tagInterracial LoveA Change Is Complete

A Change Is Complete


It was my freshman year at a Midwest university and it was my first time away from my mom. So, like all first year students, I cut lose and wanted to party every night. I was what they say hooked on the black cock and loved being fucked by the black men that I came in contact with.

On Friday night, there was this huge party on campus and several of my floor mates and myself decided to go and have fun. It was a beautiful summer night and kinda warm, so the less clothing was better. We arrived at the party, all the cute college guys were checking us out and giving us alcohol. We were dancing and having a great time. As the night went on, the group became smaller and smaller, all the other gals were shackin up with guys.

I walked thru the house looking for the bathroom. When, I found it, I found this sexy black man taking a piss. My eyes went straight down to his cock, which was very thick and nice. I was embarrassed and closed the door and walked away. My heart was beating and that guys cock was the only thing going through my mind. I was dancing up a storm when the same guy came up and started to grind on me. He asked " Did you like what you saw". I pressed my ass against him and just smiled.

We danced for awhile then he leaned in and kissed me. I was puddy in his hands and completely at his mercy. He asked if I wanted to go back to his place for after-hours. I said sure and we walked out. We got back to his place and we were the only people there. He said the party didn’t start to 2am and that’s when everyone was gonna show up. We sat on the couch and talked for awhile then we started to make out. My hands explored his chest and stomach. Slowly moving downward and rubbing his cock thru his pants, I felt his hands playing with my breasts. I was in heaven.

I lowered myself to my knees between his legs and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I looked up at him and he smiled I pulled out his semi erect cock and it looked wonderful and I couldn’t wait to wrap my lips around it. I teased the tip of his cock with my tongue and licked up and down. I wrapped my lips around his head and began to bob up and down on his cock. I felt his hand play with my hair then he placed it on the back of my head and pushed downward on it. His cock was going deeper and deeper into my mouth. I changed the pace of my bobs and licked all around his cock. I teased his balls with my tongue and loved every last second of it. He commented that he never been with a white girl that sucked cock so well. I removed my mouth from his cock but still stroking it and said I had a lot of practice and smiled and went back to work.

I could taste the precum in my mouth and knew he would be cumming soon. My panties were soaked and I was about to explode myself. I knew I need this thick black cock inside. Just as he was about to cum. I pulled away and stroked his cock, so he can shot his load into my mouth and face. He stood up and I was looking up at him helpless just wanting to taste his cum. As the first wave of cum hit my mouth and face, the door opened up and it was his 2 roommates. As I turned to look and see he places his hand on my head and kept it there. Wave after wave of cum hit my face and I was enjoying every second of it. He shot his last load and fell to the couch. I sit there, face covered with cum and said hi to his roommates. One was tall and cute and the other was kinda geeky. They just smiled and said Hi. The guy I was with asked them if they liked their turn. I was shocked, he leaned in and said if I don’t do this for him, I wouldn’t be getting any cock in me tonight.

I stood up and took off my dress and moved in front of one of the guys and slide down to my knees and proceeded to suck his 2 roommates off while he watched. They both came on my face and I licked up every last drop of cum that I could. I leaned back on the floor and I was surrounded by 3 black studs and was completely at their mercy and they knew it. The told me to get my ass into the bedroom and I was gonna get more cock than I have ever gotten in my life.

I walked into the bedroom and asked them about the party. They said that I was the party and let the party get started. I fell back onto the bed with my legs spread apart and my head just off the bed. One of the guys walked around and shoved his cock into my mouth. He moved it in and out slowly, while his buddy was grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs apart. He smacked his semi limp cock against my clit and I moaned in ecstasy. His other friend was playin with my breasts. I was going into sensory overload. The one of the guys finally shoved his cock into me and I moaned wildly.

I was getting fucked like there was no tomorrow by this guy, I felt his cock stretching my pussy like never before. Just as he was slowing down his pace, I started to rub my clit. I came almost instantly. All of them took turns fucking my pussy and letting me suck there cocks again. Then one of them got the idea to fuck my face. He lined up his cock into my mouth and rammed it in. I gagged briefly as my throat was getting use to his cock in me. He then began to fuck my face. I laid there and loved every second as I began to finger myself and the guys were like, the girl really this like, she fucking masturbating after we fucked her.

I felt my hand being pulled away from my wet pussy. I then felt a cock fill me up and I purred like a kitten as they now took turns fucking my mouth. I tasted my pussy on there cocks and loved it. After pounding my pussy until it was sore. They decided that they needed something new. They told me to get on all fours. I next heard a loud smack on my ass then the pain filled my body. I yelled out in pain. Then another hard smack and I screamed louder as I was in the middle of that scream, One of the guys shoved his cock into my mouth. They took turns smacking my ass and laughing in enjoyment.

After a few minutes, the pain subsided and it didn’t feel that bad anymore. I felt a cock beginning to tease my asshole. He pressed against it and slowly inserted his cock into my ass. He slowly feed it in inch by inch and my eyes rolled back into my head as I moaned into this other guys cock. As he picked up the pace, I felt the other guys sucking and nibbling on my nipples. As the huge cock was tearing up my ass, the other guy who was fucking my mouth shot a huge wave of cum down my throat. I felt this warm stream going down into my stomach joining the rest of the cum in there already.. He pulls out and smacks his cock against my cheeks. I then scream out, I love your black cock in my ass baby”. I felt like a rag doll being used by these 3 guys, but the wave after wave of orgasms made it all feel a lot better. As the took turns pounding my red ass, each wave of cum seem to dull the pain as the fucked me harder and faster. After they all got done fucking my ass, I collapsed onto the bed exhausted. They flipped me over onto my back. They smiled and said we aint done yet girl. They spread my legs again and I felt my pussy filled up again. I moaned out, God, I love black cock. As, I bit my lip to muffle the screams of enjoyment. One of the guys straddled my chest and told me to squeeze those big breasts together. He began to fuck my tits as his buddy was pounding my pussy.

I just begged for more. I was completely lost in sexually delight. The guy fuckin my tits shot his load onto my chest and face. I just licked up what I could get at and then scooped up the rest, savoring every drop. The next guy took his turn fucking my tits as the guy pounding my pussy pulled out and moved over to my mouth and shot his load across my face. As streams of cum hit my face. I felt my pussy being filled up again. Part of me couldn’t believe what was happening but the other half of me loved this. They each took turns using my sore pussy and fuckin my tits.

Finally after several hours, they began to wear out. It was down to me and the guy I came with. He flipped my over and rammed his cock into my ass. Moving it in and out, I moaned in ecstasy. Next, I hear You like this black cock in you baby, I moaned out yes. He was like what do you want, I said, “ I need your cock in me”. He smacked my ass and said what do you want. I moaned out, I need black cock in me baby” Good girl, you know what is best for you. He pulled on my hair as he pounded my already sore ass. I felt his warm cum fill my ass and hear a pop as he pulled out. I fell to the bed exhausted and he walked out. I laid there full of cum in my ass and stomach, completely soaked in sweat. I smiled and fell asleep.

I woke up the next morning and found my clothes. I walked out of the room I was in and everyone was still asleep. I left my phone number and said I had a great time. I walked home slowly still sore from the night before. I arrived at my dorm room and got undressed and hit the shower. I masturbated in the shower thinking their cocks and what they did to me. I just spent the day in bed thinking about the night. The night just help me realized that I was truly addicted to black cock.

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