A Change in Perspective

byAnn Douglas©

"That's good to know," said the white-haired teacher, "because giving it mouth to mouth is what caused the problem in the first place."

Alan laughed again, remembering that Mrs. Clarke always had a sharp sense of humor. Of course back in school he never would've imagined her making jokes about something like this.

"Still, it does seem determined to rest a while," she went on. "Any suggestions what we can do to pass the time until it wants to get up and play again?"

"Oh I'm sure I can come up with an idea or two," he retorted. "I used to have a teacher back in high school who felt that I was a pretty imaginative kind of guy."

"Really now," she laughed. "Well I've never been impressed by old references. I guess you'll have to show me and let me make my own evaluation."

Alan wasted no time is making his case. What remained of his clothes came off with a dizzying speed, winding up scattered across the room wherever his toss carried them. Now as naked as Maureen, he climbed on top of her and pressed their bodies together. He kissed her hard enough to sample the aftertaste of his ejaculation in her mouth. Alan knew that some of his friends grossed out if something like that happened, but he had never understood the fuss. After all, it wasn't like it was some other guy you were getting a taste of. It would be a fine thing if a woman would give you a blowjob but you wouldn't kiss her afterwards.

Alan kissed Maureen on the mouth a few more times as his hands explored her body. As his kisses moved down to her breasts, one hand reached between her legs and came to rest on her now wet mound. His fingers made their way within her and as his mouth closed on her nipples, his nimble fingers began to slide in and out.

"Oh yes," Maureen moaned loudly as the dual pleasures spread across her body. "It feels so good. I've missed this so very much."

With one of her nipples buried deep in his mouth, Alan redoubled his penetrations of her pussy, quickly adding a third finger to his effort. He could feel the effect on the body beneath him as it began to gyrate in time to his manipulations. Her breasts tasted sweet in his mouth, a treat long imagined.

In the back of his mind, Alan could see himself as a seventeen year old again, his sheets pulled up across his chest to conceal his cock play. The image that filled his mind on many of those nights had been the body that now lay nude and open beneath him.

Reluctantly abandoning her soft breasts, Alan continued to kiss his way down her body. Reaching the moist spot that shielded her womanhood, he pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his tongue. The effect on Maureen was instantaneous and loud as she responded to the wet assault on her clit with a loud passionate wail.

As pleasing as Alan's skill at cunnilingus quickly proved itself to be, it had not been part of those youthful fantasies. Back in high school, the thought of actually going down on a woman seemed the most repugnant of prospects. It took his great college love to show Alan the error of that belief. A lesson he'd taken to heart as greatly as any he'd learned in Mrs. Clarke's history course.

"Oh yes, oh God yes!" Maureen called out as Alan buried his face deep between her legs, putting all he had into the rising fever consuming her body. "More, please don't stop!"

Then, to Maureen's dismay a short time later, Alan did just that. It took a long moment for that fact to register on her, so lost was she in the throes of passion. She lifted her head and looked down at her lover. He was no longer between her legs, but rather now standing up alongside the bed. Her gaze shifted from the silly smile on his face to a spot between his own legs. What she saw there made her disappointment fade like morning dew. The dead had risen yet again.

Climbing back on to the bed, Alan lifted and spread Maureen's legs. He reached down with his left hand and took hold of his resurgent manhood, guiding it to the now saturated entrance to Maureen's delights. With a loving caution, he eased himself inside of her, gently rocking back and forth as he did.

Maureen reached up and put her hands on his back, pulling him deeper within her. Once he was as far inside as was humanly possible, she brought her legs around as well, wrapping them around his ass. Holding him tightly, she also began to rock, adding her own motions to their joining.

The clock on the wall ticked on as their cascading motions grew both in force and repetition. In no time at all, their bodies became one as each drew satisfaction from the other. A sense of deep gratification that was driven more by a desire to please the other than to be pleased in turn. Of course in doing so they accomplished both objectives.

Words quickly became impossible, giving way to muffled grunts as both damp and sweat covered bodies crashed against each other time and again. The level of energy generated between them grew and grew until it was no longer possible to physically contain. At that point, both bodies simply exploded in an orgasmic burst that shuddered through each of them. As tightly intertwined as they were, it was impossible for them not to experience the shattering climax of the other. A sharing that resounded back upon itself, producing ever-increasing tides of ecstasy.

They held each other tight until there was no more strength in either of them to do so. Reluctantly, they released the other as the ripples of passion finally began to subside.

Too tired to even think about moving for a while, they lay next to each other. The softness and warmth of sticky flesh still binding them in the aftermath of their joining.

"I can't believe we actually did this," Maureen said after what seemed an indeterminable silence. "I can't believe I actually lived out a fantasy like that."

"It wasn't only your fantasy," Alan smiled back at her.

"No, I guess not," Maureen agreed as she absentmindedly ran her fingers over Alan's spent cock.

"Do you regret it?" Alan asked.

"I should feel otherwise, but no I don't," the older teacher laughed.

"Not at all?" he asked.

Her grin repeated her answer.

"Well neither do I," Alan added.

"Although," she said after a brief moment's reflection, "I think it's probably a good thing now that I'm retiring. Because after tonight, I don't think I could ever look at my students in quite the same way again."

The laughter that followed was long and hearty.

"My roommate is probably wondering what happened to me," Alan said as he thought about how long the quick nightcap had lasted.

"Don't worry," Maureen said as she pressed her naked body against his. "The way things sometimes go at these conventions, he probably figured you just got lucky last night."

Alan thought about that for a few heartbeats, then said, "I think I got lucky eight years ago. But it wasn't until last night that I realized just how much."

"Speaking of lucky," the veteran history teacher said as she brought her mouth closer to his, "how do you feel about pressing your luck one more time?"

As their lips met, they both that time had finally made caught up with them and made them equals. Whatever followed the dawn, they would never think of each other in the same way again.


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by Anonymous10/13/18

Very impressed!

My first reading of your story! Great in every way, looking forward to reading more! Thank you!

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by roverone06/29/18

Liked it a lot...

...always been a fan of kickers on over garter belt, so she can remove and still leave garter belt/stockings on...

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by Anonymous04/13/18

Thank you for your excellent writing.

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by Anonymous03/16/18

Wrong category.

You're such a romantic. Very sweet story.

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by VicCountry03/12/18

Great story Ann, thanks.

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