tagInterracial LoveA Changing Anniversary Ch. 04

A Changing Anniversary Ch. 04


I must apologize for it taking me so long to finish this story. However, I had arm surgery and had a difficult time typing for any prolonged amounts of time.

Again, be advised that this is an interracial cuckold story, and if that is not your bag, maybe you should just skip it. However, if you like these type stories, I hope you enjoy it. Remember to vote, and feedback is always welcome.

Sunday evening found Jan and I getting ready to go out to dinner with her black lover George and his friend Mac. Finishing getting ready, Jan looked at me and asked: "Well, how do I look? Do I look good enough to get fucked by four men?"

I said "four men?"

She said: "Yes, George, Mac, Jim, and you."

I said: "Wow, you planning on fucking all four of us."

She said: "Well, after all, it is an orgy, and from what I have read and heard, you just never know what to expect in orgies. Besides that, there will be only two pussies and four cocks, and I am sure that each one of those cocks will fuck at least one of our pussies once, if not twice or three times, or maybe even more. So, there you have it, I expect my pussy will have at least two cocks, and probably more fucking it, and yours, may not be one of them."

I said: "You slut, you really know how to make my dick hard."

With that, we finished getting ready as she kept up her taunting me, and loving it.

Jan called ahead as we were approaching the motel so that George and his friend would be waiting on us in the parking lot. Upon arrival, Jan got out and introduced Mac to me as he entered the front seat, and Jan and George got into the back seat and started making out like teenagers.

On the way to the restaurant, Mac told us that it appears that Lori really got off on teasing Jim about his small dick. He also said that apparently the more she teased him, the more excited he would get. Then Mac said that after seeing all this, he joined Lori in teasing Jim about his small dick that appeared to trigger an ejaculation. As we were pulling into the parking lot of the restaurant, Mac told us that we shouldn't hold anything back concerning Jim's small dick during our little get-together tonight.

Upon entering the restaurant, a rather average looking man approached us, as Mac introduced him as Jim, Lori's husband. He informed us that Lori had a table reserved for us in the far back corner. We enjoyed a nice dinner with Lori as our waitress, as she didn't get off for another half hour or so.

When Lori brought the check, Jim grabbed it and said: "This is on me."

I chuckled and said: "Don't forget to tip the waitress well as she has done a wonderful job." Everyone laughed as George, Mac, and I each threw a ten spot on the table.

When Lori finished her shift, we all headed back to the motel. Upon arrival, George informed us that during the day, he and Mac had moved to rooms with a door joining the two rooms. As he put it, that would give us a larger uninhabited comfort zone.

Upon entering the room, the doors separating the two rooms were already open. As Lori headed for the bathroom, she said that she needed to take a quick shower, as she has been working all day.

As she entered the bathroom, George suggested that we all get necked and ready to fuck as soon as Lori got out of the shower. He further said: "I feel we need to establish a few ground rules for this fuck fast. Accordingly, I would like to suggest that the ladies here has the final word, and no, or enough, means exactly that." Everyone nodded in agreement. Then he said: "I would also like to suggest that there will be no husbands fucking their own wives, or vice versa. However, giving head, or pussy licking will not be considered as fucking. Is everyone ok with that?" Everyone nodded in agreement.

Then, George really did surprise me when he suggested that the white boys fuck the other one's wife first with their small white dicks to get those pussies opened up and ready for the big black cocks that were awaiting them.

By that time we were all necked and waiting for Lori to get out of the shower when Jan laughed and pointed to Jim's dick and said: "If you are going to fuck me with that little needle dick, you are going to have to ware a condom, as I don't want a little white dick pumping a baby in me. And besides that, maybe with a rubber on it, maybe I can feel it better."

As Jim went to where his cloths were, and picking up his trousers, he said: "That's ok, on the way home last night, Lori and I stopped off at a drugstore and bought a box of small condoms, as she didn't want me fucking her bareback after she has been fucking Big Mac here."

I laughed, and said: "Well, Mac, it appears that you have been labeled "Big Mac," what do you think of that?"

Mac just smiled, and said: "As long as the ladies are happy, call me what you want."

When Lori came out of the shower, George filled her in on our discussions and the ground rules, etc., which she agreed to.

As Jan was sitting on the edge of the bed, Mac went over and proceeded to kiss assonant her with passion, while pushing to her back on the bed. When they broke from the kiss, he stood up and dropped his big black cock in her mouth. She grabbed hold of it and started sucking it with hunger and lust in her eyes.

About that time, George gave Jim a little push in the direction of the foot of the bed where Jan's feet were. Jim gently put his hands on the inner part of Jan's knees, and with the slightest of a push, Jan's lags opened wide. With that, Jim just about went nuts as he crawled up and buried his fact in her pussy.

At that point, I was ready to join the show. After all, from the first time that I saw Lori I thought how much I would love to explore her body. As I rapped my arms around her, and our lips met with lust and passion, to the point that it seemed that we just floated over to the other side of the bed. As she lay back beside Jan, our kiss broke and I started kissing my way down her neck to her beautiful boobs, drinking the share beauty of that gorgeous body under me. At some point I looked back up at her face only to see her starting to devour George's big black cock. At that time, my thoughts drifted to the fact that soon that big black cock would soon be fucking this gorgeous body. That thought never left my mind as I continued kissing my way down to her mound with the lust, enthusiasm, and expectations of what was yet to follow. When I got to her pussy, I couldn't get my face and tongue deep enough to satisfy the building lust within me. At some point I knew that if I keep going like this I am going to have a premature ejaculation before I stick my white dick in that hot pussy.

About that time, I felt Lori's hands pulling on my head. As I looked up, she had taken George's cock out of her mouth and told said she wanted to feel my dick in her pussy.

I moved up and she was guiding my dick into her pussy with one hand and guiding George's Cock back to her mouth with the other hand.

Oh, wow, what a fuck? To add to the excitement and lust, just inches away lay my beautiful wife sucking a strange, huge black cock while getting fucked by a rather small strange white dick.

Over the next two hours everyone fucked everyone except spouses fucking each other. Jim fucked Jan, I fucked Lori, Mac fucked Jan, George fucked Lori, George fucked Jan, Mac fucked Lori, and then everyone started over again. All that time both Jan and Lori had a cock in their mouth and/or hand while they were getting fucked. All of the grunting, and coming noises were consistently present as someone was coming all the time. Well, as round two got started, Jan wanted to see Lori and I go sixty-nine while Mac fucked her doggie style. After we got that started, she invited Jim over to do the same with her and George. Well, it appeared that old Jim and I had about the same stamina, as we were fucked out after both of us came for the second time. However, George and Mac kept pounding the girls for another hour. What a fucking night.

Oh the way home, Jan said: "I feel totally fucked out, however, if you can get it up again, I would like you to fuck me when we get home." As I looked over at her rather questionable, she reached over and grabbed my crotch, and said: I want to be able to say that I fucked four men in one night.

As we entered our bedroom, Jan said: "No showers yet, let's just enjoy each other's fresh fucked bodies."

When we finished undressing, Jan pushed me back on the bed and mounted me with her lags rapped around my head and her very stretched and juicy pussy dripping in my face. During this time, she said. "Oh, yea, baby, lick my pussy good, don't you know it has at leas four big loads of black baby seed from two different big blacks swimming around in there." Then she dropped down into a sixty-nine position and started giving my limp dick mouth to dick recitation. Well, that didn't take long, and as soon as she felt it hard enough, she spun around and mounted by, now erection. I think she felt that I was so near spent that her pussy alone was not enough to keep me going. Accordingly, she started teasing, and taunting me.

"Oh, yes, baby, fuck my well fucked pussy, fuck your dick in all that black men's cum that is swimming around in there. Fuck that white married pussy that has been out fucking three other men, two of which were complete strangers,"

With all the taunting, my mind started recapping all the events of the evening and I started getting excited to the point that I thought I was going to surprise myself by dropping my third load of the evening. I could feel my balls tightening up and my dick getting harder, as I guess Jan could since it as well. She then rapped her lags and arms around me pulling me closer and said: "Shoot it baby, shoot your unfertile cum in there with those four big loads of very fertile black seed. Maybe your cum will help some of that black seed find an egg and make me pregnant." With that I erupted with the most intense ejaculation of the evening.

When we settled down and regained our composure, we looked at each other, kissed and thanked each other for a wonderful fuck and a great evening of unforgettable sex. We then took a shower together, Jan then said that she is now totally fucked out and don't think she will feel like going in to work in the morning. I told her just to call her assistant and have her take over for the day. After all, it was already in the wee hours of the morning, and I knew that just getting the kids off to school would be a major task for the both of us. As we got into bed, we kissed again, and thanked each other for everything, then faded off to sleep.

Well both of us took Monday off. After we got the kids off to school, we went back to bed and slept well into the afternoon.

From the time that we woke up in the afternoon until the time we went to bed that night, it was difficult for me to keep my hands off my hot wife. She said that even though the thought was appealing, she was far too sore to think about any fucking. Well, as a result, I went to bed with a hard on just thinking about her fucking all those cocks.

Tuesday evening found both of us very horny, thus resulting in both of us fucking like rabbets as soon as we got in bed. This type of sexual madness continued each evening for the next week and a half. Then Jan said it was time for her to start reserving her lust in preparation for her to be at her horniest when George returns on Friday.

Also, during those two weeks, for the first time, I was able to convene Jan to ware her anklet when she is out in regular public. She had been wearing if for a few days before the "no George" weekend.

Saturday, we had a family outing, taking the kids to a movie at a multi movie theater. The kids went their way, and we watched the movie that we liked. When the movie was over, we took the kids to the pizza place and sit around eating pizza and the kids were back and forth drinking sodas, eating pizza and playing games. I just happened to notice a man at the ordering counter standing sideways looking down at Jan's feet. I very quietly mentioned it to Jan, and she agreed with me that he was looking at her anklet, and probably knew what it meant. Then he looked up and saw that Jan was looking at him, and he just smiled as if to say, "Yea, I know what that means." After he collected his order and was headed out, he paused briefly as he passed our table, and quietly said: "Nice anklet" and out the door he went. Jan blushed, and my dick got hard, as both of us knew that he knew very well what it was all about. Jan then informed me that he was not the first to notice it. She said that she noticed three other men looking at it over that last few days, and a couple of smiles, but no compliments until now. I asked her how it makes her feel. She said: "My pussy is dripping wet."

From that point on, Jan informed me that each time she caught anyone looking at her anklet, she would deliberately keep looking at them until they lifted their eyes to look at her face to face. At that point, she would already be smiling and watch the other person with that questionable look on his face as to whether to say anything or not.

Over the period of the past few months, Jan had started wearing some rather hot wife type cloths, thigh high, low cut dresses, heals, etc. Needless to say, that alone was turning heads.

During the second week of her wearing her anklet all the time, she came home one evening and told me that after work, she went to the store and was concentrating on finding the items that she was shopping for when she noticed this well dressed black man looking at her anklet. This being the first time that a black man had noticed it as far as she knew, she really didn't know quite what to do. He looked up and saw that she had caught him looking. He smiled and came up beside her and took her left hand and looked at her wedding and engagement rings, then the thumb ring. As he held her thumb ring between his fingers, he said: "Nice anklet, did your husband buy it for you?"

Jan said that she was so surprised, excited, and overtaken by his boldness, that all she could do was utter a week "no"

He then asked her about the thumb ring, and she again had that same week "no" answer.

Then his fingers shifted over to her ring finger and ask her as he held her wedding and engagement rings between his fingers: "Well, who bought these for you?"

She said that for some reason, she felt stronger and proud to say: "Oh, my husband, of course."

He then said: "Well, who bought all that other jewelry that you are wearing?"

She said, thinking that she was going to try to get out of this conversation by giving him the least information as she could, even though she was getting more exciting by the minute. So, she said she just opened up her mouth and she heard herself say: "Oh, a friend bought them for me."

He then said: "I see that you have the Q in that black spade, is your friend black?" She said she just nodded. Then he asked her if she sees him on a regular basis. She nodded again. He asked her when she was going to see him again.

Well, she said that at this point, she realized that this conversation was out of hand and everything was out in the open, so why not just open the whole thing up to this very handsome black man that had a baseball bat growing in his pants. So she said: "He will be in town tomorrow and I will be spending the weekend with him."

As he was still holding her left hand, he shifted back over to the thumb ring and asked: "Does your husband know?" She just nodded. Then he asked: "How often does your boyfriend come to town?" When she told him about every couple of weeks, he smiled and said: "That is a long time for you to be going without black cock, wouldn't you like to have another one to play with between his visits?" She told him that she would need to discuss it with her husband and get his input on it. She further told him that she would like for him to meet her husband before any decisions were made between any of us. He then said, fair enough as he pulled out a business card with his picture on it and told her to call him.

Well, when Jan got home, she was bubbling with excitement. As she relayed all of this to me, my dick started to grow. When she finished, I asked her what she did with his card. She took it out of her purse and handed it to me. In reading his card, it revealed that he was a local real estate investment broker.

I then asked Jan what she wanted to do. She said that she felt she would like to get to know him better. She suggested that maybe a public meeting of the three of us maybe in order. I agreed with her and suggested that probably a week from Saturday would probably be the best time since George will be in town this weekend. I further suggested that maybe she should wait until early next week to call him, as I felt she should discuss it with George first. She agreed with everything and added that George has mentioned that maybe she should find another black cock to keep her married white pussy company during the two weeks he is away.

I laughed and said: "Maybe I should paint my dick black."

She grabbed my crotch and said: "Black, white, red, or purple, you just don't measure up mister."

I said: "Well, if you take on another black cock, does that mean that my less than adequate white dick is going to be going without?"

She tightened up her grip on my crotch and said: "Oh, no, I have come to loving this white dick in my black cock stretched pussy when it has been freshly fucked by a big black cock, and dripping with his cum. Plus the fact that it is obvious that you love to fuck it when it full cum from a big black cock. Besides all that, when you are fucking me during the week, I just love to remind you of how stretched my pussy is and how it got that way. Also, I know that your ejaculations' are stronger now than I have ever known them to be, as a matter of fact, I can feel most all of them and that makes me cum too."

I said: "Wow, you really have turned into a hot wife, black cock slut."

She said: "Yes, I guess that I really have. I know before our anniversary, if someone mentioned cock, pussy, cunt, fuck, etc., in mixed company, I would be so embarrassed that my face would light up like a fire truck. Now, when I hear words like that, my pussy starts to leaking "wanta get fucked" juices. I don't know what it was, but something clicked and really woke me up not only to the point that I love to get fuck, but I crave it."

I told her that I had already figured that out and loved it, and hope that it never ends. I further told her that I just loved being married to a hot wife.

She said: "I know you love it, and right now, you have a job to do."

I asked: "What kind of a job?"

She said: "I want you to follow me to the bedroom and use your white hose to put out the fire between my lags."

I then ask: "Are you sure, because George will be taking care of that starting tomorrow?

You know that you have said that you don't want to be taking a fresh fucked pussy to him."

She said: "I know, however, that was then, this is now. Now, I realize that George don't mind, and besides that, it is my pussy and from now own it is all about what I want, and right now I want my husband's married white dick to fuck itself to the limit in this white married black cock stretched pussy of your slut wife.

I said: "That'll work for me." As we both took off to the bedroom. In a question type tome, I said: "Shower together."

She said: "No, lets just have a dirty fuck, and we can shower later."

Well, we did indeed have that dirty fuck with her talking about the black man that she had met earlier that evening. It almost appeared that she is already fucking him in her mind. With all her talking about fucking a new black cock and me aging her own and adding some verbs of my own, we both came to a great earth shattering climax.

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