tagRomanceA Chance Meeting Ch. 2

A Chance Meeting Ch. 2


The local minor league baseball team was playing their Fourth of July Game with fireworks afterward. A group of her colleagues were going to the game. They planned to sit in the same section of bleacher seats and make a party of it. She knew who would drink too much beer to drive home. She knew who would leave with whom as though the evening had already like an instant replay of other evenings. There are few surprises in a small town. Although the summer crowds doubled the population in summer it remained a very small town. She debated whether to take the bus across town to the Stadium or whether to drive her car across town to the Stadium. She decided on the bus. She would meet up with her friends but would not have to be a designated driver for those who drank too much to find their way home. Was she being selfish? No she was saving her car's upholstery from the inevitable. Her conscience was completely clear when she closed the door of her little house and headed for the bus stop.

She arrived at the gate in plenty of time. Even outside the stadium one could hear the noises of the crowd. She picked up her ticket and started up the stadium stairs. She liked this little stadium next to the bay and the minor league baseball team that played here. The tickets were inexpensive, the refreshments were inexpensive and the crowds were small enough to make it a pleasant experience. When there was a lull in the game she could look out over the bay to watch the windsurfers and feel the breeze off the water. At the top of the stairs there was a line of refreshment stands. She purchased her token beer. With luck she could sip at it the entire evening and lift the full cup it if anyone asked if she needed a refill. Drinking was not a favorite occupation with her. Others appeared to need it to have fun or feel excitement, she did not. L

Her old friend was already in her seat waiting for her. 'Hey, old bean,' she smiled.

'Hey, girlfriend. Sit on this side of me, I'm saving that seat for my brother.'

'Your brother? I can't remember you having mentioned a brother in the four years I've known you.' she said as she took the assigned seat beside her friend. She waved and greeted the people around her trying to notice everything about which she could give a positive comment.

Barb and she had been friends from the day they met.

Down on the field the players were warming up. Tossing the ball back and forth simulating grounders, throwing between bases and then into the pitchers mound. Tonight they were warming up to play an old rival. She liked the minor league teams better than the majors. One could see the competition between players more clearly. She was the one who cheered loudest when the 'man and a half' hit another home run. Sometimes people moved to other seats because she cheered too loudly while sitting on the edge of her seat. In defense she would say,' I'm well behaved at the opera but this is baseball.' A statement intended to explain her behavior to everyone.

Tonight was the second game in a three game series. Last night the rival team had won 9-5 to a packed house. The Stadium was packed again tonight, everyone on his or her feet cheering for the hometeam as the first batter stepped up to the plate. There was a wind up and the batter swung into air. Strike one! Head hung; the batter pawed the ground and swung the bat in practice swipes. It looked as if last night's defeat and the fact that the teams were very evenly matched was going to make for an interesting game. She cheered even though two more batters stuck out.

There was a short lull as the teams changed sides. The team mascot, ran out to entertain the crowd during this time. He shot soft foam balls to the children in the crowd. She looked over at her friend and saw a man standing beside her friend and looking at her. Her heart leaped and her eyes misted over. She was smiling broadly when her friend turned to her and said, 'Look who's here! This is my brother. He's just moved from the West Coast to the city. Now that he's only an hour away we'll see him more often. Won't we brat?'

'Hello, it's nice to meet you,' she heard herself saying.

She smiled at her friend and said,' How nice for you.'

He nudged his sister playfully.' Why don't you sit on the aisle Barb and give a guy a chance to enjoy the company of two women.'

Barb looked at her friend. ' Is that ok with you girlfriend?'

'Of course it is,' she said smiling her biggest smile.

He settled into the seat beside her and took her hand in his. Barbara noticed and said,

You two have met I take it.'

'Yes we've met. I just didn't know she was a friend of yours Barb.'

Turning, he looked into her eyes and said, 'I forgot to get your number before I left. I stopped by your house before coming here tonight but you had already left. I was afraid I wouldn't see you this weekend.'

She stared into his light brown eyes and a mist filled her own eyes. 'I'm glad you found me. Do you like baseball? I mean really like baseball?'

Barb listened to this conversation surprised that these two already knew each other.

'I like it well enough,' he said looking at the way her hair blew back from her face, soft and curly.

She watched him watch her. They seemed suspended in space together. The world ceased to exist for minutes at a time. It was pure excitement and she was grateful that it was happening to her at this moment.

Barb stood at the end of the first half of play and asked if she could get another round or refreshments for anyone.

' No thanks Barb, I'm fine.' she said lifting her full beer glass to take a sip as if proof were needed.

Barb left them alone and walked toward the snack counters which were thronged with people buying food and drink.

He laughed, ' That's the first sip I've seen you take of that stuff. You must like it a lot.'

He was laughing at her social ploy but there was no malice in his laughter only a small jest. They were happy tonight to be together after they both wondered if it would ever happen again. Nothing could spoil their joy.

The game commenced once again. They joined in the fun, yelling. 'Charge!' And joined in the wave. The game was hard fought with the score seesawing between the two teams. The game continued as the evening turned into night. With the bases loaded at the bottom of the ninth inning, the excitement on the field was second to the excitement growing in the stands. Penov walked up to the plate; he took some practice swings in the air and then stepped up to the plate. The score board showed an unimpressive batting average. No one hoped for more than to get the rookie on first base. The pitch looked a little low but as the bat connected with the ball hope sprang from the crowd. Up and up and finally over the wall. The rookie had hit a home run with the bases loaded to end the third game. The crowd was on their feet cheering. The loudspeakers blared with noises of celebration. She was glad they had won so grandly. Nothing less would be suitable for this exciting summer night. The music continued blaring trying to keep the excitement going. Some team members enjoyed a ham dance in center field which greatly amused the crowd. The team left the field while the crowd cheered for them. The grounds were put in order and then the lights dimmed in preparation for the fireworks.

The breeze coming off the water was cool now. High above the fireworks the sky was clear with it's own display. She resisted putting her head on his shoulder in the darkened Stadium. After all this was a small town and she liked to keep her private life private. The fireworks were spectacular with a grand finale that seemed to go on forever. When the sound had finally faded away he leaned to her and whispered in her ear,' do you have plans for after the game?'

She looked at him and smiled. 'No.'

He smiled back at her. 'Would you like to?'

She grinned delighted at his good humor. 'Yes.'

Meanwhile, Barb sat quietly watching and trying to figure out what she had missed and when.

He stood and said, 'could I offer you a ride home?'

She was happy she had taken the bus. 'I would like that. I didn't bring my car tonight.'

Barb smiled and asked him, 'will you catch up with us later tonight, bro? There's a bunch going to Hooters afterward for a celebration drink and I would like to show you off.'

'Isn't that the same crowd that will be at the Barbecue next week end?'

'Yes, mostly.' she replied thoughtfully.

'I think I'll wait until next weekend then, if it's all right with you. I had made plans for tonight.'

'Ok, as long as you promise to give us your undivided attention next weekend, you're forgiven tonight. Are you bringing a date? '

'I promise to be there,' he grinned looking like an earnest Boy Scout. ' I want to bring a date but I haven't asked her yet.'

She said good bye to the group and promised to see them again before the summer was over.

They were pushed along in the crowd exiting the Stadium. He leaned close to her ear, 'I'm not parked in the Stadium parking lot. I parked on the side street across the boulevard.'

'Good thinking,' she smiled at him.

They exited through the front gate and headed across the boulevard. The crush of traffic was just beginning to move from the lot as they made their way to his car. Together they exited the area by way of the alley behind the Salvation Army Store and were out of the traffic jam before it began. They headed across town. She sat sideways in her seat looking at his profile and enjoying being close to him. When they were within 100 feet from her house she opened the garage door from her key chain and then closed it again as soon as they were safely inside.

'Will the neighbors talk?' he asked.

'They're all at the game.' she answered smiling.

They entered the house together through the kitchen. She kicked off her sandals at the door. 'Would you like a snack?' she asked turning to look at him and judge his mood.

He was grinning that grin at her. 'Could I nibble your ear?'

'Sure you can.' she stepped into his embrace.

'I can't tell you how surprised I was to see you sitting next to Barb this evening. What luck! I was feeling very sorry for myself at that point.'

'You were?' she smiled at him, happy to see that he trusted her enough to bare his heart to her.

'I was very surprised to see you as well.'

He held her close and looked down at her. 'Before I leave tomorrow I will get your phone number and address.'

'Hmmm. Another good idea.' She laughed.

'How long can you stay with me?' she looked into his eyes searching for answers.

'Until I have to leave.' he said and then he bent to kiss her his lips kissing her with long slow tender kisses.

She lifted her chin and stepped half a step closer. He kissed her neck and she lifted her head farther to let him. The answer to her question no longer had importance. She would enjoy his kisses until he had to take them away. She arched her back and pushed against him. He held her tighter in his strong arms. In his embrace she felt safe, protected and very loved. Her heat was rising. She felt him pushing his leg between hers and she accepted it gratefully, rubbing her clit against his thigh. He unbuttoned the buttons on the shoulders of her sundress and let it fall to the floor kissing her shoulders where the straps had been. He picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter unfastening the bra with one hand. She smiled at his smooth move in spite of herself. He grinned back without comment. He kissed and licked down her chest and across her breasts blowing over the moistened areas. Her nipples already showing became hard with the coolness. He took her left nipple in his mouth and began sucking on it. She loved this. She could feel the muscles inside of her tighten even more. The feeling was stimulating. She held his head to her breast wanting the feeling to go on. He licked and kissed his way to the right breast and then blew a little air across the skin. When the nipple responded he sucked the nipple into his mouth. She could feel the moisture soaking her panties. She kissed the top of his head. He slid her panties over her bottom and then slipped out of his pants and underwear and pulled the oxford shirt over his head. She looked at his athletic body with admiration. He stepped closer to her and she moved closer to the edge of the counter and wrapped her legs around him. She ran her hand over his tummy and felt along his erection stroking his shaft and spreading his precum over the head with her thumb. She guided him to her soaking him with her wetness. He pushed himself into her. She knew it would be this wonderful. She remembered every detail of their last meeting. She squeezed his shaft with her inner muscles. He stroked her slowly kissing her and holding her watching her enjoyment. Smiling at her responses to him. They were happy in each other's embrace. Their lovemaking was a joy they shared. He picked her up and carried her to the bedroom. She clung tightly to his shoulders and nibbled his ear playfully.

Still inside of her he laid her on the bed and put her ankles around his neck. He played with her clit and watched the muscles in her thighs jump at his touch and felt the inner muscles twitch around his shaft. He plunged into her again and again. She had a strong need to touch him. He put her legs back over her shoulders and continued to thrust into her. She ran her hands through his hair and caressed his face with her hands. He ground himself into her and she moaned with pleasure. She squeezed him with the inner muscles increasing her pleasure as well as his. His moves became faster as his need grew. The faster he moved the more she needed him. They changed position once more to doggy style. He grasped her hips and pulled her over him. She pushed back against him. In their efforts to satisfy the craving they slammed against each other grinding and pushing to the physical limit, neither willing to end the union. Finally she could wait no longer and her muscles tensed and then fluttered around his shaft as she climaxed. He moved all the way into her and gave up his gift to her. She felt the flare of his cock and then hot splashes of his semen inside of her. She loved that feeling. She felt the flood of gentle emotions that always flooded over her with her orgasm. She could deny him nothing at this moment. The joy splashed over and tears ran down her cheeks. Afraid he might misinterpret her tears she hastily wiped them away so he wouldn't see them. He was not a novice in the way of women and he kissed away the salty moisture and smiled at her fears. They clung to each other happy to be together. The sound of the surf lulled them as the night closed around them and they slept.

Later as they lay next to each other, the surf tossed a cool breeze through the window. She felt the coolness and snuggled closer to him for warmth. He wrapped his arm around her and pulled her close to him so that they were lying together like spoons. She reached between her legs and put his cock between her thighs. He began kissing behind her ear and down her neck. She wiggled her bottom against him He moved in gentle strokes with his cock between her legs. Soon her wetness wetted the top of his cock She lifted her leg so that he could thrust into her. Their desire for each other was high. She kissed his hands and she kissed the side of his face over her shoulder. Shortly this position was not satisfactory, they turned so that they were skin to skin and heart to heart. She opened and closed her legs to change the feeling around his shaft. She squeezed him tight and nibbled his face. They loved passionately sometimes at a fever pitch and then slowing to teasing and playing. Finally she put her arms around his neck and kissed his precious face while they climaxed together. They lay together smelling the perfume of their passion that scented the air around them. Sweat trickled down their bodies between them. Neither noticed. He pulled the sheet up over them and she pulled his pillow closer to his head. They lay wrapped in each other's arms content until morning.

The early morning sun shone clear and bright. Another summer day began on the beach. Somewhere a beeper went off. . He fumbled for his clothes to check his beeper. Business as usual even on Sunday morning. He showered quickly and dressed. He left a note for her on her desk and then quietly left the little house on the beach.

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