tagRomanceA Case of Self Defense

A Case of Self Defense


Getting into the house without being heard was easy, all Jerry had to do was go around back and open the basement door.

He couldn't go in the front, the alarm system he had installed at his wife Shelly's insisting would go off.

She had been a complete nut about that for some reason, bugging Jerry until he finally installed the system.

Opening the garage door would have tripped it, too. The delay on the push button panel was set at 10 seconds because Shelly had asked him to set it that way.

"45 seconds is dumb, a burglar would be all the way into my bedroom before it went off!" She had told him.

"You just want to give your boyfriend time to sneak out the window!" Jerry had wisecracked, Shelly just laughed at him, then turned back to fixing dinner.

But it sounded logical, so he reset the delay. Of course that meant he also set the alarm off himself every time he came home, but it was just for a few seconds until he could climb out of the car and punch in the four digit code.

"This way it gets tested to make sure it works every day!" Shelly smiled brightly one afternoon as he walked in, grumbling after having tripped it about two dozen times already.

Same with any of the windows, all wired.

But he also knew no one would notice the wire he had run over the top of the door frame down there, bypassing the sensor.

Shelly almost never went down into the basement, even if she did, Jerry doubted she would notice.

The panel lit up perfectly when he had tested that, all of the loops showed secure.

The door didn't make a sound, the hinges that he had oiled slid easily. Same with the steps, each one he had carefully nailed nearly a week before.

Shelly was even happy about that, she had bugged him for months to fix the loose steps.

Testing them with his 220 pound frame, he smiled to himself. Not a sound came from them.

The little .22 caliber Hi-standard pistol he had stuck in the windbreaker that hung from hooks at the top of the stairs held nine rounds. It felt somehow satisfying to reach in the pocket and find it right there where he had left it.

Jerry had no plans on really shooting anyone, not unless he had to.

He also had no plans at all of backing down, either.


Something had been going on and he was determined to find out what it was. There was no real point in confronting his wife Shelly, if something was going on she would deny it. If there wasn't, he would look foolish.

Three years of trying to get her pregnant, three years of failure bothered him. He even went to the Doctor to check, and got a laugh when the old Doc told him to not hug any strange females, even fully dressed ones because he was not only fertile but on the overly fertile side.

The old Doc snorted at his own wisecrack, patted Jerry on the shoulder and told him to go get her with a smirk.

So it was Janet's turn, instead she went to her own Doctor, the same one she had used even back before they were married.

She insisted on that, too.

That day Jerry just happened to see her coming out of the hair salon. It was simply an accident or he might never have even gotten suspicious.

Odd, she was supposed to be at her Doctor's office? Instead, she was getting her hair and nails done?

But Jerry was on the way to bid a job and already five minutes late, so that didn't really hit him until he was driving into his garage.

That was just a month ago, she had told him that evening with a sad look on her face that she could "maybe" have children but it was unlikely.

She even cried softly. He led her until she composed herself, feeling a sick sensation in the pit of his stomach.

"We can just keep trying honey!" She told him, but her tone was not quite right, it didn't quite ring true.

That was when Jerry began to keep his eyes open, he really didn't think the black lady at the hair salon was qualified to advise Shelly on things like that.

Cheating? No, not possible. Shelly was always home, always. No signs, not one of anything. She was always right there when he got home.

Of course there were those overnight trips he had to make two to three times each month.

Drugs maybe? Could that be it, she was addicted to something and hiding it? Also not possible, she looked and acted healthy as a horse, she even had a pound or two extra on her well rounded out body.

Gambling? Maybe, she could be hitting the Indian Casinos, perhaps. But a quick check of finances showed nothing out of the ordinary, if anything Shelly was a bit on the frugal side.

Except for clothes, trips to the salon for $50 worth of fingernails. Having her hair done?

Shelly's fingernails sure looked nice that day, though.

That part he never understood, he had heard, "Damn, I broke a nail!" no less than fifty times.

Later that night while Shelly was in the shower Jerry snooped in her drawers, then looked in the closet. Shelly loved nice clothes, she had outfits in there he had never seen.

There was a small bag in the dresser drawer, with panties that he wondered why a woman would bother.

He hadn't seen those before, either. But even that was not abnormal, when they went out for dinner or dancing, pretty outfits and tiny undies always appeared.

Jerry loved it when Shelly would come out and pose, basking in his delight at the way she looked. The woman certainly could turn her share of heads, and it was obvious that she was well aware of that.

He grinned to himself, almost wishing it was Saturday night. Dancing with her made him feel proud, then later without fail he got to slip off the outer layers and discover what she almost had on underneath this time.

Then he found the birth control pills.

Birth control pills?

He saw red at that, and barely managed to compose himself before she came out of the shower.

His instinct was to completely blow his stack and yell at her, but he had learned to make sure before acting.

Once many years before he had caught Dana, his girlfriend at the time kissing some good looking guy that showed up at a party. Jerry had been right to the point with Dana of asking the big question, and he knew she was thinking that also. They had even done the meet Mom and Dad stuff, it was getting serious.

Then he saw her kissing some guy all over his face with eagerness, her body plastered to him in what did not look like any friendly brush on the cheek. He had stood there in shock as she excitedly greeted the man.

Jerry had gone over and smacked the dude, putting him right on his ass.

The man turned out to be her brother that Jerry had never met, just home for the weekend from College. Meeting the brother was going to be the big surprise of the evening, so although Dana had mentioned she had one, she kept the fact that he was showing up that night to herself.

After finding himself thrown out of the house, Dana would not even take his phone calls after that. He had just barely made it to second base a few times with her, and she had hinted earlier that this was going to be the day.

That had actually been more than a hint, when he arrived that night Dana had kissed him, then slipped a pack of condoms into his shirt pocket, giving him a sly look.

Talk about an instant erection!

Smacking her brother right in front of everyone put the skids on that of course.

Yes, think before acting, a lesson well learned.


Jerry had to do a bit of traveling, his job was to bid fencing for farmers, pole barns, corrals. Sometimes he designed a series of corrals so that farmers could handle their big livestock, separate them out for trips to the auction, or for medical attention, things like that.

It was a darned good job because he got to meet a lot of very nice people, plus he was also outside.

The last job had been great, not only did he sell nearly 4 miles of fencing but the family invited him for dinner. Corn Bread with Ham and black beans, real Corn bread, not the crap that comes in the boxes.

Sam Martin was a grizzled old guy, tall and lean. He wore faded red long johns, that was clear because the heavy work shirt was always unbuttoned, suspenders holding up his heavy work pants. His wife Dotty was on the chubby side and happy, a big smile never seemed to leave her face.

By the end of the day, after traveling all over the man's ranch on a pair of Honda ATV's, Sam and Jerry became good friends. They both loved to hunt and fish, Sam somehow became almost like a Father figure that Jerry never had in his own life.

It might be hard to understand how that could happen in just one long day between two men out talking about everything under the Sun, but it did.

The couple had a daughter, she was around 19 or so and a stone fox. Even in a flannel shirt and blue jeans it was clear this was a fine looking young woman.

She also acted interested but of course Jerry was married so she had no hope at all with him.

Molly, they said her name was. He thought about her off and on all the way home the next day.

Yes, good people, the kind a man wants to get to know.

Their ranch was mostly rolling hills with good water, and Sam had been building his herds for years. Now he needed a good fence, some big pole barns.

The outside world was getting closer to his land all the time, new people were coming in and they didn't like the Cows and Sheep free ranging across their planted lawns and flower gardens.

So there was no choice, build fences or allow the land to grow homes. Sam chose to build fences.

That turned out to be one of his biggest sales to date.

The down side of Jerry's job was that most big farms tended to be long distances away, so very often he would find himself 300 to 400 miles away from home.

That was how it was with this place, over 350 miles away in Idaho.

The company paid his motels and meals while on the road, so instead of driving all the way home, Jerry would usually get a motel room, then head home the next day.

It was different this time, Sam and Dotty insisted he spend the night, escorting him to a large upstairs bedroom. It was so quiet out there that Jerry had trouble getting to sleep.

Once in awhile he would hear a Sheep or a Cow, each time it was like an alarm clock.

The night was warm, he found himself kicking his own covers off.

At about 2 AM he got up the use the bathroom, on the way down the hall he passed another bedroom. The door was slightly open, there was a dim night light.

Lying on top of the covers was Molly, she was nude, her lower body in shadow, one bare breast outlined clearly in the dim glow from the night light. He could see her large mass of pubic hair in shadow.

She appeared to be asleep, the scene was extremely erotic. Jerry realized that she was certainly a beautiful young woman, but he also looked quickly away. It wasn't right to be sneaking looks at her like that.

On the way back to bed he noted the bedroom door was now closed, and blushed knowing he must have been caught looking in at her.

The next morning Sam and Dotty sat him down at the kitchen table. There were piles of eggs, Ham, potatoes that somehow tasted better than any he had ever had.

"We grow them right here on the place, we have 40 acres over on the North range in spuds." Sam told him, spotting his satisfied look as he took a second helping.

Just them Molly walked in, looking around with a yawn. She had on blue jeans and a flannel shirt, she looked somehow wonderful like that.

Then she gave Jerry a wicked look, raising one eyebrow seductively, making him blush. Dotty caught that, glanced back and forth between them, and grinned.

"More Coffee, Jerry?" She asked.

Jerry nodded. These were sure hospitable folks. After breakfast he collected his gear, tucking the contract and the nice check into his briefcase.

It was time to head on home, back to his own life. It did pop into his head that he could live like these folks and be happy.

Dotty handed him a loaf of her Corn bread as he climbed into his truck. He took it and thanked her, looking forward to eating that on the long trip home.

Molly stood on the porch watching, she had one hand on the railing. Jerry gave her a little wave as he started his truck, she waved back.

All the way home he thought about her, he tried to think of other things but the vision of her lying there naked kept popping into his head.


Shelly did keep the house as neat as a pin, and she was always right there to give him a hug and some good loving when he arrived. Those trips were seldom any longer than over night.

Jerry liked coming home after a long trip, oddly for some reason after his overnight trips she always wanted to fondle him more than normal, and sometimes she would even lean down and suck on him.

Jerry was careful to not allow himself to go off in her mouth, that had happened once, she had jumped up and ran for the sink, gagging.

Then she came back to bed, he could tell from her reaction that she didn't like that last part very much.

At barely 28, Shelly had stayed in shape. She was a fully filled out blond woman, her hair in a short pageboy style. Well built, she did not lack in the upstairs department one bit.

She also worked, commissions sales of real estate. That was fairly good, too, some months she made more than he did but that was rare, and the last few years she often went a month or two without making a sale.

Still, they were getting by. Jerry knew he could use a new truck, his big old Dodge Ram still looked good but it was showing signs of becoming tired.

That could wait because it was paid for.

Sex? That was a couple of times each week, and Shelly was always completely eager.

He felt that their life together was pretty good. Of course there were a few things he wished for, but he was doing his best.

This last trip ended just the same, Shelly was waiting for him, and acted eager to do some loving. They were in the bedroom in just a few minutes, the sheets fresh and crisp like they always were when he got home.

Jerry managed just fine, even though way back in his mind there was now that deep nagging suspicion.

While out on the job, his mind full of numbers and all the plans, he hadn't even thought about his discoveries. Not that once again filled his head.

He really had nothing solid to base that on. Shelly may have kept both appointments that day, the Doctor and the hair salon both. The new clothes, naughty undergarments? Did she just have a surprise in store for him?

That actually did happen, a few times she would come out dressed for them taking in a nice dinner, and she would do that little spin showing off a new dress, or flash a tiny thong at him with a grin.

But that nagging suspicion would not leave him, he just had to find out the truth.

Birth control pills? That meant she had lied to him, and the worry was that it was because of more than just not yet wanting a child.

So he made the changes that would allow him to check, find out. He did that right in front of her, she never noticed.


Jerry drove by his house the night all hell broke loose, looking to see if there was a strange vehicle there. There wasn't but then he hadn't expected there to be any, not with neighbors nearby. The upstairs bedroom light was on, the curtains tightly drawn.

He really didn't have anything to go on, other than that sinking feeling. That and the packet of birth control pills he had found tucked away in the back of her underwear drawer.

Talk about a shock to his system there!

Seeing her coming out of the salon when she was supposed to be at the Doctor? That was what had started all of this.

"If you smell a Rat, there is probably one close by." His Mom had told him maybe 500 times.

Jerry was smelling a Rat.


At the top of the stairs, he listened. The only sound he heard was the shower running. That was odd, it was nearly two in the morning.

He had expected her to be asleep, or he would catch her doing whatever it was she was doing. If she was doing anything, this should be the time, since he told her his job was all the way over in Idaho. No way could he make it home until late afternoon the next day.

There even was a nice job in Idaho, he took the sale over the phone. Sam and his wife Dotty were so tickled with the first job they didn't bother having him drive over. They actually did invite him but he had to bid another much smaller job close by.

He had thought briefly that he might like that, maybe get some more of that Corn bread. Plus get to maybe see that Molly again?

Jerry shook his head to clear his thoughts, he wasn't completely all together at the moment. Silly thoughts kept jumping into his head, here he was standing at the top of the stairs in his own house thinking of work and a woman he barely knew.

With a pistol in his hand? He came very close to just retreating, slipping back out of the house.

But he had to know for sure.

If Sherry was doing nothing, he could just sneak back out and forget it, if not?

Jerry wasn't real sure what he would do if she had someone in there with her.

In his mind was the thought that she was having an affair, even though he really didn't have any proof of that. There was just that sinking feeling. He stood there for a long time, feeling stupid.

He listened, the only sound was the shower running. Shelly often spent a solid half hour under the shower, so this was not unusual.

Finally, he slowly pushed the door partially open, actually expecting to find nothing.

A man was sitting there on the edge of the extremely rumpled bed, his back to the door.

He was fully dressed, reading a magazine, in fact it was Jerry's Popular Science magazine.

Jerry began to see red.

The shower was still running.

The man turned the page on the magazine.

"Who in the hell are you?" Jerry asked, stepping into the room.

The man jumped up like someone had poked him in the ass and turned, looking at Jerry in shock.

It was Art Barnes, the guy ran the local bank that Shelly's real estate agency used to help close deals.

Probably in his fifties, with gray hair at his temples, Art Barnes was an imposing figure, a larger man even than Jerry was.

Jerry knew that if any deals worth doing were going on around town, Barnes was not very far away. He also knew that even though he was tough and fast, he would very likely lose some of his own hide taking this asshole on.

"Hey, it's not what it looks like." Barnes got out, then he saw the pistol in Jerry's hand. His eyes widened in fear.

"You come into my house to fuck MY wife in MY god damned bed?" Jerry growled at him.

"Hey, bud, it's not like that...." Was as far as he got. Jerry brought up the pistol, pointed it at the man.

The man dropped the magazine, then he charged. That was a complete surprise, Jerry expected the man to cower, move back.

He very likely would have made it to Jerry before he could fire, but he was on the other side of the bed and had to go out around the end of it.

Jerry shot him in the stomach, the man's face grimaced and he stopped, his hands came up to grab himself.

All sorts of things happened then, it seemed to be in slow motion.

"What was that?" Shelly called out from the bathroom, then the shower shut off.

Barnes had a sick look on his face, then he looked at Jerry and charged again.

Jerry had never shot anybody before, in the movies and on TV you shoot them and they fall down and that is it. He had just shot Barnes dead center and it appeared that all it did was piss him off, because he suddenly lunged.

So Jerry shot him again.

That did it. Down the man went, groaning loudly.

"What was that?" He heard Shelly yell again, then the bathroom door pushed open. She was stark naked, and sopping wet.

He saw that the thin patch of her blond pubic hair was all foamy with soap suds.

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