tagLoving WivesA Change in My Wife Ch. 03

A Change in My Wife Ch. 03


Friday night's call was uneventful, just insuring that we had arrived at home and telling us to expect more the next day.

The next morning, it was my cell phone that rang. We had gotten out of bed early, at least for us on a Saturday. Saturday was our day to stay in bed and have "roll over on her" sex, but after cumming twice on Friday, something I had not done since our honeymoon more that ten years ago, we got out of bed and went down for breakfast. Sally stayed naked to the waist, something John had told her to do in one of their earlier conversations. In any event, I looked at my cell, and the caller ID said it was John.

I picked up. "Yes, sir?"

John's voice was assertive, more so than I had ever heard from him. "I think today is a shopping day. Do y'all have any sex toys?"

My turn to blush. "No, sir."

"You will go to the adult bookstore on East Main. I have an account there. I will text you a list of what to buy. You will leave immediately upon receipt of the list. Clear?"

"Yes, sir," I was interested. I had driven by the store, but had never been inside. What could he have in store for us now? Things just kept getting more and more interesting.

He spoke again. "While you wait, I think it's Sally's turn for some oral pleasure. Where are you now?"

"In the kitchen."

"Then get under the table and make her cum." He hung up.

I looked at Sally. "I have my instructions," I said. I dropped to my knees and crawled under the table. Sally wore gym shorts. As I pulled them down, I realized that in the excitement of yesterday, I had not realized that she had shaved her pussy, something she had refused to do just a month before. As I began to kiss my way up her right leg, I whispered, "I like the new look."

As I neared her pussy, I heard my wife's breathing grow ragged. I kissed my way around her puss, intentionally avoiding her clit, which, thanks to the new, bald look, was easy to see. When I finally arrived at the spot, Sally shoved her hands under the table and pressed my face into her pussy, which was sopping. The smell was exhilarating. I found myself getting hard again. In a few minutes, she began to hump my face and moan. Like me earlier, the excitement of a new experience made her cum in record time.

After cleaning, I checked my cell. The list was there. I dressed in jeans and a polo shirt and called to Sally, "I have to go out. Instructions."

She met me in the foyer and kissed me. "Don't be too long." It came out as a purr.

I drove to the store, about twenty minutes from the house. I did not check the text until I was in the parking lot, conveniently located behind the shop. The text message contained several items that shocked me; still, things were going too well to stop now. The list told me to buy the following items:

1. Large bottle of lubricant

2. Anal training butt plugs

3. Medium size vibrator

4. Nipple clamps

5. Handcuffs

6. Collar

I was pleasantly surprised at the anal training kit, although I suspected that that was where Sally would draw the line. She did not even like me to brush my finger there during sex. But it was John's money. It was the clamps. Cuffs and collar that shocked me. I had never really been into bondage, but the thought of my lovely wife bound and totally at my disposal was too good to pass up.

The store was well lit and well organized. It did not take me long to find the items John had told me to buy. The assortment of other items they carried was amazing; I could have spent a fortune if I did not have specific instructions. I paid for the list and left, storing the bag in the trunk. I had visions of being pulled over and trying to explain butt plugs and nipple clamps to a police officer.

I got home, pulled into the carport and got the bag out of the trunk. When I went through the kitchen door, I found my wife kneeling nude in the middle of the floor. She looked up at me, her eyes full of lust, and said, 'I got a call."

She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to me. She sat up, undid my jeans, and pulled them and my shorts to the floor. I was already hard, a state that now seemed constant, and Sally put her hands behind her back and leaned forward. She kissed the head of my cock lightly and licked her way down the underside to the base. Then she took my balls, one at a time, in her mouth and sucked lightly on each. After kissing her way back to the head, she engulfed my dick and began to blow me in earnest. This time I was able to hold out a bit longer, but soon I felt the pressure build and shot my load in her mouth. She swallowed and smiled.

"What did you bring me?" She asked.

"Can't tell you," I replied. "You'll have to wait on another call."

It was a call that seemed forever in coming. I straightened myself up, and Sally put on panties and jeans. We spent the afternoon straightening the house and taking care of weekend business. About mid afternoon, Sally put on a blouse and went to the grocery store. When she got home, she was flushed and her nipples were prominently displayed through the blouse.

"What?" I asked.

"He's coming over for dinner."

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