tagRomanceA Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting


It had been an unusually long and stressful day at the office. All day, people were antsy and short-tempered. So, needless to say, it was great to be able to get away and take in a drink or two to unwind.

There were the usual "regulars" at the bar and maybe a few others that were newbies to the familiar watering hole. As I sat sipping my Jack on the rocks, I felt the stress of the day slowly oozing out of my body. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the entrance door open as she walked in.

She carried herself with an unusual air of confidence that not many women knew much less possessed. She was not a regular and by her demeanor I could tell she was not your ordinary woman.

As the waitress led her to a table for two, I pondered whether or not she was alone or perhaps meeting someone. She wore a wedding ring but that did not deter me. She was not particularly dressed to kill but something about her told me she was special. Was it her body, her smile or the way she walked?

She was a petite little thing, maybe about 5"1" or 5'2". She had beautiful thick jet black hair not quite to her shoulders that made her olive skin radiate. She had a beautiful smile that made you feel good inside with perfect white teeth and lips that made me imagine the best in her.

I would love to see those beautiful luscious lips wrapped around my dick, I thought. And what a wonderful thought it was! Maybe just the usual thoughts men have when they see someone as beautiful as she.

She was wearing a business suit that did not do her body justice. But it really made you wonder what her body was like underneath all that clothing. I wondered what she would look like naked.

She ordered a Midori Margarita on the rocks, guessing by the tell tale greenish color of her glass. She checked out the scenery as she sipped on her glass. Did I dare make a move? Maybe just a few minutes more or one drink more. In the back of my mind I kept thinking... he who hesitates!! I reluctantly decided to wait.

She had round dark eyes and a beautiful face that would make any man look at her twice and stare in awe. She had a nice neck that was certainly made for nibbling while wearing a nice disc necklace and matching ear rings. You could certainly tell she cared about how she looked. Underneath her coat she wore a white silk blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to make you curious and aroused. By the looks of her blouse, I would guess they were at least 36C's or maybe D's. There was no doubt in my mind.

After sipping the last of her margarita she ordered another. I motioned to Paolo, the bartender, that I would buy her drink and if he would find out her name.

"Alanee", he said. What a beautiful name I thought. It was then that I decided to make my move.

Pulling out the chair, I quickly sat myself down before she realized I was already making myself comfy at her table. I commented how her Margarita looked refreshing and if she minded that I sit down at her table.

We carried on the usual small talk and I could not help but become further intrigued by this beautiful and mysterious woman. Mysterious that she was alone at this bar and that I was able to sit next to her.

I asked if she would mind if I ordered an appetizer and she said it would be nice. As we waited for the appetizers we ordered another drink and made more small talk. She finally removed her jacket. I could tell she was more at ease with me and could not help but notice that her breasts had to be 36D's and more voluptuous than I had originally imagined. As the evening passed and we conversed she admitted that she had had enough to drink and needed to go home before she couldn't drive home.

I offered to walk her to her car and she accepted. She made some comment and smirked about how there may be something mysterious lurking in the dark shadows. I walked her to her car, a Toyota Camry, and as I opened the door for her to get in, I could not help but notice her skirt riding up her silky smooth thighs revealing her lacy thigh high stockings. The sight of her thighs immediately drew a response from my manhood!!

She closed the door and rolled down the window as I dared to boldly reach for her neck to pull her in closer to me for a good night kiss thinking that was the extent of my evening with her. As she returned the kiss she grabbed my tie and pulled me in closer to kiss her and she gently bit my tongue. With that she let out a sigh and asked me to sit down on the passenger side of the car. She unlocked the door and I quickly slid into the seat. I could not help but reach for her thigh and feel her silky smooth thighs. They reminded me of the smooth feel of honey and the type of thighs that I always fantasized about.

With my left hand I reached for her neck and got a kiss that sent my soul to the heavens. As we kissed, my hand went further up her thigh and she did not refuse. I felt her lace panty and felt for the hair around her pussy. By now I was as hard as a rock and I am sure her pussy was dripping with her pussy juice, and I was determined to find out!

I madly kissed her and our tongues groped for one another. I slid my hand further down her smooth tummy towards her pussy and felt her crisp pubic hairs that surrounded her pussy. I could tell that she trimmed it and this further drove me to ecstasy.

As I played with her pussy, I could feel her opening her thighs further apart giving me room to play with her clit. By now her clit was rock hard and wet. Sliding my thumb across her clit, she opened up and let me slide my finger deep into her now wet and dripping pussy.

Her hips began thrusting into my wet finger asking for more as I thrust my finger deeper into her love hole. As I felt her rock hard clit under my thumb, I pulled my finger out to lick the deliciousness of her love juices. I pulled her blue thong off her legs and she opened wider as she pushed my head down to devour her dripping wet pussy.

I twirled my tongue around her hard and wet clit and this drew many lusty sighs from her as she moved her ass in circles further driving my tongue deeper into her. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head away as she gasped for air. I relished her moans as she enjoyed my tongue flickering in and out of her pussy. I put my finger into her once again and kept finger fucking her into sheer ecstasy. As I did so she asked me to drive my finger into her deeper and faster as she squirted her pussy juice all over my fingers. Her pussy filled with hot love juice as I never experienced before.

After climaxing she lay there, like a rag doll and I unbuttoned her blouse to reveal the most delicious breasts I have ever seen or felt. They were full and round, smooth and inviting with cleavage that would drive any man crazy. As I pulled up her blue bra, I noticed her large gum drop nipples. They were hard and huge and were begging for me to put them into my mouth to lick and bite. As I kissed one breast, I cupped and pinched the other nipple to her delight. I could tell she loved me playing with her breasts as she moaned and sighed with pure delight.

By this time my cock was at full attention and ready to burst with hot cum. Sensing my rock hard bulge, she rubbed it harder and harder never unzipping my pants. It was excruciatingly exciting but frustrating to say the least. A prick teaser if ever I saw one!! I could not help but want her full lips wrapped around my cock sucking every bit of cum that I could shoot. I needed her to take me deep into her mouth. I imagined her tongue licking every inch of my 9 inch shaft. I wanted her to tickle my balls as she stroked my cock and took me into her mouth. I imagined shooting my hot cum all over her and her smiling with deep satisfaction.

Just then, her husband arrived at the table and kissed her where my cock should have been. He pulled out the chair I imagined myself sitting at and started making small talk.

Alas, it was but a fantasy, but what a fantasy!! I will never forget her name or ever know if she was that good or not. But somehow, I can't help but feel how lucky her husband must be.

Some guys have all the luck!!!

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