tagRomanceA Chance Meeting

A Chance Meeting

bySatin and Lace©

Bryce was sitting on the side walk cafe leisurely finishing an iced-coffee when he saw her. She was breathtaking and he felt an immediate connection with her. Every inch of her oozed femininity. From her legs they had to be inseam thirty-four inches. He used to sell clothing. Her thighs gave a little motion, knee's were cute, those calves made even a blind man drool. The toping of this cake was her ankles so daintily wrapped in the strings of a four inch pair of sandals.

He actually felt his groin stir. His eyes moved to her short flirty skirt it laid flat across the hips. He moaned inwardly from the sway of her hips. Moving up he found the most delicious pair of breasts. His breathing picked up when he realized she was braless having enough sway to be tantalizing. Her shoulders were bare, hair pulled up and the most beautiful copper red color hair. A pair of dangling ear rings, placed the sparkle in her wide baby blue eyes.

How could she walk into his life so innocently? Be unaware he was thunder struck by her panther like movements. Just then the wind shifted and her scent wafted into his senses. This was unbelievable this scent was his favorite but his brain lost the name of it. Oh, My God she was going to walk past him. He couldn't let this happen. His mind was racing with anything witty enough for her beauty to stop and speak to him.

"Could you tell me where I would find Steven Brown's Law Firm?" she spoke barely above a whisper.

His eyes fell upon the fullness of her lower lip. He wanted to jump up and pull it into his mouth. Wait he thought she asked him a question. What? How was he going to ask her to repeat the question?

"Mind if I sit I got out of my cab a few blocks to early." She said as she laughed. Throwing that luscious hair where it slipped out of the comb. It cascaded down her back.

"I'm sorry my name is Bryce. May I have yours?" He stammered like a third grader on the first day of school.

"Sure its Delilah. Delilah Hilton, nice to meet you Bryce. " She said so eloquently as she extended her hand out to him.

She slowly crossed those legs that went on forever. His brain was exploding from over load sensual overload. He wanted to take her right there. Yet he knew his heart was wanting to stretch this out. He took her dainty hand feeling the silkiness of her skin.

She smiled coyly tilting her head down then looking up at him. He couldn't move he was so aroused he had to lean forward a little.

His brain was sending messages in split seconds. First to his lungs to keep air going in and out. Rushing to put enough oxygen in his heart to sustain life. His legs were useless. She was still smiling. The wind shifted and the scent of her essence engulfed his olfactory system. He knew what it was, it was Elizabeth Taylor's Passion. He dared to close his eyes inhaling so he would never forget the moment he fell in love with this woman.

"Steven Browns Law Firm was the question." She laughed.

Bryce heard that this time, he also felt like he got caught taking her clothes off. In his mind she was about to lose that skirt. Her nipples had to be silver dollar sized.

"Oh, yes its in that white building across the street. Would you like me to walk you to

his suite? " Bryce was praying, giving everything he could to God just so she would allow this.

"I would hate to disturb your coffee." She said quietly uncrossing her long legs.

He saw the most beautiful pair of inner thighs he could have ever dreamt of. Glimpsing her bits and pieces was making his imagination go in over drive. He noted she French painted her toenails. Then he realized he had dropped the conversation once again.

"I was done actually dreading to go back to work. I would love to walk you across the street." Bryce said enthusiastically.

Standing he saw he stood three inches taller than her. Perfect his women were always tall. She was so soft, as she walked beside him he was inhaling and exhaling her scent. She smiled so brightly her teeth like the finest pearls. She spoke and her breath made him swoon. He would have bet everything she had just ate a bunch of spring flowers.

This wasn't like him he was Mr. Serious no time for women. Going the fast track to the top of his job. But she wasn't just a woman. She was a goddess with incredible beauty. Too soon they were in front of the place. She tippee toed and kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Bryce it was a pleasure to meet you." Delilah said.

He heard a crash and turned towards it. When he turned around she was gone. He panicked opening the swinging door so hard. It should have landed over his head into the middle of the road. He looked into the lobby she wasn't anywhere. Oh great now what? Think where was she going? His mind went blank. He was about to cry when he took up her scent. She got onto the first elevator.

Once inside he smelled her. He knew he couldn't ride the elevator until she made her way back. Anyway she might take one of the other six elevators. He inched towards the front so as the door slid open he would stick his head out to try to catch that scent. He must have looked like a snapping turtle but he didn't care. Delilah was going to be his.

Finally on the sixteenth floor her scent wafted into the elevator as the doors swished

open. He stepped out now which way, the scent was stronger to his right. That's when his watch alarm rang him into reality. He had three minutes to get to office for his next appointment. He cursed under his breath. Why did he look away?


Delilah sat in the outer waiting room her mind running like a train running off the track. That man was the absolute perfect man. He met all of her criteria. He was soft spoken, compassionate. He had this air of success around him. His brown hair glowed like a halo when the sun shone on it. Her first glimpse of him struck her senses like a jack hammer. Nothing was wrong with him. He had expensive taste in clothing.

She chided herself for walking away as he turned. Why, would she do that? She wasn't herself lately. She was there today to sign the ending of her marriage. She hadn't been in this Law firm. It was her ex-husband's lawyers. Perhaps they would meet again. She thought of his arousal and smiled as she remembered she crossed and uncrossed her legs for him. She felt flushed hoping nobody could read her mind.

Their meeting was so intense. She loved the fact he had a clean smell of soap and water. It was hot outside but he was sitting there in his crisp white shirt and tie. His loafers had tassels. She shivered at the thoughts of seeing him trying to hide his erection. She was luckier she was able to hide her moistness. All though when she felt it slip out he seemed to be able to sense. His nose went into the air, closing his eyes. She took all of her reserve not to reach over and stroke him. She sat there straight upon one o'clock the assistant came out and got her.

She hated lawyers offices was happy this was it finally. Her shoes sank deeply in the carpet the assistant's feet were leaving her prints. The smell of leather bound books, polish, fresh flowers seemed to overtake her senses. The assistant knocked on the door then opened it.

"Mr. Brown your next appointment is here. This is.." She quit speaking he had raised his hand.

"This is Mrs. Delilah Hilton." He finished as he rose from behind a desk that overwhelmed his office.

"Why yes, Mr. Brown." She looked shocked and stammered.

"Will there be anything else Mr. Brown?" She regained her composure.

"No, Betty just shut the door as you leave." Bryce spoke very officially.

Delilah stepped in and waited for Mr. Brown to look up he hadn't looked up once. As he did his smile broadened, he walked towards Delilah. Once close enough he took her in his arms, kissing her tenderly.

"So are you Bryce Brown?" she asked quizzically.

"Yes, I'm Bryce Steven Brown welcome to my law firm." He smiled as he led her to a leather chair.

"How did you know it was me? You never looked up Mr. Brown." She asked.

"Oh not formal please, Bryce. It was your scent I had it memorized so I could find you again. Look and you came falling into my lap so to speak." Bryce spoke softly.

Delilah looked at him her heart was racing. In her eyes she was seeing the father of her children. The man that would walk beside her for the journey's yet to live. She would be by his side until their love had its sunset.

Bryce he looked at her his heart speeding a head of his brain. He was seeing the mother of his children. The woman that walk beside him as the years turned golden.

Their sensual side was clearly evident. He realized that could wait. She looked at him and smiled.

"How lucky can one man be to have this vision walk into his life not once but twice in the same day?" He asked.

He pulled her to her feet deciding as she stood up. He needed to kiss her. He needed to memorize her contours. He inhaled leaned back looked into her eyes. Pools of blue waters like the lagoons from the Bahamas.

"I love Elizabeth Taylor's Passion you wear it so sensually. You have this muskiness

at times that blend into my brain." He said tenderly as he kissed her. The music above their heads played 'Once, Twice Three times a Lady' they started moving with the music. They couldn't seem to move away from one another. They had this passionate hunger to feel the other.

Nothing had ever happened like this to either of them. They were like magnets moving

in sync. Her hands came off his shoulders, moved down his chest. She hesitated looking at him.

"Yes, please feel me." Bryce whispered into her ear.

His lips burned across her cheek getting to the bottom lip he tugged it in. She lowered her hand felt his manhood through his slacks. He stopped and moaned from deep within. She slowly unzipped him as he kissed her swan like neck down to her breasts. They were heaving urging him to release them. He unbuttoned her top stepped back a little and gazed upon the perfect sized melons. Like he had imagined they did have silver dollar size nipples.

Both of their brains were trying to keep up with the passions. The next thing that had to come off was that flirty skirt. He easily slipped it down the most womanly hips he had ever touched. They were gathering speed as they found themselves naked standing in his office. That's when he took her and half laid her half threw her on the sofa. Feeling her silky long tanned legs on his body. It motivated him to take her ankles and open her up. Looking down upon this beautiful woman waiting to be taken.

His restraint melted he impaled her with his hard love muscle. The sensation of falling inside of a tight, wet, a little resistance allowed the brain to free fall into passions. He leaned down kissed her mouth as he kept stroking. Long ones, short, fast, slower he kept up the assault. She was moaning, digging her fingers into his upper arms. Nothing would or could have separated the two of them.

His balls were slapping hard with each stroke. She took her hands and managed to get them in her hands. Squeezing them without hurting him. She looked at his face as he was looking at her beautiful face. Eyes locked. They dared the other to cum first.

"I'm almost there Delilah are we going to cum at the same time our first time?" He hoarsely tried speaking.

She kept her eyes on his. She saw his body change his back straightened. His thighs you could have chiseled a bust out of them. He bit his lip. He never slowed down. Eyes locked.

"Oh Bryce me too." She screamed arching her hips for a deeper penetration.

All they swore later they saw was the flash of white lights. Their bodies were shaking,

sweating, shivering. His spine went limp. He kept bringing it home. He thought for sure the back of his head slammed into the back of his face. He finally couldn't keep stroking her. She pulled him down onto her body. Her body gave its last orgasm as she was about to scream. Bryce put his mouth over hers to quiet down the sounds.

"I love you Mrs. Delilah Brown." He whispered tenderly.

"I love you Mr. Bryce Brown." She whispered back.

They laid there talking. Asking questions, finding out small things about each other.

Snuggling, kissing, when it hit them both she had to sign some papers.

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