tagNonHumanA Chance Encounter Ch. 01

A Chance Encounter Ch. 01


"Come on Eric don't be such a stick in the mud. Come with us."

"No. Just leave me alone Jamie!" Eric snapped, fed up with his older brother's constant teasing. Eric had no interest in spending an evening out celebrating his brother's twenty-first birthday. Everyone would be drinking and having a great time. Meanwhile he was still a year away from the legal age. His birthday wasn't until the fall.

"Look, if Eric doesn't want to go, he doesn't want to go. Besides, I recall you saying that if he did come he'd ruin everything. You have a nice night son. Stay out of trouble." Eric's father said, ushering Jamie and his wife out the front door. Eric waved half heartedly and retreated upstairs to his bedroom.

He didn't have anything better to do than school work. But as he sat there trying to write his ten page paper for his English 201 class, he could hear his neighbors partying to all hours. He seriously regretted not going to an out of town college. He lived in the middle of nowhere. It was a fairly rural town, the kind where everyone knows everyone and you can trace family trees back to the same brother and sister. Eric only stayed because it was cheaper going to a local college than an out of state one.

Frustrated and feeling very tense, Eric grabbed his coat and keys and left the house. He didn't have a destination in mind. He just wandered aimlessly up the road. Eric trudged up a hill, and sat on his usual thinking spot, atop a large boulder. The evening sky was clear and crisp, Eric laid back and stared at the stars. He watched clouds pass overhead and listened to the distant sound crickets. The sun was setting, and Eric decided to go back before it got too dark.

Then there was a sudden snap behind him, and Eric bolted up. He expected to see a squirrel or deer. Instead Eric was almost eye level with a massive form. Eric didn't want to believe what was standing in front of him was real. He had to be seeing things. Werewolves weren't real.

Yet here was this nine foot tall wolf creature, staring Eric down. He saw it was clearly female, from the soft curve of the hips to the ample breasts. Her fur was entirely black, though there were accents of silver. Her undercoat was a mix of silver and gray.

But there were a few things about the she-wolf that Eric didn't understand, other than how he could be staring at a werewolf. The claws were the color of ivory, and had a dangerous curve to them. Overall the fur was too short, as if someone had shaved her coat short for the summer. Her muzzle had long whiskers, seemingly too long for a wolf. The tail flicking behind the she-wolf was long and sinewy, bushy only for the last foot or so. And her eyes, they were a deep, striking emerald color. They stared at Eric, locked on him as if he were prey. And Eric certainly hoped he wasn't.

"Uh, hi." Eric said nervously. He hoped the creature before him would realize he wasn't much of a meal and leave him alone. But one second the wolf was staring at him, and the next she jumped him.

The two tumbled to the forest floor, with Eric ending up underneath the she-wolf. Her massive breasts dangled over him, and Eric tried his best to keep from getting an erection. Her muzzle was inches from his face, sharp fangs bared.

"Hey, what'd I do?" Eric demanded, trying to hold his hands in surrender. His hands brush against the she-wolf's bust, and she growls a threat at him. Eric swallows, and for the first time since he was a kid wishes he was a werewolf. At least then he wouldn't be pinned under some nutcase.

The she-wolf then takes a paw, and pulls at Eric's shirt. Confused, Eric doesn't do anything. Then she starts licking his stomach, before moving lower than lower. Eric felt his cheeks heat up as the wolf's tongue made contact with the bulge in his pants.

"What... what are you doing!?" Eric said, trying to stop what was happening. But he was no match for the she-wolf's strength. She batted his hands away, and continued. With those sharp claws, she made easy work of his jeans and then his boxers. Revealing Eric's pounding erection.

Eric's eyes rolled up into his head as the rough tongue stroked his length. He'd gotten blowjobs from girls before but this was so different. The she-wolf's tongue was longer, and felt so much better. Eric reached down and gently urged her to continue. The she-wolf swallowed his entire shaft, and started sucking. Eric felt his orgasm building, pre dribbling out of his cock.

"Fuck!" he cried as he came inside the wolf's maw. She drank every last bit of cum. Eric's breath was ragged, and he moaned as the she-wolf removed her mouth. He saw his dick was covered in saliva, and still quite erect despite his release.

Eric looked up and saw the she-wolf positioning herself. Her sex was covered in wet fur, but Eric could see enough to know she too was very aroused. He was about to protest when she lowered herself onto him. All thought of resistance was gone, and Eric welcomed the warmth surrounding his penis. The she-wolf howled as Eric penetrated her deeper and deeper. Eric felt her juices running down his shaft, lubricating him.

She pulled up, and almost off Eric's hard cock. Then slide back down. She continued to ride his cock, bouncing up and down faster and faster. Eric, not wanting to be completely useless, started fondling her massive breasts. Eric landed forward to rub his chest against hers. Her nipples were big and black, and stimulated into a hard state. Eric licked her nipples, suckling just as she had sucked on him earlier.

As the she-wolf pushed down once more, Eric felt his ball grow tense. He was so close, he bite down on the nipples he was sucking. The she wolf howled in pleasure, and her vaginal muscles clamped down on Eric's cock.

He came once more, shooting his load into the depths of the werewolf riding him. None of his cum was wasted, and the she-wolf's pussy ate it all up. Eric was exhausted. He hadn't even done much of the work. He lay on the ground, waiting for the she-wolf to remove herself from around him.

But to his surprise, and horror, the she wolf collapsed on top of him. She was out cold. Eric tried to move out from under her, but she was too heavy, and his cock was pinned inside her. He had no choice but to lie there and wait until she woke up.

"At least it's warm..." Eric thought absently, enjoying the afterglow, and the comfortable hole his cock was resting in for the moment. He wouldn't have to worry about his junk freezing or getting eaten by bugs tonight.

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