tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Camping Trip Ch. 1

A Camping Trip Ch. 1


Posted to a message board somewhere in cyberspace:

I have a lot of mixed memories of the 1980s. Way too much alcohol, too many bands where the guys dressed as women, too many friends without jobs and too many beginnings without endings.

Laura was a friend we both knew from our early days in high school. She was no supermodel but had great eyes, long curly blonde hair and a wild, happy-go-lucky attitude that made her a fun person to hang out with. Though she didn't introduce my wife and me, Laura was partially responsible for the two of us getting together after my breakup with the girlfriend from hell. Her current boyfriend was not a bad guy, though a little older than the three of us with a son and an ex-wife in his life. Pat was a quiet guy who didn't seem like he would last long as Laura's love interest. Ann was, and still is, one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. A wonderful smile, bright green eyes and a razor-sharp, quick witted tongue that just won't quit

That summer the four of us took off for a weekend, driving for about nine hours to a place in the mountains that belonged to a friend. Warm country air replaced the scent of parking lots and gasoline. The only view better than the outdoors was Ann, sitting in the passenger seat. Her blue shorts rode high on her thighs, clinging to her rounded hips in a way that was as distracting as the low-cut top that displayed enough cleavage to make guys stare even if they tried not to.

We arrived just before sunset. The “cabin” was not a small building by any means; the place had a large kitchen area with a well-used propane stove and picnic table. A rough stone fireplace big enough to roast a pig dominated the sleeping area. Ann and I chose a bed next to the kitchen while Laura and Pat made their camp across the way, next to the fireplace. I noticed Pat checking out my wife as she bent over to unpack, her thin shorts molded to her beautiful ass. I don't think he knew I'd seen him staring, but Laura let him know that she had.

"Hey," she said, "that's not the view we came here for!"

He turned a bit red and we all had fun laughing about it. I opened the cooler and tossed him a beer, giving him a grin that said "No Problem." The only problem for me was the way I was beginning to fill out my own shorts, thinking about the way he was watching Ann. I popped open my beer and went outside, muttering something about looking for firewood. I'd gathered enough to start a small fire when I was startled by her voice.

"Do you like it when guys check me out?"

It was Ann. As I turned around I was treated to the sight of her bending over, hands on her knees. I could see all the way down her shirt, between her firm B-cup breasts to her smooth belly. My shorts started to get tight again. I took my own turn staring.

"Guys can't help themselves," I said with a wry grin. I tossed the last piece of wood onto the pile and picked up my beer. "Wanna go make out in the woods?"

She walked over to me, put her arms around my waist and gently brushed her hip against my cock through the front of my shorts. She pressed her lips against my ear and whispered, "Wanna go fuck in the woods?" Her hot breath sent a shiver up my spine. I dropped the empty beer can, my arms around her waist, not caring if anyone was watching. I was already hard as a rock and I could see by the way that her nipples strained against the fabric of her shirt that she wasn't kidding. My hands slid down to cup her ass as our lips met, sending my heart racing. Her wet tongue slipped into my mouth as we lost ourselves in the moment, the sun setting behind the trees, casting long shadows beneath the red-orange sky. When we broke the kiss I could feel myself leaking inside my shorts. Ann ran her hand across my chest, under my T-shirt and said, "Let's go for a walk."

We wandered hand-in-hand for a short distance until the trees became thick enough to offer some cover. We embraced again and I pulled her against me; my fingers worked their way under the back of her shorts, our tongues needed to meet. I could hear her moan softly through the kiss as I caressed the lower curves of her behind and began to work her shorts over her rounded hips, tugging from the bottom.

"Not so fast," she whispered as her hand wrapped around me. I thrust my hips forward. She cupped my balls with her other hand as she sank to her knees among the dry pine needles. With a wicked smile, "I want to taste you first." I felt my zipper going down as she moved to graze my neck, felt my own shorts coming down, exposing my hard cock to the warm evening air.

Her tongue wetted the end of my cock and I couldn't help but groan. It never left my mind that we were only twenty yards from the cabin. We could be easily seen by anyone walking a short distance. The thought of getting caught sent a hot flash through my body as I felt the warm wetness of her mouth envelope the tip of my cock. She pushed me back against a tree and began to jerk me off, tongue playing with me; her moaning like a vibration that kicked me into overdrive. I plunged my hands into her long hair. She looked up into my eyes and I could feel myself getting ready to explode. Ann reached back and gently cupped my balls, scratching. I lost all control, my orgasm seeming to rise from the bottom of my feet, gathering in my balls and pumping into her mouth, just a tiny bit running down over her full, pink lips to wet her chin and drip onto the bed of pine needles she knelt upon.

Panting and unsteady, I leaned against the tree as she stood up and kissed me, tasting of cum, still holding my now very sensitive member in her hands. With the same wicked smile she said, "Let's get you dressed and head back for another beer."

I managed to whisper, "What about you? It's hardly polite to just leave you hanging."

"Hold that thought," she said, releasing my swollen prick. She straightened out her shorts and tucked her shirt back in, then started towards the cabin, giving me a great rear view as she walked away.

I pulled my shorts back up and followed Ann into the cabin.


"Well, is it true?" Laura asked with a grin as I walked in the door. Pat was about two shades of red, eyeballing the floor while Laura sat on his lap. Judging by the empties, both of them were on beer number two or three. I could smell the aroma of some very good pot as well.

"Is what true?"

"That you were giving it to your wife in the woods just now?"

I thought Pat was going to die, still eyeballing the floor. No sense of humor.

"Why?" joked Ann, "Afraid you missed out on the fun?"

Even Pat laughed at that one.

"Well, one thing's for sure," I said. "We missed out on what you guys have been smoking. I think it's time to spark another one."

We pulled up a couple of wooden benches and spent the next several hours sitting in front of the fire, drinking beer, talking and passing a few joints around. It was a warm night, the heat from the fire made the air heavy; the smell of smoking hardwood wrapped us all in the blanket of its embrace. We were all pretty loosened up; Pat and I had our shirts off and Laura had stripped down to loose-fitting gym shorts and a hunter green bikini top. Laura had smaller breasts than Ann, well formed and tight, the outline of areola visible against thin fabric. Firelight highlighted the soft curves of her waist and hip; skin glowing, disappearing into loose, low-slung folds of cloth that exposed just enough to send my imagination into high gear. She moved closer to her boyfriend and put her hand on his leg; I could see her fingers tracing tiny circles on his inner thigh.

Ann’s tongue slipped out to moisten her lips. She popped open another beer, breaking the silence that had fallen over the cabin. I saw her watching Pat; her gaze drifting over his tightly muscled chest, lingering on the thin line of dark hair that crept free of the top of his shorts, fixing on his legs as Laura moved her hand slowly up and back. Ann brought the sweating can to her lips, a drop of condensation falling on her thigh, sending a shiver through her as she closed her eyes and drained the cold liquid. Ann set the half-empty beer can beside her. Locking her fingers behind her head and stretching she arched her back, her shirt riding up to expose the delicate flesh of her lower belly, breasts pulled high and tight against the damp cloth as if to say, “If you want to look here’s something to keep you interested.”

I got up from the bench and stirred the fire, threw on two more pieces of wood. My proximity to the blast of heat made my shorts stick to me like a second skin as I wondered how far all of this flirting was going to go. My wife was displaying her body for another man. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of his girlfriend, one of my best friends. The four of us, alone in a strange place, instigating an erotic dance that would end who knows where. Half convinced that we should put an end to this before it got out of hand I remained at the fire, torn between jealousy and a growing hunger for the forbidden fruit hanging ripe and tantalizing before me.

Fuck it, you only live once. I put down the poker, wondering what thoughts played in the minds of the others. I decided to find out.

When I turned around Laura and Pat were engaged in a passionate kiss. Her bare leg thrown over his, he ran his hands up and down her back, teasing the curve of her spine while her fingers traced the outline of his collar bone. I looked at Ann and almost started laughing at the near comical look on her face - one eyebrow raised, green eyes opened wide and a smirk on her full red lips as if to say, "Check THIS out!" I thought our friends were going to break their embrace as I came back to sit next to Ann. I slid my arm around her waist, placed my lips against her ear and whispered, "I have a strong feeling that if they don’t stop this right now, we’re all in for a wild night.”

They didn't stop. He began to fool around with the bikini tie behind Laura's neck as she slid her hand down his chest and over his hip, placed it on his thigh about an inch below the obvious bulge in his pants. I could hear her make a small noise and say something in his ear then quietly laugh. He shifted his hips around on the hard bench as if to adjust himself inside his shorts then pulled her leg up a little higher on his own. It seemed that we had all come to the same decision.

Ann turned her head and kissed me gently on the lips, brushing against my bare chest. I could feel her now hard nipples through the thin cloth, could see the view down her shirt where a drop of sweat traced a line from the pendant she was wearing around her neck to the valley between her rounded breasts. My heart hammered. I could feel my hand begin to shake as I put my other arm around her, caressing the sensitive strip of skin left bare by the gap between her shorts and shirt. She bit my lower lip, tugging gently, slipped her hand inside the leg of my shorts to brush her fingers against my cock.

"Let's give them a show then," Ann whispered into my mouth. She broke our kiss, stood up and took my hand. I rose with her. Laura and Pat stopped for a moment in silence. All I could hear was the crackling of the fire and the breathing of four very excited campers. Laura wasn't very shy about checking out the front of my shorts. When my eyes met hers she didn't look away. I think my cock grew another inch at that moment.

Ann led me to our bed across from the fire, then turned to me and raked her fingernails down my chest. I could see her watching them over my shoulder, knew she was as ready to go as I was. Blame it on the pot, blame it on the beer, blame it on the situation, but I couldn't believe how turned we were. I put my arms around her, feeling as if we had never touched before, the nervous excitement of someone else watching building within us a ‘first time’ kind of thrill. I pulled her closer, whispered in her ear. "I want to make love to you while our friends watch."

"Mmmmmm, take my top off," she answered. This was the point of no going back. I hooked my fingers under her shirt and began to slowly work it up her soft belly, planning to make a production of it. She was still watching them over my shoulder and I moved to one side, intending to give our friends a better view. Ann raised her arms above her head and closed her eyes, releasing a sigh as I revealed the hard swollen nipple of first one breast and then the other. Maybe it was the firelight and the heat, but I'd never seen her so full and flushed, her lips so red. She tossed her shirt to the floor as I knelt down on the bed, hearing the squeak of rusty springs, inhaling a faint scent of old mattress intermingled with perspiration and the sweet smell of Anne’s thick golden-blonde hair. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, cupped her firm ass in my hands, grazed her with my teeth and felt her back arch as she moaned, lost in the moment.

From this position I could see Laura holding her boyfriend's cock in her hand, slowly pumping it up and down as both of them watched me pleasure Ann. He was slightly thicker than I was but not quite as long and I swear I saw pre-cum glistening on the tip. He had Laura's bikini top untied and I got my first view of her bare breasts, the top hanging between them. She had larger nipples than I would have imagined for an A-cup. They were every bit as hard as Ann's were. Laura looked at me again and the eye contact felt electric. She released Pat’s blood engorged member and got up to push the benches aside, then tossed the bikini top, dragged a blue nylon sleeping bag from the bed next to the fireplace, spreading it on the gray stone floor in front of the fire.

I was throbbing, tight, almost at the point of pain as I continued to suck on Ann's nipples, running my hands up her back, my fingers immersed in the fullness of her wavy hair and then back down on her hips. I began to message her ass through the thin blue shorts, and she pulled my head harder against her breasts so that I could feel their softness caress my face. My fingers worked up inside the leg of her shorts and I lightly stroked her, feeling the wetness between her legs as traces of her excitement ran over my fingers. She broke the silence with a gasp as I slowly ran my fingers up and back along the slick warm cleft of her lips, teasing her clit and stopping just short of pushing inside.

"Ohh-oh, yesss, touch me." It was louder than a whisper, and brought a little reality to a situation that until that moment had seemed like a silent dream. I removed my fingers and in the same motion pulled her shorts down to her ankles. She kicked them off, leaving her naked in the firelight; her sweat covered breasts moving with her breath, glistening. The curves of her body were like a work of art, flashing, highlighted by the firelight, on full display. Her shadow, larger than life, danced across the wall. She pushed me back on the bed and unzipped my shorts. With one knee on the bed she began to work my pants down, allowing my aching prick to spring free.

I looked toward the fireplace and saw Laura watching us as Boyfriend went down on her; both of her legs over his shoulders, pinning her neatly trimmed bush so hard against him that I wondered how he could breathe. Her breath was coming in little gasps and she seemed to be giving him instructions, though I couldn't make out any words. She had her hands in his dark hair, her arms pushing her small breasts together so that the nipples pointed straight at the ceiling of the cabin. I'll be damned if she wasn't looking me right in the eye, her torso bucking, grinding herself raw against his face.

I looked back at Ann as she climbed onto the bed above me, straddling my legs and grabbing my throbbing cock as she leaned over me and ran her tongue up my belly, tasting the moisture that beaded on my skin. She began to pump me slowly as she reached my neck, nibbled a bit on my ear and whispered, "You like to watch him suck her pussy, don't you?"

"Ohhh fuck yes" I moaned, loudly enough to draw a giggle from the other side of the cabin. "But right now I need to be inside you."

Ann climbed higher atop my sweat-covered body, straddling my rigid cock so that the tip just brushed her soft brown pubic hair. I took hold of my cock then and thrust my hips slightly forward, running the head back and forth between the lips of her pussy as if it were a paintbrush. A drop of moisture fell from her face to land on my chest as she lay down on top of me, damp curls against my face, breasts pressed to my chest, panting into my ear.

"Look at them!" Ann moaned as we teased each other. I looked. Pat turned around on top of Laura as they began the final dance; his hips bucked up and down as he fucked her wet mouth, his cock shining in the dim orange light every time he pulled out only to thrust downward again. I could see his balls slap against her face.

Laura lifted her hips off of the blanket, her thighs clenched around his head, hips bucking madly as if to push his face right up inside of her. I could hear a small cracking sound as their perspiration soaked bodies came apart, then collided once again. For them, there was no trying to be quiet any more. Their moans echoed from the cabin walls. They were ready to explode.

Ann and I watched, both of us nearly frozen in position, the end of my cock teasing her clit, her breasts hanging down above me, one of my hands kneading her ass and the other moving my cock between the lips of her vulva. She dug her hands into my chest and began to press down on my prick and I slipped inside of her soaking wet pussy, her juices running down to wet my thighs.

"Ohhh God Gerry fuck me, fuck me!" Ann cried. It was loud, loud enough to push Laura over the edge. It was all I could do to keep from blowing my load right then and there as Ann and I moved together, watching Laura cum in her boyfriend's mouth as she moaned around his cock. That was it for him too. He let out a loud cry that was muffled by her sex grinding into him, filling her with mouth his cum.

I tightened my grip on Ann's hips, slowing the motion that had me on the verge of delivering the goods. My hand reached down between us and I began to rub her clit, teasing, pinching, feeling our wetness mix together, smelling the sex-aroma that hung, suspended, in the thick humid air of the cabin. Her hands slipped from my chest to twist in the red fabric of the sleeping bag. She made noises deep in her throat like I'd never heard from her before, guttural and wild. Riding atop me, her hips jerked forward, then pulled slowly back again, the tangled curls between our legs scraping, enmeshed. Looking into her bright green eyes I saw that no one was in there - no one at all, just the animal lusting for release.

With both of my hands on the sweat-drenched globes of her ass we moved as one, closer, our bodies glistening as if covered in oil. Our moans intensified, our bodies stiffened, clenched, hips locked together, needing release. I pressed one of my fingers into her ass and her orgasm tore through her, her nipples standing stiff, erect, in full view of the couple watching from their blanket in front of the fireplace. I was done for. I gushed inside her. I screamed, plunged deeper into her, every ounce of fluid in my body pumping in thick white streams to fill her, our juices mingling.

We collapsed in a heap on the bed, holding each other and panting to catch our breath as the heavy aroma of cum and perspiration filled the room. The next thing I knew Laura was at the bedside, holding a couple of cans of cold beer.

"You guys look like you need these" she said with a mischievous grin, and went back to sit with her boyfriend by the fire, looking over her shoulder and giving us both a wink. The fire burned low as we all drifted off to sleep, content and exhausted.

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