A Changing Anniversary Ch. 04


As we were getting ready to leave, I said: "Oh, yes, we are supposed to give you a ride back to your motel, and what motel would that be?"

He said: "Oh, the same motel where George stays."

When we got to the motel, Lloyd said: "I'm not trying to be pushy or anything, but if you like, both of you are certainly welcome to come up and help me watch a porn flick or two."

I looked at Jan, and she was looking at me with a little shit eating grin on her face, so I said: "Sounds good to me, how about it Jan."

By this time, that little grin had turned into a happy and almost lustful smile, as she said: "I thought you would never ask."

Upon entering the room, I sat in the chair; Jan sat on the edge of the bed as Lloyd proceeded in getting a movie started. I glanced across at Jan, and noticed that she was not wearing panties. I guess when she sat down, her skirt rode up to the point that her pussy was totally exposed. After Lloyd got the movie started, he turned around, and did a double take as he noticed Jan's very exposed pussy. He said: "WOW!!" As he sat down beside her and immediately started playing with her pussy, followed with some kissing and fondling of her boobs.

Within a matter of seconds they had pulled each other down on the bed and were rolling around kissing and fondling each other's bodies. All this time, Lloyd kept one hand on Jan's pussy, fingering and playing with it. It wasn't long before he had slid off the bed onto his knees and buried his face in Jan's pussy. In a very short time, Jan reached down and put her hands on each side of his head, pulling him up and said: "Lets fuck."

As Lloyd came back, he started helping Jan remove her cloths, as she in turn started going through the motions of taking his cloths off. She had him down to his boxers, at which time it was easy to see that he was hard as a rock. Jan reached out and slid his boxers down, and out spring a very long and fat cock that had a big curve upward and slightly to the left. Jan reached down and grabbed his cock, lowering her mouth down like a hungry wild woman, devoured his cock. She bobbed up and down on his cock for a few minutes. Then she rose up and said: "Fuck me Lloyd, I have to have that beautiful cock inside my pussy. I need it, I want it, and I have to have it. Fuck my white married pussy with your big black cock in front of my husband."

As she lies back on the bed and spread her lags for Lloyd to mount her, I realize that for the first time that I have been in the same room with her and another man, I had not been invited to participate in any way. Actually, I was ok with that as I was enjoying the show.

Lloyd positioned himself between her lags and she reached down and guided his huge cock to her love hole. As he entered her, she let out a sigh followed with a lustful; "Oh, yes, that is what my pussy wants, a bit hard black cock. Fuck me Lloyd, fuck me hard, and make me cum. Oh, yes, that feels so good; I can feel your beautiful black so deep in my pussy. I am going to cum. Oh, yes, fuck me, FUCK ME, OOOHHHH, YESSS, III'MMM CUMMING, OH, FUCK, OH, YES. DON'T STOP, Oh, yes, that is great." After she caught her breath, she said: "Wow, that was fast, and I can almost feel another one coming on, fuck me harder, make me cum again."

Well, Jan did indeed cum again and again, totaling at least four time before Lloyd stiffened up and shot his sperm deep into my wife's unprotected white married pussy. All during this time, I was on the threshold of coming in my pants as I sit there watching that wild fucking.

When the fucking was all over, Jan got dressed and we headed home. As I was going out the door, Jan and Lloyd was doing their good-bye kissing, I heard him tell her to call him tomorrow.

Upon arrival home, after Jan checked to make sure the kids were ok, she practically dragged me to the bedroom. Upon entering the bedroom, she said: "You better get undressed and in bed quickly as you are going to get your white dick fucked off."

Wow, she attacked me like a wild woman. She jumped my body, lowered her pussy down on my dick and proceeded to go totally wild. She started saying things like: "You watched this white pussy get a great fucking by a huge black cock, now, this white pussy is going to fuck my husbands white dick and make it cum in my already cum filled pussy. And to top all that, I am going to cum on your white dick just as strong and with as much pleasure as I did with that huge black cock. Oh, yes, baby, I love the feeling of your dick slopping around in my loose cum filled pussy. Oh, YES, YES, THAT IS HOTTT, OHHH; I'M CUUUMMMMING, FUCK, OH, FUCK. YES, YES."

As she came with force, I did likewise, as it took both our breath's away. After we caught our breaths, she rolled over off me, and said: "You know, fucking other men really does make our fucking each other much better. Now, my dear husband, you have a job to do." As she positioned her pussy over my face, I started licking her pussy with enthusiasm and excitement. Within a matter of minutes, she started squirming and rocking back and forth on my face as she went into another earth shattering orgasm. All during this time, she was playing with my dick and did manage to get me off again in spite of her rocking and grinding on my face.

When we returned to normal, we took a shower together, went to bed, and expressed our love for each other as we drifted off to sleep.

During breakfast Saturday morning, the kids said that they were invited to a rather large birthday party that was scheduled to start around noon, and not break up until around ten in the evening. We checked it out, and it would have parental supervision from three different sets of parents, with all the normal rules fully enforced. Accordingly, as we headed out a bit early to give us the opportunity stop and shop for a present for each of the kids to take to the party, finally arriving at the party a little after twelve.

On the was back home, Jan told me that she would like to go and feel that huge crooked black cock fucking in her hot pussy again. She said that the length and the curve made it touch places in her that had never been touched before, and she wants more of it. Then she said that according to her cycle, she should be at her most fertile period by the middle of the week, and that today would be the last day that she would feel safe taking a big black cock bareback. I ask her about next weekend with George coming back to town. She said that George would either have to use a condom or do without.

Well, as soon as we got back home, she started getting ready to go back to the motel and get fucked some more by Lloyd's huge crooked black cock. When she was ready to go, she came to me and asked me to give her a send off kiss to get fucked by a big black cock. As I was kissing her, she broke the kiss and started pushing my head down as she said: "Now, kiss your pussy off to receive that big black cock that you know it is so hungry for." As I started kissing her pussy, she pressed heard on the back of my head causing my face to get buried into her pussy. Then as she ground her pussy against my face, she sounded almost breathless as she pulled me back, saying: "I have to go now and feel that big black cock in my pussy." And off she went.

By the middle of the week, there was no doubt that Jan was ovulating, in that she was as hot as I have ever seen her. She just about fucked my brains out over the next few days.

Friday morning George called and said that he and Mack were only about four or five hours out. Jan informed him that she still felt unsafe and that condoms would be required. George then told her that Lori and her husband Jim had invited Mac and George to spend the weekend with them. Jan then ask him if that means that he will be fucking Lori all weekend. He then told her that the original plan was for Jan to be included, but if condoms were going to be a requirement that probably wouldn't work out very well. He went of to say, that at some point, someone is going to forget, or a rubber is going to break, and then, who knows what will happen from that point on. Jan then agreed that probably the safest way was no exposure or temptations at all. She then told him that she would just fuck her husband's white dick all weekend, as it was one hundred percent safe at all times.

Well, Jan and I did fuck all weekend, as well as the four of us doing things as a family.

We were always happy, and loved getting involved with the kids activities. I am sure that those who observed us as a family would have been totally shocked if they knew the truth about our secret lives.

After that weekend, Lloyd was back in town, and Jan joined him in his motel a couple of times that weekend, which became a normal outing every other weekend for Jan. Of course the other weekends was the same with George. This type of rotating the weekends became a common practice over the next month or so. Each and every time Jan would return home after a hot outing with one of her black lovers, she would just about fuck my brains out while telling me all about her black cock fucking.

Jan also kept bringing up the subject of George, and now Lloyd wanting her to make a trip with them. She said that she was concerned about being away from her family for two weeks and especially ignoring her husband sexually for two whole weeks. Even though, I was somewhat turned on by the idea, I didn't comment, as I felt fear of insecurity and unsafe for my wife. One Friday evening, after spending a few hours with George, she came back home and said that George thinks he has a solution to going on a trip with him. He wanted the three of us to meet and discuss it. She went on to inform me that Lori and Jim had invited us all to have dinner at the restaurant Saturday evening.

She said that George said that we could discuss the trip thing at that time.

Saturday evening, we picked George up and went to the restaurant. Upon arrival, Lori, Jim, and Mac were all waiting for us. Right away, I noticed that Lori was not in uniform. They all got up and Lori escorted us to a room in the back. There was a large table that was nicely set with six places, a couple of bottles of wine, and candles. When I mentioned that she was out of uniform, she said that she had the night off. As we all got seated, Lori started pouring each of us wine until she got to her place at the table, she reached down and took her glass and turned it up side down, and said: "None for me."

All our heads snapped and looked her with that big question expression on all our faces. That was when she smiled and rubbed her tummy, and said: "I guess that weekend that we invited George and Mac to spend the weekend with us, did the trick, as it appears that I am about six weeks pregnant, and I need to sit down before I fall down with excitement." We all clapped and congratulated her and Jim. She then said: "I think that the daddy should also be congratulated." As she held up her up side down glass and said cheers to Mac and George. Right away, Jim stood up and shook hands with both Mac and George, which started a chain reaction of everyone shaking hands, hugging, and congratulating.

During the dinner, George quietly told Jan and I that this situation had totally caught him off guard, and didn't want to change the meaning of the event by bring up a different subject. He suggested that we would discuss our situation later. Jan and I both agreed.

Upon arriving back at the motel, George, Jan and I went into our famous threesome and all had a wonderful time. When everyone was fucked out, George said that he felt that now is the time to discuss what I was going to discuss earlier about Jan going on a trip with me. He said that he understands and appreciates the fact that Jan doesn't want to be away from her family for two weeks. He said that Lloyd and him had come up with what could be a solution that everyone could live with and enjoy. He said that he and Lloyd usually meet up around Texarkana enjoy a meal and conversation for a while, and then each goes their separate ways. He said that if Jan would ride with him to that point and then change over to Lloyd's truck headed back this way, that she would only be gone five days instead of two weeks.

I was the first to speak, as I said: "Wow, black cock fucking and black fucking coming back." We all laughed.

Jan said: "That sounds hot, getting fucked by one big black cock going half way across the country, and then changing over to another one to cum back with, makes my pussy wet just thinking about it."

George then said: "Hay, girl, don't count on just one black cock fucking you going in either direction."

Jan let out a lustful squeal as we continued to discuss the details of the trip.

Two weeks later found Jan packing up to go on a half trip with George. She told the kids that she was going to visit a long lost cousin for a few days. Later, I asked Jan if she was going to mention anything to the kids about a trial separation as we had previously discussed. She said that she had no intentions of mentioning a separation unless she, at some point did turn up pregnant, and that was not the case now, and would probably never be. Monday morning I took Jan down to George's truck and kissed her off for her trucker-fucking trip. Jan called each night and assured me that she was having a wonderful time and always spoke to the kids. When she called me from Arkansas, she told me that George had been teaching her how to drive and the Lloyd had agreed to continue teaching her on the return trip.

When Jan called Friday morning, she told me that she wanted me to meet her in the parking lot where Lloyd parks his truck, as she wanted to go straight home. I got to the parking lot before they arrived. I didn't have to wait long as I saw the truck turn into the parking lot with Jan driving. I thought: "Wow, my trucker-fucking, truck-driving wife."

As soon as she got the truck shut down, she jumped our and ran over to me, jumped into my arms, hugged, and kissed me saying how much she loved me and how much she had missed me.

On the way home, Jan started talking about how exciting it was to drive a big rig. She said that both George and Lloyd had mentioned that she was a natural, and they thought she should get a license. She then said that the possibilities were totally unlimited as to where all this could go. As we both agreed and discussed it further, she mentioned that it was not out of reach for her to sell her business and buy a truck and hit the road. I told her that I thought these past six months had changed our lives and lifestyle forever, and that we could never settle for our lives before our fifteenth anniversary. She agreed with me and said that our lives were now at the point that we could do what ever we wanted and feel good about it, as long as we didn't hurt each other or the kids. She then said: "I know that we have previously discussed the possibilities of me becoming pregnant, and I now feel that it that were the case, that we could very easily smooth it out with our kids as well as friends and relatives.

I said: "Yes, I feel that as long and we can put our heads together and live within reason, we can accomplish what ever we wish for."

She then said that maybe we should start putting our heads together about the possibility of her being pregnant now. She then went on to say: "I think my ovulating started Thursday, as I was hot to fuck all day Thursday and Friday. And besides that I'm still hot as a firecracker and can't wait to get you home and fuck your white dick with my married black cock stretched, may be pregnant pussy."

As my head was spinning, my thoughts drifting back to our fifteenth anniversary, thinking just how much our lives had changed since then. My thoughts then were: "WOW, WHAT A CHANGING ANNIVERSARY."


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