tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Casual Game Of Strip Poker

A Casual Game Of Strip Poker


Jake sat waiting. He was always waiting when it came to Amy. They were just friends, but of course he thought it could be more, so he waited. Always waiting.

He questioned this again as he waited. She was always messing him around, making him wait, picking her up, give lifts and generally just jerking him about. He questioned whether it was all planned; she must know what effect she had on him the way he followed her around no questions asked. But then there was always that suggestion it might go further.

Like now for example. He sat in her living room waiting for her. She told him seven, yet when he got there she still hadn't even got in the shower, let alone dress or put make-up on. So he sat waiting and he noticed after she disappeared to get ready that she had left her bedroom door open leading into the lounge of her flat. Was that an accident, or was she messing with his head?!

He could hear the water running, it stopping, her getting out and then the door of the bathroom opening and catching a glimpse of her in a skimpy towel moving from her en-suite. God how could he give this up though?! Just these glimpses every now and then were worth the hassle. The towel barely covered her and showed off her skinny Asian body, long legs, arse and petite but sexy bust. He also guessed that now, just out of view, she had lost the towel and was probably naked!!!

He squirmed in the chair uncomfortably at the thought of this and felt his penis start to stiffen in his loose boxers. He sat and daydreamed about what the view would be like; maybe a shaved pussy, those perk breasts. The thought was suddenly broken as she entered the room, and he was wrong, she hadn't lost the towel.

The view was just as brilliant as before though and was moving towards him. Maybe this was it, he thought, she was making a move!

He suddenly remembered his growing erection and realised if she wasn't making a move this could be very embarrassing! He moved quickly to hide it, as there was no chance it was going down. She stopped, she must have noticed.

She just stared and he started to sweat. "What's wrong with you?!" she asked. "Have you got piles, or something?!". Phew, maybe she hadn't noticed. He laughed uncomfortably and replied no. A few second passed and she just stared, with her face half stern and half perplexed and inquisitive.

Fuck it. It was now or never. He suddenly didn't care what she thought as he was intoxicated with lust.

"Well, the view has got me a little bothered to tell you the truth". She glanced down at herself and smiled wickedly.

"What, you're...". She made a gesture with her hand, still smiling.

"Yep", he gulped, knowing he sounded slightly horse.

"Stand up", she said through a now completely expressionless face. This was the moment when their relationship changed, he knew it.

He climbed out of the chair in front of her and glanced down at the tent sticking out the front of his trousers. The sexual tension was ripe, the air suddenly moist. She smiled sardonically with her thin lips. "Loose the trousers, I can't see properly."

He slowly undid his belt, seeing this more as a game than anything now. The button popped and he slid his fly open. He decided to put on a show for her and wiggled his hip so he jeans fell of their own weight and he stood their displaying his boxers. Moments turned to minutes as she just stared and his cock pushed against the fabric creating an obvious outline for Amy.

Suddenly she walked towards him until they were inches apart and reached oddly behind him. Then she was walking away from him and towards the bedroom holding a dress that had been flung over the sofa. "See you in ten in the car", and she shut the door.

What the FUCK?!!! The bitch!

Twenty-five minutes later he sat in the car waiting when she finally came out. The door opened and she got in without saying a word. He glanced at her and she just stared out of the window, but in her reflection he could see a tiny little smirk. This could be a long night, and not in a good way.

As he drove he regretted everything. He went too far and had ruined it all. Worse still they were heading over to a group of friends' flat and if he knew Amy the nights events would soon become public knowledge. This scared him the most; maybe they'd think he was a pervert and none of them would ever have anything to do with him again.

When they got to the block of trendy central apartments Amy simply got out without saying a word, as she had spent the journey. He saw he firm, small arse, clad in tight denim, march away from him. He was in real trouble.

In the lift up the silence continued. He studied her face for clues, but she wore her usual poker face. He noticed aspects like he had before; the sharp features that are often the hallmark of Asian women made her look both divine but also mean. She didn't wait for him when the doors opened.

Liz opened the door to them and greeted them both with a peck on the cheek. Like Amy she was a extremely attractive woman in her own way. She was tall, and stood inches above the relatively tall Asian girl. She was also thin, and although relatively flat she had a figure many a female envied when she wore a tight-fitting dress. Sadly she wasn't adorning such outfits tonight and was actually sporting pyjama bottoms and a big baggy woolen jumper. I guess we're staying in, thought Jake.

Inside the flat the atmosphere suddenly changed and Amy was relatively normal again as she took a bottle of wine into the kitchen and chatted with Liz as she did so. Maybe this wasn't so bad. He went into the living room and found their other friend Charlie, who jumped up enthusiastically to greet him. Charlie was also wearing slightly interesting outfit as opposed to her usual style she stood there in quite low-cut shorts and a tank top that showed off rather a lot of skin. This was interesting in the fact that she had a much larger figure than the other two girls often hid her figure away as Jake suspected she considered herself slightly overweight and was embarrassed of showing off. He never thought of her that way though and felt she offered curvy sex appeal, which he was now realising was spot-on.

When the two girls had found there way into the living room the night flowed into one that he had experienced many times before. The girls sipped their wine, he found a beer and they generally talked crap. He asked where Steve was, who was their other flatmate and an old friend of all, and was told he was out at the shops collecting some alcohol and some snacks but knowing him he may be gone for a bit. All was well again.

Jake excused himself to go to the toilet about half an hour later and when he returned all three girls just stared at him. This was odd. Suddenly he noticed that sardonic smile on the lips of Amy. His heart started pounding. Fuck. "Amy told us what happened" said Liz, with an expressionless face that hid whether she was disgusted or not.

"So do we all give you a stiffy, or is it just Amy? Hey," she paused, "... is that why you just went to the toilet, was the three of us too much!?" she continued, with an increasing smirk. He heard Amy snigger at this last line. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Never think with your cock.

"No, I, well..." He didn't know what to say with three pairs of eyes staring him down.

"How big is it, Amy?" Liz quipped, cutting off his mumblings. He was drowning, choking, dying. This was the single-most worst moment of his life.

"Not that impressive Liz. Quite small really." He died slowly.

Liz and Charlie both snickered. "Well are you going to show us as well, Jake?" continued Liz. Fuck.

"No, well..." he said, as he felt sweat rolling down his brow.

The three girls now roared with laughter and Liz said, "Fuck sake, Jake. We're teasing you, you idiot. Amy told what happened and we felt it our duty to, you know, to yank your chain."

"Don't worry you can keep your cock in your pants, and Amy's only teasing you about size. Come sit down, have a beer and try to not be such a horny monkey in future. Just cause a girl is in nothing but a towel doesn't mean she wants Jake-meat!"

The moment had passed. He had survived, but when glancing back at Amy as he sat, he saw that devious, sardonic smile again. The bitch, I'll get her back.

A few hours passed and there was little reference to the incident at Amy's flat apart from the odd, loosely related joke. Eventually Steve came back with supplies and Jake was actually starting to enjoy himself to the point where he was inclined to also laugh about what had happened.

Around 11pm a joint floated around the room and the twenty-somethings were all feeling a nice buzz. Liz suddenly bounced up with some new found energy and suggested they play cards. But what game, the group asked. "Poker, of course", interjected Steve who loved the game both online and around a table.

"We always play that, and it's boring for just pennies or matches", moaned Charlie, who was lying on the sofa and showing rather a lot of leg.

"Well we can play for larger amounts of money, but everyone always acts like I'm hustling them", replied Steve.

Some petite arguing started between the five, until Liz said, "How about strip poker?"

Silence fell across the room.

"What are we, twelve?" yawned Charlie. But before anyone could consider the statement, Amy said, "Well, I know Jake wants to play. He loves to strut his stuff".

The girls fell about laughing and Jake had to embarrassingly explain earlier events to Steve, who had little idea as to the reference. He smiled at the antics of his friend, but never laughed.

"Well, I'm game", said Steve suddenly. "I see the odd bit of flesh around here, but it's never enough." He winked at Jake.

The girls booed and called him a perv, whilst Amy and Charlie refused point blank to play. Liz, who was always the wildest one, knew she had her work cut out to get them to engage, but it was Jake who got Amy's interest when he said, "Come on Amy. I thought the prospect of me being completely humiliated and naked would finish off your evening perfectly." She smiled sardonically. Bitch.

Charlie was now the odd one out and fell to peer pressure like she always did. Liz explained, "Look it won't go any further than nudity for some of the people. Hopefully just the guys. And we can then rip the piss out of them forever, and if you show them some flesh, it's just something for the bank. Nothing more. Plus you've got a great body!"

They sat around the table and the cards were dealt. No going back now, thought Jake. A few hands passed and they all lost one of two items, but nothing major. Everyone took pity on Charlie and allowed her to use jewellery on the first couple of gos as she has far less layers than the rest. Suddenly the heat rose for Jake when he had to lose his shirt.

Cat-calls rang around the room from the girls and he stood on display for them. He didn't mind too much as he kept himself trim by going to the gym and playing football on the weekends, but he still wasn't completely happy about the attention. The next hand he lost again and thought the trousers were going, but argued that he should have to put down just his belt due to how some of the others had played. Luckily most people agreed, except Amy who hissed complaints. Jeez, she really did want to humiliate him.

One or two others lost further clothes in proceeding rounds, with Liz in PJ bottoms and a tight, small t-shirt clearly showing she wasn't wearing a bra; James in a t-shirt and jeans; Amy in just her tight jeans and a tight white t-shirt that showed off a bit of belly to Jake; and Charlie had miraculously stayed pretty much as she started in shorts and t-shirt.

The next hand left Jake sweating again. He had nothing but a Jack-high, so took three more cards - bang, nothing. Shit.

He lay his cards down, and the table followed. Liz had a pair, Charlie a full-house! And Steve another pair. Fuck. He looked at Amy and her face showed nothing. Maybe she's got nothing. Then she laid a pair of twos. A pair of fucking twos!

Jake stood in front of the group and started to undo his jeans. Just as they were about to drop to reveal his boxers, Amy shouted, "Why don't you do your little dance from earlier?!"

"Fuck off Amy" said Jake, through gritted teeth.

"Play nice kids" calmed Liz.

His trousers dropped and he stepped out of them, on display. "No fair, we haven't got the view Amy had earlier" quipped Liz, pointing to his lack of excitement downstairs. In fact Jake stood thanking the man upstairs that he had wore loose boxers and was at present not showing too much. He also knew that if he lost again he would be bearing all.

Suddenly the next hand didn't look to good. He held a queen high and got no luck when he swapped some cards. Charlie and Liz laid theirs down and both had pairs, whilst Steve had two. Amy laid hers and he couldn't believe it, she had exactly the same hand as his - but in different suits! He was going to loose his boxers! He slowly laid down his cards. That smile crept along Amy's face.

A moment of silence passed and then Liz helped. "I think given the circumstances, Amy should be the loser and Jake should live to fight another day." To which Amy went ballistic and took a bit of calming down before she agreed, spitting, "It's just a matter of time before you show us your little cock, Jake!"

Jake was shocked at her vitriolic statement and was starting to think what the hell had he ever saw in her, when her t-shirt lifted just above the cups of her bra. Then he remembered. She sat there displaying her barely covered, petite but perk bust and Jake felt a familiar feelings in his groin. Not now, please!

Jake knew his bad luck couldn't last much longer and he was given a brief rest-bite whilst James lost his shirt and Liz her PJ bottoms, which reveled a plain pair of pants. Liz being Liz though took in her stride and bounced around like normal.

Clouds darkened on the next round though and Jake had nothing more than a pair of fives. They went around the group again and it was again down to him and Amy. He laid his cards down and waited, sweating. She was expressionless, whilst she laid a pair of fours. Yes!

Amy got up without fuss this time and slowly undid her tight jeans and simply stare at the floor. Slowly they lowered and a black thong came into view that matched her bra, and then the trousers dropped. She looked stunning standing there without an ounce of fat on her tight body and a hint of womanly curve. Jake simply stared and suddenly their eyes caught. He couldn't tell if she was angry or turned on.

Jake's luck didn't get much better on the next hand and he ended up with a pair of threes. Surely he'd be fine though. In many hands the lowest hand was a card-high. They went around the table with Jake displaying last. Three of a kind, full-house, Queen pair and a straight. Jake was getting naked!

He got to his feet and felt dizzy; he'd had too much to drink and felt like he might be sick. Maybe it was the weed. What the fuck was he doing! He wanted to run but knew he couldn't. He looked around. Steve had turned away in an empathic move, but the other girls simply stared at him. Finally he caught Amy's eyes, and moved down to her lips and saw her wearing that sardonic smile. Bitch.

Suddenly he felt a brief moment of confidence and thought this is like a band-aid. I just need to rip them off and the pain will be over. Then he looked at the girls and almost shat himself. Now that wouldn't have been a pretty sight. Slowly his hands moved to the elastic of his boxers almost in an hypnotic movement and he started to push and pull downwards. He knew his pubes were on display, then part of his cock and then finally they were over his balls and falling to his ankles. He stepped out of them and looked down. Luckily his cock wasn't at full attention but had a bit of blood in it so it looked a fair size and sort of jutted outwards. He looked around and Liz just stared at it, Charlie too, but with a hand over her mouth, whilst Amy looked at his face and simply smiled.

"I guess the game's over then" announced Charlie, probably relieved it wasn't her naked.

"No way." shouted Amy. "He's no-where near the state he was in earlier and I want to see it hard!"

Liz pondered, and then said "What do you say, Jake?"

"Well I don't want to be the only one naked, so why not!?" He replied.

"You know what that means?". He nodded. Dares.

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