tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Change in Jenny Ch. 01

A Change in Jenny Ch. 01


Author's Note: This is a modified work of non-fiction. Everything in this story happened at one time or another to "Jenny" (not her real name of course) but not all on the same set of days as in the story. The time frame for the events in this story occurred over a number of years. James is a consolidation of two men. Jill and Gary are a consolidation of several couples that we knew over the years. But the overall events and people exist and are still out there somewhere.


It all started by accident. Jenny and I were in our second year of marriage and by now had a five month old baby. For those counting (as a lot of people were) Rick Jr. was born a full ten months after the wedding. She had just finished weaning him off mother's milk not long before and her breasts, normally a 38C were still in that swollen condition most mothers get after having a baby. Still and young, and sometimes naive, she was twenty year old, stood only 5'1" and during this trip, still having a touch of the weight from carrying our first child, she weighed about 125 or 130 pounds. She was not a big girl to begin with, but had just the right amount of curves in the right places and a set of short, but very shapely legs.

It was the thanksgiving holiday in 1980. On that Wednesday night after I got off work, we made the 360 mile trip from the little town we lived in to my grandmother's place, where most of the family would be for Thanksgiving. At 55 mph, it took a long time and it was early morning by the time we arrived. Jenny and Rick Jr. slept most of the way there. After only a few hours sleep, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family and then made the extra 40 miles to spend some time with Jenny's extended family. It was a very long day and having a 5 month old in tow made it a little tougher, but everyone on both sides wanted to see Rick Jr.

I had to work early on Saturday morning so we rose early on that day to head home. My parents would be coming back later and since some of the family had still not seen Rick Jr., my Mom, convinced us to leave him with her and Dad. They would be back the next day and she felt we probably needed time to ourselves anyway, even if it was just for one day and most of that day would be on the road. It was tough to convince Jenny to let him stay, but she finally grudgingly gave in. We had a dinner with friends the next evening, so we would pick up Rick Jr. on Sunday.

We left just after sunrise, to get an early start and try to miss the heavier traffic later in the day. We had one large city to get through about twenty miles into the trip and the rest of the way would be through flat, level rural terrain as the interstate crossed the Midwest. I drove for the first fifty miles or so, stopping for fuel on the outskirts of the city before we resumed the trip. Jenny volunteered to drive since I had only had a few hours of sleep over the whole trip so far.

That early in the morning, after a holiday, only a few other cars and trucks were only on the road. The old Malibu had a radio antenna in the windshield so I had added a CB antenna that looked like a regular radio antenna. I found that if you were speeding a little bit back then and the cops saw a CB antenna, you were more likely to get stopped. It had saved me a lot of tickets over the time I had the car. We could also listen in to the truckers without them realizing we could. Having that CB was important because the cops in that stretch of interstate were notorious for stopping people going even a mile or two over the speed limit. This way we could listen to the truckers and find out where they were. Still, I warned Jenny to keep the speed down on the trip home. We could not really afford to get a ticket. We could barely even afford to take the trip at the time.

So I lay down for a while, setting the passenger seat way back and slept for a little while. According to Jenny, I only slept for about twenty or thirty minutes. I was still a little groggy, and turned a little so that I actually faced her somewhat and tried to go back to sleep.

That was not easy though. Remember that we had been married about fifteen months at this time and for most of that time, Jenny had been pregnant. She started showing very early (hence the number of people counting months). Now, having already shed most of the weight she gained during the pregnancy, and still having the larger breasts from breastfeeding for a few months, she was definitely curvier than normal and something about being a young mother and wife had her looking very good and it was no secret that a lot of male friends and family members envied me for being the one that got to fuck her on a regular basis. And until we divorced more than 20 year later, she and I rarely went for more than 2 or 3 days without screwing each others brains out except for her pregnancies and the times I had to be away due to my job. And tired or not, I was a little horny, particularly having such a sexy young woman sitting right there for me to enjoy and not really having had the chance to nail my personal little slut for the last day or two.

The added complication, or delight depending on how you look at it, was that for late November in the Midwest, it was unseasonably hot at the time. No heat wave, but it was still in the high 40's or low 50's at the time. Since we would be spending most of the day in the car, she had dressed for comfort, which, for Jenny at the time, meant she was wearing a sundress. And it was one of my favorites of her sundresses, not because of the color or style, but purely for how she looked in it. And of course, the ease of access I had when she wore it.

The dress in question was a pinkish floral number. It was very thin, but hid everything except in very strong sunlight. If someone was very close to her in very strong light, the material was somewhat see through. The top had no straps. Instead, little bands of elastic at the top and bottom of the breast area held it in place and enclosed her tits. It was just big enough to hold her tits fairly loosely normally, but with the increases size, it was almost not big enough. The rest of the dress was loose and when she stood, it came down to about an inch or two above her knees. Of course that meant it was only about 5 or six inches below her crotch. Naturally, as she was sitting there, it rose quite a bit and showed most of her upper leg, saving only three inches or so of her modesty and it displayed her lovely legs quite well.

Ok, for the last few months prior to that, I had been envious of Rick Jr. After all, her tits were somewhat larger than normal and I was really not even allowed to touch them because she was pregnant and they were sore, and then she was breast-feeding. So I had been paying them a lot of attention for the last week or two since she weaned the baby. Now they were my playthings again and I was making the most of it while they were still big and gorgeous. The nipples were bigger and stood out a little more when erect and even when they weren't as such, they still protruded a little more than normal. The aureoles had a larger diameter and overall her normally great set of tits was even greater. I loved it.

I reached over and took her right tit in my hand and she looked over at me for a second and with a slight grin said "What are you doing? Aren't you supposed to be resting?"

As I cupped her tit through the fabric and rubbed the nipple a little, I replied "Yes, but that doesn't mean I can't play a little."

She took a big breath of resignation as I played with the tit. I could see her breathing change a little as I felt her up and a touch of blush showed on her face. But she tried to concentrate on driving and not what I was doing to her.

She gasped a little when I slipped the top of her dress down enough to pull her right tit out of the dress. She did a quick check in the mirrors and around just to make sure there was nobody that could see her. It was now out in the open and I continued to fondle it for a few minutes, watching as she turned just a shade redder and her breathing got a little more labored. But now her tit was out for me to have fun with but she kept driving.

We had played around like this before, when we were dating and early in the marriage. But it was only when we were absolutely alone. She wasn't a prude nor was she a virgin when we started dating. I know of at least eight guys that had fucked her before we dated so sex and being naked was not new to her. She had also almost been in a wet t-shirt contest, but could not go through with it, although the t-shirt she had worn at the time was so thin that it didn't really hide much. Her nipples and the aureole could be seen through the thin material if you looked hard enough. Of course, not too many did because the other dozen or so young women in the contest did go through with it and it was just easier to look at their tits. She hurried in to change anyway. But this was before we were dating and were just acquaintances. Of course, I looked. I wanted to fuck her then too.

In her senior year, her step-brother, who was also in the class, had his best friend over to spend the night. She knew her step-brother Mike had always wanted to fuck her, but she never let him get close. She knew that at various times, he had managed to see parts of her naked, but never all at once. The closest he came to it was the night his friend Gary was there.

Gary Wayne had a thing for Jenny all along. He was the guy that always tried to sneak a look down her blouse, or try to look up her skirt. He even told her one day that he wanted to fuck her. But she was not even remotely interested in him. That night as she was in the shower, she thought she heard a noise. She managed to look through a gap in the translucent plastic shower curtain and saw Gary and Mike trying to sneak in and see her in the shower. All they could see of her was her shape through the curtain. She gave a short scream and they quickly left although she was not sure what they actually saw. Years later, Mike would admit that they could tell she was naked through the curtain, but they didn't really see anything.

Ironically, Gary ended up marrying Jenny's best friend Jill right after graduation. His father owned a local trucking company and he was one of the drivers so at least they had a good life. Jenny didn't see much of Jill during the pregnancy but we were supposed to have dinner at their place the next evening. Jenny was never really comfortable around Gary, knowing he wanted to fuck her and had tried to see her naked. Jill was aware of it, so that was not a problem. Jill knew Jenny was not interested. Ironically, I would be the one to nail Jill, and very soon. Jenny and I would have our first threesome with Jill while Gary was passed out drunk. For several years after that, Jill would come over and she and I would fuck her, all with Jenny's knowledge and consent. But that is another story.

I also know that having sex with another guy in college, his roommate and a couple of friends walked in on the two of them. She was riding him and facing the door so when the door was opened, all three of the guys got to see her naked. She tried to cover up but the guy kept going so for a split second there, they all saw her tits flopping and the shaft of the guy's dick moving in and out of her pussy. She collapsed down forward on him as the others laughed and said sorry, taking there time closing the door. She said it was the most embarrassing thing she had ever done. And the guys she was dating just laughed about it, which meant it was also the last piece of ass he ever got off of her, even though he did try for a year or so afterward and even after she was married.

But once she got married, and was officially a wife and a mother, she started to get real conservative. It was a good thing in public, especially living in a real small town, but it did have its disadvantages too. I didn't always get to play with her body like I did before. So being able to play with her tits and have them out in the open like that while we drove was a special treat for me.

She did draw the line at my efforts to slip a hand up her skirt. She just said "Not while I am driving. You can look, but no touching. I would probably wreck." So I lifted the hem of her skirt up a little, not enough to fully reveal her pussy, but I could lean forward and see it. Having been shaved for the birth or our son, her pussy was still completely shaved. I had liked the look of it and asked her to keep it that way for a while. So there was no hair to hide the view of her sweet little slit.

After a few minutes, she was starting to catch up to a group of trucks. They were still quite a ways ahead, but she was starting to get a little nervous. In the meantime, I had laid back down somewhat and was just looking at her there, left hand on the wheel and the other one nervously at her side, alternating between the wheel and the little fold down console on the Malibu's split bench seat.

She started to reach up and cover her tits. I told her to stop and she did, but she said, "We are getting pretty close to those trucks."

I told her not to worry. I drove trucks on a regular basis and there was no way they could see that far back here in their mirrors and that once we got fairly close, she could cover herself back up.

She then explained that while I was asleep, she passed a group of three or four trucks and they didn't realize she could hear them. Each of them in turn made a remark about how big her tits were and how much of her legs they could see. She had tried to pull the dress down a little farther after the first one but she couldn't do much. The final guy, which was in the first truck especially made her blush by saying "Well, I would like the opportunity to spread those legs, pop those tits out of that dress and bury my face right between then. The I would shove my cock into her tight little pussy and fuck that little redheaded slut so hard she would not be able to close those pretty little legs for a couple of weeks."

Then she added that she heard those other guys up ahead say that they would have to check her out when she caught up with them. And that "I know they will be looking and I am not sure I could handle it if they told everyone my tits were hanging out." And then she looked pleadingly at me.

I could have probably let her off and allowed her to cover herself up, but I wanted to play with her a little. We had something of a dominant-submissive thing going ever since we started dating seriously and having regular sex. It was nothing real advanced or hard-core, just tiptoeing on the wild side occasionally. So I now had the opportunity to further reinforce it.

"And If I ordered you to drive past them like you are now, with your tits hanging out and exposed and your dress up almost to your pussy?"

She looked a little a little scared, giving me that "Please don't make me do this" look, but she took a deep breath, swallowed hard and said" I would."


"Because I am your slut and I can't tell you no." she said, resigned to having to allow those men in the trucks ahead to see her bare tits. And hoping she did not have to get completely naked. But, along with the apprehension and fear she had about it, she was also a little excited. I could see it in her eyes. It was all ok as long as she was doing it because I told her to. It would not be her fault or her choice. It would be a common thread throughout most of our 22 year marriage.

Now I never intended to have her drive by those truckers like that. It was just a fun thing and at the time I really didn't intend for my wife to be showing those tits to anyone but me. But sometimes, fate steps in and takes control. And that is exactly what happened.

I had laid back a little joking that I needed to make sure I was out of the way so they could see her tits as well as her legs. And that I might as well make sure they saw a lot of leg. I pulled the hem up the skirt up so that it barely covered her crotch. She glanced down and she could see that it barely hid her pussy. I could lean forward and see her crotch. I also knew that if we did pass the trucks and they were looking, they might be able to see her crotch.

She blushed a little more and I could tell it was having an effect on her. She told me much later that at the time, she thought of letting anyone but me see her tits or her pussy was almost unthinkable. Part of her wanted to pass the trucks just like she was and another part wanted her to cover up and forget about it ever possibly happening. And the part that really bothered her at the time was the part of her that wanted to strip naked, spread her legs wide open and drive next to each and every one of those trucks for miles at time, letting them see everything she had. But she didn't have the nerve to anything like that. But she would do whatever I wanted her to do, even if it meant stripping for those truckers and then letting each and every one of them fuck her all they wanted.

But for right now, she was prepared to show her tits and legs to the truckers if that was what I decided I wanted to d. As she was trying to build up the nerve to expose herself to those guys if I told her too, she was still trying to drive but was paying attention only to the traffic and other cars. That was the first mistake.

Now even in an unseasonably warm November in the Midwest, it is still a little cold outside. Especially if there is any wind, like there always was in this part of the country. The last thing you would expect to see, on the side of an interstate, the day after Thanksgiving would be hitchhikers. But there they were, standing on the edge of the road, under an overpass. Undoubtedly, they were there to escape some of the wind, but were probably dropped there by their last ride. Two young men, probably about the same general age as Jenny and I were there and we were up on them before either of us realized.

Jenny's first reaction was to say "Oh my". She didn't even attempt to cover up or anything. She just froze there, left hand gripping the steering wheel, right hand at her side, the bottom of the dress barely covering her crotch, legs basically bared almost up to her crotch and both of those large lovely titties hanging out for the two young men to see.

Her secondary reaction was to sort of involuntarily pull back a little and then attempt to cover up. Not having been in a situation like this before, she panicked a little. The result was that she tried to reach up and pull the top up over her tits. But she couldn't get it in time. All she did as part of that movement was to actually slip her right hand up and try to find the top just below her left tit. In doing so her arm and hand slid up under her tits and lifted them out and up even more.

And the other part of the reaction was that she pulled her foot off the throttle.

Jenny had been driving just a couple of miles over the 55 limit. With as moderate wind, an ever so slight uphill angle on the road, and the drop in fuel caused the car to start slowing down.

For those of you unfamiliar with that type of car, it has a very large windshield. And being a two-door car, it had very large side windows. Visibility from the driver's side was excellent to the front and sides. As a driver, you could see forward and to the side quite well. With a very light tint on the windows, visibility outside was excellent. It also had a large long hood so the driver, even sitting down on the bench seat, had to be raised up enough to see past the hood. With that in mind, it must also be said that were you to be standing on the side of the road, slightly to the right of the roadway, and watching the car, the front and side windows offered an excellent view of the driver as she approached and then past you. The result was that when the car approached the two young men, their hands extended and thumbs out hoping for a ride, had actually seen her and realized her tits were exposed before it ever registered on her they were there.

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