tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Change of Employment Ch. 02

A Change of Employment Ch. 02


(...and how a voyeur's chance-discovery of Leanne's infidelity turns her anguish to enlightenment!)

Leanne's Christmas break was over less than two weeks later as she had not accrued enough holiday pay for the full four weeks off like Sue and a lot of the others had. She was required to join the skeleton crew that would work in preparation for when the main workforce returned. More dull work really; painting lines on the factory floor; grinding off weld splatter from work benches; repairing tooling and similar brain-numbing work.

She had thought very seriously about not returning to the factory, as she was not too sure how things would go with Scott after the Christmas party. She was really worried he would brag about their adultery to his workmates and before long the whole factory would know. The one consolation was that he was not due back for another fortnight, so she had a chance to look for another job in the mean time if she was still uncomfortable about working there.

There were a little more than ten workers on the floor – including Leanne – and one supervisor. When Leanne fronted up for work she was almost aghast to learn that the big old creep, Gus, would be ordering them around.

Gus had the workers gather for a toolbox meeting the first morning to explain what task he wanted each small team to work on and to give them all a pep-talk about safety. As he spoke, Leanne thought he was even creepier looking than ever and she was certain he kept smirking at her. If he kept it up, Leanne decided, she would just snatch it – and if she couldn't get a job back in a law firm, she didn't care, she would make sandwiches in a deli if she had to, rather than be near Gus!

The first day went surprisingly fast. Leanne was with three other women, one of them, Maria, whom she had worked with before, and they all got along well. They were on the floor-painting task. A bit back-braking, but better than grinding workbenches they'd all agreed.

As Leanne was planning on going to the gym after work to meet the girls, she was eager to leave on time. But as she was washing up, Maria mentioned to her that Gus wanted to see her in his office.

"Oh he does, does he?" Leanne scowled to herself, as she dried her hands.

She could not imagine what the creep wanted to see her for; she'd arrived to work on time and had worked hard all day – and she had worn all the PPE that she was required to. Her timesheet was even up-to-date. He had nothing on her, she thought confidently.

How wrong could she be?

She knocked on his office door and stood there waiting for a response more than a little impatiently. She did not want to waste time here any longer than she had to, as she was looking forward to catching up with the girls. They were planning on swimming a few laps for a change instead of the usual gym class, and then possibly having a nice wine in the licensed café next door afterwards.

"Come in."

Leanne hesitated a moment – she had never been inside Gus's office before.

"Come in!" she heard him call louder, an annoyed tone in his voice.

He was a cranky old fart, she thought to herself.

Opening the door, she stepped across the threshold to his small office. He was sitting behind a large wooden desk – she had expected papers to be strewn everywhere, but quite the contrary, his desk, and his whole office for that matter, was impeccable. Not a thing appeared to be out of place.

"Maria said you wanted to see me... sir?"

"Yes, shut the door behind you please, I have something very important to discuss with you," he said curtly, as he opened up a draw and removed from it a manila envelope.

Leanne did as she was told and stepped closer to his desk. For some strange reason, her heart was racing in her chest and she felt her mouth was dry. What on earth did he have of importance to speak to her about? Could he possibly want to offer her a promotion? Her mind boggled.

"Leanne," he addressed her with a smug look on his face, "getting married soon I believe?"

She nodded, not that it was any of his business, and she did wonder how on earth he knew anyway. Factory talk, she surmised, quite correctly.

"That should be nice for you, Leanne, very special to marry someone you love, is it not, Leanne?"

"Sir...I have an appointment I do not want to be late for, could you just get to the important business... please? Maybe skip the pleasantries?"

Gus raised his eyebrows and pursed his lips, as he lifted his hands up from the desk and placed them behind his large bald head.

"It is relevant I think, my dear, as you seem like a nice girl, raised well, quite educated, who has possibly lowered her aim in life, however briefly, for some obscure reason," he took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Was it to see how the other half live?"

Now he was really creeping her out, "Sorry? I...I don't know what you are talking about. Is it about why I took this job or something? Surely that would be none of your business... sir?"

Gus sighed, "The envelope on my desk – open it please if you may."

Leanne looked down at the envelope and hesitated for a moment before picking it up. Gingerly she folded back the tabs to the metal fastener and peered inside. There seemed to be several sheets of thick paper inside. She looked back at Gus and noticed he had a bemused look on his ruddy face and his barrel chest seemed to swell even larger.

"Take the items out, my dear, and if you may, spread them out on my desk in front of you."

What game was the creep playing at, she thought to herself?

Leanne emptied the contents onto his desk as instructed and instantly recognised them as being the back of large photographs.

"Turn them over, my dear."

Leanne's heart was racing again, what on earth was the creep going to show her? Shaking her head in growing annoyance at the man's antics, she flipped the photographs over and peered down at them.

Horror washed over her at what she was looking at!

"Ah yes, my favourite, came out far better than I had expected. Black and white images are so tasteful, are they not? Even for images that are of quite a pornographic nature."

Shaking, Leanne spread the images across his desk and felt her legs almost go out from under her as she stared down at the pictures – they were like a horrid story of her encounter with Scott in the tavern's car park a little over a fortnight earlier.

The quality of the photographs was totally lost on her of course – Gus's perfect selection of camera and lens, film and light and shutter speed, not to mention his skills in his darkroom, had culminated into fine images indeed.

"I am not too sure, though, would you agree with me that that particular image, yes that one, is possibly the best?"

Leanne trembled as her eyes flitted toward the one Gus was indicating – it clearly showed her bent over as she leant up against the tavern wall, her jeans almost around her ankles, and Scott behind her, his cock just discernable as it partly disappeared between her naked buttocks.

"Yes, I like that one," Gus said smugly, "caught you just as you looked around at your seducer finally getting his shaft inside of you."

"What... what do you want from me?" Leanne stammered

"Mmm... depends on how much you would like to keep your little adulterous tryst a secret from your groom-to-be?" Gus smiled, "Or am I to be mistaken, and you and your partner are into that wife-swapping sort of thing that is becoming popular? If that is the case, my apologies, I will even forward these prints to your man for his enjoyment, if you would like?"

"No! He mustn't know... that would be the end of things!" Leanne blurted out suddenly, without thinking.

Gus looked at her and sniggered, "Oh dear, is that so?" He paused for a moment, "So what ever would you suggest would be fair to keep your infidelity a secret then, my dear?"

"I... I don't know... I haven't got much money... I haven't got much at all really..."

"Oh, quite the contrary, my dear, you have something very special, something of great value to me."

Leanne's stomach was churning into knots as she stood in front of Gus's desk like a rabbit in a spotlight. My God, what was she going to do to get out of this mess?

"I'm not sure what... what you mean?" she said softly, eyes downcast.

"My, my, you are naive are you not? It is obviously true, what they say about country girls it would appear," Gus said contemptuously. "What do my photos of you show, my dear?" Not waiting for a response, he went on, "A pretty young girl, with a desire for occasional fun... a pretty young girl with a beautiful young body that she would share occasionally with men other than her husband-to-be."

The realisation of what he was suggesting to her hit her like a ton of bricks – this time she staggered back almost uncontrollably. She looked around and noticed a small chair against the wall near the door and she sat down on it, trembling.

Leanne took a deep breath and recovered her composure somewhat, "Surely you're not suggesting I have sex with you?"

Gus smiled back at her, "Maybe you just show me that fantastic body of yours, my dear?"


"I want to see you in the nude."

Leanne thought she would vomit. Swallowing her bile she took a deep breath, "You want to see me naked? Is that all it's going to be? When?"

Gus leant his elbows on his desk and touched the fingertips of one hand with the corresponding fingertips of the other, spreading them slightly, "Yes... Maybe not... And how about right now," he said, answering her three questions clearly in a clear, moderated tone.

Leanne was speechless.

"I want you to stand up again, please," he said courteously.

Leanne remained motionless.

"I will say this once, you fucking cock-teaser!" Gus's tone had instantly become loud and agitated, "You will do as I fucking well say, or your fucking disillusioned fiancé will know of your treacherous behaviour within the hour!" His face reddened to almost scarlet as he spoke, "Do not test me!"

Leanne began to cry, "I'm so sorry... truly I am. Please, sir, do not get angry with me."

"Stand up!"

Slowly, Leanne stood up again, her chin almost resting on her chest, as she blubbered softly.

Gus looked at the girl and smiled inwardly – she was going to do well he thought knowingly.

"Remove your overalls for me, now, please," Gus said, moderation returning to his demeanour.

Leanne closed her eyes – what choice did she now have? The man was obviously a fruitcake and she certainly did not want to risk inflaming his wrath again! He had scared the shit out of her – not only for his explicit threat of enlightening Ryan of her illicit behaviour – but also his implied threat of some form of physical punishment too!

She felt trapped...

And slowly she began to unbutton her blue work-overalls...

Smiling inwardly, Gus got up from behind his desk, and closed the venetian blind to his office window. Although he was certain there was no one else in the factory, he did not want to risk discovery. He then turned to face Leanne, and sitting back on the edge of his desk not more than five feet from her, he watched as she slowly undid her buttons with trembling fingers.

When Leanne undid the last button that was just below her belly button, she hesitated. All she was wearing underneath were her panties and bra – and a silly thought suddenly crossed her mind. Her underwear were not a matching set, like she would normally wear, and she could feel redness flush her cheeks with a feeling of embarrassed.

"Do I have to take them right off?"

"What do you think my sweetness?"

Leanne sighed again; she would have to remove her heavy work-boots too. They were elastic-sided slip-ons and reaching for the chair for support, she pulled them off with little effort before straightening back up.

She looked over at Gus with utter contempt – what a lowlife to resort to blackmail to get his jollies off! But at least there was one thing that she felt quite certain of; he was an old man – probably around fifty or so – and she was pretty sure that his prowess would have long past – as she believed happened to most men of that age. Well, that's what happened to her father anyway... or so her mum had confided in her recently.

Gus folded his thick arms across his big chest and watched her peel the overalls from her shoulders and remove her arms from them one at a time. He smiled at her small white bra – it contrasted nicely against her lovely suntanned skin – she looked delightful! But there was more to come of course. He watched her hold the overalls around her waist briefly, before she took a deep breath that, unwittingly or otherwise, majestically swelled her firm little breasts proudly. And then she let her overalls fall to the floor and she stepped out of them...

Standing there in just her underwear and socks, Leanne began to shiver – not from the cold – no not at all, as it was summertime and if anything Gus's office was even a little on the warm side – it was her nerves of course. Just how far he planned on going with her was understandably now a very, very deep concern of hers.

"Keep going, my pet," Gus prompted, as if reading her mind.

"Oooh... can't you just be happy to see me like this?" she sighed, "I... I don't want to... to take anymore off..."

"Keep going!" he bellowed loudly, "I want to see you standing there naked!" he said caustically, "Now!"

Leanne shrunk backward at his sudden outburst; biting her lip and nodding, "Okay! Okay!"

Shaking slightly, she reached behind her back and unclipped her brassiere and removed the straps from her shoulders. She looked at her tormentor as she held the garment to her chest for a few seconds, and could see him glaring at her contemptuously. Bowing her head, she let the little bra slip from her breasts and drop down to the floor, and then she looked up at him pleadingly...

But Leanne gulped with an overpowering feeling of hopelessness when she saw his facial expression; his smile was crooked as he leered openly at her naked breasts, nodding appreciatively for several long moments, before he spoke again...

"And the knickers too – as nice as they are, my precious."

Leanne could feel a tear building in the corner of her eye and she closed them yet again. She could not believe what she was about to do...

Hooking her thumbs into the thin band of her panties, she cautiously lowered them over her hips and down her unblemished-thighs, down past her knees, to let them fall the rest of the way to her ankles. Hesitatingly, she then stepped out of them too... and with her eyes downcast, she stood back up – covering her pudenda with her hands in a feeble attempt at modesty.

Gus smiled at her innocence and drunk in the sight of her youthful body trembling before him; it was almost flawless! Her breasts looked divine, with not a skerrick of sagging; her nipples were well-placed on areolas that were both large and dark in colour – they had that smooth, swollen look that youthful breasts sometimes had... and the sight of them had his mouth watering...

"Now I want you to move your hands to your side please, my darling," Gus ordered firmly.

He watched her fidget for a few moments, as if she was thinking of a way out, before he suddenly grew impatient, "Your hands! I... told... you... to... move... them!"

And like a reprimanded child – she obeyed.

Smiling victoriously, Gus looked down at the girl's pudenda and noted unsurprisingly that it too looked quite perfect from where he sat. A thin wisp of short, light-coloured pubic hair adorned her mons veneris; her tan only drawing attention to the small area of pale flesh, and even with her legs together, Gus could clearly make out the petite cleft between smooth-looking labia.

"Do you shave your pussy, or do you have it waxed?" he enquired.

Leanne, still with her eyes closed in an attempt to block-out reality, grimaced at his very personal query.

"Well?" he pressed on, "If you do not want to tell me... maybe I will have a closer look... maybe force your legs apart to better see?"

Leanne shuffled uncomfortably on her feet, as the repulsive image of what he was suggesting sent waves of disgust coursing through her small frame – and she relented again...

"I... I had some electrolysis done... but I didn't have a lot of hair down there in the first place," she answered softly with mounting embarrassment.

"It looks very nice, Leanne."

"Um... Thankyou, I... I did it for Ryan... he really likes it," she said almost coyly, and suddenly feeling very stupid for thanking the ugly brute.

Gus smiled at her politeness; yes he could go far with this one, "I want you to turn around for me, please."

"And then can I go?" she asked.

"Maybe... Turn around first."

Gus watched her turn to face the other way, and then dropped his gaze to her bottom and let out a small whistle; now that was nice, very nice. Her hips, a nice width beneath a slim waist, helped to accentuate the lovely round orbs of her buttocks. Again, not a hint of sagging or skin imperfection to be seen - just a nice gentle curve where her buttocks finished and the tops of her thighs started. A renaissance artist could not have sculptured better!

"Well... can I go now?" Leanne asked submissively.

Gus did not answer her immediately – he was seriously thinking of what to do with her next!

She turned her head to look at him, "Can I?"

He smiled at the naked girl in front of him and she quickly turned away again – he couldn't believe how gullible she'd turned out to be! He'd just wanted to embarrass the little bitch for being so aloof around him – he never for a second thought it would go this far! But he now knew she was scared – country girl in the big city – he'd seen the look on her face when she'd looked at the photos – he knew that she was scared witless of what would happen if her fiancé dumped her for slutting-around!

So... should he make a deal and let her go now, he mused? Possibly coerce her to meet him at his house tomorrow? Or should he play with her a bit more now? He knew he had her in his control at the present – but if he let her go?

Hell, he knew that if she had any brains, she should have told him to stick his photos where the sun-don't-shine and run off home to confess her infidelity to her fiancé and cop it sweet! What was the worst thing that could have happened?

Probably nothing much, Gus knew, as a fact of statistics most men would often get over one or two little indiscretions of their loved ones – if they really cared for one-another – and ironically, he had known it could sometimes even shore-up rocky relationships too!

But still in a quandary, he looked down and stared lustfully at the girl's bottom, weighing up the situation – yes, a fortunate situation that had so far gone well beyond his expectations...

Shaking his head, he knew there was also the problem of her going to the police – he was fully aware that what he had already done amounted to nothing less than blackmail and sexual assault! He could be looking at a lot of trouble indeed without going any further with her at all!

He sighed inwardly – good lord, she looked delicious – far better than his usual fare! He watched her move slightly from one leg to the other – and the effect was mesmerising – the beautiful cheeks of her buttocks rolled up and down and her hips jutted to one side provocatively... as if beckoning him... even taunting him to go further...

The temptation to continue the assault was becoming too powerful – but he knew he somehow had to clinch the control he was now asserting over her – he needed to make her not want to tell anyone about it. She was already showing clear signs of a submissive – and of course he'd witnessed her subjugation when faced with Scott's amateurish domination in the car park at the Christmas party...

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