tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Case of Revenge Ch. 04

A Case of Revenge Ch. 04


The chronological order of my stories is as follows:

Todd & Melina series, Interludes 1-5, Sperm Wars series, Russian Roulette series, Case of the Murdered Lovers series, Case of the Murdered Chessplayer series, The Swap series, Interludes 6-10, Case of the Black Widow series, Teresa's Christmas Story, Case of the Black Badge series.

A Case of Revenge, Ch. 1-4

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This story contains graphic scenes, extreme language, and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial or racist language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part? - The Embodiment of Evil

"Well, you did say you were willing to sacrifice the City." said State Senator Nathan Allen to SBI Director Jack Lewis at 8:30pm on May 29th, as the light outside began to grow dim. They were in Allen's Midtown office. "You want a drink, Jack?"

"Yeah, don't mind if I do." said Lewis. Allen poured two large bourbons, added some water to Lewis's and handed it to him.

"Thanks." said Lewis, taking a swig. "Mmmm, that's good. Yeah, I did say we'd sacrifice control of the City, but I wasn't expecting Maxwell from the University to be made an Inspector and sent there."

"Sounds like someone pried that position open with a 'crowbar', if you get my drift." said Senator Allen. "She's one of his right-hand men- well, women. But you can keep her under control, right Jack?"

"Oh, it's much more than that, Nathan." said Lewis. "She doesn't answer to me, she answers straight to the Governor himself. You know what that means... the State Board of Conduct & Review is no longer the watchdog over us... they've created an Internal Affairs within the SBI, and she's running it."

"Ah, so what?" Allen said, finishing off his bourbon and pouring himself another. "We just be a little more careful, act right, keep up appearances." He was making hand gestures again as he drank. "Maxwell may find covering an entire State of agents to be a tough job."

"Well, it'll be much easier if Conlan, Griswold and Phelps have their way." said Director Lewis. "They want to gut the SBI. Griswold played it pretty well bringing in a couple of Reservists in order to keep me from going in there and taking over that Eleanor Burke investigation. That would've been the perfect example case for us, but the bastard turned it around."

"So we work around that County." said Allen, still making arm gestures as he paced and sipped (more like gulped) his drink. "We're basing in Coltrane County pretty nicely right now, and in Madison County where the State Women's prison is. We just control the rural counties, then work into the higher population zones."

"I do have some good news." Lewis said. "Did you hear that Vicki Oldeeds was raped up in Griswold's county a few days ago?"

"No, you're kidding." said Senator Allen, feigning total surprise. "When was she even up there?"

"Right after that kid was murdered here in Midtown." said Lewis. "Seems they had a DNA match on one of the rapists, but then the evidence was locked down. I heard the Federal Government moved in on the case, and with Maxwell moving out of there, it's probably going to languish."

"So why is that good news?" asked Allen.

"Because Agent Ikea is going to go look into that for us, and if he can find a cover-up, or if he can expose something they don't want known, it'll be a big coup for us." replied Lewis.

"Good enough." Allen said. "In fact, having Ikea and maybe Ferrell up there can kill two birds with one stone. That piece of shit Kearns is making progress in his lawsuit against my son. We can't stop it from being heard in the August-September timeframe, and that's going to be deadly for Dean as well as my campaign. But I do understand that if Kearns becomes... unable... to stand in capacity as a plaintiff, the judge will have no choice but to continue the case into next year, maybe even drop it altogether."

"Nathan, you know as well as I do if anything happens to Kearns, the Iron Crowbar is going to be bashing heads first and asking questions later. He's getting tired of your antics."

"Oh, there's nothing he can do about this one." Allen said, beginning to laugh. "Haw haw haw haw! this one is going to be priceless, PRICELESS!" He noticed Lewis staring up at him. "And it happens tomorrow night. So Jack, want another drink?"


At 9:00pm on May 30th, SBI Agents Richard "Dick" Ferrell and Steven "Asshole" Ikea approached the modest house of widower Phil Kearns. They were followed by several heavily armed and protected SBI agents and two men in green hospital scrubs that looked like hospital orderlies more than EMTs.

When Ferrell knocked on the door, Kearns answered.

"Phil Kearns?" asked Ferrell, formally.

"Who wants to know?" Kearns answered.

"We have a warrant to take you into custody and commit you to the State Asylum." said Ferrell. The warrant was issued without probable cause by a deeply corrupt State Court judge in Coltrane County... not even the current jurisdiction. "Take him, boys."

The heavily armed men moved in on Kearns, violently pulling him out of the house and into the yard, where they handcuffed him. He was roughly pulled up, and as the orderlies escorted him to the waiting ambulance, Senator Nathan Allen appeared out of the shadows.

"This is what you get for fucking with my boy, Kearns." Allen said. "You're going to the funny farm, boy, and you'll never get out of there."

"Your son killed my family, you son of a bitch!" Kearns snarled, trying to lunge at Allen.

"Listen you little shit, you're about to disappear forever." Allen said. "You don't seem to get it that I'm a State Senator and you are an absolutely worthless piece of dog shit. You think you can come up against my boy and win? Guys, soften the prick up before you take him in, let him know the error of his ways."

One agent moved in and punched the defenseless Kearns hard in the stomach. Another came up and belted Kearns hard in the face. Then the orderlies moved in and dragged Kearns to the waiting ambulance. Climbing in with the abused man, the orderlies shut the door and the ambulance took off for the State Asylum in Coltrane County.

Senator Allen was laughing heartily. "Ha ha ha ha, aw ha ha ha ha... good work, boys, great work."

As the men put away their gear, got in their cars and left, Steven Ikea was still staring introspectively at the ambulance that had left.

"What is it?" Ferrell asked as Ikea finally joined him in the car.

"One of those orderlies..." Ikea said. "I'm sure I've seen the guy somewhere before..."


It was 9:00am on May 31st. Molly and I were in the office of a real estate attorney. Selena Steele arrived a couple of moments later. As she hugged me, she whispered "The things I do for you, getting out of bed at 6:00am to get here for this."

"I do appreciate it." I said, introducing Selena to Molly, to the real estate agent Patricia Quinlin, and to the lawyer handling the paperwork.

It did not take long for Molly and I to go through and sign the paperwork as 50-50 partners in the house. Selena issued a big check to the lawyer, a cashiers check from my account. The lawyer in turn issued checks to Patricia and a check back to Selena's bank for the purchase. Patricia handed Molly the keys to our new house, and we were done. If my police career didn't work out, I could always start one in real estate, I thought to myself.


Half an hour later, Molly unlocked the door of the house and I swept her up and carried her into it. I didn't stumble, which was a very good sign.

There was already furniture in the house: a table and chairs in the kitchen/breakfast room space, a sofa and chair in front of the fireplace in the main room, and a bed in the master bedroom.

"Patricia gave me the keys yesterday, even though we hadn't signed." Molly said. "So I moved a couple of things over... soooo... let's go upstairs and break in this house properly..."


We were lying naked together on the bed after making hot, passionate, sweaty love in the same bedroom where I'd spent eight years fucking my then-wife Melina. This time, with Molly, I'd pumped her bareback, driving my unprotected cock into her sopping wet slot and spewing my hot load of cum deep into Molly's sweet hole.


It was my cellphone. I'd taken the day off from work at Police Headquarters, so I wondered what possible emergency would have them call me. I was surprised to see that it was from Jack Muscone. And my shock increased when he told me what had happened.

"They did what?!?!" I asked, stunned. After Jack told me, I said "I'll be back up there in a couple of hours." Hanging up the phone, I looked at Molly.

"Trouble?" she asked.

"And then some." I said. "You know how Phil Kearns has been suing Nathan Allen's son over the DUI vehicular homicide that killed Kearns' family?"

"The one on Christmas Eve that got Teresa in trouble?"

"Yeah." I said. "The SBI raided Kearns' home last night and dragged him off. Muscone got a tip about it from an FBI informant. Kearns was incarcerated in the State Asylum. Supposedly the SBI got a warrant from a State judge, but we can't get details right now."

"Want me to go up there with you?" Molly asked.

"Tell you what." I said. "Contact Teresa, tell her what happened. Then you guys start working contacts in the State Court system to find out who issued the warrant. I'm sorry, babe, but we're not going to be able to celebrate the house like I wanted to."

"Duty calls, as my sister would say." Molly said, then grinned as she said "And at least we got the best parts of the celebration in before they called you."


Nathan Allen was truly the Embodiment of Evil, I thought as I burned the blue lights and reached speeds on the highway that generally should be reserved for the German Autobahn. I made two phone calls as I came back, one to Jeanine Olivet Burke, Esq., and one to my wife.

When I got back to Headquarters, I found that Jack Muscone, Paulina Patterson and the Chief waiting for me in the Chief's small conference room. "So, where do we stand?" I asked Paulina after Jack Muscone confirmed the details of what had happened, adding that Nathan Allen was at the scene and had ordered agents to physically abuse Kearns before putting him into the ambulance.

"We're struggling to find the warrant that this was done under." Paulina replied. "Ferrell and Ikea served the warrant and made the arrest, but after filing their electronic reports, we can't seem to find them. Director Jack Lewis's office is also not answering any calls, and Deputy Director Conlan has no knowledge of it at all."

"Why did Ferrell and Ikea bother to post reports?" I asked.

"To get the overtime pay." replied Paulina. "I've also talked to Judge Watts, with DA Krasney in the room. Watts is furious. He and Judge Folsom are meeting right now."

Jack Muscone said "The Federal judge for this district has also been contacted. He's ready to back us up just as soon as we can find out what happened and lay it all out."

Part 17 - Hurry Up and Wait

At 8:00pm, Detective Leonard R. "Sergeant" Sharples came to my office, seeking permission to interdict a drug shipment he'd stumbled upon. He showed me notes and intel from CIs that led to knowledge of the place and time of the shipment.

That wasn't the problem: I thoroughly scolded him for not coming to me sooner, and his reply was that he didn't want any leaks... to which I replied that a private conversation between him and me in a room swept for bugs wouldn't be a candidate for leaks.

So now I was in a dilemma; do I say 'no go' and let a possible drug shipment go? Or say 'go' and possibly someone gets hurt due to lack of preparation?

I called in Hugh Hewitt, who said his SWAT team was familiar with that building in the Tenderloin District and could take down the operation. I told Hewitt to ready four members of his team, and get four uniformed officers that worked with Vice armored and equipped for a takedown, and then I told Sharples to coordinate with Hewitt. With something resembling acid in my mouth, I gave the 'go' to the operation. So this was what 'Command' felt like, I briefly thought to myself...


At 10:30pm, the Chief, Jack Muscone and I were invited to the Courthouse and the chambers of Judge Folsom. Going in, we found ADA Patterson, DA Krasney, Judge Rodney K. Watts and Judge Patrick R. Folsom. Paulina started things off with her report.

"A warrant to commit Phil Kearns for psychiatric evaluation at the State Asylum was issued by a State judge in Coltrane County." Paulina said. "The only shred of 'probable cause' for it was one of the psychologists at the State Asylum signing off on 'observations' of Kearns, not saying who made those observations or where, and not giving any real details. When we contacted that judge, he got belligerent, telling us to mind our own business and stick to our County. When I told him that the warrant had been executed in our County, he simply said that Kearns was 'down here now and he'll stay here', and he hung up the phone on me, and wouldn't pick up on any more calls made."

Judge Folsom spoke up. "Ladies and gentlemen, Rodney or I can issue a warrant overturning that warrant and ordering the release of Mr. Kearns on the grounds that the original warrant is not based upon sufficient evidence. We're all State Superior Court judges, so our warrants can and do reach across County lines. And I've been talking to Agent Muscone and the Federal Judge; they're ready to back our warrant with a matching warrant. That'll bring in the Feds if you need them.

"The problem is actually finding and retrieving Mr. Kearns. You can go down there to the Asylum and serve the warrant, but it might be hell trying to actually get him out if they deny he's there... which has happened before, I might add."

"Get us the legal cover," I said, "and I have just the tools to pry him out of their hands." I said.


4:00am, the morning of June 1st. I was still working in my office when I saw Hugh and his SWAT team buddies pass by in the hall. I brought a pot of coffee to the room where the SWAT team gear was kept, and poured them cups as they put their stuff away.

"So guys, tell me what happened." I said.

"It was a bolo." Hugh said. "Nobody was there. After securing the building, we had Sergeant Stonewall come in." Sergeant Stonewall was the K-9 Corps best drug dog. "He got real excited in places, and his handler said drugs very likely were there before, but we missed 'em this time."

"What was Sharples like?" I asked.

"He kinda sat back and let all of us make the raid." Hugh said. "He was disappointed we didn't find anything."

"Okay, thanks." I said. "Listen, guys, intensify your training. We might have a tough one coming up in the next few days. An extraction from the State Mental Asylum. Be ready."

"You gotta be insane wanting to go in there!" said one of the SWAT team members. We all broke down laughing at that. I realized just how exhausted I was.

I returned to my office and took out a burner phone from my desk drawer. Dialing the number, I stated that I needed to know something. After stating what that was, I hung up, hoping to get an answer soon.


The hurry-up-and-wait mentality can happen in Police Departments as well as the Army. I was hamstrung as I waited for the judges and lawyers to work through the hurdles to get a warrant to release Kearns. Bettina's newscast had made no mention of the Kearns incident, only talking about some appearance that Harold Malone had made on the campaign trail for Sheriff.

I was pleased when I head Bettina say that Daniel Allgood was making up ground on Malone, especially after it'd been reported that Allgood's wife had bravely stepped in front of the intended target of Eleanor Burke's murderous assault. Melina was definitely an asset to her husband in the race.

At 9:45am on June 1st, I was called by Jeanine Burke and asked to be at the Courthouse by 10:00am. Stepping into Folsom's courtroom, I was just in time to hear Jeanine's petition of the court to be appointed Phil Kearns' legal representation in the matter of the warrants, and that she would be taking this case pro bono.

"I object, Your Honor, I must strenuously object." said the lawyer on the other side. I recognized him as being Senator Nathan Allen's personal and family lawyer. "Kearns already has legal representation in his lawsuit, but where are they? This woman has not even consulted with Kearns, what gives her any right to represent his interests?"

"Mr. Garner, I am really, really tired of your antics." said Judge Folsom. "I'm granting Ms. Burke's petition to represent Mr. Kearns' interests pro bono in this, his time of need. Furthermore, the warrant will go forward."

"Your Honor, I really must object, and I move that this be stayed until the Appellate Court can rule on my motions that you've denied to this point."

"Objection overruled, and your motion is denied." said Judge Folsom. "And Mr. Garner, you keep this up and I'll rescind your status as an Officer of the Court and have you up for disbarment."

As Jeanine walked down the aisle to meet me in the hallway, Garner caught up to her. "I don't know what game you're playing, bitch, but you just stepped in it."

Jeanine turned around. "Is that a threat, Mr. Garner?"

"It damn well is. Senator Allen put Kearns away, and if you come up against him he'll crush you like a- wha?" Garner's sentence was cut off when I placed myself in his path and he ran headlong into me.

"So you're threatening my niece-in-law, Mr. Garner?" I asked, my voice low and unnervingly calm and even, my crowbar out and ready for use. "You and Nathan Allen coming up against my family again?"

"Er, no." said Garner, his face having gone pale at seeing what confronted him. "No such thing at all. I haven't said a word. I'm leaving. Goodbye." Garner practically ran out of the Courthouse.


"I'm done, Senator." said the lawyer. "You told me to threaten that bitch lawyer, and there was the Iron Crowbar, claiming her as family and making it clear he was going to totally fuck me up with that crowbar of his, maybe even kill me. I'm done. I'm dropping you as my client. I'll send you the remaining paperwork and my bill."

"You fucking coward!" shouted Nathan Allen. "You're scared of that police punk?"

"You bet I am!" replied the lawyer. "And I suggest you develop a healthy fear of him also. You've stepped deep into this one, Allen. You're on your own." The lawyer quickly exited the room. There was nothing Senator Allen could do that would be worse than what the Iron Crowbar would do to him, the lawyer thought to himself. And Allen is about to find that out for himself...

Part 18 - Pry Him Out

On June 1st at 1:00pm, Judge Folsom's warrant to release Phil Kearns was matched with a Federal warrant. Jack Muscone escorted me to the Asylum to get Kearns released. We also had eight Federal officers in heavy SWAT gear in case we ran into trouble. And it was good that we had them.

"No." said the man at the front desk. "We will not release Kearns unless the Court and judge that actually issued his detention warrant rescinds it. Your warrant is worthless paper, as far as I'm concerned."

"Dipshit, that's a Federal warrant." Jack Muscone snarled at the orderly. "Is Kearns here?"

"I refuse to verify if he's here or not." the sniveling bastard replied. "And you can stuff your Federal Government piece of paper up your fat ass."

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