tagRomanceA Chance Meeting...Perhaps

A Chance Meeting...Perhaps


Isabel started fidgeting one hour before the plane was to land. She twisted the ring on her hand. A small, unwanted diamond given to her by who she thought was just a friend. Apparently Steve had fallen in love with her.

"Just in case someone thinks it's real," Isabel put the ring in her pocket. She kept checking the time, not able to sleep. Isabel sighed, and looked out the window, and saw the gorgeous ocean. The man sitting next to her shifted in his sleep. Isabel took the ring from her pocket and put it back in the box Steve had given her. "And if I did love him how dare he insult me with this teeny pebble." Isabel quickly slipped the ring into the man's bag then straightened up.

Isabel silently daydreamed about finding a true love. Someone who would take care of her when she was sick, someone who she could look in the eyes and just knows that he was the one. Before Isabel realized it, the plane was landing. "Must have missed the announcement. I was thinking THAT hard? Wow." Isabel reached above her and got her bags down, walked out of the plane and to the baggage claim area where she saw someone watching her from the corner of her eye. He had blonde hair and was at least 6 foot tall. So far she liked what she saw.

Isabel picked up her bags and walked into a Gift Shoppe. While scrutinizing the craftsmanship of a nearby necklace, again Isabel saw the same man out of the corner of her eye. Getting suspicious, Isabel buys the necklace, and practically ran out of the door with it, and hid around the corner, behind a massive plant. Relieved, Isabel watches the man walk past her and then stop.

"Guess I should have picked a spot without a dead end. Damn." Isabel said and walked from behind the plant hoping the man didn't notice her.

"Ma'am," too late he saw her, "Please don't be afraid." By his accent she could tell he was a native. Kind of sexy she decides. As he talks, she realizes how well looking this man before her is. Short blonde hair, typical male cut, deep dark blue eyes, "no uni-brow Thank God" but they do have a curious curve. A little peaked toward the outside edge, not too much, but just enough to make him look hot. His nose was just a little bit too wide, but his cheeks complimented it perfectly. His lips were thick, full lips, coming to a slight upward curve. A cute chin with a small cleft in it is the excellent compliment. "By the way, my name is Derrin."

"I'm Isabel. Could you help me find my hotel?"

"That's what I just suggested."

Isabel blushed terribly, "I'm sorry, I was.... uh.... preoccupied."

"So I can tell," Derrin said half laughing to himself, "This way."

That sounded kind of rude Isabel said. She let Derrin get a few steps ahead so she could watch his butt. WOW! Totally hot! Nice round ass. A little high, but as perfectly shaped as it was, it was excellent. Isabel still held in a spell by Derrin's butt got in on the right hand side of the car. "OK! You can drive!" Derrin said. "Oh My Gosh!" Isabel said, got out of the car, and into the left hand side. "I'm so used to cars being the other way around!"

"That's ok. Usually, people do the same thing. They're so used to driving."

"Well, thanks for trying to make me feel better, I still feel like an ass."

Derrin drove to the hotel, as he drove, Isabel couldn't help but watch his gorgeous lips move. They finally got out and checked in. "All the way to the top of the hotel. Great, just fillet me now."

"What's wrong?"

"I'm afraid of heights."

"Oh. Well we can get a different room if you like."

"No it's the one my company paid for, it's the one I have to use." They both go to the room and Isabel almost walked directly into Derrin. "I'm sorry. I was.... uh.... thinking of something." I've got to stop looking at his ass so much! It's going to get me in trouble! Once inside, Isabel set her suitcase at the end of the bed, and then walked into the bathroom where she splashed cold water on her face.

"Would you like something to eat?" Derrin called from behind the door.

"Yeah whatever you pick out will be fine. But no beans, I don't like them."

"Ok." Isabel then dried her face and put on fresh make up. And walked out of the bathroom where the food was waiting. Isabel sat in the chair that Derrin had pulled out for her. Chicken, salad and some sort of chocolate thing were on the cart.

"Sorry it's not the most romantic, but what can a person do with just hotel food?" Isabel looked up. Did he just say romantic? But before she could say anything, Derrin continued, "And it would have taken waay to long to have something delivered."

"This is fine. Just so long as it wasn't beef. You know Mad Cow thing." Derrin laughed and sat himself on the bed. The two of them talked the whole time, Derrin offering to show Isabel around. Isabel stood up and Derrin brushed against her and she could feel the hardness in his groin. "Where are you going?" Isabel asked.

"Just to the bathroom."

"Ok, just don't waste it." Isabel said as she rubbed her hand against Derrin's crotch. Derrin moaned immediately and pressed himself against her hand. "That feels good!" he said in a low tone. Isabel then rubbed harder and put Derrin's hand on herself. Derrin started rubbing and massaging Isabel's crotch and she then slid his hand inside her jeans and panties. Derrin then started rubbing her slit as Isabel started undoing her jeans then Derrin's. Isabel pulled everything of his off in one movement, exposing his hard cock that bounced when it was released. "Oh thank you. It was starting to hurt." Isabel and Derrin stimulated each other by hand for a while until Isabel dropped to her knees and took Derrin's huge cock into her mouth and started sucking on it. Deep into her throat, sucking as hard as she could. It wasn't long before Derrin grunting and groaning emptied him self into Isabel's mouth. Isabel pulled her head away having swallowed Derrin's sperm, and pulled her head back. "You're a virgin aren't you?"

"How could you tell?"

"You came quickly."

Derrin blushed and started to leave.

"Don't go. Please! I didn't mean to embarrass you! I am too!" Isabel crawled to Derrin and he stopped dead in his tracks. "That just turned me on again."

"What? Me crawling to you?"

"YES!" Isabel laughed and crawled to Derrin again, his dick having gotten hard once more Isabel started sucking it again. Long hard deep strokes into her mouth and throat. "Oh my God! Stop! I'm going to cum again!" Isabel did as she was told and stopped. "Thank you. I didn't want to cum twice when you had only cum once."

"No problem" Isabel said then she licked the tip of Derrin's dick.

Derrin froze where he was. "Oh don't do that. I will seriously cum all over you."

"And that's bad?"

"When you haven't cum yet yes it is." With that Derrin knelt next to Isabel. "Lay down please." Derrin said, starting to rub Isabel's pussy slit with his hand. Isabel had no choice her legs practically turned to rubber right there. Isabel fell on her back and lay where she was and watched Derrin as he lowered his mouth to her pussy. Isabel watched as Derrin stuck his tongue out and barely touched her lips. She moaned in total ecstasy as he licked every spot of her imaginable. Then she exploded the best orgasm she had ever had in her life. Derrin must have enjoyed the taste as he licked and slurped harder which sent Isabel into more of frenzy. Finally Isabel had come the last drop. Isabel was breathing hard; Derrin had taken his head from between her legs after having licked up every drop.

"Who the hell showed you that?"

"I've watched a few pornography movies."

"Must have...that was great."

"Think you can handle one more? I need to cum again; I'm tired of being a virgin."

"Shouldn't you give that gift to your future wife?"

"I want to give it to you."


"I just need to."

To Be Continued...

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