tagInterracial LoveA Change in Surroundings

A Change in Surroundings


It was ten thirty and the festival had been in full swing for about an hour. Students swarmed around the school courtyard talking amongst each other. It was the first day back to classes at Phillips Private University. The welcoming festival was thrown by all the Sororities and Fraternities on campus to welcome all the freshman and returning students.

Sean Dallas walked around and in between people not caring if he interrupted a conversation or spilled a drink. His eyes searched intently for a familiar face. He could have been mistaken as a lost freshman if people didn't already know him. He felt like a loser out there by himself. A loser searching for a friend and that was having no luck. Gabriel, Sean's best friend, had decided that he wanted to check out 'the new harvest' coming in and planned a get together on the east side of the courtyard but Sean couldn't find him or the rest of his buddies anywhere.

Although he seemed distracted, he had also been looking around at the new people, mainly the girls. Every time the back haired man walked past a beautiful girl his hand would 'accidentally' find its way onto her behind. Ironically, none of the ladies reacted negatively, in fact, they all flashed him their best smiles and looked at his body up and down. That was a good sign. This years freshman at Phillips were going to be just as easy as the first, and Sean wasn't complaining, he liked them like that.

Last year, when Sean had been a sophomore, he made a list of at least 15 girls he would fuck by the end of the fourth quarter. By the end, he had gotten all 15 and about 17 extra.

Sean, no slightly annoyed with his situation, stopped next to the fountain in the middle of the courtyard, to look around. His mind told him continuously that he looked like a tourist. The people around him all had people they were talking to and there he was standing all alone looking as lost as ever. This was unusual for him seeing that he owned the school and all the students within. Suddenly Sean's thoughts were knocked out of order when a hard shove pushed him practically off his feet.. He turned around sharply to meet the eyes of Gabriel who was laughing obnoxiously. His dark green eyes held their normal joking shine as he sobered up and went to pat his friend in the shoulder. "Yo buddy!," He patted him once before the older man moved away from his hand. "I've been trying to call you for the last forever."

"Did you have to almost knock me down to get my attention though?" Sean did nothing to hide his annoyance.

"No but you were distracted by this beautiful crowd," The brown haired man did a total 360 degree turn and when h turned back around to his Sean he was met with the back of someone's head he didn't know. Finding him in the crowd Gabriel caught up to him immediately.

"What's got you man?"

His breath mixing with his words from trying to avoid people and keep up with his friend. "I've been waiting out here for at least thirty minutes looking like a dumbass and then you slam me on the back saying you have been calling me." Sean stopped an turned to Gabriel. "There were some hot bitches around there and you made me look like a fucking klutz." Gabriel stared at his friend confused as to why he had begun smiling. It took him second to realize he was kidding. He smiled back and then flipped his wavy brown hair out of his face.

"Yeah! Lets go check out the lovely ladies that will be attending Phillips College this year."


Sean stepped on to the soft grass of the soccer field and took in a big breath. The air was a mixture of perfume, cologne, and food and the scene in front of him matched the smell. People walked in and around the small tents that had been set up for the sororities. All across the field people cheered and ate while members handed out flyers for clubs and other activities.

Sean's other friends had met up with him on his walk over to the soccer field. Out of all the four boys Sean was the oldest and best looking. His jet black hair was cut so it fell flat and he pushed it over to the side across his forehead. The darkness of his hair was perfect to contrast the ice blue eyes that looked as if they could see your soul. He was a good looking guy. No one in his whole life ever doubted that. He wasn't too skinny and he wasn't all too muscular either. He had a cut stomach but with a shirt over it he looked almost scrawny. Out of all the boys he hung out with he had also always been the tallest, towering over people at almost 6'2.

Sean continued his walk across the field, his friends following suite. As they walked girls waved at them and blew kisses. Girls whispered into each others ears and pointed whenever they passed by. A few people flashed Sean dirty looks and some girls passed in front of him saying "asshole." The comments and attention made him smile. The festival had already been loud but as the boys moved on a commotion and had seemed to overtake everyone.

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa." Gabriel threw a hand in front of Sean which stopped the whole group. The brown haired boy casually slid up to the tent next to the that had a sign in Roman numerals that said 'Alpha Sigma Pi.' Inside the open flaps of the large tent three girls stood in front of a table talking. One of the girls looked up with a smile when she saw Gabriel. She flipped her blonde hair out her face and walked over to approaching boy. "Hello Madison." he greeted looking more at her body then her face. She only nodded and flashed a perky smile, which the boy completely missed. Madison looked passed Gabriel only to see Sean looking around the field obviously bored. She slid past Gabriel and walked casually up to the black haired boy. As if to get his attention, she poked her chest out making her large breasts only seem larger. "Remember me?" She stood on her top-toes and whispered in his ear. Sean turned sharply, he was face to face with her and he showed no emotion. She gave him an award winning smile that screamed sex. Sean sighed, tucking his hands in his back pockets. "Madison," He said.

She had been one of the girls on his list. She was the kind of girl the boys in high school drooled over. She was just as cliché as any one could imagine. Her hair was platinum blonde with green eyes that contrasted. Her breasts were enhanced and she was captain of the cheerleading squad. She had also had sex with more people at that school than even Sean himself. But it seemed that all those things didn't matter to her. Ever since that night she had been with Sean he was the only thing that held her interest. She told him she was in love with him but her knew it was only lust. She would drop by his room whenever she needed a quickie.

"You didn't call me over break, Seany. What happened?" She made a pout face.

" I got busy. I'm sure you were too." Not seeming to catch what he meant by that she smiled. "Ya. I had a few things to do but I was always thinking of you." Her body moved close to his and the feeling excited him slightly. Sean lowered his head to her lips placing a quick peck on them. " Come to my room tonight. I'll make it up to you." She squealed in her throat. " Will do" She said walking away.

When the boys began walking again Sean's friend, Zane, tapped him on the shoulders. He had almost forgot that Zane had came with them. He had been quite the whole night. " How come I didn't know that you and Madison were fucking?"

Sean smiled but didn't look at Zane.

" You never asked."

From behind him he heard Gabriel say "You never asked. I like that. I'm gonna use that." The sarcasm evident.

"Hey can we get something to drink. I'm dieing for a bear, man." Andrew asked, he had been lagging away from the guys so Sean had forgotten about him too. "Ya I could drink." Zane added. "Me too," Sean agreed. "Right here. They got beer." He pointed to a tent closest to them. A black haired girl stood behind the table. She looked kind of nervous. Gabriel pushed in front of the guys and walked up to the other side of the table. "Hey there." he greeted, speaking louder than what was necessary. "She looked at him then looked around again. "Hey, um hi?" She looked up at him as if she didn't understand English. "Can I have a beer, I'm sorry make that four beers."

She looked around nervously and then smiled nervously. "Um, yeah, just let me." She stumbled back tripping over a few cans. "Shit," she whispered then snapped her fingers and took a step back up to the table. "Um, I need, need um, ID." Gabriel sighed. "Lets just go somewhere else." He suggested turning back to the guys. Even though they were all of legal age they didn't really think they would need it seeing as everyone knew them.

" No!" she literally jumped over the table and grabbed Gabriel's shoulder stopping." He turned around, the look on his face slightly disturbed. "Please don't, we need the business." She said pointing to the back of the tent were a half empty jar of money sat on top of box. "I can tell." Zane said from behind Gabriel. The boys laughed but the girl only bit her nails. She looked behind herself and then out into the crowd passed the boys. "So does that mean we can get our beers?"

The girls brown eyes shot back to look at Gabriel. When it seemed like she was gonna say yes she gave a frustrated groan. "Chey!!" she yelled almost obnoxiously. She put her hands out as if telling a dog to stay. "Please just give me like a minute." Without waiting for a reply she ran out the back of the tent. Two voices could be heard in the back. The boys could hear the nervous girl pleading with the other voice.

The boys looked at each other. "Lets go. That chick is a freak show." Just as they all turned to leave the back of the tent opened once more and this time a different girl stepped through. Instead of having a nervous look on her face she seemed more soft and less jittery. Her skin was a light shade of milk chocolate and her hair long wavy was dyed fire red. She was short, maybe 5'5 and although she was skinny her stomach wasn't flat nor was it chubby. She walked to the table and leaned on her elbows. "I'm sorry if she freaked you out. She is just worried about Headmaster walking around." Gabriel turned back around and leaned on the table just like her.

"Well it seems like you guys are the only ones that follow the rules around here. Although this is a small private college. No one does what'd asked of them. No one follows the rules." He gave a small chuckle. "I think that she was the first person to ever ask me for ID since I've been here."

The girl simply smiled, which made her look much older than what she probably was, and stood straight up. "I guess she figured that you didn't give her ID you wouldn't have to give it to me." The boys groaned then turned to walk away. Sean pushed pass them up to the table. An interested glint showed in his eyes. "Bro, we can just go some place else. This is such a waste."

"Hey," He said, his voice low and sultry. He ignored Zane who was complaining.

"How about you give us the beers. You guys definitely need the business. Come on..."


He flashed a pretty boy smile. "Come on Cheyenne." His blue eyes pierced her light brown ones and for a second she thought he could see her soul.

"Cute," she whispered, leaning in close to his face. "But no. No ID, no drinks, School Policy."

Sean sighed. This girl was relentless about not giving up those beers. "Here, I'll do this for you. I'll give you this," she pulled out a bag of popcorn from under the table cloth.

"and you can get the beers from somewhere else."

Zane's hand reached in front of Sean to take the popcorn. He exchanged glances between Cheyenne and the bag. "Dude, how do we even know this hasn't been under there all day?'

Cheyenne gave a smile that oozed sarcasm. "You don't. That's the beauty of working behind the counter."

"Yeah, okay, we're leaving. We can get beer some place else without the hassle." Gabriel turned, walking away and the other boys followed suite. Chey said nothing as they walked away but gave a small when Sean turned his head around to look at her.

He continued walking shaking his head as he walked. He would have to remember her. 'Cheyenne,'He thought

She would be a lot of fun over the school. He could already tell.

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