tagLoving WivesA Change in Susan

A Change in Susan


I had known Susan for over fifteen years, but we had always worked in the same office until about five years ago. I never treated her with anything but respect for her professionalism and I was the only guy in the office that didn't give it the old college try at least once. I know that by today's standards, it might seem silly, but I just don't hit on the women I work around. That just lends itself to gossip and fighting.

That, however, didn't stop me from watching her VERY closely whenever I got the chance. She never wore outrageous clothes at work, but her choices were always very sexy. Susan was far from voluptuous, but she had a great figure for soft sweaters and silk shirts. Her best feature were her legs!....Susan had the best legs in the building and she was young enough to look fantastic in a short skirt.

After the second year, Susan realized that I was the only guy in the office who wasn't sniffing around and she confided in a friend that she was "worried" about me -- Did I not like her? Was I gay? Was something wrong with her?

Once, after work, several of us went out for a drink and Susan happened to come around a dark corner in the club and caught me with my hand under a waitress's skirt as I was grabbing a handful. Well, once she finished giving me a heart attack by tapping me on the shoulder, we had a big laugh about it as she said that I had finally answered her question about my "preferences".

She was; however, more concerned than ever that something was wrong with her. I explained my philosophy about office fucking (naturally referring to it as office "affairs") but, just to confirm her recent observation, I made an exception to my policy by slowly running my hands under her skirt and up down the back of her legs until I was stroking her panty-covered ass as I hugged her.

Moments later, I snapped the waistband of her panties and simply walked away without saying another word. That seemed to really piss her off. I had really hated doing that, but a policy is a policy (even if it seems incredibly stupid at the time). At any rate, she got over being pissed and tried her best to catch my eye. Little did she know how many times she did exactly that.

More than once I took a longing look down the front of her soft blouses as I "helped" her work out one problem or another on her computer. I never once caught her braless, but I certainly got several teasing peeks at the soft swell of her breasts and a hint of lace (confirming that she loved sheer, beige, filmy lingerie).

In the winter (or after I had turned the AC down very low in the summer), I often saw Susan walking around as her little silk blouses gently caressed her tits -- her nipples always tried to stick right through the thin material. Small tits or not, she had absolutely INCREDIBLE nipples.

I couldn't help but wonder if she wore panties to match her bras -- soft and sheer. It took me months to answer that burning question. Once she was filing in the hallway and, while struggling to open one of the lower units, Susan slipped and fell on her bottom. As her feet flipped up just for a moment, I had a wonderful view of her panties. Just long enough for me to see that they were sheer and very tiny.

Another time, I walked past her office just in time to see her climb up on a short ladder to put some books back on the shelf. She had picked a very short skirt and she really had to stretch to reach the shelf. The back of her little skirt rode up higher and higher until it finally let her panties pop into view. They were thin enough to read through and, once again, NO pantyhose. Just Susan and one layer of silk.

Well troops, that was it - all those years and all I had seen were silk covered, rigid nipples and two quick flashes of her panties. It was more than enough to fire up my imagination, but not enough to make me break my rules.

Well, Susan finally met "the man of her dreams", got married, and left our firm. I even photographed her wedding for her. Because we were such close friends, she also asked me get some VERY interesting shots of her getting ready. Her maid of honor had me shoot the photo of putting the garter on Susan's shapely leg. After one standard shot, she winked and slid the garter right up to the crotch of Susan's wedding panties ... a sheer little thong! She also quickly flipped up the back of Susan's dress to show a very nice ass!

Lot's of red faces and giggles and a promise never to show those to anyone!

Susan's replacement was a battleaxe of the first order and that took care of my daydreaming about office pussy and tits.

One day last week, I got a call from Susan. Could we meet for lunch -- she wanted to ask a favor.

I showed up at the restaurant a little early and nearly dropped my teeth when she walked through the door! She was in a very trim little outfit, but the bright exterior backlighting made it obvious that she wasn't wearing much under it. As she slid into the booth, I only saw a hint of her panties, but it certainly brought back fond memories.

She still liked those soft, clingy blouses -- only now she left a couple more of the buttons undone to give an even better peek at the curve of her boobs.

We relived some old times and had a very nice lunch, but she still had not gotten around to her "favor". In fact, she looked very uncomfortable. Finally, I just asked her what she wanted.

She hesitated until the waiter moved away then leaned way over to softly speak to me (another great peek down her blouse). Seems like her hubby's unit had been recalled to active duty and his ass would be posted to Iraq for at least two years. He had emailed her asking for some photos to keep her on his mind. She had gone to Glamour Shots for a session and he had really liked the pictures, but they weren't as hot as some of the ones he had seen of the other guys wives.

In answer to my unasked question, she had spoken with a couple of photographers, but they all wanted a ton of money and a model release. Susan was no dummy -- she knew that a signed release would make those photos show up in mysterious places.

One of her girlfriends had tried taking some shots, but they just didn't have "it". That's when she thought about me. When I had photographed her wedding, we had done a few photos of her getting ready and even the traditional garter shot were bordering on the "naughty" side. Now she thought I could help her with a problem.

Susan finally got up her nerve to ask, "Would I be willing to shoot a roll or two of her being "naughty" (her eyes twinkled whenever she said that word) for $100.

I caught myself before I asked if she wanted a check now. She was willing to PAY me to shoot pictures I had dreamed about for ten years.

Before I fell all over myself, I decided to play this out a bit. "Are you really certain this is what you want?"

"Oh YES!"

"I take it that you are looking for something a little more erotic than Glamour Shots. Do you have any of the ones you and friend tried?"

"Well, I did bring a few."

When no one was watching, she slid a pack of prints across the table. As soon as I opened them, my mind started racing WAY ahead. While the photos stank on ice (bad lighting, bad focus, bad angles), the subject was incredible. Here was my dream woman in shorty nightgowns, teddies, sheer bikini panties, and an assortment of short dresses and short shorts. I was seeing Susan in an entirely new light!

"Well, what do you think?"

It took a lot of effort, but I put on my best "game face" and answered, "Technically, they could have been a lot better, there's more to taking erotic photos than just throwing your clothes in the corner. In a lot of these, you look very tense and uncomfortable. You need to be relaxed and thinking in sexy terms if you want the right look. Look at these close-ups -- you can still see the marks from your bra and your tan lines look odd with some of the outfits."

"If we're going to do this, I want you thinking that you look sexy -- that you look fantastic - that you are HOT! If you REALLY want this, I need to ask a few blunt questions -- do you mind?"

"No, I guess not."

"OK, here goes. Do you and Daren have sex a lot?"

"I guess so."

"How often?"

"Maybe five or six times a week."

"Does he eat your pussy?"

Susan's eyes popped wide open, "What?"

"Hey, remember, I said I needed to ask direct questions. Now, does Daren eat your pussy?"

"Well, sometimes. But it just never seems right."

"Do you ever give him a blowjob?

Susan giggled, "Sure, but only after I have a lot to drink."

"Does he cum in your mouth?"

Susan grimaced, "He has once or twice -- why are you asking all of this?"

"I want you to be thinking of SEX and I want you to be comfortable with every term and possibility. When we go to shoot the pictures, I want you to be as horny as hell and not thinking of the camera."

"Now, back to the questions. When you fuck, who's on top?"

"Well, Daren always gets on top."

"So he licks your pussy once or twice, spreads your legs, pumps you for a couple of minutes, gets his rocks off either in your mouth or pussy, and then rolls over to goes to sleep."

Susan grimaced, "Sounds like you were in our bedroom."

"Do you cum?"

"Rarely! I usually finish myself in the shower."

"Well, for the next month, I want you to take charge of your life. Go through your closet and pick out your hottest outfits. Hit the tanning booth and do it butt naked - get rid of those tan lines. Pick up a couple of hot videos - don't bother with pure raunch, get something that you might actually enjoy. Treat yourself to a few fantasies about guys at work, flirt a bit more, leave an extra button undone, cross your legs a little slower, bend over more whenever they're around, wear extra sheer lingerie - better yet, don't wear any lingerie once in awhile. Think about one of them eating you out or fucking your brains out in the supply closet. Got the idea?"

I looked at Susan, I could see her nostrils flaring and her eyes dilating. Her breathing was becoming shallow and she was flushed. She was so horny she was probably ready to climb the wall.

Susan grinned, "Daren is coming back to Atlanta next month to go through some training and he'll have a three day pass sometime before he goes back to Iraq. What will he think of the new me?"

I smiled, "When he comes home, I want you waiting for him wearing a smile and your sheerest nightie -- NO panties. I want you to unzip his pants and suck him off right in the doorway -- leave the door open if possible. Suck him right down to his balls -- none of this just put the head in shit. When he cums, I want you to catch every drop, then lick his cock clean, tilt your head back, and slowly swallow his juice. I want him weak in the knees when you're done."

"When he recovers, I want you to lead him into the den, pull him down on the carpet, pull your nightie up to your tits, and straddle his face. I want you to bury his face in your pussy. Make him slowly lick and suck your twat until you explode right on his tongue."

"By then, his cock ought to be hard again and I want you to slide down, and plug his dick into your pussy in one stroke. Fuck him slow, then fuck him hard. Fuck him until he fills your cunt with cum, then wait until he's soft before you get up. Raise up and let him see his cum flowing out of your pussy, then move back up and plant your just-fucked, sloppy pussy on his mouth once again."

"I want you to fuck and suck him in places you never even dreamed of -- your backyard in broad daylight, in your car in the driveway, in the parking lot of Wal-Mart, in the men's room of your favorite restaurant, in church, in the park, in your outdoor hot tub, even you're talking to your mother on the phone."

"By the time we shoot these pictures, I want you to be the hottest piece of ass in town!"

I could see Susan's nipples getting harder by the second and decided to go for broke.

"I want you to start thinking that way right now! Before the waiter starts this way, I want you to reach under that little black dress of yours and slide your panties down to your knees -- just to the point that the napkin won't cover them. Believe me, after he sees your panties, every waiter in the place will be back a lot! Then slide them down to your ankles and leave them there. When he starts back again, pick them up and put them beside your plate -- they will be his tip."

I thought, just for a moment, I had finally pushed it too far. Susan's eye's flared at me and I figured she was about to tell me to go fuck myself. Instead, she shifted slightly, raised her butt, and slowly pulled her panties down as instructed. The next twenty minutes were a delightful torture as the waiter parade started.

At first, Susan was flustered, but she gained composure with every inch her panties moved down her legs. By the time that wispy material landed on the table, she did it with a flourish.

When we got up to leave, she even spread her legs getting out of the booth so that all of the waiters got a full flashing beaver. (By the way, I still hadn't seen a thing and it was driving me nuts!)

When we got to the parking lot, I turned to Susan and said, "It's time to get rid of the bra!"

She hesitated for just a moment, then undid a couple more of her blouse buttons. She glared at me then ripped it off. She turned around and tied her little bra to the radio antenna of the car next to us. Then she reached into her gaping blouse and gave each of her rigid nipples a squeeze.

When we pulled away, the new Susan looked squarely at me and asked, "how was that?"

I looked over and she had completely unbuttoned her blouse and her skirt was bunched up around her waist ... she was fingering her pussy like mad. Only one problem ... she was facing away from me and I couldn't actually see a damn thing.

We pulled up next to a city bus, but Susan made no attempt to cover up. In fact, that seemed to push her over the limit as she hit a shattering orgasm while a bunch of the passengers looked down on her.

I pulled into one of the city parks to calm down a bit but Susan was on a roll. She hopped out of the car and ran over to the fountain and jumped in. When she stood up, her blouse and dress were clinging to her like glue and were virtually transparent. She grabbed my hand and pulled me behind a clump of bushes.

I couldn't believe what I had created! She knelt down in front of me, pulled my zipper down, and grabbed my cock. (If you've read any of my other adventures, you know that one of my "favorite" themes is that I'm pushing the wrong side of sixty and I can't take Viagra.)

Susan proved that she's better inspiration than the blue pill as I was hard as a rock. She gave it one quick lick and then plunged my boner down her throat. It only took about five or six strokes like that before I dumped a huge wad of cum into her hot mouth. As instructed, she never missed a drop, tilted her head back, and treated me to the sight of her swallowing every sticky bit.

She smoothed herself out and zipped my limp noodle back into place and we "casually" walked back to my car. Even though she had just sucked my nuts through a straw, I still had not actually seen her pussy or even a bare tit.

By the time we got to her apartment complex, her clothes were dry and I was more or less back to normal. She demurely got out of my car and I walked her to her door. She opened her door, turned to face me, and dropped her skirt to the ground. Seconds later, her blouse joined the pile. Susan was standing on her doorstep at two in the afternoon, totally naked! Fifteen years of dreams had come true!

Instead of going into her apartment, naked Susan led me around the side of the building and into their backyard. I got the hint and dropped my clothes in a pile and we jumped into their hot tub. I lifted Susan up to the side of the tub, spread her legs and started eating her pussy like there was no tomorrow! One of my greatest skills is my ability to nibble twat and I soon had Susan going off like a skyrocket.

After her third or forth orgasm, Susan got out of the tub and led me to a chaise lounge. She made me lie down with my cock sticking up like a flagpole. She straddled me and slowly, very slowly engulfed me in her dripping pussy. She leaned forward to let me finally get at those delicious titties and I eagerly sucked away at the tastiest nipples I've ever had in my mouth!

It seemed like an eternity before she slowly started sliding up and down on my cock. She was in total control as we fucked in almost slow motion. I couldn't believe my eyes when she picked up the cell phone beside the chair and began to dial. Seconds later, I heard her say, "Hi Mom, just thought I would call and see how you're doing."

That did the trick and I began to fuck her wildly, plunging all the way into her pussy as she talked to Mommy. Just when I could stand no more, hung up and began to wildly plunge up and down until I finally exploded deep in her pussy.

She kept me tightly gripped in her twat until I finally got so soft I slipped out of her cunt. She raised up ever so slightly to let me see my cum oozing out of her pussy. That was the last thing I saw before her cum-filled cunt was planted on my face.

Susan had learned her lessons well and I was so fucked out I could barely crawl back to my car.

Much later, my phone rang and it was Susan.

"Well, do we do the pictures?"

By then, I had recovered completely and we went on to discuss the time frame and location for the shoot. I told her she had one month to get her tan lines evened out. I suggested a combination of sunning herself in her backyard whenever possible and visiting the tanning parlor frequently. I also instructed her to stop wearing clothing with tight elastic fittings until we finished the photo session. She took it one step further and suggested going without underwear for the rest of the month so that she would get used to the erotic feeling.

I didn't hear from her again for almost three weeks, but a mutual friend told me about the fantastic change in Susan. He and his wife had gone over for dinner while Daren was home on leave and Susan came to the door in almost a see-thru dress. When she sat across from him he got a full beaver shot and she made no attempt to cross her legs or pull her skirt down. Later, when she served drinks, she bent over and he could see her nipples and almost all the way down to her pussy. After dinner, they all went out to the backyard and Susan began to dance seductively, twirling until her skirt flipped up to reveal her bare ass. Daren finally got her to slow down a bit and they all sat around drinking a little wine. Susan reached over and turned on the jacuzzi -- "let's all get in and relax a bit!" Our friends demurred, explaining that they had to suits.

"Don't be silly, we don't wear suits in there!" Then she promptly popped her dress over her head and tossed it aside. She stood there for a bit, letting everyone take in her tits and pussy, then she stepped into the tub and settled in. That's when my friend's wife drug him out of there. Susan stood up to wave goodbye and he got an eyeful as water flowed from her drenched pussy. He also saw Daren unbuttoning his shirt and walking toward the tub.

Yes, we finally did get around to shooting the photographs for Daren. I was astounded when the CD didn't burn through the mailing envelope. Daren was the hit of his squadron. Too bad we couldn't send him then "best" ones - especially the one of my cum gushing from Susan's just fucked cunt.

Yes, I was a total asshole - I took the $100! Hey, you have to have some professional standards.

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