tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Call with Directions

A Call with Directions


It is late one evening and your cell phone rings. When you look at the caller ID, you see that it is me. I can hear the smile in your voice as you answer which is such a turn on. “Come over, come around to the back yard, to the pool deck”. Is all I say. You laugh at my directions since domination is not generally my role. “Do you understand the directions?” I say sternly this time. You stop laughing because you can play along with me quite easily.

“Yes, Ma’am” is your reply. You hear the excitement in my voice as I stress that I expect you to get here quickly and be sure you do as you were told. You wonder what I am up to but enjoy the mystery, feeling your cock harden as you begin to imagine what will be waiting for you. My imagination never ceases to amaze you and since we are on the same wave length and luckily enough, you have the same affect on me.

At my place, I prepare for your arrival. I know that I have some time before you get here so I carefully get ready for you.

I take a nice bubble bath with sweet smelling fragrance in the tub. I shave my legs and my pussy to be nice and smooth for you, getting quite turned on as my fingers run across my body. I primp and prepare for a little while and then realize that you will be here anytime now. I gather some towels and my Pyrex dildo and head out to the pool deck. I lay a towel out on the deck, lay my naked body on it and position myself such that you will see me when you come in the door.

Just a few minutes pass before I see your headlights and feel my entire body get excited at the fact that you are there. You follow the directions I gave you as I hear the gate open and hear the grass moving below your feet. I can barely see you as you open the screen door and start to enter the deck. I see you scanning the area to see what is there waiting for you. “Stop” I say and you turn to the direction that my voice came from. I see a smile spread across your face as you see me naked on a towel, fucking my pussy with that dildo very slowly. You can see the moonlight glisten in the toy that is covered with wet. “Stand there and watch me, without taking another step. Do you understand?” You do as I say and watch me as well as you can in the darkness. I am close enough to see yet far enough away that you have to strain a little to see the detail that you are so in tuned to. You can hear me moan and can hear the sound of my wet pussy accepting the toy in and out, over and over. You can see my hard nipples and see my hand start to move faster and faster.

My head is thrown back, knowing that you want to touch me so badly that it is killing you. I enjoy teasing you and making you just sit and watch, from a far. I hear a rustling and put my head up to look at you. I see that you are rubbing your cock through your shorts. “Oh yes” I purr. “Come closer to me and stroke your cock while you watch.” You smile and move over to me, standing above me near my head. I can look up and see your cock in your hand with the look of satisfaction on your face above that. You start by slowly stroking your cock and I see your eyes never moving from my body. I can see the veins in your nice hard cock and want to taste it so badly I can barely stand it.

“Kneel down here now” I tell you. I see a smirk on your face as you do so and almost laugh out loud. I know you are doing your best to play along and be obedient. What you really want to do is crack my ass with your hand and I know this. You kneel down and I lean up to slide your extremely hard cock in my mouth. Somehow, it gets harder between my lips and I purr again. Oh how I love that hard cock in my mouth. “Take the toy and fuck me” I demand and even though it was a demand, I melt at your touch, practically cumming instantaneously.

I slide your cock deep in my mouth and you can tell how much it is I want this. I practically beg your cock to cum without ever saying a word. I use my tongue, my mouth and my hand rubbing it and increase the intensity with every stroke. Just as I think you are going to cum, however, you move. I start to protest and tell you what I want you to do when you move down and start to lick my pussy. What a great idea, I think and I let you take me. Your talented tongue finds all those places on my pussy that drive me crazy. It is wet and sweet and repeatedly throbs against your tongue.

When you slide your finger in my pussy as you lick me, I explode and fuck your face like crazy. “Fuck me, now” I say. You momentarily look up at me and I finish off my demand with a “Please”. You were going to make me wait, but the please I added made you want to give me what I asked for. You leave me laying on my back and move over me, first kissing me deep with my nice wet pussy all over your face.

“You taste wonderful, don’t you?” you ask me. I just purr in response, enjoying the feel of your strong body over me. I feel your cock pressing right against my pussy but you are pulling back so it doesn’t slide in just yet. I want you so badly that I try to move so it will and you take control back. This only makes me wetter and want you more. You slowly slide your nice hard cock into me and feel me sigh with relief. Slow, long, deep strokes as I try to fuck you back and speed up the intensity. You pull your body back and look down to watch your cock slide in with each stroke. I am watching your face and enjoying the look of desire on it.

I run my hands across your chest and down to where your cock is. I wrap my hand around it, stroking it as you fuck me. You speed up your strokes out of instinct, it feels too good not to. My legs are as wide open as possible, welcoming your cock in. I use my other hand to pinch my nipples and run across my own body as you fuck me. I feel your cock start to cum and you pull it out and cum right across my belly. I sit up slightly in order to watch your cock cum for the first time. I enjoy this view and reach my hand down to rub my pussy as I watch. I am amazed at how wet I am. I take my wet fingers, run them across my belly where your cum is and up to my mouth while you watch me lick them off. I look right in your eyes as I do this.

You grab me and pull me up which surprises me. Before I realize what is happening, I am on my hands and knees. Your still hard cock is pressing up against my soaking wet pussy. In one quick motion, you fuck into me deep, hard and fast. My pussy tightens around you, letting you know just how much I enjoyed that. I feel your hands on my hips as you bang into me over and over again. You feel me start to cum and just as I do, you slide your cock out. It is soaked with my juices. You lean forward and pinch my nipples as I cum and I realize that your wet, hard cock is pressing against my ass.

I am so turned on that I want it now and I beg you to fuck my ass. You feel me press back against you and press your hips forward letting me have what I desire. Your cock feels so nice in my hot, tight ass. You can feel my nipples harden as your cock goes in deeper and deeper. I press my ass back up against you, letting you know that I want it all. I am so turned on that I just want an ass fucking. I feel your hands go back to my hips as you begin to impale your cock deep into my ass. I start to cum and you resist, slowing down just a little bit to extend the orgasm. “Oh cum in my ass” I tell you and you wonder how many neighbors are now watching us on the pool deck. This thought leaves your mind as quickly as it entered as you feel me start to cum again.

It turns you on that I cum when you fuck me in the ass. You are doing your best to hold off on your own orgasm but me asking for you to cum in my ass it not helping your control. “Fill me up, baby. Cum in my ass.” I keep telling you and you decide to let it go. I feel your hands grip on my hips tighter as you begin to fuck me even harder. I start to cum and you feel my body tighten around you as I do so. That is all it takes and you start to cum. As you do so, I tell you that I can feel it which turns you on even more. “Yes, baby, I can feel you cumming” I say and “Please don’t stop”, which sets me off another time.

We both finally stop moving and realize that we are still on the pool deck out in the open. It is dark but that doesn’t mean that we are in a private place. We hear a sliding door open, and then close wondering who was watching us. I have a very sexy Latin neighbor and I say “ I wonder if Maria has her toys out now”. You lean over me and kiss my neck, letting me know that you enjoyed that imagine in my naughty little mind. “Would you like to come inside?” I ask you finally. You get up, help me up and pick up the towel and toy. You pull me close to you, making me feel safe in your arms. You look at me and smile which gets a puzzled look on my face. Finally you answer my question. You simply say, “I think I already did ~~ repeatedly in fact”. I smile and follow you as you take my hand, lead me inside and snuggle up next to me on the bed. A few minutes naked next to one another and we will be at it again. I can’t wait!!

C K & L

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