tagBDSMA Call To Serve Ch. 1

A Call To Serve Ch. 1


For several years I had built my reputation as a firm but understanding master in the art of bondage and discipline. Then, one day a friend had come to the house to tell me of a woman who was telling people of her scorn for me. "She's saying you're a fraud, a charlatan who hides behind a mask to frighten little girls." As I sat and listened to the slanderous remarks I couldn't help but wonder what her intentions might be. I felt the long forgotten stirrings of emotions that I hadn't experienced for some time, a thirst for this new adventure. "Does this woman have a name?" He told me had only heard a first name, Suzie.

It had been quite some time since I had made the club scene. You were right; I had always worn a mask just so I could enter a place like this and no one would be the wiser. I had obtained a brief description of this "Suzie" creature and in seconds I saw you. I must admit, it would have been almost impossible not to notice you. Some women wear their beauty like a crutch, others like a defense mechanism. Your presence said that you knew you turned heads, enjoyed the fact, even going so far as to revel in it and the power it gave you over others. I couldn't help but smile and think I may have found a suitable foe. I watched as you turned down suitor after suitor as they tried to buy the beautiful woman a libation.

"He said what?" I could see the amazement on your face as the waitress informed her that the man over there, "thinks you should buy him a drink." It only took a second to regain your composure before you slowly turned on the barstool and gave me a glance. I sat there, all smiles and lifted my empty glass in your direction. Motioning for you to come and join me it was quite the presentation watching as you slid from the stool and sauntered over to where I sat. I stood to offer you a seat but the quick shake of your head told me you weren't planning on staying long. "I should buy you a drink? Why in the world would I want to do that?"

Dressed as I was in a polyester suit best left to the seventies, gold chains flashing against my open collared shirt, I opened my mouth and spoke with my best used car salesman voice. "Because little lady, I understand we both carry a strong dislike for a certain man known as Sir William." The flash in your eyes told me I had hit a nerve and you granted me a smile and sat down beside me. "So, you know this man?" "Hell, I know all about him. He's quite the character. I know most people here are just in it for the fun, you know?" as I winked and put my hand on your stockinged leg. "Not him, I hear he's mean, just pure mean. Why I heard about one woman went up there, she never came back."

"I find that hard to believe," you said, removing my hand and touching it like it was an insect that needed to be squashed. No man can have that kind of influence over a woman. It's pure stupidity to even think so. He's just never dealt with someone like..." "Like you lady?" as I leaned back in the seat and laughed. Your hand shot to my neck, squeezing tightly and as my eyes bulged you looked at me with yours as dark as midnight saying, "That's exactly right, someone like me." You let go of me and I coughed, "Jesus lady, no offense. I'm just saying by the looks of that fancy house he lives in he probably..." "You know where he lives?" "Well yeah, but it's a ways from..." You arose, tossed me a set of keys and said, "Take me."

As you made a straight line for the door I ran to catch up. The cool night air followed us as I drove the convertible from the parking lot. "Okay, you want to see his place. I'll take you but I want to know what's in it for me." You leaned over, put her arm around my neck and slipped your other hand between my legs. Inching ever closer you brought your lips to my ear and whispered, "You get to keep these" and gave me a quick painful squeeze. My eyes blinked with the tears that filled them as you moved back over to your seat a wide smile filling your face. The rest of the drive was in silence until I pulled to a stop in front of the long entranceway to a huge dark house.

Exiting the car you turned and looked at me. "Are you waiting on an invitation? Come on, I want to get closer." I started to shake my head no but you just took your hand and showed me your squeezing technique again. As we skirted the driveway, we made our way up toward the house, which stood in total darkness. Seeing nothing you motioned for us to go around the side and look around out back. As we turned the corner, light flooded the property and three men suddenly appeared, all heavily armed and looking not friendly at all.

"Hey", I said "We had some car problems and we thought maybe you might have a phone we could..." "Silence" the man in the middle barked. "No problem, we've probably bothered these people enough honey, let's just..." And with a muffled thud the man who had come up behind us hit me in the head and I fell to the ground in a crumpled heap. You barely gave me a glance before turning your attention to the man who had spoke. "I demand to see Sir Will..." "You demand nothing here. Find their car; pull it into the compound. She will come with us." The man who had hit me spoke saying, "What about him?" "He's of no concern to us, kill him."

The two men grabbed your arms and began walking you toward the house but you came to a sudden stop at the sound of two muffled gunshots. You jerked loose and turned quickly to see the man removing the silencer from his weapon and standing over my body. The spokesman for the group then saying, "If you don't want to end up like your friend, I would suggest you come along quietly." He could see that you were visibly shaken by the recent turn of events and didn't even require their touch. Ashen white, you simply began walking forward, the two men flanking your side as they turned the corner and disappeared behind the house.

"They're gone sir, are you alright?" As my killer helped me up off the ground, I brushed myself off saying, "Surprisingly so for a dead man. Well done James, here's the keys to her car, it's parked near the front entrance. Have the men been properly instructed on what to do?" "Yes sir, they know their parts. Everything is in place just as you requested." "Excellent, I'll see you inside." As he left to pull the convertible in I once again felt that surge of adrenaline, that same feeling I had experienced the first time I had heard your name. I closed my eyes, remembered back at the club how you had reveled in your own beauty and how it was my turn now to revel in the game that was about to begin.

You had been taken around back of the house where the doors to the cellar stood open. "Down there", the man pointed and though you looked to protest a quick raising of his gun convinced you otherwise. You made her way down the steps until you reached the bottom where you turned just in time to see both of the doors slamming shut. Seconds later the sounds of a padlock being put into place and then there was silence. In total darkness you turned and began to inch your way carefully until you came to a wall. The touch of cinderblock continued all along the first two turns you made until the surface changed to a rough wooden texture.

It was a huge door, one with no handle that you could find on the inside and though you pushed with all of your might it was not to budge an inch. There was only one way in and one way out. The silence, the darkness, the events that had just passed all combined into one and you felt herself shiver momentarily. I watched all this from the comfort of my bedroom where I had gone to change for the evening. The money I had spent on the cameras and audio equipment had been well spent. Even in the darkness the infrared camera showed you and the dilemma you were in quite clearly.

A knock on my door and James entered. "Should I start the tape now sir?" "I think it's time James, go ahead." He went over to the audio/visual center and pushed play on the VCR. I had taped this session the day before. No picture was needed; it was the audio portion of the tape that I wanted my guest to hear courtesy of the speaker mounted in the air duct, which led to her room. I had used the skills of a young lady; a devotee of mine named Tina. The tape started from the moment she was dragged into the chamber, begging, pleading for mercy from, "My lord." Her screams, her anguish were quite real, quite convincing, as I knew how much she enjoyed it.

As the session neared it's climax the young woman's sobs filled the tape followed by the sound of a whip being slammed to a table. Next, the sound of my voice saying, "I grow weary of this one, all of the sport has been taken out of her. Has the new one arrived?" "Yes, my lord. She's in the cellar." "Excellent, I'll need some time to prepare. For now, this one has outlived her purpose. Burn the body." As my footsteps echoed as I left the area only the sounds of Beth softly crying until she's heard to exclaim, "No, please I beg of you, take pity, NO!" and then the sound of a single gunshot followed only by silence.

During the entire time the tape had played I had sat on my bed, watching the monitor and seeing how the "intruder" would handle it. I was amazed to see that for the first few minutes you had shown remarkable composure. But, as the time went by and the punishment became even more severe, you began to visibly flinch each time the whip would find its mark. My gaze traveled up your body to see that yours were tightly shut, your head thrown back and mouth open. Eyes open wide I think, she's transferring each blow to her own body. It's what she wants, what she needs, all of her, her actions, her words, her voice, it's all a façade.

I felt the smile come to my face as I watched this woman climax just as my helpless captive had. As you slowly came back down from your euphoria, your face began to once again harden, your resolve being put back in place. At least that was until the final few seconds of the tape, when the girls pleas were heard, only to be answered by the sound of gunfire. Even our hardened "guest" couldn't stifle the scream that came from her lips.

As I showered, washing the smell of polyester off of me, I let my mind roam over the possibilities of how this might all play out. Stepping back into the master bedroom I couldn't help but smile at the choice of clothing that James had laid out for me on the bed. I dressed slowly and then made my way down the stairs to where the four gentlemen from earlier were waiting for me. "Well, so far I must say I'm quite impressed. Are you ready for more?" James spoke saying, "I believe I speak for all sir. Ready Sir William, shall we start act two?" "All the worlds a stage my friend, let's begin."

You heard a key being put in the lock and then the heavy door slowly opening. Even though the light that entered was minimal you still had to shield your eyes from the sudden brilliance. As your sight began to return the three men who had imprisoned you stood at the doorway. "Now, we can do this the hard way" and one of them held the shackles up for you to see, "or we can do it the easy way. It's up to you. What's it gonna be lady?" I must admit it was an amazing transformation to see you straighten your shoulders, walk right past the three men, turn and say, "Where to?"

I had instructed them to take you through the catacombs that ran under the home. After a few minutes it was obvious you had been totally confused as one turn, followed by a stairwell, then more turns had left you hopelessly lost. Finally, they came to a stop in front of a door, one quite similar to the door the four of you had exited from just minutes ago. One of the men struggled but the door finally opened revealing a huge chamber, dark except for a single light shining down on a massive chair. "Be seated" and as you did the three men took up positions, two at each arm and the third directly behind you. "Now what?" "Now, we wait."

I stood back in the shadows watching as you tried to make yourself comfortable. It was a lost cause; I had designed the piece of furniture with comfort being the furthest thing in mind. The arms were so far apart that one couldn't rest theirs, the back situated so far back that you couldn't lean against it and the height positioned so that your feet could not touch the ground. You squirmed, tried unsuccessfully to cross your legs only to almost topple, finally just sitting still with your hands folded in your lap.

After a few more minutes had passed, I strode from the darkness, walking ever so slowly towards the figure in the chair. I knew my appearance into the light would capture your attention and I wanted your complete attention. I stopped; knowing that you were looking upon an individual covered in a black monk's robe, the cowl pulled forward so that the face was hidden and the arms tucked inside the others sleeves so that no flesh could be seen. I waited several moments before speaking, "Why are you here?"

The silence hung there for a moment before you cleared your throat and said, "I want to see Sir Will…." "SILENCE", I roared. "You have been found skulking around like a common thief. Are their others with you?" "No, I came with.." I pointed to the man standing guard behind you, "Search the grounds. Use the dogs." and he hurriedly left to do my biding. I turned my attention back to where you sat saying; "You should pray if you're lying because only god will be able to save you if you are."

"If you are truly alone, then no one knows you are here. Your vehicle has been found and is well on its way to the scrap heap by now. Oh, and your rather colorful accomplice has been properly dealt with." You shot back saying, "He told people where we were going. He knew where you lived, what kind of person you are and they'll come looking for us." "Well then, his appearance I heard did not do justice to his knowledge. What was his name?" Once again the silence hung there, "You don't know his name? What did he look like?" "Uh, he had brown hair, longer in the back, blue eyes I think, oh and he had a mustache."

"Impressive, it sounds like," as I let both my hands come free from my garb, "he looks a lot like", took the cowl by my hands, pulled it back and let my face raise to your eyes, "me." It was so sweet to not only hear but see the gasp that came forth from you, the confusion and then the recognition in your eyes. Alas, it only lasted mere seconds before you lunged at me from the chair only to find yourself held securely by the two men who had stayed at your side. "YOU BASTARD" you spat and I accepted the compliment with a wry smile and a slight bow.

"Impressive, it sounds like," as I let both my hands come free from my garb, "he looks a lot like", took the cowl by my hands, pulled it back and let my face raise to your eyes, "me." It was so sweet to not only hear but see the gasp that came forth from you, the confusion and then the recognition in your eyes. Alas, it only lasted mere seconds before you lunged at me from the chair only to find yourself held securely by the two men who had stayed at your side. "YOU BASTARD" you spat and I accepted the compliment with a wry smile and a slight bow.

I let my robe fall and I stood in front of this outraged creature in my black slacks, white Versace collarless shirt, black boots and something I had removed from the pocket of my robe, a rather nasty looking dagger which I held that had suddenly come to your attention. Advancing to stand only inches from you I placed the gleaming edge under you chin, letting it rest there. With a cold smile I say, "Don't move, we certainly wouldn't want this to slip and hurt someone now would we?"

I leaned down and put the blade directly between your legs. Your eyes closed as I turned the knife sideways and made the initial cut in your dress. Moving slowly and deliberately, it passed you dripping sex, stomach, breasts to your neck where the knife cut free and your dress fell in tatters at your feet. In another circumstance you would have been the type of woman that men would have gladly sold their souls to the devil for even a chance to see such beauty.

You were exquisite in your white lace bra, matching panties, garter belt, stockings and heels. As you slowly opened your eyes I must not have had the traditional Pavlov's dogs approach you were used to from men lucky enough to be in your presence. You saw me standing there, arms crossed and a rather cool, nonchalant look on my face. What followed hurt more than any whip, cane, slap or torture ever could. I watched as you flinched visibly when I uttered one single word. "Adequate."

That single, simple sentence and your head slumped down on your chest, unwittingly assuming the position favored by most submissive. I knew your pride had just taken a huge blow and I didn't want to give you a chance to regain her composure. I walked past and hit the switch located under the chair. The hum of a hydraulic motor started as the back of the chair and the arms fell to unveil a flat level surface. I opened the four secret compartments from which I pulled four shackles all welded to bolts within the table.

"Put her on the table." Both of the men took an arm each but once again I found myself surprised at your resiliency. You jerked free of their hold and taking a deep breath walked calmly over to stand directly in front of me. I shook my head quickly to the men, telling them not to interfere. Even as vulnerable as you must felt at that moment you locked eyes with me and I made sure not to blink as you looked for any sign of weakness. I still had the dagger in one hand and I felt that was the only thing keeping you from scratching my eyes out. "Up on the table, on all fours" I said and though you hesitated another moment you did turn slowly and climb onto the table.

I felt as if I was approaching a very dangerous jungle cat as your head moved and your eyes watched every move I made. I went behind you, placing the knife between your legs as I took the first metal cuff and placed it around your left ankle. A supreme satisfaction flowed through me as I locked it in place with an audible click, which caused you to jump. The right leg iron soon followed and I proceeded to move directly in front. Once again your gaze met mine, you with both palms flat on the hard surface and this time I put the sharp blade directly between the two of us.

For a moment or two I worried you might try but with a sigh escaping your lips your head hung down once again, showing your true colors. First the left wrist and then the right and moments later the prey had been captured. Your head still down I saw as you first flexed her ankles and then your wrists testing to see how very little freedom of movement was allowed. "You're not going anywhere my dear." Your head slowly lifted, eyes flashing and tersely said, "I'M NOT YOUR DEAR."

"Where are my manners? You're correct, you're my guest and I haven't even offered you anything. James, have my dinner brought down, I'll dine here with this lovely lady this evening. Oh, and bring her something to drink. A few minutes later he made his appearance, items in both hands and when she saw them she started struggling against her bonds. "Now, now you're not going to make me dine alone are you?" You watched eyes wide open as James connected the large container of clear fluid to the rung overhead. The tubing that ran from it had been ingenuously inserted through one end and out the other of a ball gag.

You tried desperately to pull back; your mouth tightly held shut as I brought the apparatus up to your face. "Open wide", as I took one hand and squeezed your cheekbones until I had forced you to open your mouth. The ball popped in and I cinched it tight behind your head. Like a wild horse, you shook your mane from side to side trying to dislodge the intruder but to no avail. You watched in horror as I turned the knob and the fluid began racing down the tube. I took your head in my hands saying, "It's really quite simple. You can drink or you can drown."

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