girl!" I told her. "If my eyes were teeth, you'd be eaten up by now! I'll bet you want me to do dirty things to your little girl body!"

I turned her around and lowered my mouth to her breasts. I placed a hand on each side of her right breast and then sucked her nipple into my mouth. I bathed her nipple with my tongue, I sucked on her milk-maker, and I became deliriously obsessed with capturing the taste of her boobs and savoring it forever.

"Play with my pussy," she demanded pleadingly. "Please!"

I reached between her legs and quickly found her clit. As soon as I began rubbing it, she started cumming.

"Oh my gawd, fuck me, fuck me, I'm cummin'." This was followed by moaning and gasping for air as she experienced yet another peak in her sexual bliss that morning.

"Okay. Now, it's my turn," I said.

"And I think I know what you want, you dirty old man. I know what daddy wants to do to his little teeny step-daughter," she said. She turned and crawled up onto my bed. She stopped with her knees at the edge of the mattress and then she lowered her torso to the mattress so that her naked ass was pointed straight up at me. It certainly looked delicious!

"Why, Miss Sarah! When a girl gets in that position, do you know what it says to a man?" I asked.

"Yes, I do, Ron. It means here I am, stick it in my pussy or stick it in my ass, I don't care which, just stick it in me. Isn't that what it means?"

"Why, yes, honey, that's absolutely what it means. But . . . you said it was my turn to ask for somethin' and that isn't what I want, not just yet. I mean, I want it, but there's somethin' else I wanna see first," I said.

Raising her body back to an erect position, she said, "Well, just tell me and I'll do it."

"Okay. I want you to get back in the position you were in a minute ago, and then I want you to reach back with your hand and play with yourself 'til you cum."

She shook her head from side to side. "You wanna watch me play with myself? You are such a dirty old man, stealin' your innocent little step-daughter's virginity, fuckin' her virgin pussy, fuckin' her tiny mouth, fuckin' her tight ass, stealin' her wet panties, and then tellin' her to play with her pussy. You're just as dirty as I am, but there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, so I'm gonna do it . . . but then I want you in me!"

She leaned back down to the bed so that her ass was sticking up at the edge of the bed and I had a full and complete view of her pussy, her ass, and the hand that she had guided back to her garden of delights.

"I usually use a vibrator when I play with myself, or I put the shower head between my legs, or sometimes I just get in the bathtub and let the water fall on my pussy. I've never had anybody watch, 'cept . . ."

"Except what, honey?" I asked.

"Well, this'll probably sound like I'm makin' it up but . . . when you and Mom were married, I used to get in bed at night and get my vibrator out and play with myself and I had this fantasy about you openin' my bedroom door and catchin' me in the middle of it and the idea of you seein' me do it just made me cum so hard!"

"So, a few weeks ago, Tina was spendin' the night, and, uh . . . we were in bed and talkin' about sex and she said somethin' about how hot you are and how she always wanted to fuck you, and so . . . I said, 'yeah, me, too,' and then I told her about how I used to play with my vibrator and think about you catchin' me and how hard that made me cum, so she said, 'yeah, havin' somebody else watch you while you diddle yourself would be so hot.' So then she says 'do you want to?' and I say 'want to what?' and she says get naked and watch each other."

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