tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Catastrophic Day Ch. 02

A Catastrophic Day Ch. 02


Captain Jacob Tassel left the medical wing with urgency in his step and confusion clouding his sight.

The two together caused him to walk straight into the rounded walls of the expansive spacecraft but still didn't break him from his trance. The next time it wasn't an interior wall that he bumped into but an organic life form.

"Captain!" she exclaimed as the pair fell to the floor. Her white unitard-like uniform enhanced her fluid curves. Her soft supple bosom was easily felt through the next generation fibers of the uniform, rubbing against the Captain's extremities as she let her body cling to his longer than was necessary, her blood-red hair covering his face.

"Sorry Zanzar- I mean Commander, I was..."


"You can say that again, Commander," the Captain said as he rose to his feet and held out a hand to help the Commander up bring them less than an inch away from each other.

"With everything that's happened I can only imagine."

She had never been so close to the Captain before. For the year that she'd been his deputy, she'd been looking forward to a private moment like this." You can call me by my first name if you like, Captain," the Commander hinted.

"Commander you know I can't do that," the Captain said, staring into her silver eyes. "There's a lot that I want to do but can't."

Half a minute went by before either spoke again.

A light bulb went off in her head and she remembered why she too had been in a rush. "Captain did you get a look at the kid in the medical wing?"

"Yes, I just posted light guards to his room. I was headed to my quarters to...."

"He looks just like your father," the Commander butted in.

"My father?" He blurted out. "Yes, that's what I was about to say. Originally I was headed to the brig to question the Haloogan that has been possessing Lieutenant Siana's body, but I decided to divert to my personal quarters first to look at old images of my father to confirm."

"No need, just turn around," she said locking her arm in his as if they were a couple.

"Computer reflec." she said causing the exterior window to change to reflective mode from the image of the earth below. Right in front of their eyes now was a reflection of the two of them. The Captain in his full white officer's uniform next to the Commander's shapelier whites.

"See, except for a few differences, mainly that he's twenty years younger, the kid looks just like you meaning your dad is right down that hall. It's kind of odd. How are you going to handle this?"

"I was hoping that I was wrong, Commander. How were you so completely certain he is my dad?"

"The admiral, or should I say the senior Jacob Tassel, spoke at my graduation from the Academy. I remember looking into his fiery eyes and shaking his firm hand." Upon hearing this, the Captain's straight posture began to slump.

"Well that means you remember more of my father than I do. What I wouldn't give for your video graphic memory." She put her hand on his shoulder as he sighed.

"Huh? Your dad's in the Medical Wing and you have a deadly Haloogan in the brig, a species that seems intent on destroying the federation. Then, well... we're trapped seventy years in the past. How are you dealing with all this?"

"I do my duty, Commander," the Captain said, re-starting his journey back to his quarters with the Commander right beside him.

"You're joking right! We just survived a wormhole that should have killed us."

"The rules still apply. We have six thousand troops under our command."

"Be real, we're seventy years in the past. The rules have changed, Jacob. This is a highly stressful time but you need to relax so the rest of us can."

The Captain turned toward Zanzar with a scathing stare.

Seconds later they arrived at the Captain's quarters where the armor-suited guards saluted. The two guards stood at full attention at the sight of the officers.

"As you were, on the ready," the Captain said to the steely-faced guards as he slipped passed them through the swooshing door of his quarters.

The first thing the Captain did upon entering his quarters was to take his zinniom-coated command control ring off his finger and lock it in a safe.

Then he immediately turned toward the Commander ready to release his fury at her breach of structural protocol when her fingers entwined into his hair and her lips covered his.

His reaction wasn't at all what she expected. He pushed away her body while grabbing her service weapon aiming it at her bust.

"What are you doing?" she asked with stunned concern.

"Now it makes sense. Your body has been overtaken by a Haloogan."

"I kissed you and called you Jacob so you assume my body has been possessed by the Haloogan's like Lieutenant Siana!"

"Well, why else would you?"

"You know why, this has been going on far too long," she said, standing her ground and walking towards him, followed by his arming of the sleek weapon.

"Computer, do an entity scan on me," she said, requesting proof to appease the Captain as she advanced toward him.

She was now only inches away from him but the weapon still hadn't fired. He dropped it to the floor freeing his fingers to grasp Zanzar's waist. Her soft lips opened releasing an untamable wild passion accepting his brazen tongue, his fingers combing through her silky, strikingly scarlet hair.

They began to disrobe as the computer chimed in "Commander Zanzar is secure, scan complete."

Without a care for the results both of them, now completely naked, stood in the middle of the room, communicating through muffled moans. Their eyes searching for a spot to fulfill a year's worth of repressed desire.

Zanzar's finger pointed to the flat table-like surface that really was a secure communicator screen.

He cupped her ass and lifted her up, his lips and tongue moving from her mouth to her chest and neck. "Ohhh," she moaned softly.

Her ass landed on the digital surface smudging it with every squirm and squiggle. She brought her legs to her chest and continued moving them back until her feet were behind her neck. He positioned his cock at the entrance to the contorted woman's pussy.

"Fuck!" the Captain said in amazement at the sight of her.

"Shut up and put your cock in me."

His cockhead breached her over-flowing wet passage. "Fuck," he cooed, as his hips started rocking with building speed. Although humanoid her race was very different with all the skill of a possessing Haloogan with none of the deadly recourse.

"Oooomh," she squealed. He held her firmly in place as his cock sped in and out, slamming into her gripping, dripping pussy. His balls slapping at her beautifully pale flesh. His thighs quickly became bruised due to his rapid thrusts knocking them into the digital surface. He paid no attention to this as she screeched like an animal, her hands holding herself in place. While her breasts jiggled with every inward thrust.

"Arggh," he moaned, "almost there."

"Just... I'm almost... there," she begged.

She could see from his face that he was fighting the urge to release. He re-adjusted his pace, reaching for her shoulders.

Afraid that he'd blow before she was ready she extended her legs, wrapping them around his waist. Like an acrobat she pushed the two of them to the warm floor with a thud.

"You okay?"


"Sorry," she said, her body now on top of his, driving down on his rod. His jaw-dropped and a smile developed on his face signifying his release but she refused to tolerate any softening. Responding by shifting around his penis circularly as her pussy tightened around him, her legs bounced her up and down as she went around.

He flipped things again putting her on her back, driving into her slick pussy, pushing in deep, inducing undecipherable, quivering screams from her.

This only encouraged him to thrust faster and faster, the screams becoming louder and louder. Soon it was over. He collapsed onto the floor followed by her rolling on top of him claiming her victory.

The Captain jerked his head upward as the wall communicator began to buzz. "Captain, you have a flash alert from the Bridge," the computer stated.

Zanzar and the Captain parted reluctantly even as they rushed to get dressed but it wasn't fast enough. The computer rang through the room again.

"Captain, the Bridge has been compromised. The ship's central control is awaiting section three emergency authorizations," the computer said with urgently. The message played over and over in a loop.

They now had their uniforms on but the Captain bowed his head muttering strength inspiring words to himself before taking a deep breath feeling himself getting into the zone.

"What are you doing, Jacob... Captain?"

"Just give me a second, Commander, I'm just preparing."

"We need to act and send out a warning message to the crew and troops," the Commander said with the same impatient urgency from minutes ago.

The Captain's head rose up. "Commander, go to the secure communicator screen, turn on the flash message."

A holographic image projected from the defiled secure communicator. The Captain watched in horror as the eighteen year old boy he knew was his father stormed into the Bridge taking out his officers. Tentacles wrapped around the necks of his officers and crewmen until they could struggle no more and entered the light.

"Computer, patch me into Ship Central Control."

"Doing so now, Captain."

A new but grainy image of a busy room illuminated from the secure communicator. "Lieutenant Balcou here, Captain. We're awaiting section three emergency lockdown authorizations and a light response squad to secure the Bridge."

"Lieutenant, it's good to know our failsafes are working. I'm authorising an enhanced application of section three. I want an armoured lockdown, computer shutdown immediately after our conversation with core shutdown and weapons deactivation effective immediately. However I'm not ordering a light response force to go to the Bridge and die. Central Control, I am ordering eight armoured special tactical squads to the Bridge where they will hold until I get there, understood?"

"But Captain, if we shut down the core all power will be off, meaning our cloak will leave us visible to earth satellites."

"Lieutenant, an order was given, was it received?"

"Yes, Captain, sir. Right away, sir."

"Good." the Captain said, moving toward the safe but bypassing it to enter a small chamber which he shortly exited wearing an armoured suit. He then moved to leave his Quarters.

"Captain?" Zanzar called from behind the Captain. He turned back, his eyebrows raised.

"Captain, where are you going? You're not seriously going to go after the Haloogan?"

"I should have burned and ejected the Haloogan when we captured it the first time then this wormhole nonsense wouldn't have happened. I had another opportunity to eject it when it was captured again. So many people have died because of me. I'm not making that mistake again."

Concern was written all over Zanzar's face. "The creature was in Lieutenant Siana's body. You couldn't have just killed it by throwing it into the core and federation directives will support your compassionate decision." The Commander stepped closer, expressing her objections. "You can't kill it. Most definitely not now. You can't kill your own father, you just can't."

"I don't have time for this, Zanzar, it needs to be done. The Haloogan is here for this ship. The Vesper has enough weaponry to destroy the universe a hundred times over. She was two hundred years ahead of her time seventy years in the future and there's nothing else like it in the Planetary Federation fleet. If she's taken everyone will die."

The Commander took a deep breath. "You don't know that, we can try negotiating."

The Captain gave her a look a mother would give to an infant. "You're the one that told me to adapt. That's what I'm doing," he said. He hugged her though his armor, her extraordinary strength holding him in place before he broke free of her love fueled grip.

"I'm sealing you in here. My command control ring is in the safe and yours is on your finger. You will not leave this room. Without those rings the Haloogan can't compromise the ship."

He gave the guards posted to his quarters, who wore the same armor as he did, explicit instructions to not give ground to anyone who neared.

"Kill anything suspicious," he said, as he left to confront the beast inhabiting the young form of his father's body.


At the same time that Captain Jacob Tassel bumped into Commander Zanzar and fell over, the technically younger Jacob Tassel Sr was strapped to a bed in the medical wing, struggling and wondering.

"That guy, the Captain looked just like me," Jacob thought to himself.

He raged against his restraints, yelling and wearing out his lungs as he called for help. Even having seen the crashed Spacefighter below the water, part of him still refused to believe the doctor's explanation that he was on a spacecraft. But the logical part of him was forced to accept it.

"Let me out! Now!" he yelled without relent until a queasiness overcame him and a commotion erupted in the hall beyond the door to his room.

"No!" came the cries of struggling life from the hallway until all sounds went dead.

The door slid open and Jacob shifted his body as far away as possible. The restraints hindered his retreat while the tall black haired woman who had almost killed him earlier advanced toward him shedding her federation uniform as she did. She walked through the door kicking the downed bodies at her feet.

"What do you want? I haven't done anything to you!"

"You will," she said. Her golden pupils flared, her body closing in as he inched away.

She slid onto the bed stopping at the bottom. Her tentacles sliding out of her belly button extending toward the shaking eighteen year old.

The slimy rope took hold of him pulling him to meet her whims. She crawled on top of him exposing him to her immense heat.

Jacob looked into her golden eyes, still scared but more enraged than anything as he attempted to battle against her. "My, aren't we the little warrior, Admiral?" she said applying her lips to his. His resistance soon sobered into insignificance. He was unable to move, not even a finger.

Her hands moved under his hospital gown and pulled out his flaccid member. With her first touch his cock became painfully rigid.

"Today, Admiral Destroyer, you will answer for your crimes," she said, no longer talking out loud but speaking directly to Jacob's mind.

"I don't understand what I did," Jacob thought.

"It's what you, your son and this so-called federation will do. They all praise you but my people, the Haloogans, suffered because of you. You thought you won the war but it's not over."

The female creature above him had stripped Jacob bare while she spoke and now positioned his penis at her entrance, dropping her weight down on him and engulfing him in her all-consuming, slippery heat.

Her eyes popped open as she read the thoughts of pleasure in his mind and she smiled. "I am not giving up," he thought.

"But you have," she projected inwardly to Jacob.

Jacob decided to play along as he recalled her statement about a war. Naively he asked "Who started the war?"

She kept riding his member; increasingly harder and more painfully now. She obviously didn't appreciate the question.

"That's inconsequential," she snapped.

Jacob lay there perplexed as a renewed sense of energy consumed his body instead of the draining like before. "Why is she giving me energy?" he thought to himself. He still couldn't move but he felt stronger than ever before.

She kept riding his manhood clenching down tighter and tighter. She leaned downward kissing him with her tongue wrapping around his, passing his gag reflexes and slipped down his throat. The kiss and breach produced an extra flood of energy and suddenly the body above him began to release his body and wither away.

Jacob's mind swam with panic, fright, and confusion. "What's happening?" he questioned, amid his mind's chaos.

"She's fulfilled her usefulness" the creature said slipping from the female's now useless body above to penetrate Jacob's body.

"Stop!" Jacob cried.

"Your objections are noted, Jacob," the creature communicated. Right then, Jacob knew it was now inside him sharing his body, controlling his body. When he spoke, in reality it was the creature, every movement he made was now made by the creature.

"Who was she? Why did you do this?"

"She was a Federation Lieutenant who played her part. I didn't do this, you did."

Now under the Haloogan's will, Jacob broke the restraints, took the uniform and put it on. It rapidly adapted to his body.

"From a Lieutenant to a fleet Admiral, I'm moving up," the creature intoned to Jacob.

Minutes later Jacob was armed and walking through the walls striking down men, women and aliens that his imagination could never have conjured up.

The real Jacob, buried in the creature's sub-conscious, saw the earth through the window in one of the halls. With all the ensuing carnage, the fact that he knew for sure that he was on a spaceship seemed minuscule. In better times his love for all things space would have forced a scream of joy from his lips.

The most resistance came from a room the creature had mentioned as the Bridge. The creature placed Jacob's palm on the panel and gained entry. It laughed inwardly. "They still haven't rescinded your access...idiots," it said.

The beast inside directed Jacob's body through the unsealed doors into the ship's heart centre. The Bridge with its next century technology and urgent blinking lights distracted the officers long enough for the creature inside Jacob's body to get into a killing stance.

Just before hell could be unleashed a violet-skinned alien wrapped in a white officer's uniform looked straight into Jacob's now golden eyes and as calm and normal as usual pressed a panic button. That's when all hell let lose; the possessed Jacob tackled the nearest person to him. Tentacles extended out of his body shooting like lightning toward the ship's personnel wrapping around their necks, squeezing the life out of them with fierce speed then moving on with malignant purpose.

Human, humanoid and strange-looking life dwindled and diminished right before Jacob's eyes. As much as he wanted to put an end to it all he couldn't. Every second he spent imprisoned in his body he fought against it. He felt and knew that the Lieutenant before him had done so too.

No one on the Bridge begged for their life but although everyone hesitated at first they eventually shot ineffective beams at Jacob. Soon all the bodies were down on the floor, the creature making Jacob walk over them going from glass computer panel to computer panel.

The creature screamed out. Jacob read its mind. It wanted something but couldn't access it. Right then the controls and the computers died with the ships external windows covering over with battle armour.

The creature within forced Jacob into a hiding position and two minutes later the sliding door blew open. Through its night vision eyes the creature saw ball after ball thrown in its direction. It assumed that they would use light weapons not wanting to harm precious Jacob. It assumed the Captain wouldn't allow his father to be harmed.

It was wrong.

Chunks of the Bridge went flying after the deafening, blinding co-ordinated onslaught. Captain Tassel, on sighting his possessed father through the equally night vision capable suit, took the lead pointing a high-powered weapon at his father and firing twice.

Twice was all that was needed as the younger-looking Jacob dropped to the floor. The rest of the team moved in to secure the Bridge. Captain Tassel moved toward his father looking over his body as it automatically began to heal itself.

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