tagGroup SexA-Camping We will Go

A-Camping We will Go


My daughter Rosie was excited about the camping trip to Vermont. She would be going with her cousin Megan, her roommates Lauren and Kayla, and her BFF Caitlin and meeting up with Megan's ex Jerome, Kayla and Lauren's brother Ike, and Megan's brothers Darren and Justin.

"Will your brothers have to sit at the kiddies' table?" Lauren teased Megan.

"They're all grown up, hon," Megan retorted with a wiggle of her hips. "Darren's eighteen and Justin's twenty."

"Virgins?" Caitlin asked playfully.

"No way," Megan chuckled. "They don't even spy on me in the shower anymore."

"Speaking of spying," Lauren, the tall, elegant sister said. "Ike might be bringing his girlfriend Jeannie."

"Oh, good," Rosie blurted. "I won't be the only black person for once."

"Jerome's black," Megan inserted.

"But there'll be six women and four men," Kayla bemoaned. "That's out of sync."

"We'll make do," Caitlin pronounced, staring lasciviously at Rosie, with whom she shared more than a few intimacies in the past. However, Rosie had set her sights on Ike. Now she had Caitlin on her tail and Jeannie on Ike's.

This would prove to be an interesting weekend.

After settling into the cabin—one for the boys and one for the girls—everyone decided to get dressed up for dinner at a fancy restaurant, half an hour away in town.

"So much for roughing it," joked Kayla, who was parading around naked along with her sister. She and Lauren—with their firm breasts, flat stomachs, toned arms, muscular thighs and claves, smooth shaven pussies, and contoured asses—were so natural in their nudity that they didn't even seem naked.

This was a problem for Rosie, since she was plumper than the other ladies and self-conscious of the fact that she had the hots for Kayla and Lauren and she knew they knew it. Lauren even rubbed her left tit against Rosie's arm while they were standing side by side at the sink.

Rosie wanted to go down on the long-legged beauty right then and there.

In a touching display of sisterly affection, Lauren lifted her arm and asked Kayla to give her a pit check. "Do I smell, sis?"

Kayla stuck her nose right into Lauren's arm pit. "No, you're good. How 'bout me?"

Lauren crouched to reach her little sister's underarm and recoiled immediately. "You better take a shower, stinky!"

Caitlin pinched the loose skin around Rosie's waist. "The freshman fifteen looks like you packed on fifty."

Rosie shrugged off her gal pal's teasing, although she wanted to point out that Cait was the one with the eating disorder, evidenced by her thin hair and washed-out complexion.

Lauren asked Rosie, "Why do you let your snatch grow wild?"

Rosie unconsciously cupped her hand over her thickly furred pubis and giggled nervously.

"She likes to rub herself and sniff her fingers in bed at night," Caitlin announced to Rosie's complete mortification.

Megan spoke up. "I keep a small patch of pubies. It makes me feel like womanly."

Rosie nodded appreciatively, but wondered why Caitlin had turned on her. Maybe it was because she was jealous because Rose had taken a "lesbian-until-graduation" lover in college.

Megan, who had gorgeous emerald eyes and crimped reddish hair, joined Kayla in the shower, where they sang off-key and cavorted like teenies.

The menfolk arrived two hours later and everyone piled into two cars to dive to Burlington. Caitlin wore short shorts and showed three inches of butt crack while Kayla wore a tube top that nipple slipped every time she moved.

They ate at a Tibetan restaurant, the cuisine of which was more like Indian than Chinese. It was all good, since most of the girls were vegan or vegetarian. Jerome ordered a chicken dish and Ike had broiled fish; otherwise, the boys went meatless as well.

The wine, beer, and mixed drinks flooded the gang's bodies and minds. Rosie swilled Bloody Marys and Caitlin chugged lagers while Kayla and Lauren sipped red wine. Megan and her brothers shared vodka drinks and Jerome shot whiskey. Jeannie rolled a bone right at the table and laughed about the dark ages of the early 2000s when weed was illegal. She shared it with Kayla and Darren. Megan and Rosie vaped an e-cig.

Lauren and Justin were the sober ones and so they took the wheel for the drive back to the cabin in the woods. The horny group of friends could barely keep their clothes on and their hands off one another by the time they arrived.

The matchups were Jerome and Kayla, Jeannie and Darren, Ike and Megan, and Caitlin and Justin. Apparently, Jeannie and Ike had agreed to split up for the night and Jerome and Megan were split up for good. Each couple was in their own drunk, high, and sexed up cocoon, although Caitlin was howling under Justin's vigorous thrusting and Megan was noisily sucking Ike's cock.

The pairings left out Rosie and Lauren, who spied each other in the dimly lighted cabin amid the bacchanalia all around them. Lauren, crooked her finger and beckoned Rosie to come near. She did and they kissed.

Rosie swooned in the midst of their kiss. She loved the scent of Lauren's hair, the taste of her mouth, and the strength of her embrace.

"Get undressed, sweet thing," Lauren said breathlessly. "Let's have some fun."

Lauren juggled Rosie's plump breasts and nibbled her ruby red areolas. Rosie rubbed Lauren's smooth cunt as the taller woman pushed her on her back. Rosie saw Lauren's Eurasian features in sharper clarity and ached with desire bordering on love.

"Relax and enjoy it," Lauren ordered Rosie in a hoarse whisper. The cinnamon hued babe spread her thighs and watched in amazement as the gorgeous, elegant femme went down on her. Lauren gave Rosie's Venus long, slow cunnilingus, slurping the juices flowing from her hairy puss. Lauren suckled my hot daughter's vulva and twirled her tongue on her clitoris while planting two fingers between her labia.

After Rosie came in back-wrenching spasms, Lauren clamped Rosie's thick legs between hers and tribbed with her till they both huffed and puffed in climax.

Around midnight, Kayla and Lauren's mom, Lilly, called to check on the vacationers. The young ladies made no pretense of clothing their nakedness or concealing the virtual orgy that just transpired from their mom via the picturephone.

"Well, it looks like you're having fun. I'll talk to you later."

"Love you, Mama," the girls said in unison.

I called Rosie a few minutes later. Rosie's cheeks were flushed and her lips were swollen from passionate kissing and eating pussy.

"Are you having a good time?" I asked sincerely.

"Pops, I can't even begin to tell you." Rosie laughed and her boobies jiggled.

"That's my baby girl."

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