tagLoving WivesA Change of Scenery

A Change of Scenery


Ting and I sat back in the luxury of an air conditioned cab and enjoyed the sights, sounds and smell of Cairo. Many people don't realize that every city has a sound and smell of its own. Cairo's was unique and mysterious, beckoning us on to explore it and its people. There was so much to see in this capitol city of Egypt, and both of us had wanted to see it for many years.

At the moment, we were on our way back to our hotel where we hoped to meet a couple with whom we had corresponded many times. Jawad and Jamila were very close to our own age. Their twin daughters, Maryam and Maha, were very close to closing out their teen age years as young ladies certain to attract the eye of the handsome young men we saw as we passed through the streets. But that wasn't what was on our minds at the moment. It had been far too long since Ting and I had enjoyed a vacation although we traveled together often on business matters, but this was purely a pleasure trip.

It was, as many of our trips together, a chance for Ting and me to find pleasure in each other's company as well as with those whom we met through the internet. We had exchanged photos with Jawad and Jamila often in the course of our correspondence and I felt very attracted to the lovely Jamila as Ting did to Jawad. They were not experienced as swingers, but had told us that they would like to try the lifestyle with us. I looked forward to the experience having seen beneath the flowing blouse of Jamila the promise of breasts to rival the beauty of Ting's. Jawad had said much the same about Ting and I knew that my lovely wife looked forward to meeting a man whose hard body boasted a sex organ as full and hard as those she had felt before.

Ting waited as I paid the cab driver. It was nearly nightfall when we entered our hotel where we had agreed to meet. Having already spent our first night there, we were familiar with the hotel's amenities and so we went to the bar. I saw our friends almost immediately when we went into the dimly lit area. Jawad rose to meet us with a smile. He had recognized us too. Jamila stood to embrace Ting, drawing our attention to how much the two ladies resembled each other with flawless complexions, slim bodies, and almost the same lovely skin tones. Knowing that they were not experienced swingers, it came as a surprise when Jamila took my hand and led me into the booth with her while Jawad did the same with Ting, seating her so the two ladies were next to each other.

What followed was typical of the many meetings we had in public with couples we met back in the states. Routine conversation that had no relevance to what we knew was the interest we shared in our lifestyle. A small trio was beginning to play western music, enticing us to begin our closer connection by dancing together. We danced with our wives first, giving each of us a chance to query them about their feelings and whether or not they would be interested in continuing this. Ting assured me that Jawad was just as attractive to her as a partner as any she had enjoyed before and welcomed the opportunity to find out just how good he would be in bed.

The next dance was the first where we exchanged partners. In the dim light of the dance floor it was possible to do almost anything without attracting attention, although I was surprised at the number of obviously western businessmen who were openly fondling their dance partners. Truly Cairo, even though a Muslim city, was much less conservative than I had expected. Jamila smiled up at me as I pulled her as close as I dared. She surprised me once again, closing the distance between us until I could feel her firm breasts against my chest. She was a delightful partner, following me closely without ever losing that intimacy. Our whispered conversation told me that she had been looking forward to this meeting with as much as I, and that Jawad could hardly wait to get Ting into his arms.

Looking over her shoulder, I could see that what she said was true, and my lovely wife was enjoying the feel of the handsome man who was pulling her tightly against his body. Her smile told me as much as a full conversation. Ting wanted to fuck this man.

We still had time to enjoy a much more open conversation in the two or so hours that followed our first meeting, and also to learn just how adventurous our new companions might be. Ting was, thankfully, the first to lead it by drawing Jawad's arm over her shoulder and sliding over even closer to him. I knew by the way her hand was beneath the table, Jawad would be feeling her interest. I love the way my wife would, in a situation like this, initiate the fondling that she loved to do as foreplay, and to watch the reaction of her partner. When Jawad's hand cupped my wife's breast over her blouse, I knew that she had a firm grasp on a swollen cock.

Whether Jamila knew what Ting was doing or not, I felt her hand on my thigh. I pulled her closer and moved her hand to where she could feel what I had for her. Her reaction, to look up at me and smile confirmed what I had hoped. She was interested in sex too.

It didn't take long, given those circumstances for me to pay the bill and suggest that the four of us go up to our room.

The ride up to the top floor, where our suite was located, took only a short time, but was even more suggestive of the delights to follow when I tasted the sweetness of Jamila's lips for the first time and my hands flowed over that sensuous body. Jawad was enjoying the same with Ting, who made no objections when his hands covered her breasts as his mouth closed over hers. She only pulled him closer. I knew my wife want his cock deep inside her.

We almost didn't make it inside our room before Ting was tearing at Jawad's clothing while I locked the door. Buttons flew as my wife literally tore Jawad's shirt off his back as he much more carefully stripped her of her blouse and unbuttoned her skirt. Ting stepped out of the skirt, leaving it in a puddle mass of cloth on the floor as she bent to untie Jawad's shoes. Succeeding in that, she watched him step out of them as she unfastened his trousers and pushed them, along with his briefs, to the floor. Freed from its confines, Jawad's cock jerked upward until it was almost parallel with his firm belly. It didn't stay there long before Ting, on her knees, took it in one hand and covered the swollen knob of his cock with her hot mouth.

I groaned with pleasure as I felt the same sensations. My lovely partner had been busily stripping me as I watched my wife do her husband. It was my turn now, and I wasted no time in getting Jamila down to nothing but her high heels before lifting her onto the bed and spreading her legs wide enough for me to get my mouth on her glistening pussy. While a woman may be beautiful in face and figure, few things equal the beauty of pouting lips such as these and Jamila was a classic beauty. I knew, even before I separated them with my tongue that I would see the pearlescent pinkness of her core and that she would be as tasty as any woman I had ever eaten before. I buried my nose in the soft down of her pubic pelt as my tongue scraped the lips of her sex clean of her dew. Jamila was purring with pleasure as my tongue sank deeper inside her. Evidently Jawad loved eating pussy sex as much as I did and soon both of Jamila's hands were on the back of my head, pulling me tighter to those swollen lips, as her legs crossed behind me, urging me even closer.

From Jawad's groans as he lay beside us, I knew that Ting had not refused Jawad her fantastic oral skills either. Her bobbing head proved she was giving Jawad a first class blow job, matching only her talents in fucking. She always preferred to have her partner fill her belly with his cum before she would let him fuck her. She insisted it was the only way she could get her partner to last long enough to bring her to orgasm, and I knew it to be true from watching her with other partners. Besides, she loved the taste of cum from a man who was hot for her pussy, and Jawad obviously met that criteria

In the meantime, I had reamed Jamila's sweetness until there was nothing left. Moving up to her clit I found it to be among the tastiest of morsels and was busily sucking on it like a miniature penis as her hips bucked against my mouth and she gasped with pleasure. Truly, this was a tasty lovely and I suspected that she would be at least as delightful to fuck. When I heard her groan of pleasure, and felt the tightening of her thighs around my head, I only intensified the sucking until I felt her body beginning the spastic jerking motions that told me she had reached orgasm. Once again my tongue drove deep inside that sweetest of vessels and I tasted the honey of her orgasmic juices flowing over my tongue.

"That was wonderful," she exclaimed as I inched forward to lie next to her so I could kiss her sweet lips as my fingers continued to explore her sex gently. "Where did you ever learn to eat pussy like that?"

"Sweet Jamila, I've had the best teachers in the world. Dozens of lovely ladies who taught me everything I know about giving pleasure to a woman, just as I want to do with you." I didn't tell her that one of those ladies had been one of my school teachers who, after years of unsatisfying sex with her husband had found me with a female classmate in the custodian's closet giving her the benefit of what little I already knew. I had feared she would expose us, but to our surprise she had done nothing except watch as I filled my friend's pussy with a load of hot cum. When I had started to zip my trousers and leave, my teacher told me that I wasn't through yet and that it would be disgraceful for me to leave my friend with my hot cum dribbling from her pussy. I must clean it up. She showed me how, using her tongue, to 'freshen up' the girl's vagina and made me practice on the girl and herself until I had brought both to orgasm. That had started me on the path to expertise, helped along by the other female teachers who were trusted to be discreet by my mentor. My education was almost interrupted when my mother found out about my extracurricular activities, until those favored teachers had gotten together and shown my mother what they had been teaching me.

All of this and more was going through my mind as my hands and mouth found the delights of Jamila. Her beautiful breasts swelled until the nipples were hard as the eraser on a pencil, but even thicker and longer, standing high and proud almost a half inch beyond the puckered flesh of her dark areola as my lips and tongue brought it to fullest. Her mouth was as sweet as the dried dates that I loved as a snack and our tongues were constantly dueling for supremacy. We both won.

Once again I found those lovely lips below the soft hair of her pelvic mound. I buried my face in her crotch, inhaling the sweet aroma of an aroused woman. Stroking them gently with my tongue, I felt them open and become slippery with her need. Now it was time for me to prove to this lovely lady that she hadn't made a mistake of choosing us to initiate her and her husband into the swinging lifestyle. I considered the various positions in which I could demonstrate my love of her body then chose the one Ting and I use most often when we are with another couple who are relative novices to swinging. Most couples, when they are new and swinging is becoming their joy, want to see each other celebrating their pleasure with their new partner. I knew, from the shaking of the bed, that Jawad was already stroking my wife's hot, gripping channel with his lengthy, thick male muscle, so he should be able to see the sweet Jamila getting the same while she watched him fuck my wife.

Putting two pillows beneath Jamila's head so she could see over me and watch her husband pleasure my wife, I raised her right leg and slid both of mine beneath her thigh, then weaved her left leg between mine. This left me on my side, able to kiss and fondle my partner as she lay on her back. It was only a matter of thrusting my hips toward her to make contact with the slightly open channel that led to her vagina. I smiled, hearing her hiss of pleasure as I used the head of my cock to moisten the channel a bit more before it slid into her and I felt the tight muscles of her inner chamber close tightly around it. Jamila's vagina was perfect – hot, juicy, tight and rippling with muscle that stroked my cock even as it was driving deeper and deeper into her in the slow in and out motions a lover uses to fill a woman without causing pain. I felt the opening of her cervix just as the last half inch or so of my cock filled her completely. I knew that if Jamila was not using some form of protection, there was a good chance I could have made her pregnant during this first truly enjoyable experience. Fortunately I had a vasectomy performed many years prior to prevent just such an occurrence. Jawad and I had discussed this among the many questions we had asked and answered before this meeting and I knew Jamila had her own form of protection as well.

Jamila reached orgasm almost as soon as my cock had reached the end of her tight pussy. I felt the juices flowing over my cock and kissed her passionately as I continued slowly fucking her to lengthen the duration of this most marvelous moment of sex. It had come at the same time I heard Ting's muffled shriek of pleasure as Jawad's cock filled her with his hot cum, driving her too over the edge of pleasure. Still in her moment of ecstasy, Jamila raised her head to smile at her husband who had collapsed over Ting's perspiration slick breast and was kissing her continuously as Ting gasped out her pleasure. Jawad barely had time to smile back at his wife before Ting's hips began the pumping motion that told him she was not finished using his talents.

"I hope Jawad can keep that pace up the rest of the night," I whispered to my love as I slowly drove my cock in and out of that tight sheath.

"Oh, he will," Jamila assured me. "He is like a bull when he wants sex as badly as he wanted to fuck Ting. He will probably outlast her."

I chuckled. "Not a chance. I've seen Ting take on a half dozen men in one night, drain every one of them, and then start over as soon as they recovered. She loves to fuck."

"And you? Can you do it again? I know you didn't cum and I want to feel you fill me full like Jawad is doing your wife."

"Honey, I've just gotten started. Lay back and enjoy, because I intend to fuck you until you can't take anymore, then I'm going to eat your sweet pussy."

"U-m-m, I like that idea," Jamila said as she felt me beginning to stroke my rigid rod into the delights of her honey coated pussy, "and I like this even more," she told me as she pulled my upper leg higher to get more cock into her.

I was in heaven! Jamila has one of those fantastic pussies that, like Ting's, ripple up and down a man's shaft as he fucks it. Combined with her juices I was fucking through, it was like screwing through a velvet glove. She smiled when she pulled my head close to her chest and felt my lips close around her hard nipple. She sighed with the pleasure of having her pussy filled while her beautiful breasts were receiving their due. I could almost feel her nipple swelling as I sucked it to its full size and began gently nipping it with my teeth while my fingers found her clit and began strumming it. Jamila, just like my darling wife Ting, was very appreciative of the slight pressure I put on that lovely little bud I was circling with my middle finger. Occasionally I would let my hand go lower and use my fingers to add to the tightness of Jamila's pussy, sliding two or more fingers into her in addition to my cock and finding her G spot. She gasped with pleasure the first time and bucked hard against my cock, driving it even deeper into her hungry cunt.

"Oh, yes, yes, fuck me," she crooned as her hips drove hard against my hand and my cock. Her hips rose almost completely off the bed when I began scraping her G spot with my middle finger as I fucked her. She grabbed my head and almost strangled me with her grip as I continued sucking her tit while my fingers and cock were so busy. Her body rose and her mouth opened in a silent scream of pleasure as all the efforts came together. The combination stimuli of being filled with a hard dick, having her clit toyed with, and the sensation of her G spot being stimulated was almost too much and I felt her begin cumming once again. This time I knew I wanted to give her what she wanted too. I felt the hot jet of cum working its way down the length of my cock before it shot into her, filling her to overflowing with my love juice. I created a real mess as I slowly fucked and stroked her pussy as she faded in and out on the strength of her orgasm, her body shuddering with the pleasure of what was happening to her. Finally she became more calm, looked at me with a smile and said, "Remember what you promised me. I want you to eat my pussy until it's sparkling clean."

Nothing could have made me happier, except another orgasm like that one, and I knew I could almost make it happen in her once again as I worked my way down her body and began sucking the cum from her crotch and pressing my tongue deep inside her. She didn't know just how much I loved eating a freshly fucked, hot pussy and hers definitely qualified.

I heard Ting laugh when Jawad made a comment I couldn't hear because of my lovely ladies thighs covering my ears. I lifted my head just enough to hear what she was saying without ever losing my lingual connection to this beautiful woman.

"Yes, he loves it," she was telling Jawad. "If his tongue was as clean as the soap and water I have to use to keep the smell down, I would never have to bathe my pussy. Earl loves to eat his playmates, or me whenever I've been fucked."

"Does he let them screw you often?"

"Honey, he doesn't LET anyone fuck me; he insists that they do unless they're already in my cunt. It's one of the reasons I married him. I love to fuck, and if he didn't offer me to them, I would be the one asking them to screw me. The two of us and almost what some would call insatiable, and we have no intent of changing that."

"Do you have many partners?"

"There are never enough as far as Earl and I are concerned. We have a group of perhaps fifteen or twenty who, with their wives, are regular partners, but any time I'm at his office, or at one of the plants he operates in the far east and I see someone I think I would like to fuck, he sets it up. It's one of the requirements of becoming one of our employees. Everyone we hire must be willing to fuck any other employee of the company any time they mutually agree to do so."

"And you have how many employees?"

"The last I heard, just over two hundred. And, if you keep that up, you could become two hundred and one and two hundred and two."

I knew from the sound of her voice that Jawad's hand must be on her pussy with his fingers stroking her from the inside. Her voice always goes an octave or two higher when a man has his fingers or his cock inside her. Listening more carefully, I could hear the slight sloshing sound of his hand stirring her juices. Then I saw what always delights me out of the corner of my eye. Ting rolled Jawad on his back and straddled his face, pressing her cum-filled cunt down onto his mouth. She was going to make him eat his cum out of her pussy – and if he didn't, I certainly intended to when I finished with his wife!

Jawad performed his duty to my wife though, and the next thing I saw was the look of absolute delight on her face as his hands squeezed her breasts and his tongue busily lapped at her draining cunt.

Jamila was clasping her knees in her hands, drawing them back tightly against her chest as she did everything possible to feed me the majority of my cum which had filled her.

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