tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Catian's Dream Ch. 01

A Catian's Dream Ch. 01


"So what do you think?" She asked, flashing him a sultry smile that on Earth would have looked at home on the cover of a romance novel. For a Catian it merely looked like she was trying to make conversation.

"Of what?" Jon Koller asked, attempting to keep his vision glued to the desk and the heap of papers beneath him.

"My outfit." She said, "Isn't it just perfect for the decor?" Her voice was teasing, Jon's eyes flicked up to look at her as her tail swished rapidly behind her. The Catgirl was beautiful, with long red locks done up in a frilly ponytail, her yellow eyes shining with a mixture of intelligence and good humor. Her shapely build fit her maid's clothing like a glove: a red and purple ensemble that did indeed match the layout and color scheme of the room. Her skirt seemed to constantly ride up her thighs, displaying far more skin than would be appropriate for a normal maid... though Catians seemed to do things differently than humans. She was a D cup, with breasts that jiggled as she walked, though Jon had always been an ass man himself, and she was certainly packing plenty of junk in the trunk.

"It is." He said, a tired smile growing on his face, "Felicia, I think you may well be the laziest maid on this side of the continent. Aren't you supposed to... clean at some point?"

"Where's the fun in that?" She asked, sticking her tongue out at him. She shifted her body to sit atop his desk, her rear facing him as she twisted her spine to look behind her. She acted like an Earth housecat: eternally trying to get her homeowner's attention, no matter how invasive. "I like talking to you more than polishing a lamp's base." She simulated the action, cupping her hands around an invisible rod and lifting it up and down, her wrist working a lather. Felicia's eyes trailed to Jon's as he watched in fascination; the diplomat roughly shook himself. "Besides, the rest of the pryde is cleaning the villa. I've got the day off."

"...Then why are you wearing your maid's outfit?" He asked, signing yet another document affirming that the Human Embassy had received the Catian Council's latest missive. It was always so hard to read the Catian's particular symbology, even the official documents looked like catscratch.

Felicia's lips pouted, "You don't like it? I thought you of all people would appreciate its... assets, Jon."

Jon's mouth quirked, "Far be it from me to complain about your wardrobe choice. I think it's quite becoming."

"Does it make you want to becoming?" She said, shifting forward on the desk. Felicia leaned towards him, her breasts hanging like ripe fruits as she lowered her amber eyes just barely, her smile deepening as she seemed to almost intimate a kiss. She did not know just how much Jon wanted to indulge her. His full, throbbing erection was mercifully hidden beneath inches of solid wood, though he could see Felicia sniffing deeply at something.

"I-I should finish these dispatches. The Earth government will want to hear an update on our mission here." He said, hiding his supreme blush behind a stack of papers. He heard her let out a heavy sigh.

It had been like this for nearly a month now. Ever since he had come to this planet Jon had been fending off the increasingly forward advances from several Catians who seemed intensely interested in this offworlder in their midst. Felicia was the worst of all: a living embodiment of the beauty of both her race and her gender, with a personality to match. She'd been assigned to his private villa as a maid, working and living in close proximity to him alongside the rest of her pryde. She'd traded barbs with him that had left the both of them in stitches, and soon that friskiness had seeped into her other interactions with him: a playful scratch here, a cloying touch there; momentary encounters that would last far longer than was needed to convey the importance of whatever they were talking about.

"You play too much hard to get." She said to him, pulling down his papers with her slender fingers so she could look meaningfully into his face, "When are you going to stop and let someone catch you?"

"Isn't that the point of the game?" He asked, gazing back at her with his own hazel orbs. He was strong, athletic and handsome; Back on Earth he had been initiated in the art of human courtship, but Catian romance was another matter entirely. He'd never thought that it would be the male who had to resist temptation and endure awkward flirting. "I play to win."

"You don't play at all!" She said, shifting her seat so she was even closer to him. "Would you like to?" She whispered. Her tail swished seductively behind her, a grey, wriggling thing with a little snow cap at the tip.

"Felicia..." He murmured back, his voice going soft. She smiled at him expectantly, her lips mouthing the word, Yes? She leaned to within a hair's breadth of his face."You're sitting on my workload."

She huffed, leaning back off the table and standing up. Her voice was quiet and restrained, "I'm sorry for disturbing you, Mr. Koller. Have a good evening."

Jon laughed, "If you're going to be so sombre, at least try to make it more believable."

"You're an awful boss." She said, swerving her body around so her back was to him, her tail lifting her skirt and displaying her clinging, pink panties across her wide bottom. She turned and stuck her tongue out at him, "I'll be in the villa if you need a chess partner later."

"Or a bedwarmer." He muttered under his breath. The Catian was relentless. When he took this job as one of Earth's diplomatic representatives to the beings from beyond the stars, he had been informed of their people's... 'unique' sex drives. After all the dramatics of the Catian mothership nearly colliding with the big blue, planet, it seemed natural that the Humans would establish a long-term relationship with their cosmic benefactors. Jon had been fascinated by the tales of the boy Kio and his interactions with the Catian scout, Eris. Such advanced, yet humanlike creatures whose blessing of technology had kickstarted Human technology by centuries were beyond a passing curiosity... he just hadn't been expecting such overt attractiveness to boot.

They were all gorgeous, this little pryde that had settled into his villa on the outskirts of the Catian capital. Apparently they were... not sisters, per se. Though the term was probably the closest one could come to classifying their connection. They were not directly related - or at least, a pryde did not require them to be blood relatives to be involved. But they were closer than mere friends, or even the patchwork connection of 'tribes' that Jon knew of, back on Earth. It was a bond that the young man had come to admire in his Catian hosts as they'd gleefully taken care of his every need and whim during his stay on the planet.

The Catians were, in turn, supremely interested in Jon. The five women who made up Felicia's pryde ceaselessly pursued him and his person like a pack of rabid lionesses. They stole his home movies and watched them without his permission; they devoured what Earth cuisine he'd brought with him, commenting incessantly to Jon's face at the amazing deliciousness of his planet's food; Felicia had even had the gall to ask him if he had any human 'porn' available for her to watch.

"You've got too many horror movies." She pouted to him once, criticizing his collection of films in his favorite genre that he'd brought from home in an attempt to cling to normalcy in all the madness. "Nothing but blood and death! Where's the male nudity? Where's the sexy screwing I've heard so much about?"

"There's more to our planet than the porn-" He began, but she cut him off.

"Is it true that you humans have gangbang stuff? Like, multiple guys, with one girl at once?" The eager look in Felicia's eyes made Jon want to laugh. He struggled to keep his composure at the flagrant enthusiasm displayed by his maid. "Also, what's 'inter-race-shall?'"

"And how in the world did you hear that term?" Jon asked, genuinely taken aback by the extent of the redhead's pornographic knowledge.

"We were briefed." Felicia said proudly, puffing out her wobbling chest as she displayed her assets to him. "The Catian first-contact teams did a thorough investigation of human culture, which they forwarded to the homeworld government, who then told us when we were hired to help you."

"...Then how do you not know what 'interacial' means?" Jon said. Felicia scrunched her nose.

"The teams said it had something to do with... skin pigmentation?" She shook her head, "I don't get it. Why watch sex for the coloration? It's the genitals I'm after."

"Thats kind of the point of-" Jon had to stop himself from getting into an in-depth explanation of the ins and outs of kinks. "Look, just keep your noses out of my movies, okay? I didn't bring any porn with me. Besides, I'm not sure that kind of 'inter-species interaction' is all that conducive to better relations with our peoples, do you?"

Felicia had laughed at him. It was one of his first days on the planet, and he was still getting used to her people's idiosyncrasies. "You don't know Catians too well, if you think that won't make us like you more."

Now that he was a month into his stay on the planet, Jon was no longer under such naive illusions. The Catians were sex-crazed... at least, from a Human standpoint. He might have said they liked to breed like bunnies, but even bunnies knew when to take a break. Felicia's touches, caresses and innuendos had only increased in fervor and frequency the longer she'd been around him. She never missed an opportunity to tease him for his supposed fastidiousness; she bent over too far to clean the floor, wiggled her rear when arranging the pillows on his mattress, bounced with exaggerated glee at his thanks. She always made sure that her breasts bobbed in mesmerizing movements as she gazed at him, fluttering her eyelashes. She twisted her hips in a sexual manner, stuck her ass out like a shelf and leaned close to him whenever he was near, always hovering just on the edge of acceptability.

The first rule of diplomacy was impartiality. It was hard for Jon to remain unbiased in the face of Catian statesmanship if he was simultaneously engaging in extracurricular affairs with the sultry felines. That was why he resisted, why he struggled and strained beneath the towering beauty of Felicia's form as she enticed him with her curvy, sexy, immensely attractive body. It was also why Jon was nursing an iron-thick erection that could slay a dragon with its hardness. God damn, he needed a release. Setting his papers down with a sigh and an uncomfortable shift of his hips, Jon stood up and left his office, heading down the long hall of his villa to his large bedchamber. The king-size had a wide canopy around which red, silken covers encircled it. Jon plopped down upon it, stretching back against the kryll-feather mattress and letting out a groan.

He was lucky none of the ladies of the pryde saw him as he'd moved down the hall. His cock was pointing at a near solid angle from his pants, pitching a tent that a family of four could camp under. Jon peeled his leggings off and tossed them to the side, exposing his large, throbbing cock to the air as he wrapped a hand around it and thought of Felicia's long, red hair. He stroked himself, thinking ruefully of the Catian's predilection for porn. The thought made him want to laugh aloud: what use was porn on a planet like this? They were so sexually liberated it was astonishing they didn't simply go out in the nude. With the way Felicia moved, the way she smiled, Jon did not lack for images or ideas. He inundated himself with thoughts of the many ways he wanted to fuck the little minx's brains out.

His hand began to shift up and down his prodigiously long length. When he'd taken the mandatory physical on his first day on Catia they had made sure to also measure the length of his penis... for 'study' purposes, they'd said. A solid ten inches, with a girth well above the average human pecker. Jon was not ashamed to say he took pride in that fact. It also made gripping his dick all the easier as he masturbated and imagined Felicia on her knees in front of him, cleaning something far more interesting than a lamp base.

The sound of a door knob creak was like the musical sting from one of Jon's horror movies in his ears. Lacking all kind of pants with which to cover himself, he jumped in place as he saw the door open and the redhead of his fantasies walk in. "Hey, Jon. The pryde and I were going to get some food from the store, did you-" Felicia stopped. Her eyes focused on Jon atop the bed, his massive erection out in the open with his legs spread in a sexual fashion. She stared for a long moment at his rod, shocked into utter silence. Jon's mouth gaped as he fumbled for something to say that wasn't immensely awkward. He drew a blank.

"Oh." She said, seemingly taken aback at his unexpected state of undress. She stepped further into the room, closing the door behind her and latching the bolt firmly into the lock. "I-I'll tell them I couldn't make it." She said, her face reddening perceptibly.

"No! It's- It's totally okay!" Jon stammered out, "You can go with them, don't let me hold you up!"

"I... " She trailed off. "I think I'd rather stay here. They can get the groceries themselves." She said, her body still hovering at the door, but her mind clearly focused on the twitching thing that her eyes were locked onto. "Do you... mind if I stay?"

Jon could feel the intense blush against his cheeks as he contemplated the implication of her request. It didn't help that he had been literally imagining her at the end of his offending member mere seconds before. The thought of her here, alone with him was an allure far more powerful than his fear of a diplomatic conflict of interest. He gave her a curt, restrained nod. "You- you can."

"Were you masturbating?" She asked, as tactless as she was genuinely curious. He nodded. "...Can I watch?" Without waiting for permission she crossed the boundary of his room, stepping up to the foot of his long bed like a supplicant at an altar. She stared down at his pulsing prick, her nose sniffing something on the wind. "You're so big!" She said, watching his twitching member with intense interest. "Your scent is so different when you're aroused, Jon."

The voyeuristic nature of his situation made the diplomat even harder. Reluctantly, he returned his hand to its grip upon the shaft, running his fingers up and down the skin as he returned to his slow jerk off session. Felicia's tail swished in agitation. "Why didn't you just ask if you were feeling this way?" She said, "I've lost count of how many times I've tried to get you to..."

"We're not supposed to." Jon said, his eyes affixed to the wide-eyed stare of the girl who watched him with rapt attention. His hand began to pump up and down on his shaft as he lathered it in self-love. "I'm a representative of my species, it's neither right nor proper for me to fuck the people I'm trying to establish a working relationship with."

Felicia tilted her head, "Am I just a 'work relationship?'"

His hand stopped its movement. "What? No!" In response to her goading stare he resumed his jacking, the skin of his fat cock bunching and pulling taut as his elbow opened and compressed back and forth."It's not that, we just can't-"

"Am I not attractive to you?" She asked, sounding genuine in the question. Jon barely contained the desire to laugh.

"For sure not that! You're beautiful, Felicia, I just-"

"Then... why haven't you asked me?" Her voice was soft, her face searching as she blushed, watching him work his penis with a sort of reverent captivation. "I waited for you to make a move. I tried dropping hints and showing off, but... you never took the bait."

"It's not that simple for Earthlings, Felicia." Jon said, his breath coming out slightly harder from the passion he was inflicting upon himself. "Guys can't... we don't just bone every woman we see."

"Why not?" She said, crawling onto the bed but stopping at his feet, planting her bum against the mattress as she watched him masturbate. "With this fella, you'd have half the Catian women on our planet jumping your bones!"

"I don't want that." He said, groaning at the hungry way she looked at him.

"Then... what do you want?" She replied. He didn't answer, and they passed a few moments in silence, the only sound coming from the light smacking of flesh as he milked himself in front of her. There was a hesitant knock at the door, and Jon nearly stopped his action. Felicia held up a hand and turned to the sound.

"Who is it?" Jon called out.

"Mr. Koller, it's Sereana." The low-toned voice of one of Felicia's sisters said through the door. "Did Felicia talk to you? We were going to get some groceries and wondered-"

"I spoke with him, Sirri." Felicia said, ignoring the pleading look Jon gave to keep silent. "He said he didn't want anything." There was a long pause at the door.

"Um... okay?" The Sereana said, "Are you- um... all right in there?"

"Perfect." Felicia said, turning back to Jon and leaning forward, her breasts hanging over his cock at an uncomfortably adjacent distance. "Don't wait up, yeah? I think Jon and I will stick around here for a bit."

"Okay..." The voice said, sounding somewhat put off. "Well try not to make too much of a mess, okay Fel? I've got bedsheet changing duties tomorrow."

"Duly noted!" She called out, turning to Jon and making a twirling motion with her index finger near her temple, her face contorting in mockery of her pryde sister's words. "Now where were we?" She said, a feline smile curling onto her face. "I had a question for you."

"You have me at something of a disadvantage." Jon replied, casting a wry glance down at his cock and bare legs and then up at Felicia's form sitting on the bed. Without skipping a beat the red-haired catgirl began to undress herself. She let her breasts spill out of her top, tossing the unwanted shirt aside like it was an insult to her person. Jon was enthralled by her shapely bust.

"When we were briefed on Eris's reports of your species, she said..." Felicia blushed, "She said you Humans had stamina in all the right places. A lot more than Catians do. Is that true?"

"How should I know?" Jon said, laughing. "I haven't slept with a Catian."

"The experiment is on, then." Felicia replied, sticking her tongue out at him. "Why won't you let me join you? I promise I won't bite... deeply."

Jon smiled at her. "No one's stopping you, Felicia. You invited yourself into my private time."

"Only because you won't just take me, and be done with it!" She protested, crawling on all fours so that her body was positioned in a perfect parallel line above him. Jon sat up as she moved directly into his personal space. Her large mammaries touched his chest as she held herself there, her face now mere inches from his own. Her crimson hair trickled down her face, giving her a wild appearance. Her long, red cat ears were pointed directly at him, like searchlights in the darkness. There was a determined look in her eyes. "You... you realize I can't just fuck you, right?"

"Then what do you call this?" Jon said, looking back at her. His hand was off his erection but it still stuck up proudly like a lifeline between their nethers.

"Seduction, you ceaseless tease!" She growled, "I can't... Catian women can't make the first move on men! If you don't want to do it, that's your choice! I can't force you to, no matter how much I want to!" She shook her head, seeming to be utterly frustrated at his intransigence. "I'm at my wits end with this! Do you want me to do a little song and dance? If you want me, you just have to ask!"

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