A Chance Encounter


To him those orbs were a delicacy. That tender and pale flesh revealed so completely, and contrasted with those deeply colored nipples. They stood out proudly before him as he delighted in the thoughts of what he would do to them in just a few moments. However, before he could enjoy her body and bring them an unearthly pleasure, the remainder of her clothing had to be removed. The rest of her form had to be revealed to him.

Before she had any idea he had moved, he was already on his knees and ripped her shoes clean from her feet. Such a nuisance those things were, and there was no need for delicacy of care in their removal. Her feet were nothing that interested him in the least. No, but other parts of her body did, and soon they would be revealed to his ravaging gaze and then to his aching body.

Deciding to be a bit more tantalizing now, he decided on a rather fun method to remove her pants and undergarment. Lightly his hands trailed up her slender legs. Delicately did their tips trace the lines and subtle curves of her gorgeously sinful things. The skin that peered through the tattered slits and tears was as pale as the rest of her. Oh, how delectably creamy her complexion seemed to him. Ever so fair; it was as if her limbs had never seen the light of day a day in her life. He knew otherwise, but how he liked to delude himself once he found enticing details about his victims.

Gradually he came back to his sense of the task at hand. Damning his cursed habit of getting caught up in the minor details of things. His hands now sat atop her luscious hips. They were not those slender pencil wide things the magazines depict as beauty. No, these were curved and shapely. He could feel the cushion of flesh under the skin tight material. Staring back up into her enticing emerald eyes, he slid his fangs through the slit in her jeans where the top button was. With a simple turn of the head the sound of it coming undone filled the room.

Teasingly his tongue slid between the open flaps of the material to taste her flesh. The thin sheen of cold sweat that coated it added to its rich taste. The taste of salt helped to make her own naturally sweet taste stand out more. In any matter, his tease did not last long before he continued. His glass like nails slid between her flesh and what little clothing was left on her. Torturously slow did his fang's tip hook and drag her zipper down. That low hum barely managed to mask the sound of his victims stifled moans from her own ears, but he heard them. Yes, he heard them as clearly as he saw the look of lust in her eyes.

Once, the zipper had come to stop his hands were left to slide down her faded jeans. At first, they merely pulled them gently with the nails being the only part of him touching her, but before they made it past her thighs his entire hands were caressing her soft flesh. His thumbs slid with a firm pressure down her tender inner thighs. His nails were turned so that they made two very shallow cuts that stopped just above her knees. From there it was a matter of letting them fall to the floor so that she could kick them to the side, which she did.

In somewhat of a hurry his clothes were discarded as well. He did not pay much attention or care as to how they were removed or where they ended up. All that was heard were the few ruffled sounds of the material through the air and the slight thuds of his boots landing in the pile as well. In his head he thanked whatever god there was for the preternatural speed he acquired many centuries ago. It made these things so much easier on him. Glad to be free from his confinement he returned his attention to the vixen at hand.

Smiling his hands returned to her hips and slid her legs apart. Just enough so that he could slide between them, if he so desired. His lips returned to her flesh as well. They kissed their way down and across her taught stomach. Down into that welcoming V. That inviting trail that leads to the most precious and pleasurable place a woman has... Once within the dip of that trail, his tongue slid out to trace those gently sloping lines.

Once it met the slit of those puffy lips withdrew from her. The sounds of her disappointment were quickly banished by the feel of his cool teeth upon her inner thigh. Yes, they had returned to the end of the slit his thumb made not even a moment ago. A sharp gasp could be heard as they dug into her flesh. However, he controlled himself. Before breaking the skin, he withdrew them and allowed his tongue the opportunity to dance upon that line and lap up her ambrosia of life. This pattern continued-the biting, nipping, and licking- until he was just next to her heavenly pussy.

He was going to continue her torture. Letting just the tip of his tongue touch those puffy wet lips, he licked around the top of them until he was at her other thigh. Then, he began to lightly kiss his way up that tender piece of flesh until he was at her knee. Every so often allowing his tongue to slip out and dance a little part of the trail. This torture was all too exquisite for him. He loved the site of his victim standing there, squirming under his touch and manipulations.

Suddenly he realized that her hands had made their way to his mane of hair and had enlaced themselves in its ebony tresses. It felt as if she were going to rip out a few handfuls if she did not receive some kind of release. Even the stiffed sounds of her moans demanded this tease to end. With a small sigh, he looked up at her face. Her own teeth were embedded in her lower lip. He could tell she had just barely broken the skin due to that faint scent of her blood filling the air of the room along with her passions and sweat. Her eyes revealed her desire most clearly though. Yes, those eyes that were once the shade of emeralds were now darker than hunter's green. That spiral of darkening color nearly filled her eyes completely. Only a few traces of the original color were still present, and even they were darkening with each passing second.

Without further hesitation he returned to that delightful little pussy. His hands slid up the backs of her thighs to rest just above her firm ass as he leaned in close to those puffy lips. His tongue slithered out and traced around their outer edges. Then, slowly, it began to spiral towards that little slit where they met. Once it was there, he traced with just enough force to bend the fleshy folds on his first pass. On the second he parted those tender pieces of flesh. With each passing stroke of his tongue he pushed further and further inward.

Her grip in his hair tightened with each teasing lick. The moans she was once stifling were now beginning to echo off the bare walls of the room now.Her head was thrown back against the wall. Her eyes half closed and ladened with lust. Even her mouth was left open in that perfect little "O" as she pleaded with him to give her what she desired with her encouraging moans and groans.

Now his tongue has pressing gently over her hard little clit. Slowly he let it press harder against that little nub. With little effort he began to roll the tip of his tongue over it. Then he let it slide down that slick crevice. Once it came to her opening he slid his tongue inside of her at a maddeningly slow pace. He let it push against those hot, moist walls. Spreading them with each passing second until finally it was buried completely in her heavenly pussy. Then he drew it out slowly, with the tip curled up dragging across that soft flesh. Every couple of seconds he would flick the tip of it until it was completely out of her.

It returned tentatively to that little nub of her's, teasing it still. Just beyond its edge his tongue circled it. He knew the passing gusts of air briefly washed over it for split seconds at a time. After a few seconds of this he let the edge of his tongue gently graze the sides of her clit. The thought of how mad this was driving her delighted him to no bounds, but he decided it was best to let her have what she had been dieing for all night long. Firmly, he pressed his tongue over her clit for a moment before he began to flick at the tip of her nub. It was a maddening pace he kept; his tongue was flicking across it from every direction, with no real pattern to it, at a lightning fast pace.

She was screaming now at the ear piercing level for him to continue. Her shouts of encouragement pleased him, after all is their anything better than making your victim beg for you to continue your assaults. The feel of her nails buried into his scalp was electrifying. The best part though, was that final cry she gave just as her orgasm hit her. Then she fell into an unearthly silence and stillness. After a moment passed she finally began to become audible again, but these were mere whimpers and shudders caused by the waves of pleasure still rippling through her body.

He was now overcome with his own desires for release. Any consideration or humanity in him was gone as he rose to his feet in the blink of an eye. Using his supernatural gift fro speed he lifted her from the ground by the backs of her thighs and thrust himself into her. It was merciless how hard he had slammed himself inside of her. The slap of their bodies rang out nearly as loud as her cries from just moments ago.

Following the booming slap was a loud scream from her. Without even realizing it she had clenched onto his back. Her nails were raking across that cold white skin of his, leaving behind them deep red lines. Also, her legs had wrapped themselves around his waist and clenched him to her as if for dear life. She was too far gone in the attempt to recover from her last orgasm to even notice the warm feeling of his blood coating her fingers with each passing second.

His mind was too far gone now to comprehend much of what was going on. The civilized side of his mind had shut done to let loose his primitive side. That animalistic side that lie within each of us. The side that caused brutal a fucking to happen. Without a thought in his mind he began to pump into her with a fervor. His body needed release and hers could give it to him...that was the only thing he knew at this moment.

The only noise that filled the room was the loud slapping of their bodies and the occasional cry of half pain and half pleasure from her. His breathing came in short grunts that sounded more like growls than anything. His eyes bore into her own with that primal challenge. In every essence of it he was a beast now, and he wanted her to meet his efforts with her own. That was his desire...to have her let loose and go at him with everything thing she had.

The message was clear to her and she met it with as much vigor as he body could endure. She began to raise herself higher on the wall on his out-strokes using her thighs only to slam herself down into him as hard as she could with every in-stroke. Her mind was gone now, and her inner animal awoken. The stinging pain of the collision didn't matter to her anymore, nor did that near ripping feeling inside her that she got everytime he slammed home into her. All she cared about was the pleasure was receiving and the building orgasm that would soon be at hand.

Their fevered pith continued and the sounds of it echoed throughout the night for some time. Just grunts, growls, groans, moan, and the occasional scream of undeterminable causes. Finally though it began to fade as fatigue filled them both. With one swift glance they both knew their ends were near and that their bodies would have to give into the pleasure they needed.

She was the first to give in. He sweat covered body glistened in the moonlight that managed to fill the room. It was sudden, as her body froze against the wall just after slamming into him. To anyone peering in it would have seemed that they were both statues in that pose of mutual release, but on the inside she was alive. That tight wet hole of hers felt as if it were on fire. The muscles were milking him for every drop he had. They were clenching on him so tight he couldn't have tried to continue even if he had it in him.

These sensations sent him over the edge. His own release triggered not even a second after her own. He began to pulse and swell inside her before releasing a torrent of cum inside her. The room was filled now with only the panting breaths of each of them as they seemed trapped in the continue bliss of orgasm. It seemed each ones responses kept the other on that edge as if egging it on further, but as we all know good things come to an end. His finished first, and she still seemed to be at the peek of her own.

She didn't even feel the prick of his fangs against her neck. No, she was too lost in the throws of her pleasure. Soon she felt an oncoming sleep. It seemed to approach her as the waves of pleasure began to fade. She could feel her body going limp against his. It felt so heavy she was amazed that he had not dropped her or collapsed. She had barely noticed that he had backed away from the wall carrying her still entangled with his own form.

In the last few seconds she was still conscious she felt the cool hardwood floor against her cooling skin. She felt a warmth coming from somewhere, but where. It was him. His flesh was warm like her own was before they started. She was too tired to care though, the last waves of her orgasm left her just before she fell asleep. It was true she was sleeping, for only a moment though. Then she was dead.

Releasing her throat he moved up and whispered in her ear, "Such a shame my lovely... if only you hadn't caught my eye then you have lived. I am sorry, but atleast you got to know heaven before being cast to hell." With those few words he gathered his clothes and dressed as if none of it had ever happened. Then he proceeded to knick the tip of his finger on the edge of a fang. With the utmost care he let two drops of his blood flow onto her neck. Each onto one of the holes his fangs left. They closed almost instantly as if she had never been bitten.

Sighing once more that eve, he began to move the object piled in front the door back to their respective places. The utmost care was taken to make it seem as if nothing had been touch or moved that night at all. He even moved her clothes from the floor to her hamper in the bathroom. Then, he peeled back the sheets of her bed and lay her there in such a peaceful state. Once the covers were drawn up over her, he slowly paced out the door of her house. The door already set to lock once he shut it.

Once outside he chuckled to himself lightly, "I wonder what delight will catch my eye tomorrow night? I do hope that it is as lovely as tonight's victim. Otherwise my disappointment just might lead to a more brutal result and a lifeless corpse mangled upon the floor. That would be a shame... I do so hate reading about those nights in the papers the following eve while stalking my prey." With that he vanished from sight. The only noises left to hang in the air were those same menacing footsteps upon the pavement.

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