A Carol's Christmas


Carol and the hooded figure peered over her shoulder as she opened pull the pages out. Future Carol scoffed and Carol's eyes bugged out. They were divorce papers from Tom. Both Carols read through the document, so keen in-between the lines, that they didn't hear the office door open and close. A cough interrupted their focus.

"Ms. Stevens." An African accent called out. "Are you well?" Both Carols looked up to see this tall, dark as night, bespoke gentleman looking at Future Carol.

"Oh... yes, please have a seat." Future Carol signaled to the chair in front of the desk. The tall suited African crossed her office in three long strides and pulled the chair. "I generally deal with Terrance, was he not--."

"No ma'am, Terrance is on holiday. I was given your account while he is out. My name is John Mwambe." He replied.

"I see. Well that's alright I suppose." Future Carol's gaze wandered and settled on some disappointment. She tossed aside the papers from the attorney and put a stack of other documents on top of them. "So then, shall we get to business?" She smoothed her blazer and moved items around on her desk. Carol could tell from behind that her future self was uncomfortable for some reason.

"Yes ma'am." John assured and pulled a paper from his suit pocket, unfolding and examining it. "It appears here that Terrance provided the order for nine units in each of your last three dealings. Were there any difficulties in moving those units?"

"No difficulties at all John," Future Carol assured. "Actually, I had told Terrance in our last meeting that I would make an effort to move more volume." She watched John mark the paper he had pulled out and met his eyes when she made the comment.

"That is great to hear." John smiled. "On the order form here," He gestured with the paper in hand, "It appears the order is the same. Are there any other units you will be requiring?" Future Carol shook her head and Carol peered at John. It wasn't the strangeness of his accent, nor appearance, but she had never heard of the DuSable group. John consulted his paper again. "Ah yes, will you accept direct deposit?" He handed the paper over to Future Carol.

"Hmm yes... you said there would be a change in volume this time? How many units are we talking?" She replied as she signed near the bottom and handed the paper back.

"The DuSable group has been impressed with your business, Terrance had recommended twelve units."

"Twelve units!" Future Carol said in surprise. "I didn't expect it to be such an increase. Is that what you've brought today?"

"Yes, will that be a problem?" John stood up and looked at Future Carol with some concern.

"No not at all." Future Carol stood as well and walked around her desk to stand in the middle of the room. She looked out at the busy office floor through the mirror. Carol and the hooded figure stood off to the side between John and Future Carol.

"What is he..." Carol watched John undo his belt and unzip his slacks. "What am I..." She looked to see her future self pull her skirt further up her waist.

John moved behind Future Carol and put his hands on her shoulders. He had already towered over her before, but his gentle push signaled her to kneel. Future Carol took the pressure and tucked her knees under herself, dutifully. John tapped on her back to make it erect and moved around to her front. He undid the buttons on her blouse with one hand, revealing her ample cleavage.

Future Carol watched with anticipation as John reached into his slacks. What had been ineffectively hidden in his pants now impressed upon her. John pulled out his soft, seemingly endless dick and brought it dangle in front of her eyes. She tried not to show that her eyes were measuring the "units".

Carol looked at the hooded figure that stood next to her, lifeless. "What the hell is going on? How did this happen?" She looked at the sight again, frantically. Her eyes grew a size bigger.

Future Carol took to sucking and slurping on John's giant African dong. She lathered and slathered the chocolate piece with her saliva, using both hands to milk and squeeze it to her satisfaction. John's dick had grown, as promised in volume, to the twelve units.

Carol walked around her future self and John, in horror. The sloppy BJ ran down Future Carol's chin and neck, dripping down between her bared tits. John's cock gleamed in the wet glory. She stepped back and witness the fervor with which her future self devoured on the treat in front of her. Carol did a double-take on her own thought just then.

John's big hand pressed on Future Carol's forehead and she obeyed. He pulled himself off and she bowed to him. John took the cue and moved to the side, "Presentation." He said simply.

Carol watched her future self respond instantly to the command. Future Carol leaned forward on her knees and flipped the back of her skirt up, revealing her crotchless pantyhose. She learned further and put her hands out in-front of herself, her face down on the office rug. Her butt however, high in the air, showed the slight sliver of flesh that was already plump and sweating between the hose.

John removed his slacks from his ankles and laid his suit jack on the chair behind him. As he moved towards Future Carol, he took a step on either side behind her, his super penis dangling ominously. Carol was amazed to see he didn't have to crouch much at all as the thick tip of it caused a shudder on Future Carol with contact. John braced himself by grabbing her hips and gave a small push.

"OH MY...." Future Carol breathed. She moaned in a whisper, multiple OMGs, to herself as John buried himself deeper into her. She felt the similar sensation when he was as deep as Terrance had been.

Carol watched the lanky African pounded a steady rhythm on her future self, whose face had turned red from breathing heavy. Carol reflexively even started touching herself at the sight. She felt a rush of wetness when John pushed further, to the hilt.

The wave of extra three inches took Future Carol for a surprise. She cried out in shock at feeling the deep stiffness. Her pussy had been so accustomed to Terrance, these new depths were not known to her. She gripped the carpet and held tight, drooling on to the rug as John quickened his pace.

He reached with a free hand and scooped Future Carol's hair in his big palm, pulling her head back, off the floor. Carol watched with shock and felt a tinge of anger of hating when Tom did that. She could see her future self also shocked with the surprise.

She felt him pull at her hair and her chin rested on the carpet. Each time the audacity of what he had done crossed her mind, it was erased by how deep he pounded. Future Carol's face grew redder and the anger she would've felt in her visage, manifested in a tightness below. Her pussy clenched on John's thick dick and she heard him reach a grunt.

John pulled on her mane and gave some deep, quick, tough pumps. Future Carol felt the throbbing from within and moments later felt the warm enrapture John filled her up with. There was absolutely more volume this time.

They both lingered for the moment and John let her hair go. He slowly pulled himself out of what was effectively his velvet sheath. Future Carol remained in her presentation position, having accepted the direct deposit, while John reached for his coat. He produced a handkerchief and dabbed at his cock, polishing and soaking up the juice Future Carol left behind.

By the time she raised herself up on her hands, John had dressed himself again. He waited as she took to her feet. Carol watched her altered gait as she walked to her desk, leaving drips on the floor along the way. The giant African cock had done a number on her, to a point where she noticeably walked with caution. Future Carol pulled out a small pad and began scribbling on it.

Before Carol could move in behind her future self to see what the document was, Future Carol tore the check off and handed it to John Mwambe. He verified the amount and nodded.

"It was a pleasure to do business with you." John said cordially as he turned for the office door.

"Oh no," Future Carol spoke up before he opened the door, "The pleasure was all mine." She primped and made herself proper by straightening everything out.

The hooded figure started to walk towards the bathroom all of a sudden and Carol panicked. "What the hell happened? This can't be my future?!" She watched future self in a daze and saw the hooded figure gesturing to the bathroom door.

Carol stepped through to see her future self again, but this time standing in front of the sink. She moved in to see that her future self was holding something in her hand. Future Carol held her hand to her mouth and appeared to cry.

Much to Carol's horror, it was a pregnancy test... and it was positive. John Mwambe's voice echoed in her mind, "Direct deposit" in his accent. Carol felt dizzy and stepped back from her crying future self, overwhelmed by what she had witnessed. The hooded figure pointed back out the bathroom door and Carol gazed into a hospital room.

As they stepping through the threshold, Carol and the hooded figure stood near the handful of hospital staff around the bed. When she could see through them, Carol saw her future self with her legs in stirrups. Tom was between them, all smiles. Future Carol pushed and yelled at the top of her lungs while Tom gave his encouragement.

"This is the future?" Carol asked the hooded figure as the yelling persisted. The hooded figure's bony hand only pointed to the lady in bed. "You're sure this isn't the past?" She asked, confused even more as she remembered the set-up being the same when her other two kids were born.

"Here he is! I see the head!" Tom exclaimed, drawing Carol's attention with the commotion and the word "he." Tom had always wanted a son.

The next few moments were inaudible as Carol witnessed. The baby was successfully delivered and Tom's face had grown pale. The doctor brought the child around to Future Carol and she held him in her arms. She looked at Tom's sullen face and then back at the baby. His tiny little head had fine curly black sprigs for curls and his skin looked as sweet as caramel.

Tom's blue eyes met Carol's green eyes, then laid upon the baby's dark brown eyes. He whisked through Carol's image and pulled the door wide open. He looked back one last time and it appeared he looked right at Carol, but also looked right through her. She reached out to say something, but Tom slammed the door and Carol cried.

When she opened her eyes to see her future self on the hospital bed, she only saw her pristine hotel bed. She looked around the room for the hooded figure, but it was no-where to be seen either. Carol rushed to her purse and grabbed her car keys.


December 25th, 2017

The drive seemed like an eternity but with the way Carol was lost in her thoughts, she quickly arrived to her destination. She pulled up quietly on a sleepy residential street and started typing a text.

The phone buzzed on a make-shift night stand and Tom nearly ignored it. "Come... out... I'm here." He read slowly to himself. He put on his glasses and wandered to one of the basement windows that faced the street. The sight of Carol's car wiped away what remaining sleepiness he had. "Be right there." He typed back and ascended the stairs.

Carol unlocked the door as Tom gingerly closed the front door to his parents house. He clutched on to his light jacket, definitely not enough for the winter cold. "Jeez, aren't you freezing?" Tom said to Carol, seeing her in just her plush robe and pajama bottoms. They nearly matched, if it wasn't for Tom's festive Santa fleece pants.

"No, I had the heat cranked up the whole way here." Carol replied as Tom unzipped his jacket, settling into the heat. "Listen, I really--"

"I know," Tom cut her off in a smug tone, "You just couldn't fathom missing out on the fun!" He crossed his arms and smiled wide.

Carol smirked and shook her head, in an admitted, knowing defeat. "You're right. You're absolutely right. I couldn't stand to be alone, and I figured I could at least make it through the day with some Christmas music." A silence lulled between them as the car idled. Carol couldn't just let her original thought go. "But really, Tom..." She started, "I feel really bad about calling all this stuff you love..."

"Humbug?" Tom finished her sentiment.

"I was going to say 'ridiculous' but that works too." Carol walked into that one.

"It's okay my sexy scrooge." Tom smiled and touched her thigh. "I'm just glad you're here."

Carol smiled in earnest for the first time in a long time, still feeling undeserving of Tom's compassion. But the word 'sexy' jogged her mind and memory. "Hey... do you remember that office party I told you I went to when I first started working?"

"Oh yeah." Tom wracked his brain. "Where you had to dress up like an elf? Man, I would've paid to seen that!"

Carol put the car in drive. "Put on your seat belt. Let's take a little adventure."


They drove slowly along the streets as they reached the outskirts of town. Every store they passed was closed for the Christmas holiday. Tom started to ask questions but the answer was found as Carol pulled into a small parking lot.

"Is it open? There's a few cars here." Tom counted five to six cars and his face shone in the neon light he began to read, "Books XXX DVDS."

Carol pulled her robe tighter to shield herself from the cold air and Tom followed suit. They both rushed towards the door and walked into the fluorescent-lit room. Books and DVDs lined the wall shelves and various displays. They wandered for a few moments.

"What are we doing here?" Tom leaned into Carol with a whisper.

"A girl can't feel merry and bright?" Carol smirked as she looked at him and Tom held his hands up, backing off. She saw a section of Interracial DVDs and remembered what she said seen a few nights before. She picked up a random box from the pile and held it up to Tom. "This one looks festive doesn't it?" Carol laughed and pointed to it. "Deck the Balls Vol. 7!" She tossed it back on to the pile.

"What about this?" Tom held up a key-chain mini-penis with jingle bells. "I can help you ring the new year in." Carol rolled her eyes and they landed on a section of vibrators.

"Now this is would be a sweet present." Carol pulled the item off the shelf and displayed it to Tom. She ran her finger over the package, a five-inch striped vibrator in the shape of a thick candy cane. "Talk about a sugar rush."

Tom raised his brows in agreement to humor her. Carol handed him another package and his brows raised again, but in genuine surprise. "What... oh?"

"Is that even real?" Carol examined the package. A thick black, veined dildo that advertised itself as cast from a famous pornstar. "How do they even make that?" She looked at Tom in his silence, it was the same pornstar he had been watching on his cell-phone. In the same silence, Carol thought of John Mwambe and his effect on her future self. "Wow, hmm, let's get it. Challenge accepted." She said quickly and handed it to Tom as she flit away.

Tom gulped and held the giant dildo under arm as he followed his wife. Carol shuffled through some clothes and looked furtively as Tom approached. "Find anything?" Tom asked, looked around hoping to not be seen by anyone else.

Carol pulled off a hanger and held the garment against herself. "What do you think?" She smiled behind the sexy elf costume. Tom was lost in the thought again. "Well... Santa baby?" Carol turned side to side and attempted to entice him. She reached out and tugged at her husband's crotch playfully. "You think Tiny Tom will like it?" Carol laughed at his embarrassment.

"It's great... but I'd have to see it on you." Tom tried to be reasonable, but also started to feel uncomfortable.

"Ooh, maybe I can model it for you." Carol looked around, "I thought I saw a dressing room around here." Before Tom could say anything, Carol took off to the cashier's station to inquire. Tom saw the hefty looking fellow shake his head and point to a small doorway near the entrance. Carol looked back and held a finger up, mouthing the words to just wait.

Carol clutched the skimpy costume and made her way to the doorway. She was surprised to see a small corridor extend down with doors along the side. They were all closed and she thought she'd need a key from the cashier, but she found that one at the end was ajar. She closed the door behind her and winced a little at the furnishings.

She hung her costume on the sole hook behind the door and pulled the chair near her. She took off her robe and laid it over the chair. The cool air brushed against her tank top and she looked over her shoulder at the mirror. She thought she saw the reflection of a hole in the wall, but then looked in front of her and didn't see anything besides the costume.

It was more risque than her office party costume, that was for sure she thought. The skirt was shorter and cut with triangle trim border in a velour green. The top was barely a top, Carol put it on and considered it to be more of a strapless bra that had green velour overlaid by red velour trim. She slipped on the remaining red/green arm and leg sleeves. The small bells along the bottom of the skirt jingled as she turned to see herself in the mirror.

But then the bells on her bust also jingled when she jumped to see a cock hanging out from a hole in the wall. Carol felt her mouth wet in the surprise and she looked around wondering if she was being watched. The man behind the wall coughed as if providing indication of his presence. Carol just moved slowly, ensuring not to jingle, and grabbed her belongings.

She opened the door to the room equally quietly and look to see if the hallway was clear. She didn't see Tom near the entrance, and when looked to the other end, she found a staircase. She had missed it as she went into change. A small sign that read "Cinema" hung at the foot of the stairs.

The light from the hallway almost disappeared as she reached the bottom the stairs. Carol put her clothes on the small stand that sat right outside a curtain that contained a dark, blue glow. She pulled the curtain slightly aside and looked in.

The sight of a porn being projected on the opposite wall filled her view. As her eyes adjusted, Carol noticed a few rows of chairs that faced the video being shown. She had to squint further to see a few people had been dispersed among those seats. Curiosity got the best of her and Carol slipped in, attempting to stay quiet and not let the light from the hallway slip in.

She took a seat in the back row and watched the video. A Gorgeous big-butt brunette gyrated on a big white cock and Carol was mesmerized. Leaning back in a corner seat, she was mindful of her skirt bells and reached between her legs. Her pussy indulged in the scene for a full minute until Carol gaze felt a strange sense. As she looked to her side, in the opposite aisle, she confirmed the eyes she felt on her.

A fat man dressed in what looked like pajamas and a robe watched her intently from the other corner. Carol notice his hand was dutifully employed in his pants, not stopping its work as he watched her. Carol quickly avoided his stare and observed the others in the room.

There was a thinner man a few rows in front of her who appeared to be glued to the vision in front of them all. The other was had a hood up in the front row. The image a bony hand flashed in Carol mind. Could it be? She startled at the thought and pulled her hand away from herself, causing a jingle.

The hood turned from the front row, looking straight back at Carol. A hand raised itself and beckoned her with two fingers. By this gesture, even the other thinner man had look back to discover Carol. She felt the hot attention of all three of them on her and felt impelled by some spirit to stand.

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