A Chance Meeting Turns Into Fun Four-way


"I want you to know that Ted and I have never done this before.

"We saw one of your shows and I couldn't believe how turned on I was seeing your big cock sliding in and out of Lynn's pussy.

"Then I noticed Ted squirming in his chair beside me. I thought it was from watching Lynn but when we talked about it afterwards it was the thought of licking and sucking your cock while you were fucking me that was turning him on."

I gave my head a quick shake and asked, "So is that where the strap-on came in?"

Robin paused ever so slightly, "Well, sort of. I'd always had a fantasy to take a cock in both my holes at the same time and his fantasy confession was a good excuse for me to go buy it but get to use on myself too."

Robin and I continued to talk about the road that had led Ted and her to our doorstep. I shared conversations that Lynn and I had had about our fears, turn ons, etc. Robin and I also laid out some ground rules, of which there turned out to be very few but some in common. One was no kissing on the lips, Lynn and I felt this would turn a sex encounter into an intimate situation and that wasn't what we were looking for. Robin said her and Ted had also discussed that and they were of like minds.

I was just taking a sip of my drink when I saw a partially clothed Lynn led a fully naked Ted into the living room by his cock. As you can assume I just about spit my drink all over the place but managed to keep it together. "Ah, there's our other halves." said Robin. What I didn't know but found out after was that Robin had told Lynn to do everything she possibly could to keep Ted off balance and with a constant hard on. It certainly appeared that she'd done a good job. Lynn told me afterwards that she had a great time teasing Ted. She never did explain how she got Ted naked but she did say that he had a difficult time cleanup when she was stroking his cock. She'd even spread his precum over his asshole and finger fucked him a little bit.

Lynn sat on the arm of the couch beside me and Ted sat between Robin and me. I wasn't sure how this would work out because Ted was clearly submissive to all of us, while Lynn would also submit to Robin and myself I wasn't sure who would be in-charge between Robin and me. Robin set the bar pretty early though and I was comfortable letting her push the pace as long as she didn't try to dom me too much.

Again Robin started the ball rolling, "Ted dear why don't you get my bag from the front door. And Lynn sweetie, do you a big blanket we could put down on the floor? I'd hate to make a mess on the carpet as I hear your quite the squirter." and she added with a wink, "I've even saw you once on WW."

Ted jumped up and headed to the front door to get Robin's mystery bag. I recalled seeing it when I came in but thought it was just her purse, in retrospect it was an awfully large purse so I should have thought something was up. Lynn had moved a little slower and as she stood I gave her a pretty good smack on the ass and said, "Quickly dear." That elicited a moan from both Lynn and Robin.

Ted returned in short order and sat down on the couch. Robin made no move to get anything from her bag so that remained a mystery for now. I did notice that her hand had dropped into Ted's lap and was slowly stroking his cock as if she was idly playing with a loose thread on her dress. Ted was just dripping pre-cum now and Robin continued to spread it all over his cock. "Ted you're going to make a mess on the couch if we aren't careful." Robin said, "Why don't you stand up dear."

With that Ted stood beside Robin. She didn't stop stroking his cock and continued to spread the slick fluid past his balls to his asshole. Ted was barely able to keep from sinking to his knees as Robin continued to finger his asshole. I didn't even try to be subtle when I adjusted the stiffness in my pants as I noticed Ted staring directly at my crotch. Lynn returned with two blankets and was about to start spreading them out when I said, "Sweetie, I think you should take those clothes off first. It should give us a better view."

Lynn placed the blankets on the arm of our love seat before moving to the centre of the room. Looking like she was relishing the attention she turned back to us and slowly removed her black lacy bra which until then highlighted her light, creamy skin while holding back her 36DD breasts. Sliding the bra down her arms, ever so slowly she covered her beautiful tits with one arm, before turning to face us. With her other hand she tossed the bra into one corner of the room where there was soon to be a growing pile of clothes. Giving her nipples a pinch to help them grow a little she looked directly at Ted before she bent her head to her right tit and sucked on the nipple. I thought Ted was going to cum right there but Robin gave his balls a small squeeze to hold him back. With a wink of the eye Lynn turned again as she bent at the waist to slide her panties down to ankles. In a move I've never seen outside a strip club Lynn stayed bent over and slide one hand up her leg to her pussy before slide two fingers deep in her pussy. After one or two slow strokes in and out she removed her fingers and slipped them in her mouth to suck them clean of her juices. If I would have had some bills I would have been throwing them at her, what a sight.

Clearly Ted thought the same thing since Robin had all but given up on stroking his hard on. She was simply sliding her fingers in and out of Ted's asshole and maintaining a firm grip on his balls. It was quite an erotic picture. Lynn walked over to me and pulled on my belt until she stood me up. Once I was standing she made short work of my clothes. Not to be out done Robin relinquished her hold on Ted and stood herself. With a light touch of her fingers the blouse joined my clothes on the floor and a small shake of her hips her skirt was quick to follow. It was then I realized that Robin had been wearing neither a bra nor panties.

Seeing Robin fully naked made my hardon twitch. "Me first big boy." Lynn said as she pulled me to the floor. "Make me squirt for them; I know they want to see it."

With that she lay on the floor and pushed my head to her pussy. The first thing I noticed was how wet and hot Lynn's pussy was. I thought yesterday was one of the times it was wettest and hottest but this was beyond that. I knelt between Lynn's legs and slowly ran my tongue around the edges of her pussy, taking my time to lick up all her pussy juices. Being careful to avoid her clit for now I ran my tongue up and down the full length of her pussy.

I sensed more then saw Robin and Ted move down the couch to get a better view of Lynn's pussy. Sensing that Lynn was already close to orgasm I saw no reason to delay and began to lick and suck her clit more rapidly. I had to cup my hands on Lynn's ass to keep her thrashing hips still so I could maintain contact with her pussy. With a low moan that built into a louder scream Lynn let go and had an orgasm that she would later say was one of the best she's had.

As her orgasm slowly faded I quickly moved positions to her side. From her I have better access to her pussy with my fingers. Being careful to avoid her sensitive clit I thrust two fingers deep in her pussy finding her g-spot quickly. Thrusting my fingers in and out of her pussy Lynn's "no's" of protest quickly surrendered to moans and groans of ecstasy. Robin and Ted moved even closer wanting to see Lynn squirt for them. I continued fingering Lynn's pussy and knowing she was close I lean over and whispered in her ear, "Ted and Robin are watching. Squirt for them, squirt all over them."

That was all it took. Lynn basically exploded. Having always been at arms reach when Lynn squirted I'd seen her cum a lot before. Sometimes with volume, sometimes with force, sending her pussy juices up my arm and soaking a good portion of the bed. This time it was both. She squirted far enough that some of her juices splashed on Robin's tits. At this point Lynn is basically exhausted and laid back in an orgasm after glow. I fell back to my haunches and looked over to see Robin grab Ted's head and push his face to his tits. Robin growled in a surprising sexy voice, "Lick all her juices off my tits!"

Robin then virtually launched herself at me. Turning quickly we moved into a 69 position and I began to eat my second pussy that night. Robin's mouth felt wonderful on my cock as her hands stroked up and down, falling lower to give an occasional squeeze to my balls. I felt another pair of hands spread my legs further apart and knew that Ted must have been moving into position to suck cock for his time.

Robin shifted position to move so she was just sitting on my face which gave Ted more access to my cock and balls. As Robin continued to grind her hips on my face Ted lift my knees up so he could tongue my ass as well. For his first time did a great job, which I attributed to Robin's teachings on the strap-on. It felt completely strange to be licking a different pussy and having my cock sucked while my lovely wife was laying at my side watching.

As Ted worked his mouth on my cock and balls he slowly began to work one of his fingers up my ass. It was at this point that I felt Lynn begin to stir. Robin reached down and pulled Lynn to a standing position over my chest. This put Lynn's pussy at eye level for Robin and she wasted no time in beginning to lick it. The moans and groans were coming fast now as Robin lost herself in pleasure and orgasmed for the first time that night. To her credit Robin barely slowed her pace, rode out her orgasm and continued licking Lynn's pussy.

I rested my tongue and mouth for a a bit and began to slip my fingers into Robin's pussy. I began to run my thumb over her asshole which elicited another moan of approval from Robin. I continued my finger assault on Robin's pussy until I felt her turn. She switched positions, so that instead of facing my cock she was facing away. This move proved a good distraction as I could feel a huge orgasm building and I wanted to it delay as long as possible. Once Robin was repositioned Lynn lowered herself on my cock. From this position Ted was able to lick our combined juices from my cock and balls. While licking Lynn's pussy and tonguing her asshole. While Lynn slowly began to grind on my cock she lowered her face to Robin's ass and started to tongue Robin's asshole while I continued licking and sucking Robin's pussy and focusing on her clit.

Lynn slipped a couple of fingers in Robin's pussy to lube them up then swiftly slipped them in her asshole. As Lynn continued to ride my cock and Ted licked my balls and her asshole I could feel Robin building to an orgasm. Just as Lynn rocked back on my cock and had another orgasm Robin nearly suffocated me as she ground her pussy on my face having an orgasm of her own. Lynn and Robin fell to either side of me as Ted resumed sucking my cock. Ted's fingers continued my stoking my p-spot and I could no longer hold back. With little warning for Ted I said, "Oooh I'm going to cum!!" I heard Robin yell, "Take it all in your mouth Ted. Be a good little cocksucker for me." Nearly blacking out from the power of my orgasm I spurted over and over again into Ted's mouth as he continued to suck my cock. I looked up at Ted and saw he had a very satisfied look on his face.

Robin took the initiative again just as Ted started to stroke his still ridge cock, which was slick with all his pre-cum. "Oh no Ted. Not yet." she said as she reached into her bag and pulled out the strap-on we'd seen in the picture on WatchingWeb. Deftly slipping into the strap-on she positioned Ted on his hands and knees. As Lynn and I were moving out of the way Robin asked Lynn to come closer. As she did Robin slipped a couple of fingers in Lynn's pussy and used the juices to lube the dildo and Ted's asshole. What a sight, I could feel my cock starting to stir again already.

Lynn sat at my side as Robin started to slowly fuck Ted's ass. It was incredibly erotic, more than I thought, to see Robin's 'cock' sliding in and out of Ted's ass, her tits bouncing around, her hair matted to her sweaty forehead. My hands started to wander over Lynn's body, caressing here and pinching there. She was getting turned on again. We could tell Ted was loving the fake cock in his ass as he was moaning and reaching back to stroke his cock. Robin but an end to that by slapping his ass and then thrust harder and faster against his hips.

Nearly fully hard again I positioned myself in front of Ted so he could suck my cock some more. It was amazing to see the lust in his eyes as he took hold of my cock in his hand and began to lick it from the tip, down the shift and back up again. Not to be left alone Lynn knelt at Ted's side and sucked on Robin's nipples. As Lynn continued to suck and nibble on Robin's tits Robin grabbed Lynn's hand and moved around her hips to get Lynn to finger her pussy from behind. I only let that continue for a few minutes before I left Ted's mouth.

Seeing the disappointed look on Ted's face I motioned for Lynn to move to Ted's mouth. This prompted a quick change of position as Ted moved from his hands and knees to his back. Robin slipped the strap-on back in Ted's ass with one quick slide. Lynn then knelt over Ted's face and let his talented tongue take over. I was about to move behind Robin when Lynn grabbed my arm and pulled me to Ted's cock.

I'd never suck a cock before and was a little nervous but I had fantasised about it with Lynn. Robin slowed her pace and allowed me to grab a hold of Ted's hardon at the base. Slowly I ran my hand up and down the shaft getting used to the feeling of it. I could feel both Lynn and Robin watching me as I lowered my head to Ted's cock. I took a few tentative licks at the underside of Ted's hard-on; I could taste his pre-cum on it. More firmly I began to stroke his cock as I took the head in my mouth. I could feel Robin's hips bumping the side of my head as she thrust her fake cock in and out of Ted's ass. I started getting into sucking Ted's cock more quickly, increasing my hand movements at the same time. Robin saw what I was doing and began to pick up the pace as well. Quickly Ted began to moan louder from between Lynn's thighs and started to thrust his hips in time to my sucking.

Quite suddenly Ted's started to cum in my mouth. I swallowed squirt after squirt of his hot cum until I felt Ted shudder one last time and relax completely. Robin and Lynn let him relax slightly before they both started grinding their hips to get him working his tongue on Lynn's pussy again.

By now I was full hard and ready to go again. I looked at Lynn for some kind of tacit permission, with a slight nod from her I moved around behind Robin. Placing my self between her legs I put my hand on her shoulder and slipped my cock into her pussy. I leaned over her so I could see Robin fucking Ted as I fucked her. As it turned out I didn't have to move that much because as Robin thrust in to fuck Ted she pulled away from my cock, and when she pushed back onto my cock she pulled out of Ted. It was a constant battle as Ted wanted to be fully filled but so did Robin. It was fantastic to hear all the moaning as Ted worked his tongue further into Lynn's pussy while the rest of us were fucking each other.

Lynn started working her clit with her fingers pushing further into Ted's mouth. I could tell she was getting closer to cumming and I started to fuck Robin harder. Both the women were moaning very loudly now. I saw Lynn go ridge at the same time that I felt Robin's pussy clamp around my cock.

I looked down and saw that Ted was hard once again and figured this would be a good time to have Robin live out one of her fantasies. I firmly pushed Robin forward as I slipped out of her pussy. She looked over her shoulder quizzical uncertain what I was trying to. As I reached between us, took hold of Ted's cock and guided it to her pussy she figured it out. I took hold of my cock and slowly slide into her asshole. Once I got the tip in I let her do the rest of the work. Slowly at first she moved her hips up and down on our cocks taking more and more each time. Again I didn't have to do much work as Robin fucked both our cocks. It was absolutely wild to feel Ted's balls hitting mine and I could feel his cock sliding in and out of Robin's pussy. Feeling that I was close to cumming again I slowed my pace and then pulled out. Robin kept up the pace on Ted's cock a little longer before sliding off to the side.

I didn't realize but Robin had even more tricks in her bag. She reached in and brought out a double ended dildo. Having absolutely no idea what was in her dirty little mind, but knowing it would probably be good, I let her take the lead again.

Robin had Ted get back on his hands and knees and then positioned Lynn on her hands and knees facing the other way. They were in effect ass to ass to each other. Robin then placed the tip of the dildo at the entrance to Ted's asshole and slipped it in a little ways. She did the same to Lynn slipping it in Lynn's pussy. She then held the dildo in the middle and let Ted and Lynn do all the work. After a moment both were fully impaled on the dildo and fighting each other to get more and more of it in them. At this point Robin let go of the dildo and they started to work together. Hearing the both of them moaning and groaning to the sound of their asses slapping together was an incredible turn on.

Not to leave a mouth with nothing to do Robin placed herself in front of Lynn's mouth and feed her dripping pussy to her. Lynn said afterwards that she could initially taste my cock on Robin's lips until her pussy juices flooded her mouth. I took this as my queue to kneel in front of Ted, who looked up at my bulging cock for only the briefest of moments before taking it in his mouth. I put my hands on the back of his head to pull his mouth deeper onto my cock. I took great pleasure in watching Ted try to have all of my cock in his mouth but try to keep his ass fully fucked by the dildo Lynn and he were fighting over.

I looked over at Robin and saw she was enjoying the action as well. She had one hand on the back of Lynn's head pulling Lynn's tongue deeper onto her clit, while the other hand was pinching her nipples. As I watched I saw Robin's chest flush amidst all the sex sounds, then her hips rose as if on their own and she shuddered in third or fourth orgasm of the night.

Lynn gave Robin's pussy a few last licks trying to get all the juices. I pulled my cock out of Ted's mouth and had a idea to have Lynn live out one of her fantasies. I removed the dildo from between Ted and Lynn, and then lay on my back. I had Lynn mount me and slipped my cock in her pussy. "Ted, get behind us and put that cock in Lynn's pussy." Ted raised his eyebrow a little but moved between my legs. I wrapped my arms around Lynn's waist and held her still as Ted's cock slid along mine and started to enter Lynn's pussy. Since she had been so well fucked already in the evening her pussy was plenty wet enough. Combined with all the pre-cum dripping from both Ted and my cocks it felt absolutely amazing. Ted and I started to slow work or cocks deeper and deeper into Lynn's pussy as I held her still.

What I didn't know was that Robin had moved behind all three of us. She sat back and watched our fucking for a little bit, enjoying the action. Then she slipped the strap-on back on and moved into position behind Ted. I looked past Ted as I felt him slow his pace for a second as Robin slipped the fake cock back up his ass. After a little fumbling we all found our rhythm and we continued to fuck each other. Everyone getting please from each other.

Robin was the one that called a halt to this latest configuration of limbs. "I want to try that it looks so fucking hot." She pulled out of Ted's ass and took the strap-on off. Ted pulled out of Lynn, laid on his back and Robin wasted no time in getting on top of him. Lynn rolled off of me and I moved into position to put my cock into Robin's pussy along with Ted's. Slowly we found a good pace and I could hear Robin moaning, "Ooh fuck that feels so great. I feel so fucking full!! Keep fucking me!"

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